We need a new garden office built that can be used in winter- can you help?


A lot of customers understand, that during the depths of winter say in areas like Gloucestershire, it can drop to freezing cold temperatures outside. This means that some summerhouses, supplied by some businesses will simply be wholly unsuitable for working within during the winter, as they are simply too cold.

This could be because the walls are poorly insulated, therefore the whole structure can be too cold and also rather strong drafts may occur. This is less than ideal, especially if you have wanted to use the space as say a garden office.

However, with that said, when you instead hire Kingsley we build totally different types of garden buildings. We build solid, well-constructed garden rooms, built using top-quality building materials.

This is why our vans and staff can often be seen building garden offices in the following areas:

·        Gloucester, England

·        Wiltshire

·        The whole of the South West, including Bristol

·        Bath

·        North Somerset

As you can see, our garden room installation team cover a truly large area.

We build very high-quality garden buildings, we can say that because we listen to what our customers want us to build, for example they might want a large garden office constructed, which becomes their main workspace, is therefore very important that the building can be heated.

We can therefore make sure the construction is well built, and insulated by offering the following:

–        Very high-quality windows and doors

–        Quality roof covering, for example you might opt for a rubber roof with insulation underneath

–        You may opt for insulation in the walls

–        You may opt for underfloor heating in the garden room

–        We can install electric heaters

–        We can make internal rooms, using plasterboard

–        We can offer heaters which can be controlled directly from your smartphone


This article will look at how we can design your brand-new garden room so that it can be heated, but we can also offer air-conditioning for the summer time as well.

We build quality garden offices in the Cotswolds, England

Our business specialises in travelling right throughout the whole of the Cotswolds within England, and also right throughout The south-west of England, building luxurious, well-made garden buildings.

We offer a complete solution, that’s because we can help to totally design the wooden building, offering you a massive a range of different options, that’s from air-conditioning through to many different flooring options, we can then start to build the building for you.

We offer very competitive prices on our bespoke summerhouses, and our garden buildings, and we are often asked by homeowners from a wide range of areas, such as Gloucestershire, right through to Somerset, to build our wooden buildings, that’s simply because they are constructed to a very high standard.

Whether it be the superior quality timber that we use, the quality bi-folds or simply the very high-quality roof, we are often asked to construct these buildings because we offer very high-quality workmanship.

Quality workmanship

From our electricians, to our window installers, right through to our labourers that install the flooring, everything is constructed to a very high standard.

We can also offer you a massive range of options

Are you able to use your garden offices during the winter months?

Yes, we would say one of the main reasons that we build our timber garden buildings, is because our customers have asked us to build a garden office. Therefore the structure might be used day-in-day out, right throughout the whole of the summer and also winter. Therefore heaters will need to be installed.

For example, some business owners might need to use the building seven days a week, therefore it is absolutely imperative that when it turns freezing outside, the owner can turn the heating up and comfortably work within their Kingsley Garden Room that we have built in The Cotswolds.

Which parts of the Cotswolds, does your business cover?

Our business serves right across all of The Cotswolds, this means that one week we could be building a huge garden office in South Gloucestershire, and the following week we could be working in the middle of Wiltshire.

We also cover The South West, so our team are regularly also installing Bristol garden rooms as well.

If we were to request a quote for a new garden office, are the quotations free of charge?

Yes, we offer free quotes on a no obligation basis. We can offer quotes in The South West and in The Cotswolds.

Are you able to offer air-conditioning as an optional extra for our garden room?

Yes, we fully understand that during the summer, when it is very warm, timber buildings can heat up quite a lot, it is therefore important not only that the building has heaters, but it also has air conditioning.

Air-conditioning and heaters are optional extras, yet we can offer these within the quote.

We want a very large wooden garden office built, how can this be heated?

We can simply place more than one heater within the building.

Have you built many garden offices in the Cotswolds within England?

Yes, we have built many wooden garden offices and garden buildings throughout areas such as Bristol and Gloucestershire as well as Somerset.


How do we arrange for a quotation?

We offer free no obligation quotes, so why not give us a ring?


Can you build us a garden room that we can use all year around?


A lot of our customers tell us when we are designing their garden room that they want to use the room right throughout the entire year. This means it needs to be comfortable enough during winter, when everything’s covered in thick frost, through to summer, when some poorly designed summerhouses may even be too hot to step into.

