Why do so many home owners in The Cotswolds Engalnd hire us to build a Garden Room or Office?


There was once a time where working from home wasn’t that commonplace, for instance if you had an office job, well it was often presumed that you were working for a company that’s the city centre or on based on a light industrial estate.

With that said working practices have changed massively, more people are now working from home permanently or for part of the week. So, where perhaps not many worked from home, its now becoming more common, with employers describing working patterns as “hybrid approach”- which is a modern way of saying for some of the working week, the employee is based at home.

The benefits of this are apparent to some, for example less time can be spent commuting, which is better for the environment because some cars will taken off the road, and also the time spent travelling can be spent on other things. For example, we build a lot of Bristol garden rooms, and because the city is such a busy hive of activity, often what the customer wants is commute less, to work from home more, and to work from home, a lot of people call us to get a luxury garden room built.

Challenges of home working and how a garden office can help

However, working from home is not without its challenges, for example in some small properties there might not be a space for some homeowners to adequately work. For example, some homeowners might not have the spare room to have a home office.

This might mean working from the kitchen table, yet this might be less than ideal when the space is also used for other family members to dine.

This is meant is that a lot of residents, throughout the Cotswolds areas such as Gloucestershire, are contacting companies like Kingsley, so that the space can be built within the garden, so that the area can be used to work from.

Commonly these buildings often referred to as “garden rooms”, sometimes is also “garden offices” “garden studios”.

Having such a garden room built is sometimes the obvious solution for some homeowners, because often there are spaces within the garden which are not that utilised. For example, a lot of homeowners in The Cotswolds will have ample space within there garden to build a garden room.

This means that sometimes the homeowner will not want to hire builders to say extend the property, yet often a solution is to get a garden building built, that’s because here at Kingsley we can build a really high-quality construction, that’s separate from the house, that’s built the way the homeowner wants.

For example, we have built so many different style garden rooms, from structures which have a “bee friendly roof” so wild flowers can be grown, through to really large garden rooms which incorporate a jacuzzi through to garden rooms used a home gym complete with a modern air-conditioning system.

We can help you to create space for your new garden building in Gloucestershire  

At the end of the garden might be a rickety old garden shed currently, which is no longer used?  

Alternatively, there might be overgrowing brambles which have now taken over part of the garden, or perhaps simply there is a greenhouse that is no longer used? If so, you might have space in your garden that you simply don’t use, for example, in Gloucestershire, you might have a garage which not used, except for the odd paint tins and ladder, so why not demolish this, and have Kingsley build a real high quality garden office.

“Our company can therefore clear the space, then build a garden office within it, so that you can have dedicated place to go and work in your garden”

Work/life balance

If you are currently working within your house, say on the kitchen table, well, it can sometimes be difficult to separate your personal life from work. For example, you might have work calls, yet there’s not a quiet space to take the calls within the house, this is why you need a garden room built in say Gloucestershire, so have a dedicated space to work from.

A lot of our customers don’t want to work in the house, they need a garden room which offers a space to work during the day

If you are working from home currently in The Cotswolds, lets say in the heart of Somerset, well, when you have completed some work tasks in your house, yet find there are too many distractions which distract you from your work. For example, you might jump straight into doing some housework after writing a few e-mails for work, yet these tasks may take longer than you thought, and then the working day simply get extended where you might longer and longer hours to catch up on your work.

Alternatively, you might’s have your dinner each working day within the house, and therefore switch on the lunch time news, yet you might find your dinner hour becomes a lot longer, so you find that your working much longer to catch up.

This is why homeowners from Somerset through to homeowners in say Clifton Bristol need a space to work from, where they can quietly do there work without the normal distractions of sales people knocking on the front door for instance.

Work from your garden

This is why a lot of people enjoy working from a garden office, that’s because it offers a dedicated space to work, and when all work tasks are completed, you can simply be slide back the large bi-folding doors, knock the light switch off, and then lock the place up, which can mark the end of the working day and the start of your own personal time.

The point we are trying to make here is some people like work and personal time separated even if you were working at home. So this means a well-constructed garden office is needed, as all work tasks and papers and work folders, even the work phone, that can stay in the garden office, which can help some people to create more of a division between work and their personal life.

Home office which is also a gym?

Having a large garden room built in Gloucestershire , or built anywhere in The Cotswolds for that matter, can create an opportunity to use the space for multiple different purposes.

For example, if you have a large wooden garden office built, then some of the space can be dedicated to improving your fitness, for example one half could be a yoga room, or a fitness area where you have a treadmill.

You may therefore find that you get into the habit of completing your work, and then spending perhaps 30 minutes a day on the treadmill? Where you might not have done this if you didn’t create a dedicated space for working out.

Increasingly therefore, when our customers in Gloucestershire England, call us for a garden room, the often want to use the space for multiple purposes such as a garden office and a workout space.

We are seeing this occur in Bristol also, where the homeowner wants to use the garden room for multiple different reasons, which can range from one half being a garden office, and the other half for use on the weekend to watch the football and enjoy beer for example.

