We require a garden office Gloucestershire- can you offer us many different designs to choose from



Whether you’re planning on “hybrid-working”- which has become something of a buzz word, or you want to work from home the entire week, more people want a well-built garden building constructed, so that they can have a place to go and work throughout the year.

What is often required therefore is somewhere that’s insulated, as good quality windows, as well as doors, has a power supply also can be heated and even air-conditioned, and we can offer all of these options.

“Garden offices” as they are often referred to are therefore a garden building that’s constructed the way you want, this means when you hire Kingsley as your contractor to build the garden office, we can offer you many different options, from having a toilet, wash hand basin, through to which type of flooring you want.

Some homes in Gloucestershire might not have that much space, yet our designers can suggest designs that you might like. On the other hand, Gloucestershire is home to many large, detached period properties, with long-flowing gardens and therefore ample space, so you can literally have any design you would like, whether it be a large rectangular construction, an L-shaped build, or perhaps you would like your own design, which you have had architects’ drawings constructed, as you want a design built.

Right across Gloucestershire, from new build houses, through to large properties set in their own grounds, we have build many luxury bespoke garden rooms, as well, as garden buildings which have been used as an office space.

Do you build garden offices in Gloucestershire?

Yes, some of the more common uses for the garden buildings that we build are to use the space as a home gym or as an office.

For some of the larger garden rooms we build, some are used for split purposes, for example, one half as a gym and the other as a home office.

We do therefore build garden rooms right throughout Gloucestershire.

Do you offer free estimates throughout Gloucestershire?

Yes, we have a dedicated estimator which travels throughout Gloucestershire, all of our quotes are on a no obligation basis.

Have you built many garden offices?

Yes, our team have built many garden offices, we are often asked to build these garden buildings because the construction will be tailor made to the homeowner, this means, for example, some homeowners will want a toilet, wash hand basin, some will not, others may want a side room, so that a refrigerator can be kept, so tea and coffees can be made throughout the day, other owners will want the space to be subdivided, so that a gym can be used within the space as well.

I need a space to work, that’s insulated, has a power supply and also is well-constructed- can you offer this?

Sometimes, some cheaper wooden constructions are not insulated, do not have a heater, are not air-conditioned, this simply means that the owner may not work within the building all year around, simply because in the peak of summer it may well be too hot, and in the winter, due to no wall insulation or heater, it may well be too cold, so often we are asked to build a garden room which has a heater.


We need a garden building that we can work from all year around, can you offer this?

Yes, many of our customers need a garden room which they can work from throughout the seasons.

We therefore can build a garden room to the design you want, so we can offer you many different options, for example we can add insulation, we can add heaters we can also add an air-conditioning system if required.

We do need quality doors, we don’t want a draft, which door options can you offer?

Some really cheap summerhouses can sometimes suffer from poorly build doors and windows, as you can imagine, in the depths of our British winters, the cold air can flow through gaps caused by poor workmanship.

Our business is different, we install high quality bi-folding doors, and if the customer requests, we can also install aluminium windows in the same colour, these doors, as well as windows are very much high quality.

Will the construction be flat-pack?

No, we do not offer “flat-pack” summerhouses, sometimes called DIY summerhouses, instead we are focused on building tailor made “bespoke garden rooms”- this means we have a team of carpenters, electricians and also roofers, who build really high-quality garden offices.

Can we opt for different design options?

Yes, our customers will have a massive range of different options to choose from, if you hire Kingsley to build your new garden room in Gloucestershire. These options can range from different wooden cladding, through to different flooring options.

Why not arrange for a garden office quotation to be provided?

We offer no-obligation quotes throughout Gloucestershire.