What are some of the main benefits of having a garden office built?

So, what Is a Garden Office?

A garden office is typically a type of wooden building that is designed for use as a workspace and we hand build this in your garden.

Garden Offices are becoming very popular here in the U.K, as many people are looking for ways to create more room at home.  

Garden Offices can be used for a variety of purposes, such as home offices, but also as art studios, or even guest houses. Garden Offices are typically built at the end of a garden, and often when we build these buildings, they will have really large windows that let in plenty of natural light flood in within most gardens.  

What Are the Benefits of a Garden Office?

Work from home comfort within your own garden office. Garden offices are a great way to have your own dedicated workspace that is separate from the rest of your home. There are many benefits to having a garden office, including:


– More space: Garden offices provide extra space that can be used as an office, studio, or even just a place to relax.


– Natural light: Garden offices that we build normally have lots of wooden or aluminium windows, letting in plenty of natural light flood into the room. This can help improve your mood, if you like sunlight, as opposed to say artificial lightening used in some large offices


– Fresh air: Garden offices also offer the opportunity to open those windows, bi-folding doors, and even if you want, we can add a sky-light, to let that fresh air flood in, and you are only a few steps away, from taking a coffee break outside in your own garden.  

A garden office is therefore a great way to create an extra space within your home that can be used for work, hobby, or just relaxing. Here are some of the benefits of having a garden office:

1. You can get away from the noise and distractions of the house, such as having to listen to the TV being on downstairs


2. our Garden offices are usually more affordable than traditional extensions or conservatories.


3. They provide a bright and really airy space to work in, which most people like, as opposed to a stuffy office, which some people work in.


4. You can take advantage of the natural light and fresh air by opening the doors and windows easily.


5. They can be built relatively quickly

Do your garden buildings come with heating?

Yes, most of our garden buildings come with electric heaters. This is perfect for those winter months when you want to enjoy your garden room without feeling the cold. The heating also means that you can use your garden building all year round, no matter what the weather is like, that’s even if jack frost is about.

What Garden room foundations do you use?

We mostly use a ground screw foundation system for a lot of our garden rooms. This helps to ensure that no timber is in contact with the ground, and also allows the base to be raised slightly above ground. This can help to prevent any water damage.

Why should we get a Garden Office?

There are many benefits to working from home and a   garden office is a great way to create a dedicated space for work that is separate from your living space. It may also help you to stay more focused and avoid distractions that would otherwise may be incurred if you working from say the kitchen table at home? And, it can also be a great way to enjoy some fresh air and natural light while you work.

There are many different garden office designs that we offer. So, you can find one that fits your needs and your budget.  

If you are considering working from home, a garden office is definitely worth considering. It can provide you with the dedicated space you need.

If you’re thinking of adding a garden office to your home, then why not contact us today? We can provide you with a free quote and advice on the best way to get started.



Do you build garden offices in Somerset?

Here at Kingsley, we would say that the vast majority of the garden rooms that we build, are used as garden offices.

The garden office might be used for some owners for a few hours each week, however for some of our other customers, they might be running a business, and working within the building full-time.

So, whether you’re an entrepreneur, starting up a brand-new company in Somerset, and now need a place to work, or you might be an employee, that now wishes to work from home a bit more often? A brand-new garden room can make a great place to work.

Garden Rooms Somerset

When a customer contacts us, in order to have a Kingsley garden room built, they want a build that is high-quality. That’s exactly what we offer, as we build luxury summerhouses, and tailor made garden rooms.

Sure, its always possible to purchase a cheap summerhouse say online, there are many other companies that offer this. Yet, with that said, if the building is rather basic in terms of its construction, then you might find is that it’s just simply too cold to work in throughout the year?

For example, during the cold winter days, if the garden room has poor insulation, and low-quality doors and windows, it might simply be too draughty and cold to work within.  


We build quality

We build a completely different type of garden room throughout The South West of England.

We are not therefore like the mass of companies that just focus on offering really cheap summerhouses.

We focus instead on building luxury, and every single building always tailor-made to the way that you want it to be built.

For example, here’s what makes our summerhouses, garden rooms and offices such high quality:

–        We use really high-quality windows and doors

–        We use leading brands of insulation

–        We use good quality timber, whether that’s structural timber, or timber to clad the exterior of the summerhouse with

–        We have a team of joiners who carefully build our garden rooms

–        We have roofers which build quality rubber and also fibreglass roofs

Summerhouse companies  

This is why here at Kingsley we are always in high demand from our customers in Somerset, because a lot of residents know that we have many highly experienced joiners, which means that we can build any type of garden room.

For example, here’s just some of the different summerhouses we can build in Somerset:

–        Triangular summerhouses

–        Rectangular summerhouses

–        Square summerhouses

–        Summerhouses with a canopy to place a hot-tub underneath

–        Summerhouses complete with wooden bar

–        Summerhouses with large decking

–        Summerhouses with a bathroom

–        Summerhouses with air-conditioning

–        Summerhouses with electric heaters

–        Luxury summerhouses

We build wooden garden offices

Whether you’re starting a brand-new business, or you simply work for a company, and now want to work from home more often? A quality garden office, built by our joiners, roofers and electricians will offer a high-quality building to work in.

Plus if you have a large garden, then we can simply build a huge garden room for you, which can mean that you can have ample space to work, and you might also want also a toilet, wash hand basin a kitchen area, to make teas and coffees?

Quality insulation

Our customers say that because we install such high-quality installation and bi- folding doors, inside the garden room that it makes brilliant place to work.

What’s really nice is that when you fancy a break, from writing all those work e-mails, you can simply open up your garden room doors, and enjoy some fresh air, while listening to the birds singing near your home.