Save on commuting times and costs

Commuting back and for work obviously can cost quite a lot in running costs of the vehicle, and also time, if you can therefore work from home more then it is arguable that your commuting costs could reduce as you are travelling less.

The space built to your tastes

The great thing about having a garden room built by Kingsley, is that we can build it to your own tastes, for example the design  can vary massively from having wildflowers growing on the roof, to attract bees, through to adding composite decking around the whole structure, the choices you can pick from therefore vast

Perfect for taking work telephone conversations

Often you will need quiet space which is required to take telephone conversations for work, the garden rooms offer this.

A garden office can offer a place where the homeowner can also take regular breaks

Whether you are proof reading a document, or simply writing multiple e-mails one after the other, it’s important to take regular breaks, we think if you have a large garden room then this can be a great space to quickly have a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine outside.

A view of your garden

When people are working within the city, there is sometimes not much in the way of natural landscapes, for example, concrete structures might dominate as far as the eye can see, however when you’re working in your garden, it’s arguable that this can be a more relaxing and peaceful space the work from.

Views of the surrounding scenery

We have built many Gloucestershire garden rooms, and garden rooms right throughout the whole of South West, therefore we have worked for many homeowners, who have contacted Kingsley to have such a structure built in Gloucestershire.

It might be rolling hills, and meandering river, views over the village, and you can simply maximise use of your garden by having a garden room built.

A garden office built as large as you would like

We can build a garden office as large as you would like

Incorporate features which are important to you

We can build the garden room the way you would like, for example offering different colour by folding doors?

A place to run a small business from

Many people ask us to build a garden office because they own a small business.

Gloucestershire and beyond

We build garden rooms Gloucestershire, and we also build right cross whole of South West of England.

Why not contact us for a quote?

We can offer you a quotation in a short period of time, why not give us a ring?





We require a garden room / summerhouse built in Bristol- can you help?


Bristol is quite simply a fantastic city, it has plenty of brilliant bars, restaurants and places too see.

So, whether you’re enjoying a cup of coffee on the harbourside in Bristol, or a walk along the great suspension bridge near Clifton, Bristol it is simply a great place to work and also to live.

However, away from all the hustle and also the bustle, a lot of people want to create their own sanctuary, a place that they can go to truly unwind and relax. A place in there garden where they can relax after work, this is why our Kingsley Garden Buildings are now proving so popular, this is why we build so many all over Bristol, from Redlands, through to Aztec West and over to the famous Clifton area.


We want a garden room to be a space to relax…


Perhaps for example you need a dedicated room for meditating? For others it might be their own space where they can work out using it gym equipment after a busy day working in say Cabot Circus Bristol, so when they get home, they don’t want to have to drive to a gym, they instead want their own garden building so that it can be used as a gym, an air-conditioned space where the owner can relax while listening to music while on there treadmill.

As you can see, our garden buildings are used for a wide range of uses in order for the homeowner to relax, for some people they may want a “cinema room” for some others they may want a “home gym” for some others they may want to use the space as a “yoga garden room”

Therefore more and more people which live in the fantastic city of Bristol, asking us to build yoga rooms, home gyms, cinema rooms, places to paint, meditation rooms, or as a “home bar” complete with draft ales or lagers.

These people want the building constructed in their garden, is therefore a garden room that can be used as a place to go and relax after a busy day.

We don’t want a flat-pack summerhouse, we want a garden room that’s bespoke, are you able to supply this?

All over Bristol, homeowners are asking us to build bespoke garden rooms that can be used as places to unwind, for example you could be a cinema room, it could be a home bar or even a large L-shaped gym. We work with the homeowner to understand the design they would like, so every single one of the Bristol garden rooms that we build, are always bespoke, and always built using top quality building materials.


We require a garden building so that we can meditate in- can you help?


More and more people are now doing meditation within their gardens, to do this often the homeowner needs a quiet place where they can meditate.


A garden room is excellent for meditation, because it is separate from the house, and can therefore be quiet place you to go and relax.

We need to create a garden building, so that we can do yoga and have gym equipment- can you help?

Yoga is becoming a very popular type of exercise, however often homeowners want a dedicated space so that they can do yoga. We have therefore built many wooden buildings in Gloucestershire, as well as in The South West, such as Bristol, where the rooms used as a home gym, or to do Yoga in.

Yoga rooms are therefore built sometimes with speakers, so that music can be played, and often the homeowner will want power sockets, so that gym equipment, such as treadmills and exercise bikes can be used.


We can therefore build you a garden room that you can use to do yoga in

We want a garden room built so that it can be used to watch football / rugby- can you help?

do you want to get in shape? Do you want to create your own gym? Then we can help.

So many residents within Bristol and in Gloucestershire England now creating their own home bars is, this allows them to purchase for example draft beer pumps, so football can be watched on large high-definition televisions, so that the whole wooden building in your garden becomes a place to have friends over and support your football or rugby team for example.

