Do you build garden gyms?


We build garden gyms throughout South West England



Here at Kingsley, we do build garden gyms, right across South West England. A garden gym can help you get in shape, by simply being much more convenient for you to simply walk to the end of your garden, and start a workout whenever you like. So if you’re looking at improving your overall fitness why not consider purchasing a garden gym?


Would you like to lose some extra weight?

On a cold winter’s night, the though of having to drive to the gym, well, can be off putting, you might prefer to sit and watch the television, and have a take-away- however that’s not going to help improve a person’s fitness. So, if you own a garden gym, that’s only a few steps away from the house, well, you may well be more inclined to start a workout possibly much more regularly than would, if you had to drive to a gym? Of course it all boils down to how much will power someone has, yet if you want to tone your muscles and burn fat, well owning your own gym can most definitely help you on your weight loss or improving your overall fitness joinery.


Have you got a marathon coming up?

You might take training very seriously, for example you may have a marathon  coming up in Bristol, and you want to have very  garden gym built so can help you build strength and endurance.


Why not have a garden gym built, so after a long day at work you have somewhere to unwind and relax


A garden gym can help you reduce stress and relax, for example, once you’ve finished a long day at work, instead of having to be stuck in traffic, to get to your local gym, you can simply come home, and start a workout.



Would you like to exercise more in the mornings?


Some people would like to work out more before work, yet because of traffic on the roads, they simply haven’t got the time, so by having a garden gym built can fit that workout in, in the mornings.


Would going to the gym help you to feel more awake while at work


For some people, they may want to reduce their caffeine intake, and instead workout more often, to help them to feel more awake and refreshed after their workout, by owning a garden gym it may help you to feel more awake during the day.  


Do you enjoy yoga, why not use your garden room to do yoga or mediation in each day?

A garden gym can also be used to do yoga, which is great for helping you to exercise, and owning a garden room can be a ideal place to do yoga, as your home may overlook, trees, fields or a river so it offers a peaceful place to do yoga.


Why not have your friends around to do yoga, mediate or simply to complete a workout in your garden gym?


A garden gym can be a great place to have your friends over, to complete a workout.

Or you may want your friends over to do yoga.

Alternatively, you may want your friends to visit you, so that you can mediate?



How much does a garden room cost to build?

Our prices to build a luxury summerhouse, start from 17k, the price is dependent on the size of the room we are building.

Prices therefore range between 17k to 70k+, we offer free quotes within south west England.

Which areas do you build garden gyms in?

We can build garden gyms in the following locations:

  • Gloucestershire
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • Somerset
  • Wiltshire
  • Radstock


We build the following types of garden rooms:

  • Garden gyms
  • Garden offices
  • Garden bars


What are some of the main benefits that come from owning a garden gym?

We think that the main benefit that comes from owning a garden gym, is quite simply put you can work out at your own convenience, whether that’s at midnight on a Friday or you fancy a much more leisurely cycle on the cycle bike on a Sunday morning.

Without having to adhere to the gym’s opening hours, like you would if you were a member of a normal gym, by owning a garden gym, you can simply workout whenever you like.

So, you may well be a business owner, that lives in Bath England, and you need a garden gym built, so after a busy day at work, you have a space to go, to workout and simply relax after that long day.

Alternatively, you maybe someone that only wants to use the garden gym on weekends, and listen to relaxing music while you do yoga.

Therefore, a garden gym means its more convenient to workout whenever you like.


No need to travel to the gym, so just think of all the car journeys that will save



By owning a garden gym, there’s no need to travel to and from the gym in a car, which saves you time but also, if your car uses fossil fuel, well you’re also helping to cut back on unnecessary car journeys which helps protect the environment.

You can add the gym equipment that you like using to your garden gym


For some people, when they visit a gym, they often use the same equipment, this means that often you don’t need a huge range of gym equipment, you just need the equipment that you like using.

Therefore, we can build a garden room to any size that you like, and you can add the gym equipment that you want to use.

So, for example, you may just want a room full of free weights, or you may just want a rowing machine, or perhaps a cycle bike?



Do you want to lose weight? Or do you simply want to get more fitter?


A garden gym makes it really convenient to workout at whenever time of day or night you want. So instead of skipping days at the gym, because you don’t have the time after work to drive to your local gym, even though you want to say go on the rowing machine, you can simply use the equipment at home.