Therefore, the buildings which we construct are therefore very different from say some wooden summerhouses that other companies build, which might only use for a few weeks during the peak of summer. We instead design and build quality buildings, we are therefore hired to build these rooms from everywhere from the heart of Bristol, right over to Gloucestershire.

This means that when we are constructing a garden room for a customer, we often asked to ensure its well-insulated, and we are often asked to install extras, such as multiple electric heaters and air conditioning systems.

A large amount of the timber buildings which we construct, are often used as workspaces, therefore the building needs to have its temperature regulated right throughout the different seasons.  

As you can imagine, if there are not adequate heaters within the building, then it could become a cold and rather uncomfortable place to work during autumn and winter months . This is something to think about when hiring a garden room company, as some do not install heaters or air-conditioning systems for the summer, we offer these as optional extras.

When we meet with you, to provide you with a quote, we can gain an understanding of the building you want constructed, and then we can start recommending how many heaters should be allocated within the building.

I want to work in my garden office during the whole of winter, how can I heat the room?

From freelance architects, through to web designers and employees of the companies, more people are now enjoying the benefits of working from home.

For example, a lot of our customers who are making the switch from working from an office say in the centra of Bristol, to making the change to working from the garden office, often state will that they will save a lot of time instead of commuting back and for a single place of work.

However even though the person is planning on working from their garden office, they are going to need to make that space as comfortable as possible to work from. So even though there are advantages to working from your garden office, you do have to ensure its well made, and correctly insulated, this is why Kingsley is asked to build so many garden buildings.

Therefore we can arrange for our electricians to install multiple heaters within the building, also we can offer you many different manufacturers of air conditioning systems as well.

I want to use my garden during the summer, how can I cool this space?

A lot of our customers use the garden room as a workout room, for example they often invest a lot in various gym equipment, which can  range from free-weights right through to a treadmill.

As you can imagine during the peak of summer, a garden building can heat up a lot, and sometimes customers will want the bi-folding doors shut during summer, so that they can play their favourite music while working out in their home gym.

We can therefore add an air-conditioning system within the building, which allows you to regulate the temperature during summer.

We want a very large garden room built, how can we heat this space?

Sometimes a homeowner will want a very large garden room constructed, for example the individual might run a business from home, therefore will want a very large wooden building so multiple people can work with it.

We can build large wooden buildings, and offer advice on how many heaters or air conditioning systems will be required.

Is there the option of switching on the heating remotely?

Let’s say for example you about to start work, and its the start of December, so it is mighty cold, everything is covered in a thick frost outside and you don’t want to really step with the new garden office until it warmed up a bit.

Thankfully here at Kingsley, we can install heaters for you, which can be remotely controlled from you’re your smartphone.

This is a very popular option, as it allows you to raise the temperature of the garden building before you even have stepped within it.

Can you install insulation in the roof?

We can offer you different insulation options for your roof.

If you would like a totally no obligation quote for a new garden building then why not give us a ring?



What are some of the optional extras you can offer?

Every single garden office which we construct in The South West of England is built to the design that’s specified by the customer. Each garden room is therefore totally bespoke, and built the way you want.

This simply means that you can specify everything from the colour of the bi-folding doors, through to where the power-sockets should be located.

Therefore, if you’ve seen say a summerhouse that you like the design of, let’s say on Instagram, then we can offer a quote to build the same design. We can also add features that you may want, such as air-conditioning for example.

Our customers therefore like the fact that they have complete control over the design of how their new garden office is built.

Now we are going to explain why so many residents hire us to build their garden office, and some of the optional extras that we can offer.

Built from scratch in your garden

First things first, our business will never supply “flatpack summerhouses”, that’s the sort which come partially assembled, which often are lifted from a lorry into your garden. Often each of the sides is built, then it just requires being put together in a garden.

Our garden buildings are different, they are designed the way you want, and then we can build them in a short period of time.

This allows you to specify the following:

–        Which cladding you want

–        Whether you would like decking

–        Where the power-points should go

–        Which roof option you want

–        Whether you want sky-lights

–        Which flooring you want

–        If you want the internal room painted?

–        Many more options


Let’s now look at some of the optional extras that you might wish to opt for in Bristol.

Air-conditioned Garden Offices

We can supply and fit a range of different air-conditioning systems, we can supply many different makes, and this is an extra that’s often opted for when the building a garden office.

This is a common optional extra, as during the spring and summer months here in Britain, it’s important to have the right temperature within your garden room, so that you feel comfortable working within your garden office.