We just want a peaceful space to read a book

A lot of us like to read a good book, however what could spoil the read is if the place which you are reading the book is not peaceful.

We think that a garden room, situated in a nice quiet garden, can be a brilliant place to enjoy a book especially during the summer.



A lot of people like to paint, whether it is an oil painting on canvas or perhaps a watercolour, artists therefore need nice quiet place in Bristol to create their work.

Some artists even sell the finished paintings from the garden room, and showcase the work by hanging the work on the wall and illuminating it with downlights.


How our company can help  

As you can see our garden rooms in Bristol are used for a wide range of different uses, they are therefore not just used to work from during the day, that’s because they can also be a good place to go and just relax and say watch the football?

So, whether you’re watching your favourite film or perhaps you are an artist and you want to create a place where you can showcase your work and also paint from during the day? Then we can help.

We therefore build a huge variety of different wooden summerhouses within Bristol, for no obligation quote why not give us a ring?

We require a large garden room so that a hot-tub can be placed to the side-can you build this?

What exactly is a hot-tub garden rooms?


Many of the garden rooms that we have built within areas such as Gloucestershire and in Bristol sometimes are designed and built so there’s a large canopy to the side of the wooden building.

Underneath the canopy and to the side of the garden building, is then a hot-tub that is fitted within the actual construction. This is a very popular design, with more and more customers wanting a hot-tub garden room, which is placed within the building.

Are you able to build garden buildings with a canopy covering a jacuzzi?

We are increasingly being asked to build what are often referred to as “hot tub garden rooms” in a wide range of different locations, this can range from the centre of Bristol and over to Gloucestershire as well, as a company, we do cover a wide area.

We can build a large wooden garden building, complete with side canopy, this then allows the owner to place a hot-tub within the building, we can also add multiple water showers to the side of the building as well as composite decking underneath the hot tub and canopy.

A popular design, is to have a large L-shaped wooden building, for the surrounding flooring to be made of high-quality composite decking, to have the entire building clad with a Western Red Cedar wooden cladding, to have bi-folding doors, a rubber roof, a canopy to the side, with LED down lights, speakers installed, ready for a hot tub to be installed. This is a popular Bristol garden rooms design, its also popular in Gloucestershire, where the homeowner, has a large garden, where we can build such a garden room design.

Have your hot-tub partially under shelter

A lot of our customers often say to us, they don’t want their hot tub in the open air within their garden, they would like it more enclosed, and for to have a large wooden canopy over the top- this is exactly what we can offer. This is what a lot of summerhouse companies often refer to as a “hot-tub garden room”- as the main building is built to the side, then often a canopy is built, normally with 3 walls, which are either fully enclosed, or sometimes the homeowner will opt for a “hit and miss” design, where slight gaps are used between the wooden slats, to let partial natural light flood through.

Cover from the rain

A lot of our customers that we work for, in areas like Gloucestershire, England, and in areas like Bristol, say to us, that they want a garden building, which can be used for a dual use, for example, as workout area, complete with treadmills, and also to have to the side, a jacuzzi, which is under a roof, and often good quality speakers are added into the roof, complete with multiple spot-lights, so that in a summers evening, this becomes a great place, to relax and unwind, that’s while you soak in your hot tub.

We have build hot tub garden buildings over a large area, for example, the homeowner might own a barn conversion property in the countryside in Bath, South West England, or alternatively they might own a modern, brand new home, in say Gloucestershire England, and now require our design teams help in order to build a large modern garden building, which is built to the design that they want, for example, to have modern, composite cladding, LED lights in the roof, and floor, composite decking, composite facia board.

A lot of our customers then add speakers into the garden rooms roof

Some of our customers have multiple quality surround sound speakers installed in the roof, which means you can relax in your jacuzzi garden room, in say Somerset, and listen to your favourite music at the same time?

Why is having a hot-tub garden room now such a popular design?

A large number of the garden buildings that we construct, are often used as large home gyms, where the homeowner wants to put all of their gym equipment under one roof in their garden.

A lot of the customers then say that after a work out, for example having spent some time running on their treadmill, lifting free-weights, or doing Yoga  in the evening in their garden building, sometimes they want to unwind after work out within their own Jacuzzi. Plus, when we have a long hot summer, a lot of our customers want a hot tub to relax in, a place where music can be listened to.

Therefore, by having the Jacuzzi fitted right to the side of the garden room offers the convenience of going straight into your hot tub after you have completed a workout session. So, for example, you could use your garden room as a “gym garden room” or a “fitness suite”- and then after you’ve finished your workout, you could jump into your own jacuzzi.

Our builders, when we are building your Gloucestershire garden room, or in another area of The Cotswolds, con also install a shower room, so after a workout, you could have a shower in your garden building, this means when you hire our builders to build the construction, you will have complete control over the design, you may want 80% of the building as an air-conditioned home gym, then the remaining other half, used as say a place where you can have a shower?

