Garden Rooms

We build luxury garden rooms and summerhouses throughout The Cotswolds, our company also covers The South West of England.

Every single one of our garden rooms is tailor-made.    

Garden Offices

If you require a high-quality garden office built anywhere within The Cotswolds, then why not call us?

We build our quality wooden garden offices in Gloucestershire, the whole of Somerset and Bath, in the South West England.


We build luxury tailor-made summerhouses. Our company uses use top-quality timber and building materials.

Our team of highly experienced carpenters are able to build any sized wooden summerhouse.


Whether you have a very clear idea of the design you would like built or you need some design ideas, we can help.

Our estimators can explain all of the various options, such as different doors, wooden cladding and roofing options.

Garden Offices & Garden Rooms Bath, England


We build our garden rooms summerhouses in Bath, England

Our Address:

Midland Road


Bath And North East Somerset



If you are looking for a garden room company that can build a bespoke and luxury garden room or garden office then why not give our company a call today?

Many homeowners call us because they would like their new garden room built to a very high standard.

This is where our business can help, because we never compromise on quality. We build our summerhouses, garden rooms and garden offices in Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire as well as across the South West, in areas like Bath and every single one is built by carpenters who will ensure the workmanship is to a very high-standard.

Some companies will aim to offer the lowest quotes, yet sometimes workmanship of the wooden building can be constructed sometimes to a substandard quality.

Instead however, we know that what separates us from so many other businesses, is the quality and building materials.

Therefore when you hire us, we make sure that we purchase good quality building materials and use our highly experienced team of garden room installers, to make sure we install a quality wooden building.

We build our garden rooms across the whole of The Cotswolds, as well as the entire of The South-West of England.

This means that our team is often engaged with building luxury garden rooms throughout a very wide geographic area.

Garden Offices Bath, England

We can take care of the whole process, from coming up with design suggestions, such as different types of doors, to project managing, to making sure all the finishing touches, such as outdoor lighting are where you want them to be.

We can make the construction of your garden room run smoothly, plus we only ever build quality, so you can be rest assured that you have chosen the right garden room company.

Whether we are building a small garden room in the city of Bristol, or we are building a garden office in the Cotswolds, in South Gloucestershire we offer very high levels of customer service.

Our business spans a wide geographic area, for example we cover the whole of the South-West and areas such as the Cotswolds.

We therefore build garden rooms, garden offices, summerhouses and timber buildings right throughout Somerset, The whole of Bath and also in Oxfordshire.

We are employed by many homeowners because of the high-quality of our workmanship, therefore we employ dedicated and hard-working carpenters who will ensure that you receive a top-quality product.

Also, we have skilled roofers, electricians and managers who will all make sure we deliver a summerhouse or garden room built to a very high standard.

We also carefully pick our building materials, we only use the best quality timber. You might therefore for example opt for “red cedar cladding” or oak cladding, which is a beautiful type of wood, which once varnished accentuates the grain of the wood, this can really give a modern and quality finish to any garden room.

Our designers can offer you many different garden room designs to pick from.

When you hire Kingsley to build your garden office, or indeed your summerhouse anywhere within The South-West, in areas such as Bristol or within The Cotswolds, we are able to deliver top-quality garden rooms.

We build luxury summerhouses , Bath, North Somerset, also Bristol

Here are some of the reasons why so many customers have chosen us to build their garden room

Experienced Carpenters
The South-West
Free estimates

Why choose us to build your garden office or room?

Customers across the South West of England choose us for a straightforward reason: we have vast experience building luxury, brilliant, well-made garden rooms.

Therefore, our craftsmen take tremendous pride in building high-quality, bespoke buildings that are well-insulated and of excellent quality.

Customers are often amazed by how quickly we can build the buildings and how quickly they warm up during the winter because of the quality heaters we install within the room.

The reason why Kingsley is often chosen is because we can help you right from the design stage throughout to the construction and also after completion of the garden room by offering advice on how to best maintain the room, such as which products to apply to the natural wood cladding to help make it last longer.

Therefore, if you want a company that will build a high quality, 100& bespoke garden building which comes with a comprehensive guarantee, then why not call us today and we can build a quality garden building for you in Bath.