 And because you don’t have to drive to a local gym, and the gym equipment is instead in your, you may find it easier to workout whenever you want.   


No more waiting for gym equipment to become available


Often when you’re a member of a gym, during peak times, a gym can sometimes get really busy.

Meaning you will have to wait for say the rowing machines to become available. Yet, if you had a busy day at work, at you live in say Bath, England, well, you won’t want to wait for the gym equipment to become available, you will want to start exercising and then finish your workout.

So with some gyms, you might have to wait around, until the equipment you want becomes free. And this is another reason why our garden gyms are so popular, simply because, you will own all of the equipment so you never have to wait for it to become free.

So, you’ll never have to wait for equipment or weights to become free, when you have a home gym, so you can get your workout done quickly and efficiently.


Do you build garden gyms in Bath, England?

Yes, we build garden rooms in Bath, in England, we can build garden gyms, garden offices or a garden bar.

Our garden rooms are very popular in Bath England, and the surrounding areas, such as Radstock, simply because our company has built a very strong reputation for building high quality summerhouses, made with quality building materials, such as rubber roofs, aluminium bi folding doors, and we can also add quality cladding such as using red cedar wood, if you opt for that option.

Can you build garden gyms in Somerset?

Yes, we can build garden rooms anywhere in Somerset, plus, we offer free quotes. So whether you thinking of having a garden bar, garden gym, garden office built, anywhere in Somerset, then why not give us a ring?

We can build any size garden room.

Do you build garden rooms in Gloucestershire?

Yes, we build luxury summerhouses in Gloucestershire, we offer very competitive prices.

So, if your thinking about having a garden room built anywhere in Gloucestershire, why not call us?

Our estimator can come to meet you, at a time that best suits you, often our estimator can come and meet you late evening after you have finished work, if that works better for you. All of our quotes are offered for free, so why not call us?


Do you build luxury garden rooms?


Here at Kingsley we build luxury garden rooms which can enhance any garden, we build our garden buildings in somerset, bath and Gloucestershire.

We build garden rooms that can be used as a gym, office or as a bar

The garden rooms that we build can provide you with a more living space that can be used for entertaining guests, such as using the room as a bar, or as a place of work, or as a gym.

Our garden rooms are therefore used for a wide variety of uses.


Our garden rooms are very high quality

Our garden rooms are very high quality, for example, our customers can choose to opt for a rubber roof, aluminium bi folds, as well as if they want air conditioning.

Some summerhouses, built by some companies, are built just with profit in mind, which simply means the building might not be insulated, so in winter, the building might be too cold to use.

However our garden rooms, are built with quality in mind, that’s why here at Kingsley we have such a strong reputation for building very high quality summerhouses.  


Can you offer to add air conditioning to our garden room?

Yes, we build luxury garden rooms which can come with air conditioning.

For example some of the garden rooms that we build are used as gyms, some customers therefore want to be able to cool the room on a hot summers day, so we can add air conditioning to the garden room for you.

Does your home look out over countryside, trees or a river?

We have built garden rooms all across south west England, our luxury garden rooms sometimes look out over beautiful views of say the countryside, this can make them a relaxing place to workout, or simply to enjoy a bottle of wine, or to read a book.


Why not add really large televisions, so when you workout you can watch the football

Many of the garden rooms we build the customer will often add quality televisions, sound systems or a projector, so as they workout you can watch say the football.



Why not use part of the garden room, to use as a place where you can spend time with friends?

Often the garden rooms we build in south west England, in areas, like bath, are sometimes used as a gym, but then another room is used as a space to spend time with friends,  for example, you might have a bar, with a rangs of different gins.

Often our customers, add a comfortable sofa, a large television, so the garden room is used as a place to exercise in one room, yet the other half could be a bar, with sofas, so when friends come over you have a space to socialise.


Why not use one half as a gym and one half as a garden office?

Many of our customers, ask us to build a garden room, and one half is used as a gym, and the other half of the garden building is used as an office.




Are you looking for a company that can build a garden office in Somerset?

Whether you work from home part time, or you might run your own business, a garden office can be a great way to get your work done, in a room that’s quiet.

Plus, we can add large bi-folding doors, so as you work, there will be plenty of natural light.

Also just think of all the fuel you will save, not having to drive to the office, that might be some distance away.

This is why our garden rooms are so popular in Somerset.