Therefore, air-conditioning can help you better regulate the temperature within the building during the summer.

Multiple heaters

What is equally as important is that during the colder months, the structure can be heated, we can therefore install as many heaters as you would like.

A decked area to the front

Often after sending all of those work e-mails, and being busy at work for many hours, you might wish to take a break outside your garden office, and enjoy your garden?

Therefore, a lot of homeowners when we are building a summerhouse do opt for a large extended decked area that’s built to the front of the summerhouse You may want patio table and chairs, this is so that you can relax in your garden.

Large bi-folds

A lot of our customers opt for what are called “Bi-folding doors”, which can come in a range of different colours.

A toilet/kitchen area

You may want us to partition off part of the garden office, so that you have an area to have a toilet or perhaps use the space as an area where you can make teas and coffees?

Multiple Power Sockets

If you are using the building as a garden office, then you most probably want a lot of power point for the printers, laptops and for additional lighting for example.

Our electricians can install multiple power sockets for you.

Heaters which can be controlled from a smart phone

It maybe a rather cold winters morning, and therefore be frosty outside, therefore you may want the ability to warm the garden building before you start work.

We can offer heaters, which are controlled from a smartphone, and therefore you can raise the internal temperature of the building, from the comfort of your home.

Roof lights

You might have a space within your garden which is overshadowed, say by a large tree, you may want therefore natural light to flood through the roof instead? We can therefore install rooflights.


We cover the whole of Bristol, therefore if you are looking to have a luxury and well-built summerhouse built anywhere in Bristol then why not give our business a call?



Will have many design options to pick from?

A garden office or a garden room is somewhere where you are likely to spend a considerable amount of time, therefore it’s important that this building is designed the way you want.

So whether your planning on working within your garden office 9 till 5 Monday to Friday, or just to occasionally watch a football match, its important the building is built in terms of how you want it built.

Here at Kingsley, we specialise in building bespoke garden buildings, we are now going to walk you through some of the options that our business can offer to you in The Cotwolds.

Do you build bespoke garden rooms?

Some summerhouses and garden buildings can be purchased online with just a few clicks, however, sometimes these are often manufactured in a factory, and put in a flat-pack form ready for delivery to the customer.

Sometimes therefore the building is already designed, and as each one rolls off the production line, well they all look the same.

This means that the owner doesn’t have any influence over where the windows are located on the walls, where the door is placed, neither do they have any say for example over the cladding that’s used on the exterior walls, or where the internal walls are placed within the building.

So, in a nutshell, these “flat-pack summerhouses” well can be generic, therefore possibly not want you want?

What makes our structures here at Kingsley very different from this is, the whole building is designed from scratch by you, and then our team construct it.

So for example, there are many different options that you can select, such as:

–        Different exterior cladding options, such as hardwoods, or composite

–        Whether you would like an air-conditioning system installed?

–        Different size windows

–        Different types of doors, such as bi-folds or French doors

–        Different flooring options

–        Different roofing options


So, as you can see, our customers have complete control over how they would like their garden room built.

Can you offer us different exterior cladding options?

One of the most important design features of your brand-new garden building will be the exterior cladding that you opt for. We say that because which cladding option you go for can radically alter the appearance of the garden building, for example, from modern or perhaps you which to have a building which is the same colour as the house, for example using white composite cladding?


For more traditional properties, let’s say a stone built house, you might want a less modern garden building, and instead one which is more traditional in terms of its appearance.

In this case you may want a more traditional style of garden room, we can offer hardwood exterior cladding using red cedar wood, which is a very popular option.

Can we place the windows and doors where we want?

Yes, sometimes our customers will want only one large window on one of the sides of the garden room, some other customers may want a window placed on every single side of the garden room, in a long rectangular shape window, which is higher up the wall, we can listen to the design of the window that you would like, and then incorporate this to your garden room.

Will we be able to state where we want the internal walls built?

Some of the garden rooms which we have built right across The Cotswolds, for example from Somerset over to Gloucestershire, can be very large in size, this can mean that sometimes they have had multiple partition walls built within the room.

For example, somebody might be working in one half building during the day, and require a side room for a kitchen area or a toilet.

On the other side of the building the homeowner might want their own gym equipment, therefore they need a plasterboard partition to separate these two different uses for the building.

