Do you work from home in The Cotswolds?

A lot of residents here within The Cotswolds in England, for example in Gloucestershire, are now working from home.  

You might therefore be a freelance architect, or you could be somebody that sells products online, and now looking for a garden room company to build your new garden office for you?

Also during Covid, more and more people are now working from home, therefore there has been an increase in demand for our garden offices.

A lot of our customers therefore state that they simply need a larger space to work, however they do not want to rent office space.

They often therefore want a high-quality garden office built by our team of carpenters, roofers and also our electricians. Here at Kingsley, we can therefore design and build your garden office in The Cotswolds for you.


We simply build quality garden buildings, which help be built the way you want, for example you might want an area to make tea’s and coffees, also the workspace could incorporate air conditioning and a heater, if you wish to use the space all year around.

Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Oxfordshire are just some of the areas we build our garden rooms

We frequently build garden rooms right across the Gloucestershire areas, and also other areas such as Oxfordshire as well. Our team travels all over The Cotswolds to build luxury summerhouses, garden rooms, and also garden offices as well.

A lot of our customers use a garden room as a space to relax, but also, we build many garden offices which are used as a space instead to work from during the day.

Therefore, the garden buildings that we build are used for a large range of different uses, from uses such as a cinema room, a home bar, a place to read a book, a place to work out from, a space to watch the football or rugby, or simply as a home office complete with an area to make teas and coffees?

A lot of people are purchasing our garden offices

You might want a relatively small garden office built, that’s to say just enough space perhaps for a bookcase to place all of your work folders and a desk.  

Alternatively, you might run an online business, which sells products, which might mean you might not just need office space, you might need an additional room built to the side of the garden building, so that can store stock within it?

Therefore, you might require a much larger garden office, perhaps for example an L-shaped room or just a large garden office that has multiple rooms?

Therefore, we can even build really large wooden garden offices, which have plasterboard partitioned walls and also internal doors, so that you can create separate rooms within your garden office.

We can build any size garden room

Therefore, whether you have a relatively small garden, we can still build a garden office that will fit within a lot of gardens, as every garden room is made to order and built by our carpenters, so we can build a timber building to any dimension, whether that’s a large L-shaped garden office, or a wooden building that’s just large enough to fit a desk and chair.

Alternatively, you might have ample space outside your home, and perhaps acres of land? Therefore you might need a timber building which is larger, you might want to use this room a place to run your business from?

So whether you sell classic cars here within The Cotswolds England, or you retail products online and need a space to run your company from,  or you want to run a beauty salon from your garden room, we can help to create a timber building for you which can be used for a wide range of business uses.

We serve the whole of The Cotswolds areas

We offer free and totally no obligation quotes.

We build wooden summerhouses, garden offices and garden rooms in areas such as Oxfordshire and also in Gloucestershire and also Wiltshire in England.


As a business owner, you may have made the decision that you want to purchase a garden office, yet you might not know which design you would like, for example, you may not know if you would like a contemporary design or perhaps something more traditional?

For example, you might want a contemporary design, with composite cladding in a grey colour, or you might want a much more traditional look, for example using hardwood, which is then varnished and placed on the sides of the garden office, perhaps using red cedar wood? This can give a more traditional look.

We can offer you many different design options to choose from, ranging from different lighting options through to different shape garden offices, such as triangular or L-shape.

Our estimators can spend time with you, at your garden discussing all the various options that our business can offer you.


You can be rest assured that you will be obtaining a high-quality wooden garden office when you hire us here at Kingsley to design and build your garden office.

The garden office will be high-quality because it will be project managed by us, and we will only use top-quality building materials.


Can help to create more space

Your business might be expanding, you therefore may need additional space to run your company from, yet you don’t want to sign a contract to rent an office just yet, you might therefore wish to purchase a wooden garden office, and we build very high-quality garden offices.

We can offer you so many different options, ranging from Velux windows fitted in the roof, to wooden decking outside.

A lot of our customers state that they enjoy working from their garden

A lot of our customers state that they enjoy working from the garden, that’s because it can be a relaxing place for some people to work, for example you might wish to take a quick break from your work, therefore you only have to leave your garden room, by opening the bi-folding doors, to then have a cup of coffee in your own garden and walk around your lawn.

Multiple different rooms

You might want to have separate rooms within your garden room, for example you might want a toilet, you might want an area to make tea and coffee, you might want a separate room in order to store items such as stock, you might also want a separate rooms so two people can have two separate office in the same wooden building, our carpenters can therefore build such a garden office for you.