We offer free quotes, so why not call us, so we can book a time to come and meet you, and offer you a free quote.

Could a garden room be cheaper than having an extension built?

A garden offices can be a great way to add extra space to your home, and you may find when comparing quotes, that’s its cheaper than having a loft converted to use as an office.


A quiet place to work


A garden room can be a perfect place to work from home, as the room can be a quiet and peaceful environment away from a noisy home.

For example, you might get easily distracted from writing that work e-mail, if say someone is watching the television too loudly, so walking down to your garden office, might offer you a quiet place, where you can get your work done.


Do you run your own business in somerset?

Garden offices can be a great place where you can run your business from, as they provide a professional space where you could meet your clients.


Also used as place to enjoy your hobby.

After work is done, you could use your garden office also be used as a hobby room for example, to play a musical instrument.



How long will it take you to build a garden office in Somerset



Our Garden offices can often be built quickly, that’s because we employ many carpenters.


Are the garden rooms you build flat pack or bespoke?



All of our garden offices are bespoke, we also offer to help you design the building, we can explain all of the options, such as the different cladding options, then we can also create 3d drawing prior to constructing the building, so you can create a space that perfectly meets your needs and requirements.


Are your garden rooms flat pack?


Some Garden offices are sometimes built in a factory, then shipped to the customer, yet we don’t offer flat pack summerhouses.

Instead, we build bespoke garden rooms, which are made by our carpenters.


Can you offer us many different design options?

Yes, our garden offices are available in a wide range of styles, sizes and designs, for example there are a lot of different cladding options, such as wood, metal or composite, so you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.


Are your garden offices high quality?

Our garden offices are always constructed from high-quality building materials, meaning they’re built to last.


Do you offer a guarantee on your garden rooms?

We do offer a guarantee on all of our garden rooms.


Can we use the garden office in winter? Or will it be too cold?

Our garden offices can be used all year round, that’s because, we can add insulation for you.

We can also add electric heaters, as well, meaning you can use the room all year around.


Why not use part of the garden room as a gym?

Our Garden offices can also have a separate room, making them perfect to use the separate room as a space to exercise.

Would you enjoy working from your garden more than say an office in city centre?


A lot of people like working in their garden office, rather than having to travel to say a city centre in Bristol.   

The benefits can include not having to travel, being surrounded by greenery and also you can open the doors and breath fresh air.



Is your home surrounded by countryside, rivers or woodland?


Your home may well be situated in scenic and picturesque surroundings, so why not make the most of where your house is located, and have a garden room built, that has large windows, so you can work while looking out at the view? 


Do you live by a busy road?

We can also add sound proofing to our garden offices, so that you hear less noise coming from outside.

For example, if you live near a really busy road in somerset, we can add sound proofing, so that you hear less noise from passing traffic passing your house.



 Do you work really long hours?


When working long hours, sometimes the last thing you want is to have a long drive home after work.

A Garden office can also great therefore if you do work long hours, and don’t want to have to have a long drive back home.

As when you own a garden office, after the working day is finished, you can just switch off the lights in your garden room, and walk back to the house. No more having to drive say an hour to get back home.


Why not have two rooms?

Garden rooms can be used for many different purposes, for example one room can be used for work, but another room could be where you do yoga for example.


You could be helping to protect the environment


If you drive to work every day at the moment, let’s say you drive to the centre of Bristol for work, yet now can work from home within your garden office instead, then by not driving your car every day, you will be helping to protect the environment, by using less fossil fuels.

So, a garden room can offer a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, as you’re not commuting to and from work each day.


Would you like a quote to have a garden office built in somerset?



We can build a garden office anywhere in somerset.

Garden offices are becoming more and more popular, as more homeowners recognise their many benefits, such as a garden room often being less expensive than having a extension added to your home.

So if you would like a quote to have a garden room or summerhouse built, why not call us?



Would you like a garden room built anywhere in the Cotswolds?

The Cotswolds we think is one of the most picturesque regions in England, and a garden room that’s built by us in the cotwolds makes the perfect addition to any home, it could be used to play a musical instrument, to use the room for work or as a place to watch the rugby?


Are your garden rooms that you build, high quality?  


The garden rooms that we build, throughout the Cotswolds are built to last, we always use high- quality building materials and carpenters, that will construct a well built summerhouse.


