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We build garden rooms in Bristol


We are known for building summerhouses and luxury garden rooms throughout the entire Cotswolds areas, as well as the whole of The South West of England. Therefore, if you’re looking for a company to build a new Bristol garden room, then why not send us an e-mail today, or ring us, so that we can send an estimator to you.

In this article we will talk about the common uses for our garden rooms in Bristol, and why so many people hire us to build their new summerhouse.

In summary, we have built many wooden summerhouses right across Bristol, from Frechay through to Clifton, we’ve also built many luxury garden rooms. Often the buildings are used as places to work in, yet, we also build garden buildings as simply a place to enjoy a cold beer on a summer’s night.

Our garden rooms are therefore used for a wide range of uses, from use as a yoga room, through to somewhere to watch the rugby on the weekends. Yet everyone of our garden rooms is very well made.

#1 As a garden office

As you might expect, due to Covid, more people are now working from home, this has meant that many residents in Bristol have needed a garden room built, so that they can work within it.

Often our customers tell us that they need to create extra space, and also have a room where they can take work calls. As for example, if you’re on the phone for work, well nobody wants to hear another family member in the background who’s watching the T.V.

So, often our customers tell us, they need a Bristol summerhouse, that’s well insulated, has many heaters, also to make it large enough to accommodate a desk, and room to also store paperwork for work.

Often our customers tell us, that before they made the switch to working from home, they used to finish their work, and drive a short distance to their local gym.

It’s just now their working from home, in Bristol, well their gym is miles away, as before they used to work in say Cabot Circus, or let’s say in Aztec West, so they may have had a gym very close to the persons place of work.

They don’t want to give up going to the gym in Bristol, so often, they ask us to design and also build a large Bristol garden office, yet, to have another room, where gym equipment can be added. So the room becomes one half for work, then the other is used for treadmills, free weights, rowing machines, cycle machines and also a pull-up bar.

So, as soon as the persons finished working in their summerhouse, in Bristol, they can open the door and start their workout.

In the gym part of the garden room, we can put T. V’s on the wall for you also.

#2 Relax

The second most common reason we build a garden room, is so the space can be used by the homeowners to relax. For example, it might be a home bar, a place to watch the rugby on the weekends, or even a place to store fine wines, and to enjoy them after work.

Therefore, whether you want Bristol garden rooms built to use to store expensive wines, or simply as a place to enjoy a beer on the weekend, we can build a summerhouse to any dimensions.

#3 Yoga rooms and home gyms in Bristol

We are often asked to build large garden rooms, which are used as a home gym. Our customers often ask us to add electric heaters, and an air-conditioning unit, so that the room can be used all year around.

We can also add large T.V’s onto the walls, plus our electricians when they are building your Bristol summerhouse can add many power sockets, so that you have as many wall-plugs as you need for your workout equipment, for example for your treadmills.

Hot-tub garden rooms

A very popular garden room that we build, is to have a large summerhouse, complete with bi-folding doors, and for a large canopy which is used for cover for a jacuzzi.

Sometimes the summerhouse is large and used as a home gym, then the homeowners want a hot-tub added to the side.

We can build the exterior decking, we can also offer landscaping services as well. Sometimes for instance a Bristol summerhouse is built, then surrounding the building, patio slabs are laid, these might be natural stone, and can really enhance the garden room.

We therefore offer landscaping services as well.

Are you thinking of having a Bristol summerhouse or garden room built?

If you are looking for a garden room company Bristol, or a business that can build a wooden summerhouse, then why not give us a ring? Here at Kingsley, we have full-time sales staff, which means that we will aim to get you an estimate as soon as possible.