From Bristol through to Gloucestershire, our construction team can build a summerhouse or garden room anywhere within South West England.

So, for example, let’s say that you live in the centre of Bristol, near Cabot Circus, you may want a large home gym built, you may want  for us to install air-conditioning as well? When you hire us, to build your garden building, you will have so many different options to choose from, for example, here are just some of the different options we can offer:

·        Air-conditioning

·        Rubber roofs

·        Different cladding options, for example would you like composite or hardwood?

·        Different internal layouts, for example, we can install a toilet and wash-hand basin

·        Different flooring options, for example, laminate flooring or a hardwood floor?

·        Different decking options

Do you build hot-tub garden rooms in Bristol?

The main area which we build our timber garden buildings is within Bristol, South West England.

We also serve Bath and The Cotswolds, in England.

Increasingly the garden buildings which we construct are being used for the homeowner’s well-being, by that we mean that they might be using the space to do yoga room, meditation room or to improve their fitness levels through having gym equipment in an air-conditioned room.

Therefore, what complements this type of use of a garden room Bristol, is to have a hot-tub placed inside the garden room which is bubbling away to side, so that once you’ve finished a workout session or you have finished doing Yoga, you can just hop straightaway into the Jacuzzi, and enjoy a nice soak.


We have built garden buildings in some simply brilliant locations in Bristol, that have breath-taking views. From large mansion houses, overlooking Bath, through to brand new, futuristic houses, that need an equally well design modern garden room.

For example, we have built very large garden buildings, which look over meadows and have views as far as the eye can see.

We have also built some other buildings in some really large gardens in Bristol, and homeowners say they will now get much better use of their garden during the summer, that’s simply because they have purchased one of our summerhouses. Our customers often say, that they didn’t much use their garden in winter, yet now, Kingsley has built a garden room, which is well insulated, and also has heaters, many of our customers say, that the space can be used as a home gym or let’s say a office all throughout the entire year.

Therefore for a lot of homeowners having a garden building constructed means that they can use it as a place where they can socialise, relax or simply complete work from. Many homeowners call us, simply because we build quality, plus, because we have electricians, builders, roofers, we can design the whole building according to the way you want it built.

Often when we build a hot-tub garden room, the main building is used as a home bar or as a space to watch football or rubgy.

Or simply you might be now working from home more in Bristol? So, after a busy day writing many e-mails and answering phone calls for work, you might simply want to hop into your hot tub to unwind after work?

How much do your garden rooms cost?

As you can expect, costs do vary, that’s depending on the design that you want built. Some of the garden buildings that we construct say in Bristol can be relatively small, yet some wooden buildings can be truly large, for example we often build large wooden L-shaped  rooms, which can be used as a home gym, these rooms sometimes has a shower and toilet fitted inside as well, as well as a Jacuzzi to the side so the costs can vary quite a lot depending on the design you want.

For example, in Gloucestershire, England the garden rooms that we have built can be large, for example a large rectangular wooden building can be built, on a concrete base, with a large rubber roof, and sometimes, within the large wooden building, there are multiple different rooms, so some of the Gloucestershire summerhouses that we build can be very large.

We need a quote for a new wooden summerhouse, how can we obtain this?

We offer free quotes within Bristol, we therefore have estimators which regularly travel across all of the Bristol areas, including Fishponds, Aztec West and also Clifton.

Do you build your garden buildings in the South West of England also?

We also travel to many different areas within The South-West of England- for example we could one week be working for a customer which has a house on the outskirts of Bristol, that might be a thatched cottage that is over 200 years old, and the homeowner would like a garden building constructed which is more traditional, for example a Bristol garden building, which has hardwood cladding, wooden windows and doors.

Alternatively, you might own a brand-new property lets say in Gloucestershire, England, and you might want the main building to be used as an air-conditioned home gym? We can therefore construct a much more modern, and contemporary building for you, using composite cladding, bi-folds, and you might even want a hot-tub installed to the side?

The benefits of working from a garden office

A lot of people are now working from home all over The Cotswolds. This shift to home working could be a permanent change for some people, others might be taking part in what is often referred to as “hybrid” approach to home working, which often means working from home for a few days each week, then the rest of the week that person might be working at the company’s offices.

Huge increase in the amount of people requiring our garden offices

Our company has therefore seen a huge increase in demand for what often referred to as “garden offices” throughout Bristol and other areas that we work in such as in Gloucestershire England.

We can design and build the garden room the way you want

Therefore they might want our carpenters to build a lot shelving for work folders, install a quality air-conditioning system, ensure that there are heaters hung on each wall, and to also build a large enough garden office so that a side room can be used as a toilet or perhaps somewhere where tea and coffee can be made?

We can build large garden offices, which sometimes be used for a dual purpose, so for example, you might use one half of the room as an office, complete with a desk, book shelf and also an area to make a cup of tea. The other half of the garden office, that could be used as an air-conditioned gym.