Are you able to build a large garden office?

Yes, we have built some large garden offices, sometimes these rooms will be built so multiple people can work within the building.

This means that we can separate the garden room using plasterboard partitions, and can also build a side room for a toilet and wash hand basin. The garden room can therefore be built to any size, so you can have multiple people working within the building.

Can you help us to bring a power supply into the garden office?

Yes, we employ electricians, our electricians will install a power supply into your garden room. Our electricians can also add outdoor LED lighting if you would like this installed?

We want to work within the building all year round, is it possible?

Yes, we can add multiple electric heaters for you, so that you can keep the garden room at a comfortable temperature during the winter and autumn.

Can you also add air conditioning to our garden office?

We can also add air conditioning to your garden room if you want this added?

Somerset summerhouses

We have already built many summerhouses right throughout Somerset in England. The vast majority have been built in Bath.

We also build a lot of garden rooms in Bristol.

As you can see, we work right across the South West of England, so if you want a summerhouse constructed, why not call us?

We build garden buildings across Somerset

We offer free quotes throughout Somerset

Garden rooms Somerset

Why not give us a ring?

Garden rooms Somerset- do you want a luxury summerhouse built this summer?


Summer is nearly here, finally we can start to see the green shoots start to emerge within our gardens, and hopefully the weather will get a lot warmer. For a lot of people this is the time of year to start improving our gardens.

For many residents throughout Somerset, they may also want a luxury garden room built.

We are an established garden room company; we can build the following buildings-

–        Garden offices Somerset

–        Garden rooms Somerset

–        Garden buildings

–        Tailor made

–        Hand-built by our joiners

You may therefore want a Somerset garden room built? This is where we can help at Kingsley.

We directly employ many joiners, which hand build our wooden garden rooms throughout The South-West of England. We often choose quite simply because we can offer our customers a huge amount of different options for them to select.


So, lets give you some examples of what we can offer, when we build your Somerset garden office or room:

–        Different cladding options, both real wood and composite

–        Different doors, for example bi-folding doors, or French doors

–        Different windows, both wood and aluminium

–        Different roofs

–        Different decking, both real wood or composite

–        LED lightening options

–        Many more choices, when we build your garden office or room in Somerset.


We have already built many luxury wooden summerhouses right across The Cotswolds, where the homeowner has wanted a top-quality garden building, yet they have also wanted it to be hand built and that’s exactly what we can offer.

Bespoke garden rooms

We can build your garden building so that is constructed to the exact dimensions that you want and also in the shape require.

For example, a lot of people want “rectangular”, “triangular” and also “L-shaped buildings”, but they would want it built to the exact size they require. Because every single piece of wood used in the construction, is put together and assembled in your garden, by our carpenters and joiners this means that we can build the whole structure to the dimensions you want the summerhouse to be built.

Plus, because you have complete control over how you want the Somerset summerhouse to be built, you can specify what wood you want the building clad in, for example, oak, beech, pine, red cedar wood, or you may want a composite cladding, which many residents in The South West opt for, that’s because the summerhouse can be any colour, for example this cladding comes in blue, green and also can be made to look like natural wood as well.


Tailor-made summerhouses Somerset

When you hire us, it’s quite different from purchasing say a summerhouse online, where you might only have a few options to choose from, and you might be restricted in terms of what size the building can be. For example, you might only have three garden room sizes to pick from, where when you pick our summerhouse company, we can build the summerhouse to any size you like.


Garden buildings Somerset

In Somerset there are a lot of residents which now require an outbuilding to be built so that they can either work from home, or perhaps they simply want the room to be used to enjoy a hobby.

For example, we have built garden rooms in The Cotswolds, which had been used as places to paint in oil painting for example, or used as spaces to place gym equipment, and also simply as a place to enjoy fine wines in the evening.


Somerset a great place to have a garden room built

Our Somerset garden rooms are therefore used for a huge range of different purposes, yet every single building that we build, here at Kingsley, is tailor made, so for example, if you have a view over countryside in The South West, why not have an extra large window, so you can relax within the building, while looking over the scenery.

If you are planning on working from home more often, why not have our team of joiners build you a garden office in Somerset?


Quality building materials

Here in Britain, most of the year it is wet and rather cold, this is why it’s so important that when you call a garden room company, like Kingsley, which will make sure that you are purchasing a quality wooden building.


Have you got design in mind that you would like built?

Perhaps you have already scribbled on a piece of paper the design and dimensions that you would like built?

You might have even have let’s say ripped out of page on an interior design magazine? Which has featured a garden room that you like built?

Or alternatively you may have simply seen on social media a wooden summerhouse that you now want built? Well we can help, and we can also show you the many timber garden rooms we have built across The Cotwolds.


Do you work from home, would you like a garden office built?

The vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct, here in Somerset, are garden offices.


We build luxury summerhouses in Somerset

Our company specialises in building luxury garden rooms.

Somerset garden rooms

We build garden rooms in Somerset


If you would like a garden office built, then why not give us a call today?

Home gym

We have built many summerhouses, which have been used as home gyms.

Cinema room

If you would like a cinema room built, then we can build a garden room for you, so you can watch your favourite films.

A place to relax

A lot of the summerhouses that we build, are simply constructed to be a place to go and relax, after a really busy day at work for example. We can therefore build you a very high-quality garden room so that it becomes your place to unwind

How our business can help

We build garden offices and rooms in Somerset, if you would like a free, and  totally no obligation quote, why not give us a quick call? One of our friendly estimators will then meet with you, and talk you through all the different options.