Can you add a kitchen to our garden office?

We have built many summerhouse that complete with a kitchen.

We can also add a bathroom, if you would like a bathroom added to your summerhouse?


Do you also build summerhouses / garden rooms in Somerset?

Yes, we don’t just build garden offices, we also build summerhouses and garden rooms, we will now explain why so many people are hiring Kingsley to build their garden building in the Cotswolds.

When your building our garden room, can you add large windows, so that we look out over the Cotswolds?

Some homes will have stunning views of the Mendip Hills and Somerset Levels, so why not have a summerhouse built with large windows, so you can take in the scenery. 


Why not use your summerhouse as a place to unwind, and enjoy a bottle of wine?

Many of our customers use their summerhouse, to unwind, to do yoga, read a book or simply enjoy a bottle of wine.

Your summerhouse can be a private retreat where you can relax and unwind in peace and quiet.


Can you build a summerhouse, so our guests have somewhere to stay?

Some of our customers use their summerhouse to create an extra room where the family and friends can come and stay.

We can therefore add a bathroom to the summerhouse as well.


Do you like eating outside?

Why not use your summerhouse to make the most of the outdoors, and you could use very own garden room or summerhouse for al fresco dining, and to enjoy the scenery that surrounds your house in the Cotswolds,

A lot of summerhouse are also used to enjoy time with friends, so you could have friends over to watch the football in your garden room, and enjoy a beer.  


Do you build bespoke garden rooms?


Yes we do, all our summerhouses and garden rooms are made to order, so you can choose exactly what you want in terms of dimensions of the building, the style and the specification of summerhouse you want built, for example if you would like air conditioning added.


Can you help us to design the garden room?

Yes we have been building garden rooms in somerset for a long time, so we can help you create your perfect summerhouse by explaining all of the different options, and then once you have selected the cladding you want, the doors and the roof, we can create 3d drawings for you.


How do you ensure that your garden rooms are built to a high standard?

We have a team of carpenters that will build your summerhouse or garden room to the highest standards.


Do you just build summerhouses in somerset?

No we build garden rooms throughout the Cotswolds.


What prices do your garden rooms start from?


Our prices start from 17k.

We want a modern garden room, with composite cladding, can you build this?

Here at Kingsley, we build summerhouses and garden rooms that are available in a variety of styles, from traditional, using French doors, hardwood cladding through to contemporary with composite cladding.

The timber you use to build the garden rooms, is it from a sustainable source?

All of our summerhouses and garden rooms are made using sustainable wood, which means it comes from FSC certified forests.


How do you ensure you use best quality building materials to construct our summerhouses and garden rooms?

We buy high quality building materials, whether that be the doors, roof or decking, everything is purchase is made by quality manufacturers.



Do you build garden rooms in Worcestershire

Our garden offices and rooms are very popular in Worcestershire, as more people seek to extend their homes, and seek to do this in an affordable way. That’s to say, a homeowner may not want the  hassle and expense of moving home, to say gain an extra room, to use as an office, so they may ask us to build a building in their garden.

Extra living space

A garden office or room, built in Worcestershire can offer  you extra living space, whether you wish to use the extra room as an office, a place to enjoy playing a musical instrument or even a gym – you can use the room for many different purposes, and you may find it more cost effective than hiring a builder to build, say a loft conversion.

Built with quality building materials

All of our garden buildings, that we build in Worcestershire are always built using high-quality building materials, such as using quality timber. Our summerhouses are also designed to withstand bristish weather conditions, so the room can be used all  year around.

That’s because we can offer to add air conditioning to the room for an additional cost.

We can also add electric heaters as well.


We build insulated garden offices and rooms


The garden rooms that we build in Worcestershire are constructed by our builders using building materials that are to help improve the energy efficiency of the room, for example we can add insulation  to the walls, this means that our summerhouses are kinder to the environment and will help to keep your energy bills down when compared to uninsulated garden rooms.

Can you help us to design our garden room?

We can help you to design your garden office, we have years of experience building summerhouses, so we can offer you many options, and can explain all of the options we offer, so that you can select the right doors, roof and cladding, so that you have a garden room that your very happy with.

All of our garden rooms are always built to the highest of standards.