So, yes as soon as you’ve finished work, you can simply open a door, and start your workout. We are therefore frequently being asked to build garden offices, which have a dual use, and therefore need to be a large wooden construction.

In cities like Bristol, we are finding that more homeowners want to work from home, but also make there life easier, in the sense, that they like going to the gym, but don’t want to be driving there, or waiting for equipment, such as a treadmill to become available, so more people are having a home gym built or a garden office, or a mix of the two.

A relaxing space to work from

Our Garden offices have many benefits, for example, while working you can look out over your garden, and when you finish your working day, you can simply lock-up the bi-folds, and walk to the house.

The benefits of owning a garden office, built by Kingsley means that you can have a quality work space built by our team of builders in a short space of time. This is why there is such large demand for our buildings within the areas such as Somerset England, including also nearby Bath as well as Bristol.

So often when somebody is looking for say a Bristol garden office, on say a social media, site such as Instagram, you might see our business pop-up in many of the posts, that’s simply because we build a lot of garden rooms in The South West of England and within The Cotswolds.

Why so many homeowners choose us, is because the designs of our garden rooms vary greatly, for example, one week we could be building a home gym, with a large canopy to the side where a Jacuzzi can be fitted, say in Somerset, the next week we could be building an L-shaped garden office in Clifton Bristol. We therefore build our garden offices across England.

We build the garden building for you and we can also help during the design stages as well, that’s if you need help to choose the design that you would like. For example, if you wanted a garden room in Bristol built, you may well be unsure as to which doors you would like, which flooring, and for example which decking you want.

Our estimators can meet you throughout The whole South West of England, so for example in Bristol or Bath. We also offer free quotes on garden rooms in The Cotwolds, we therefore can travel to Somerset or let’s say Gloucestershire to build a garden office.

Away from the home

Because of the covid virus, more and more people are now working from home, this has meant that our company has been inundated with calls to build our garden offices.

Often, it’s not ideal for the employee or the business owner to work within the house all week, that’s simply because there might not be a quiet place to take a work call for example, or there might not be enough space to work in the house? So this may mean that the person has to resort to working from say kitchen table, which obviously will not be good for the long-term!

This is why we are often asked to attend many houses throughout The Cotswolds area’s, such as in Gloucestershire, to build our garden offices.

We have seen a surge in demand for garden offices especially in Bristol, this stands to reason, areas like Cabot Cirus has many large office blocks, where staff have been asked to work from home during Covid, therefore we have built many really high-quality garden offices, where the business owner, or the employee has now made a long-term plan to work from their Bristol garden offices.

Less commuting

It’s a part of working life that’s not many of us like, that is the commute to work in the mornings and back in the evenings.

Another slight to be stuck in busy traffic, plus also there is the environment to think of, that’s the say all those cars stuck in traffic jams are not good for the environment at all.

This is another reason why garden offices can make a brilliant place to work from, because you simply don’t have to commute, you can simply make yourself your favourite beverage in the morning, walked down to your garden room within a few seconds.

Because the garden room is a separate building from house, you have the advantages of working away from the property but also being close enough that you can save on commuting costs and time

Therefore in really busy cities, and built-up areas such as Bristol, many people are asking us to build a Bristol garden office, because either they plan on working from home permanently, or they might just be working from home a few extra days a week.

Overlook your garden

When you consider the urban environment, but many of us like to work in high-rise tower blocks in the city centre.

In might mean that you are working in a building that doesn’t offer you natural light map you might find that the area is quite stuffy, finding a parking place can be more than difficult at the best of times.

This is why many people are instead switching to investing in a garden office, and simply put the view from the window can be a garden, so you might find this a more relaxing place to work.

Can be built to the design that you want

When we build garden offices, we build them to you from scratch, using our highly skilled team of builders, carpenters and electricians.

This means that we will ask the customer what design they would like built, and there are so many different options ranging from different a conditioning systems, through to what colour you want by folding doors right through to what hardwood flooring you might want installed within the garden room.

Therefore, when you pick us to build your luxury and also bespoke garden, you will be presented with many different options that our estimated can help you to pick from.

Can be air-conditioned and heated

the whole building can either be air-conditioned, or have a heater within it or possibly both, this can help you to work within a garden office throughout the year.

So, for example in the middle of winter, in Gloucestershire, when everything is freezing outside, you can work within your garden office, by simply shutting the quality by folding doors which we can install, and switching up the heating system so that you can increase the temperature within the building.

We can build a garden office as large as you would like

Throughout the Cotswolds there are some very large properties, some of these houses are detached and have large gardens, which opens the possibility of building a very large garden office if this is what you require.

For example, you might be a business owner, which is making the switch from commuting to the city, to working from home yet you do not want to compromise on the quality of the build.

That is, you want ½ to be used as a home office, where you want to place a large desk, and also have a chiller cabinet refreshing drinks.

You might want the other half of the room to be used as home gym, partitioned by a wall, within the building you also want to have a shower, a toilet and wash hand basin and also an area to make teas and coffees.

