We require a large garden office to be built- can you help?


During the last two years, we would say that the vast majority of the garden rooms that we have built, have been used as garden offices. We have seen many people making the change to working from home, therefore needing a space to work.

Our garden room company has therefore been very busy, building garden offices in areas such as Bristol, and also in nearby areas such as North Somerset, and the rest of the Cotswolds.

Often the homeowner will require us to build a large garden office, which can be temperature controlled right throughout the entire year. Therefore, in the icy cold winters, electric heaters can be switched on, during our rather hot summers, we can also offer to install air-conditioning, sometimes the homeowner will require neither, and just ask us to build the main garden building, which we can also do.

What Kingsley specialises in is very high-quality, bespoke garden rooms, this means when a homeowner wants a garden room built to the highest of standards, they call us.


Do you build garden rooms in Bristol?

Yes, the vast majority of the timber summerhouses, log cabins and garden rooms that our team builds will be in the city of Bristol. In this city, we asked to build a huge variety of garden buildings, some are modern, featuring composite decking, composite cladding, rubber roofs, others are more traditional, with quality hardwood walls, such as using red cedar, oak or beech wood.


Do you build garden rooms and offices in The Cotswolds?

Yes, our business offers our services right across the whole of The Cotswolds, from Gloucestershire, through to Wiltshire, we can build a summerhouse for you. These rooms are used for so many different purposes, from home gyms, to places to enjoy a hobby like pottery, through to buildings made to run a business from.

If you are therefore on Google, looking for “garden room companies in the Cotswolds” or “summerhouse businesses Bristol” then you’ve most likely found us, and you will quicky see that we have many 5-star reviews, plus, on our website we regularly update the website with new summerhouses we have built.


Do you build garden offices that are clad with a hardwood?

Yes, the cladding that you choose can radically alter the appearance of the garden room, as hardwoods are very expensive, a lot of our customers opt for the front elevation only to be clad with a hardwood such as Oak. The other three sides of the garden office or room, can be clad with metal sheets.

The reason for this, a lot of the time the garden rooms we construct will be built close to fencing, so the 3 sides will often not be seen that much, so sometimes it would be a waste to clad these side with say a red cedar wood. Instead, we use metal cladding, this is low maintenance, plus, it brings the cost down, so that the homeowner can use their budget on other areas, such as, for example having decking built out the front instead, so that a patio table and chairs can be placed, making it a great spot to enjoy a cup of coffee in the summer months.


We want a garden office clad with composite cladding can you offer this?


Yes, often we are now building a lot of our garden rooms with composite cladding, the reason for this is this type of cladding comes in a massive range of various colour options. Therefore, sometimes the homeowners will want a light olive-green colour, a light blue or grey, therefore natural hardwoods would be unsuitable, so we offer composite cladding.

We can paint a cladding, to a colour of your choice, however, the vast majority of our customers don’t opt for this, they opt for composite cladding, the grain of the wood therefore looks real, yet the product is manmade and comes in a huge range of colours to choose from.


We require air-conditioning can you offer this?

Yes, we build a lot of garden offices in The Cotwolds, where the customer opts to have electric heaters, as well as air conditioning unit to be installed by our electricians. Some of our customers are business owners, or work for a company that now wants the employee to work from home for some of the week, its therefore important to some of our customers that they can regulate the temperature right throughout the seasons.

So, no matter if your in Bristol, and the whole gardens covered in snow, or your working in the peak of summer, when the hot weather is bearing down on your garden, with a Kingsley Garden Room, we can help you regulate the temperature so that you’re comfortable, with an air-conditioning unit or multiple heaters.


We want a garden office that has bi-folds, plus large aluminium frame windows with internal blinds, can you offer this?

For some of our customers, they sometimes own properties that are located in the rural countryside, sometimes with views over fields as far as the eye can see. Its therefore important to our customers to have a garden room built, where the occupant can have large windows, so they can work while looking over the views that surround their home.

Because we only build bespoke garden rooms in areas like Bath, Bristol and Somerset, we can help you to design and we can build the garden room the way you want, this means you can specify the size of the windows, and where you want them placed.

Plus, a popular option is to have blinds built into the windows.


Do you offer free quotations?

Yes, we offer free quotations in Bath, in Bristol as well as The whole of The Cotswolds, and The South West of England.


How much does a garden office cost?

Costs vary depending on the size of the summerhouse, and other factors, such as which external cladding option you want, we can meet with you, to discuss options, then offer a free quote.