Here’s some of the common uses our customers use their garden room for in The Cotswolds

–        As a home gym

–        As an office

–        A cinema room

–        A summerhouse used to read books

–        As a place to watch rugby / football

Because all of our garden buildings are totally bespoke, and built as the customer wants, we can ensure that we place the internal walls, power points, windows and doors and other features such as wall hung televisions where you would like.

Are you able to install bi-folding doors?

Yes, we can offer to install bi-folding doors.

Are you able to also supply decking?

It’s now common to have a large decked area to the front of a garden building, this can mean when the summer weather is here, you might wish to enjoy alfresco dining?

Would you like to be booked in for a free estimate?

If you live within The Cotswolds areas, for example if you live in Gloucestershire, or perhaps in Somerset, we can come to see you, and offer you a free no obligation quote.



Will you be working from home more often?

A lot more people than ever here in Bristol are starting to work from home, whether that’s on a completely full-time basis or the employer is allowing a hybrid approach, that’s part-time working at home.

With the pandemic more people than ever had to shift to working from home, however, we are being told by our customers, that they intend now to work from home now for the foreseeable future.

This has meant that our company, which serves Bristol, has seen a surge in demand for garden offices, as well as places where the homeowner can spend more time in their garden, for example having a luxury summerhouse built.

Perhaps, the owner of the garden room does not intend to work from the building, yet, perhaps wants to create a space to watch the football, simply read a book.

What is the sure, is that when you’re working, you don’t want to be distracted by other family members say watching the TV, having conversations it the kitchen or simply having the front door knocked by a cold caller, you will want somewhere where you can quietly work.


A garden office can offer a quite space to work

A lot of our customers say to us, that one of the main reasons that they’ve called us to have a brand new garden office built, is because they spend a lot of the working day on the phone.

They therefore need a place to take work calls, knowing the space is quiet and that they can work from the building say during the day or evening without any noise. Therefore our electricians can help to bring in a power supply to your garden office.

 Why choose Kingsley to build your garden office?

Many homeowners will deliberate for a long time which garden room company to hire, and they are quite simply hundreds to pick from in Bristol.

The reason why there are so many garden office companies, is because often a lot of businesses will travel the whole of the country to build wooden structures, you are quite literally spoilt for choice in terms of which companies to hire.

However, there are some companies which focus on offering the lowest prices, there are others which are focused completely on providing luxury garden buildings. Our company, is solely focused on building bespoke and high-end garden rooms, this is why we are appointed throughout The Cotswolds and The South West as our build quality is consistently high.

We can help you to create the design you want and then build the garden room for you

This is why our business is extremely popular right now in Bristol, because we can completely manage the build and also design process for you.

Therefore, whether you want a very large building constructed, as a place to watch the football and to relax within over the weekend, or you plan on working in a garden office in the future, we can build your ideal garden building.

Are you able to work in properties that have difficult access?

There are many properties within Bristol that have restricted access, for example it might not be possible to access to a rear lane, that’s around the back of the property.

Because our garden offices are totally bespoke, all of the building materials can be brought down the side of the property through a side gate, therefore quite often we can bring the wood, the windows, doors and other building items, such as decking and roofing along the side of the property.

Where some summerhouses, which some homeowners purchase online need to be lifted off in parts, because they have been partially assembled in a factory, for example the side walls, roof and front elevation may already have been assembled in a factory. Our garden rooms are different because they are completely constructed from scratch. Our bespoke builds mean that the building items can often be walked through a side gate.

How much does a garden office cost in Bristol?

Prices are dependent on the design, that’s because there are so many design variations, ranging from different window sizes right through to which type of decking you want, we will need to offer you a tailored quote. What can often influence the price the most is the size of the garden room, for example, someones a homeowner will have a small patio area and garden, therefore only want a small garden office, however we can also build very large garden offices.

We need a lot of natural light, can you build a garden office with a lot of Windows?

Because we can design the wooden building the way you want, we can add as many windows as you wish.

We also want a landscaping work undertaken in Bristol, are you able to offer this?

We can also offer some landscaping work when building your summerhouse, for example if you require new garden decking (wooden or composite) to be built or perhaps a new feather edge fence to complement your garden room then we can accommodate this.

Make the most of the views

We have built some large garden buildings, some of which have magnificent views, for example over the rolling hills of Bath in The South West, or perhaps a building that overlooks from Clifton onto the docklands of Bristol.

Built the way you want

We can design the building the way you want