As you can imagine to build such a garden office, is going to need a lot of space and it is likely to be big structure, our company can build such a garden office, and we specialise in building bespoke garden rooms, so we can build it exactly to the design would like.

Therefore, if you would like a very large garden room built, in say Somerset or let’s say in Gloucestershire, then our business can most certainly help.

Garden offices are becoming very popular in areas such as Gloucestershire and Bristol

We are seeing a lot of enquiries from the areas of Bristol, which is a city in the south-west of England as well as in Gloucestershire for garden offices in particular.

In the past, garden rooms was seen as a place to go and relax, for example on a comfortable sofa while reading a book during the summer, and although they can most definitely be use for this, we are seeing more homeowners asking us to build a garden room that can be used as a space to work from.

The switch to homeworking has meant that a lot of homeowners don’t just want a flatpack building constructed, that’s once ordered off the Internet and perhaps a customer is then asked to build it themselves, instead the often want a very different type of wooden building, at one which is very high-quality, made using good quality building materials and built by a team of experienced builders, that’s exactly what our business can offer.

This is why we are building so many garden offices right throughout Bristol.

Light and airy

If you ask a lot of people what they hate about working in a normal office, sometimes it will be that there is no natural light or that the room can become quite stuffy and there is no airflow.

However, when you work from your own dedicated garden office, you can have a conditioning, you own heating system, and of course you can open the by folding or indeed the French doors when you want to let the fresh air flood into the building.

Alternatively, you might also want Alex windows installed in the roof, let natural light flood into the building.

Phone calls

One of the very common reasons that we see a that is a homeowner will want a luxury garden room built, is so that they can run a business or work from the space, and for it to be a peaceful place where they can handle work calls.

One of the disadvantages from working from home is that when you run a work or that might be distractions within the house from say other family members, therefore having a garden office built, offer a quiet space you to go and work from and to take work calls.

Once your working days finished, you can just close the door

After a busy day at work, often the employee of the business owner would rather just be straight back at home rather than have to go through a commute say on the train, motorway or perhaps you cycle backing for work.

We think that the main advantage of owning a garden office is that it can help you to work from home, but also to limit the amount of commuting you need to do.

So, for example a lot of people are undertaking hybrid working, which is working from the house from for a few days a week, this can cut down meeting time, help the environment because it might take mean less travelling by car, plus also when the working day is over you can just shut the door on a garden office will back to the house.

Therefore, a lot of our customers say to us they can’t wait to work in their garden office, because they can work from the space, once you finish simply lock the by folding doors and walk back to the house.

We build quality

There are a lot of companies out there deemed to be the cheapest, however what we aim for is to provide a very high quality product.

The garden rooms that we build and therefore luxurious and also bespoke, our highly skilled team of builders will also ensure that we deliver high-quality product.


We build high-quality garden rooms Gloucestershire, therefore if you are looking to have a garden office built within Gloucestershire, then why not ring Kingsley as we have built many garden rooms within this area.


We also build garden rooms Somerset, therefore if you are looking for a company which can build a really high-quality and luxurious summerhouse in Somerset then why not give us a ring.


We also build garden rooms Bath, therefore if you would like a high quality garden building built anywhere within Bath England and why not give us a ring.

Would you like a garden office built?

Are you are thinking about getting a garden office built? Then why not call us, we offer free , on quotese of the prices that we offer are offered on a no obligation basis, and also design and build a garden room



When we have our garden room built, what are some of the different cladding options we can choose from?

Garden office & room cladding options


The type of cladding that you opt to have fitted to your garden room can make a huge difference to the appearance of the whole building. For example, some cladding options can make the building look modern, others can give a more traditional look.

Homeowners who ask us to build their Gloucestershire Garden office or room, or any other garden building which we build in The Cotswolds, often ask us, what type of cladding can be offered, believing there’s only the option of hardwood or a softwood, like pine, however, there is now so much choice, from powder coated metal sheets, which come in a range of colours, through to the very popular red cedar wood cladding.

For example, a homeowner within Gloucestershire, England might own a new build house, complete with smooth rendered walls.

Moden Garden Rooms

Let’s say for example that a house has a rather modern appearance; the homeowners might want therefore a contemporary style garden office built in order to be in keeping with the property.

Therefore, lets say the garden room is built in say South Gloucestershire, the homeowner might opt for say grey composite cladding which can give a real modern appearance. When you complement this with the same colour bi-folding doors, and also a flat roof, we often build rubber roofs, this can give a really modern appearance. Therefore, if you have a modern home, then this might be the design that you would like built?

We can therefore offer very modern and contemporary garden rooms.

Traditional Garden Rooms

Alternatively, the homeowner might live in a lovely part of Somerset, or in let’s say the great city of Bath in England and their property is a period style house, with a thatched roof, or let’s say slate construction with bath stone, so it’s a real elegant and period property.

