Do you build garden rooms in the city of Bristol?




Although we do travel all across the Cotswolds, building our luxurious summerhouses, the vast majority of the garden buildings, which we construct, are in the city of Bristol.

We have therefore built garden rooms in Bristol, which have been used for everything from being a room to simply enjoy a bottle of champagne on a summers evening, through to being used as a garden office, where the owner is running a business from.

Garden rooms Bristol

We therefore build most of our summerhouses in Bristol, we can offer to build:

–        Garden rooms

–        Summerhouses

–        Wooden buildings that might be used for businesses, for example as a farm shop

Why do so many homeowners hire you to build garden rooms in Bristol?

We simply build quality, this means from the wood we purchase from the local timber merchants, through to the companies which supply our roofs, everything is built to a high standard.

Plus, we also have as part of our team many joiners who build our Bristol summerhouses to ensure they are constructed to a high standard.

How much does a Bristol Garden room cost to build?

Our costs do vary, this mostly depends on the size of the building that we are constructing, for example, a very large l-shaped garden room, will be more costly than say a simple rectangular summerhouse.

Costs can also vary quite a lot depending on the extras you would like added to your summerhouse, that we build, for example, you can have air-conditioning, sky lights, and outdoor lighting, when we meet with you, in order to offer a free quote, we can discuss all the various options we can offer.

How long will it take you to build our summerhouse?

This does depend on how large the summerhouse is, also the ground the building is built on.

For example, if the summerhouse in Bristol is being built on a slope, then this can  take us longer to construct the garden room. Simply because it will take us longer to build the foundations.

Also, which extras you decide to have, will also have a bearing on how long us it takes us to build.

What makes your summerhouses luxurious?

We simply have a large team of carpenters, which build every summerhouse to a high standard. Then there’s the wood we use, we never purchase cheap timber, we buy top quality building materials.

Do you also build summerhouses in other areas, outside of Bristol?

Yes, we regularly build summerhouses right across the Cotswolds, you may have already seen our vans working in areas such as Gloucestershire, Somerset and Bath?



How can we arrange for a quote to be provided?

To arrange for a free quote to be provided for your new summerhouse, just send us an email, or call us.

We will need to know the dimensions of the garden room, plus just some details such as whether you would like bi-folds, or French doors, sometimes, we may even be able to offer you a quote over email.

To confirm that quote, we then would need to visit your garden, to see the ground the building will be built upon.

If the ground is sloped, or requires some landscaping work, such as levelling with an excavator, then we may need to add more to the quote.

We build garden rooms for both residential customers, as well as businesses, for example, some companies may require a large number of wooden buildings to be constructed, to be used as holiday homes in the Cotswolds.

As we have such a large team of plumbers, electricians and carpenters we can also take on the build of many garden rooms at once.

For a free quote, why not contact us today?