What do your customers use their summerhouses for?


Here at Kingsley Garden Rooms, we often find that when customers call us for a quote, they often use many different descriptions in order to describe a garden building.

For example, a lot of our customers describe the timber buildings as “summerhouses”, yet a lot of customers will also describe the building in terms of what they want to use it for, for example as a “Garden Gym” or let’s say as a “Garden Office”.

Our customers which are based all over Bristol therefore use the garden buildings for a wide range of different uses, from use as a cinema room, complete with comfortable sofas, through to building garden gyms.

By a country mile, the most common use for the wooden buildings we construct is to create a space for work. During Covid there has been a massive surge in demand for garden offices, with the owners knowing exactly the type of building they want.

Because these garden room owners in Bristol want to work throughout the different seasons in the building, often it needs multiple heaters, air conditioning, and we can offer this.

Often then the homeowner will discuss with our team to bring a power supply to the building, to also place multiple plug sockets as well. When we meet with you, we can also talk about various ways we can design and build the construction so that its better insulated.

This article will therefore look at the types of timber buildings that we construct and what they are often used for in Bristol.

Please note, you may see our vans all over The South West, that’s because from the rolling hills that surround Bath, England, through to the busy streets of Clifton, we build luxury summerhouses.

Here’s in a nutshell, some of the common uses that our customers in The South West use their summerhouse for:

Garden Gym / Yoga Room

Home Cinema Room

– Wine storage and place to enjoy wine with guests in The South West of England

– A large Garden Room complete with bar area and screens for football / rugby

– A place to relax, read a book and drink wine

Garden Office

As you can see, we are therefore asked to construct timber buildings which are used for a variety of different reasons. The buildings can therefore be used for reasons as wide ranging as creating a space to run on a treadmill, right through to a place to store and enjoy a glass of chilled wine


We don’t just build “standard” summerhouses

There are some companies which just build rather standard looking summerhouses, sometimes these are already made, for example in an industrial estate or in a factory in Europe. Then the sides of the buildings are flat-packed, and sold as a DIY kit, or there are some companies which build these for additional mark-up. We however here at Kingsley, never purchase ready made summerhouses, every single construction is made to the customers specification in your garden and not in a factory.

Out of all the summerhouses that you build, what is the most common use of these buildings?

By far the most common reason for why our customers ask us to build a garden building, is so that the structure can be used as a place of work. Since Covid and the huge rise in home working in Bristol, more people have been asked to work from home, yet want a quiet space where they can work.

Whether it’s answering all those e-mails, or simply having a work telephone conversation, that’s not drowned out by the noise of another family member watching the television, people have wanted to create a home office that’s quite.

This is exactly what we can offer, when we meet you, we can talk to you about the various windows and doors, as well insulation options that we can offer. These can all come together to create a space where you can work from, we can even help by putting power sockets on the walls, and lightening fixtures and fittings.

Are all of the summerhouses that you build bespoke?

There are some types of timber buildings which can arrive at your house, in a flatpack form with instructions for the homeowner to install themselves. These are DIY summerhouses, we don’t offer these, instead we manage the whole design and build, so we bring electricians, carpenters, painters and decorators, floor fitters, roof installers and sometimes even more tradesmen, to make sure that we build the summerhouse Bristol to the design that you have asked us to build.

Can I choose what the outside of my summerhouse is clad with?

Yes, what can completely change the appearance of any garden room is which type of slatted timber cladding that is applied to the outside. A very popular, and more traditional option would be to opt for “red cedar cladding”. Yet, the options don’t stop there, there beech wood, thermowood and a huge number of hardwood options. If you want a real luxury look, we would recommend having a Bristol summerhouse built with red cedar wood, as it has a fantastic appearance once we apply the right oils to accentuate the wood grain.

However, on the other hand, a completely different type of cladding would be “composite cladding”, which can give a much more modern appearance to a summerhouse.

Do you build different size summerhouses?

Yes, we most definitely do, homeowners that live in the city of Bristol, will often contact us with very different requirements for what they want built, so for example some may require a very large summerhouse, and others might want a more compact garden office. We therefore build large constructions, and much more compact buildings.

What we can do is meet with you within your garden, and talk through the different options so you can make best use of the available space. We often come up with very innovative solutions to help you make the best use out of the space, for example, removing sheds or garages, and then incorporating into the garden room design, extra storage in a separate room.

It might be that your garden has many different levels, we can therefore recommend ways where we can either level the ground, or perhaps even build the summerhouse so that it elevated with steps leading up to it. We have built many elevated garden rooms in Bath, for example, where the homeowner wants a room that looks out onto the rolling countryside.

Many of our customers also have views from areas like Clifton, Fishponds and Redlands, that’s in Bristol, where there might be countryside, or the property looks out onto trees, lakes of a river, we can therefore, when we meet, talk how it might be possible to raise the summerhouse, so you then may have a better view?

Because every wooden building which we construct, is built by our team in your garden, this will mean that every build is bespoke, we can therefore build a summerhouse the way you would like. If you want a really large aluminium window at the back, we can build this, if you want a sky-light we can do that, if you want different rooms, split using plasterboard and doors then we can also do that.

How much do the summerhouses that you build cost?  

Our summerhouses that we build within Bristol vary in price, the cost will be dependent on the spec that you want and the size of the building.

For example, we offer many optional extras, such as air-conditioning, decking and also different types of roofing.

We would need to arrange to meet you at your garden, so that we can talk through all the different options that we offer, and which ones you would like, so that we can offer you an accurate estimate.

Garden Gym

Garden gyms are now very popular in Bristol, we have built many timber buildings that have been used as a home gym.

A Garden Office

We can build Bristol garden offices.

A home bar

If you would like to enjoy a pint of lager or perhaps a glass of chilled wine in your new summerhouse, then we can build a timber building that even incorporates a bar. You may even want in your Bristol summerhouse a large wine chiller, so that you have a place to go on a summers evening, and enjoy a nice glass of white or red wine?

Many of our customers, in Bristol, also have draft beer pumps fitted to their bar, so they have their favourite ales, lagers or stouts on tap in their very own summerhouse.

Cinema Room

We have built many wooden summerhouses Bristol that have been used as cinema rooms with a large projector onto one wall.

Yoga Room

Many customers have asked for us to build large garden buildings, so that they can use the space to read and meditate as well as doing yoga. These rooms are therefore used for wellness, and also as a place to relax after a busy day in Bristol.

Place to read a book

Many people want a timber summerhouse built by Kingsley, so they have a place to go and read a book.

Watch the rugby or the football in your new summerhouse

Why not have a really big summerhouse built in Bath, or perhaps you would like one constructed in Bristol, so that you can watch the football, and also the rugby?

Many of our customers have had very large televisions hung on their walls in the summerhouse, or even have a projector so that they can watch live sporting events.

Simply a place to relax

We can create a building so that you can have a place to go and relax.

We build luxury summerhouses

We simply build a luxury and well-made summerhouses, which on constructed using top quality building materials.