This means that it might be a Victorian -type house or even older than and that, therefore to have within the garden the homeowners may not want a really modern type of garden room, that might look out of place in this type of setting. Instead, as it’s a period house, a more traditional look is needed, using less modern building materials, instead traditional hardwoods, good quality French doors might be preferred by the home owner in let’s say Clifton Bristol?


Instead, the homeowner in say Somerset might want say a garden office built the blends into its surroundings a bit more, so we might recommend having a real luxury hardwood clad to the outside, a really popular option is to opt for what is called “red cedar cladding”. The homeowner may want our carpenters to build a set of doors, windows that match the cladding. The whole garden room in Somerset England, therefore looks more of wood-built construction, therefore less modern building items, such as composite cladding, aluminium windows and doors, these might well be less in keeping, therefore not suitable for this construction. Instead, hardwoods, and also wooden windows and doors might well be a better option.

If you’re going to opt for a traditional garden room design, then why not opt for red cedar wood?

You might have seen this cladding option fitted to a lot of other of garden rooms say on Facebook, or on Instagram? Red cedar wood is very popular type of hardwood cladding, in that once it has been fitted, by our carpenters, it’s a type of the hardwood, and this can give a really nice appearance to any garden room and that we build.


There are other homeowners that might want to use a totally different type of material other than wood, for example, it’s becoming more common for our garden rooms to be clad with one article powder coated metal sheets.

You might have seen these types of metal sheets on the top of garage roofs for example, these can also be used to clad and be fitted carefully to the side of the garden room as well, the metal sheets can give more of a modern appearance.

What a lot of homeowners like, especially if their garden is mostly grass is that they can opt for a powder coated metal sheets in a shade of green, and this can help the structure to blend into its surroundings because it is a green colour helping to blend more into say the grass or trees behind.

A lot of homeowners also like the fact that with metal sheet cladding, that this is a hard-wearing type of cladding that can be fitted to the side of any garden room or office that we build.


So, if you’re looking for a company that builds garden offices within Gloucestershire or anywhere else within the Cotswolds, you might want to pick a company which offers you many different wooden and metal cladding options to choose from, as this can radically change the appearance of the garden building.

We are now going to talk about some of the more common types of metal and wooden cladding that we can offer to our customers in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.


Powder coated metal sheets

A lot of residents within The Cotswolds, as well as within Bristol own period properties, so often they will want hardwood cladding used on the outside of their new garden building. A common options is to opt for let’s say red wood, or thermowood used, as this can give a more traditional look.

However, on some occasions the homeowner will want a really big structure constructed, and what can sometimes help bring down the cost we sometimes use metal cladding on the back of the garden room. Metal sheet cladding, or “powder coated metal sheets”-to provide a longer description are often used on the backs of a lot of garden rooms, this is simply because, metal sheet cladding is cheaper, and therefore the part of the construction that’s not normally visible by the homeowner you might want to opt for metal cladding on the back, this is sometimes used to clad the whole garden room, however, more often our customers will just have the back clad using metal sheet cladding, as it’s a cheaper option.

Also, when a homeowner in South Gloucestershire wants a garden building built, some will want a very large building, for example a large home gym, with a jacuzzi fitted to the side. What opting for metal sheet cladding on the back can do, is to help reduce the overall cost, so that the homeowner can opt for a different optional extra, so for example, the cost of saving on using hardwood on the back of the summerhouse, can instead go towards let’s say, having an air conditioning fitted?

Thermowood cladding

Thermowood cladding is becoming increasingly popular among our customers, it’s traditionally often cheaper than hardwood options that we offer such as red cedar and this is why some customers opt for this. For example, if you were to have a garden office built, sometimes the difference between using thermowood and red cedar can be vast, wood prices do fluctuate, yet thermowood is an option we offer which is often cheaper.

This type of wood, (thermowood) is used on both garden offices, as well as also when we build garden rooms in The Cotswolds, so, if you’re having a really large structure built, that needs a lot of cladding then you might want to consider this option as it’s one of the less expensive options that we offer.

If for example if you are building a garden room in Gloucestershire, that’s really large, then this is going to need a lot of cladding, especially if there is a canopy that needs to be built to go over say a hot tub.

And when you consider the back of the garden room often needs a lot of wood to cover the back elevation of the summerhouse, yet this cladding is not often seen by the homeowner that much sometimes, that’s because it is at the back of the building, which might be close to say the garden fence.

At the front of the garden building this is often covered by  a large set of aluminium bi-folding doors, which take up most of the front elevation normally, so what you can begin to see is that if you were to opt for a really expensive hardwood cladding option, then sometimes the majority of this timber is used on the back of the wooden building which some hope homeowners might not see that often?

If the back of the garden room, is not that visible from your garden, then in order to save costs, you might have the back clad with metal sheets?

However, we also build garden rooms in areas such as Bristol and Somerset within England, where the gardens are really large and the garden room can be seen from a 360 angle, so on all sides in the garden, and therefore it’s important that if the homeowner wants a hardwood cladding option, then this is used, because it can be seen from all angles of the garden.


