Make sure you purchase a quality summerhouse


There’s quite literally now thousands of companies that can offer to supply a summerhouse, yet, within this article, we are going to talk about the many homeowners we have met, which have asked to replace their old summerhouse.

Now, you might be thinking, well, why would a summerhouse, need to be replaced with another one?

Well, we’ve seen some summerhouses, which may have appeared “bargains” to the homeowner at the time of purchase, as they are often advertised at sale prices, or purchase this weekend because there’s a special offer, yet then, once the item is delivered, well, its clear to see that its going to be flimsy, not well insulated, and the roofs, well, sometimes a garden shed will have a better roof covering.

So, this article will highlight some of the cheap summerhouses we would recommend avoiding, and we will explain, why we only build top quality Bristol summerhouses.


Our company is focused on building quality

We have seen the summerhouses which has leaking roofs, floors which bulge as you walk over them, and windows that are so poorly fitted, blasts of cold air flood the room, so we know, that these summerhouses are a total false economy.

Sure, when they are pictured in the summer, in hot weather, with a large garden, and someone sitting outside enjoying a drink, they may look great, yet, sometimes they might not be that fantastic when the winter comes, and the roof, which may be built from felt-tar roofing, and which can be poorly fixed to the boarding, can let in the elements, its this which can rot the boarding, the side walls and the floor.


These cheap summerhouses we think are a waste of time.

Instead, what we build is quality, we bring in our roofing contractors, to build quality roofs, such as building a “rubber roof”. We also have our carpenters, which make sure the structural timber is properly built, so the structure is solid.

We have suppliers of aluminium windows and doors, which we know are well-known and trusted businesses, which deliver quality.

We have electricians which can offer to put the power sockets where you want, different lighting options, such as LED spot lights outside, and lights in the composite decking, if you opt for this, they can also put the fuse board where you want.

As you can see, here at Kingsley our company is focused on building luxury summerhouses as well as garden rooms.

The vast majority of the garden buildings which we construct, are built in The South West of England. You may have seen many of our vans working in areas such as Bath, and we also build the most of our summerhouses in Bristol.

Make sure it has a high-quality roof

It may sound really obvious, but its important that you have a summerhouse, which is built with a quality roof.

We say this because sometimes in order to keep costs down, some companies will use cheaper roof options, yet, water can sometimes start to leak into the building. As we earlier mentioned, sometimes, a roof will have a felt roof, yet, the roof might be built so cheaply, that the sheets of tar felt come away from the board. This means that the water can seep in underneath the felt, causing the board to rot, and sometimes the structural timbers, and wooden floor as well.

This is why we have roofing contractors, which will add a quality fibreglass roof, or say a rubber roof, which will be built so that it’s a high-quality roof. This is why so many of our customers hire us, as we make sure we build quality.

So, what can sometimes happen is, a homeowner will build a summerhouse themselves, it might look great during the warmer months, yet if the building is low-quality, often the internal wood can start to become water marked, have a severe leak, and the building can even sometimes have a roof which later collapses.

We therefore only use top-quality brands of roof, which are built by our roofing contractors.

So, whether you hire us to build a luxury summerhouse, garden room, or a garden office, our timber buildings are made to incorporate a quality roof.

Will the doors and windows be high-quality aluminium?

So, we’ve visited some customers, to provide a quote, because they wish for us to demolish their old summerhouse, as sometimes, the main problem was wooden windows and doors, which either never closed properly, or were fitted with gaps, which made the whole wooden building cold and have a strong draft.

So, now what the homeowner wants, is a garden building, built in say Bristol, lets say in the FishPonds area, they want it now to be a high-quality building, which can be cooled in summer, with air-conditioning, plus easily heated in winter, to have quality windows and doors, which are well-built to help keep the warmth or cool air in, and that’s what we build, this is why Kingsley is asked to provide a quote for summerhouses in Bristol, every single week.

We therefore have a full-time estimator, which travels all over The South West of England, offering quotes.

All of our quotes are free, so whether you want a summerhouse built say in August, or a garden office built in December, then we can help, as our team are building garden offices all year around. We have already built many in Bristol, Somerset and Bath.


So, some summerhouses are bought online, then a large lorry sometimes lifts them off, so there partially assembled and ready to be built in your garden. Then all the customer has to do, is to finish off the construction, however, we don’t build these types of timber buildings.

Those buildings are sometimes called flat-pack summerhouses, and some, occasionally from some suppliers can be rather cheaply made.

This is why we instead employ carpenters, electricians, roofers, project managers, and also plasters, painters and decorators, so that our garden rooms can be built from scratch, so that the building is bespoke.

Built to the exact size you want

Another reason why so many residents in The South West hire us, is because all of our garden buildings are completely built in your garden, which means we can build to any size that you specify.

We have built some very large Bristol garden rooms, some have needed to be of a larger size as the homeowner may have wanted to build their own gym, sometimes the customer will want a massive range of gym equipment, so in the home gym might be free-weights, treadmills, a cycle bike, rowing machines and more. Sometimes the homeowner will also want the garden building to be large, so that a large over-hanging canopy can be built, with down-lights, to help illuminate a hot-tub, the whole building therefore becomes a place to work out, and relax in an evening as well for example.

We have therefore built some very large garden rooms, the uses for our garden buildings can be wide ranging, from use as a cinema room, through to a sauna, and even to store fine wines. Therefore, here at Kingsley, we have a strong reputation in Bristol for building summerhouses to a very high-standard.

We also build our garden rooms to the design that you want, so for example, you might opt for a “L-shaped room” a square garden room, or a rectangular garden room which might be built off a slope and then decking and stairs are built that lead up to it. Therefore, we can design a garden building which will be suited to your garden.

Bristol and beyond

Although the vast majority of the garden rooms we build, are built in the city of Bristol, we also travel to other locations as well, for example, we are frequently building summerhouses within Bath as well.

Our team therefore is regularly builds our luxury summerhouses right across the whole of The South West.

We therefore build garden offices, which are sometimes used to run a business from, we also build bespoke summerhouses, which are used for everything from a home gym, through to being used as a bar.


Everything we do, is focused on building high-quality summerhouses. We therefore use excellent quality doors, windows and roofing.

We as a brand, are known therefore for building quality.

We also work right throughout the year, so although we build a lot of our garden offices and rooms in the summer, we build right through the winter also.

Would you like a free quote?

Here at Kingsley, we can offer to design and build your brand-new garden room. We offer free quotations, we travel to Bath, Bristol and also Somerset.

If you would like a luxury summerhouse built, then why not call us?