Redwood is becoming more and more popular as well with our customers, with a lot of customers opting for Redwood.

Cedar cladding

By far one of the most popular options is “red cedar cladding”, this is an option that used a lot by our company.


Composite cladding

A really popular option now is “composite cladding”, it can come in a range of different colour options, we find that the most common, that customers opt for is a grey colour.This can give a really modern appearance.


Larch wood

Larch wood is becoming a popular option when we are building our summerhouses, therefore we can also offer larch as an option.




Would you like a garden office built in Gloucestershire?

Whether you’re an architect, an oil painter or someone who now works from home for just a few days a week, a lot of homeowners are asking themselves the same question, that is would you benefit from having a garden office built?

If so, we can help, we can build a garden office to any dimensions, the options we offer are also vast.

We can offer you air conditioning, different cladding options, different roofs and many, many more options when you hire us.

This article will look at why so many home owners here in Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas hire us to build bespoke garden rooms as well as garden offices.

So, where you wish to use the space as a quiet place to create an oil painting, or just a place to reply to work e-mails, then we can build any size garden room within Gloucestershire.


Which style garden rooms can you offer?

Often homeowners want a garden building which is in keeping with the style of their house, for example, if you own a brand-new house, then you would like a modern garden room built.

You may therefore want composite decking used, large bi-folding doors, composite cladding fitted all around the outside and a rubber roof, as well as plastic facia-boards to match the colour of the cladding?

Alternatively, let’s say you own a thatched cottage, that’s to say a period style house in the middle of Gloucestershire, then you may want a more traditional look, you may want hardwood cladding used in the construction, large wooden French-doors, windows made using the same timber, so even though the garden office will be a brand-new construction, the style can be designed to be either modern, or it can have a more traditional style, with say oak wood cladding, or red cedar wood, and even beech wood used on the outside?


Do you build L-shaped garden rooms?

Yes, a very popular style garden office and also garden room shape that we build here in Gloucestershire, England is to opt for a “L-shaped wooden garden room”.

Often it does depend on the layout of the garden, if there’s ample space, then there are so many options in terms of shape. If on the other-hand you constricted in terms of space, then you may want a triangular shape, rectangular or an L-shape.  


Which areas does your business cover?

Our team builds garden buildings throughout the whole of The Cotswolds, we also serve Bristol as well.

We therefore regularly build our garden buildings across areas like Gloucestershire and as far as Bristol.


We are unsure on the design that we would like, can you quote us for different options?

Yes, when you’re looking for a company which builds garden rooms, you may find hundreds of different companies online that offer to supply summerhouses. Yet, with that said, some companies may assemble their summerhouses in a factory, then offer for them to be shipped to you in a flat-pack form, then the customer has to assemble sometimes the wooden building themselves.

There are of course many businesses which offer the complete design and construction, like Kingsley, however we believe we have the edge over so many companies, simply due to our unwavering commitment to building quality.



Many residents within Gloucestershire will already work from home, sometimes there’s simply not enough space within the home to have a dedicated room to be used as a home office, so what better way to create the space that’s needed than to invest in a garden room, a space where you can simply walk out to your garden, shut the doors, and start completing work in your own office.


Increase in home working

More and more of us are now working from home, so whether your carrying out beauty treatments from home, and now require a space to serve your clients, or you simply need a space to reply to work e-mails, we can help you. We design and build quality garden buildings, plus, we also offer free estimates.


Fed up of commuting to a place of work?

Okay, so it’s safe to say not many of us will like being stuck in traffic on the way to and back from work.

That’s not to mention the cost of say train-fares, bus fares or simply the fuel that’s needed to fill the tank to go back and for work in a car. Now, this is not just a cost in terms of the running expense of a car, but also time, as well as the carbon footprint that’s caused through travel. This is why so many people want to help the environment, and choose not travel, and instead work from their garden.

Whether you own a house in Gloucestershire or you live in the centre of Bristol, our company builds high-quality garden rooms throughout The Cotswolds and The South West of England that can make a great place to work from. So if you are thinking of handing back the keys to your rented office, why not think about then hiring us to build a garden room, so you can work from your garden in Gloucestershire?


Internal rooms

We can also build separate rooms inside your new garden office; this is perfect if you wish to use the space as a home office and perhaps the other half as a home-gym? Alternatively, you might have two people working in the garden office, so you may therefore want two separate rooms?



We can insulate the space, we add insulation to the walls, we can also add a heater also.



Many people will want to work from their garden room even during the hot summer days, therefore, this is why so many people also opt for us to install air-conditioning within the room as well. This way, when the weather is simply too hot outside, you can just push-back the large bi-folding doors, switch-up the air conditioning in your garden office and you can have a nice cool place to work within your garden.



Okay, so let’s be fair, its colder here in Britain more often than its warm, so this is why hire our builders to add a heater into the room as well.