Everyone of of the garden rooms we build within Worcestershire are made bespoke to each customer’s individual requirements, this simply means you can have a summerhouse built around what you want to use it for. For example, if you want to use the garden room to socialise, and enjoy acholic beverages, why not have our carpenters build you a wooden bar, so this gives the impression when your walking in, that your in a real pub?

Do your garden rooms come with a guarantee

Every one of our garden rooms Worcestershire come a guarantee as standard, giving you total peace of mind  


Can you paint the garden office / room for us?

Yes, our company offers a complete design and build service , so you don’t need to worry about organising any tradespeople, such as painters and decorators, as we can take care of that for you.


How long does it take you to build a garden room in Worcestershire?

We can build a summerhouse in Worcestershire normally in a matter of weeks, yet sometimes it may take longer, for example, if your having a bathroom added, and a lot of work is required to install new drains for example.

Yet normally we build a summerhouse in a short space of time.  


What’s the lowest cost you can build a summerhouse for in Worcestershire?

With prices starting from just £17k, why not call us, so we can discuss all of the available options, and we can then get an accurate quote to you.

Why should we purchase a garden room from your company?

Quite simply put, our garden rooms are built to last, we always use high quality materials and construction methods. This is why we build so many garden rooms within Worcestershire.

We don’t know which options to choose, can you help?

 Our team of experienced garden room designers will work with you to create a bespoke garden room that meets your specific needs and requirements.


Can you create 3d drawings of how the garden room will look, before its built?

Yes, here at Kingsley, we use the latest 3D modelling software, this is to bring your garden room design to life, so you can see exactly what the cladding, decking and doors it will look like before we even start building it for you in Worcestershire.


Are the garden rooms you build well insulated?

We build garden rooms / offices which are well insulated, we can add panel insulation into the walls for you.


Can you add solar panel on the roof of our garden room?

Yes, for an adiitional cost, we can install solar panels on your garden room roof for you, this can help you to offset your running costs of the summerhouse, as well as make your garden room even more eco-friendly.


What are the Worcestershire garden rooms you build often used for?


Our garden rooms can be used for a wide variety of different purposes, such as extra living space to enjoy a film, or to use the room as a home office, as a gym, or somewhere to watch the football, play a musical instrument or perhaps to complete a puzzle.


How secure are the garden rooms that you build?

The garden rooms that we build in worcestershire are built with security in mind, for example we build the summerhouses so that the doors have locks. Plus, for an additional cost, we can cctv for you as well as an alarm.   


How do you ensure that your garden rooms are well built?

Here at Kingsley, we offer a professional installation service by our team of experienced builders, roofers, electricians, carpenters, painters, plasterers, so you can be sure your garden room will be built to the highest possible standards.






We build garden rooms in Gloucestershire


We build garden offices and rooms in Gloucestershire, so whether you need a building so you have a place to watch the football on the weekends, or you need a building built so that you use the room as a garden office we can help.

Every building we build is bespoke, this simply means, that we employ carpenters that can build the garden room to any dimensions that you would like.

So whether you wish to have a large building, so you can have friends over, and use the room as a bar, or simply need a building, so that you use it for yoga, we can build a garden room for you.

Do you build garden rooms in Gloucestershire?

Yes, we build garden buildings across Gloucestershire, from buildings that can accommodate one person to use as an office, through to really large buildings, where homeowners use to have friends over, socialise and enjoy a bottle of wine.

Our company is regularly building garden rooms in Gloucestershire simply because we have a strong reputation for building luxury buildings.

This means our company employs many carpenters, who build luxury summerhouses.

So whether you want a building built, to enjoy a bottle of champagne with friends, or you simply need a room so that you have a quiet place to work, we can help.

What’s the starting price to build a garden office?

Prices start from 17k and increase depending on the size of the the building, and which options you select.

For example, many of our customers want a luxury summerhouse, so they opt for extras, such as air conditioning.

Do you build garden rooms right across Gloucestershire?

Yes, we build our garden rooms right across Gloucestershire, and we also offer free quotes.

So that you can see what your garden room will look like prior to it being built, we can also create 3d drawings for you, so that you can get an idea of what the garden office or room will look like.

How much does a garden office cost?

The price for us to build a garden office will depend on the size of the room, and also which options you select.

For example, there are different options that you can select, from air conditioning, through to which decking you would like used on your garden room.

Which cladding options does your garden room company offer?



Which cladding you choose, can drastically alter the appearance of your garden room, so for example, if you want a more traditional look, you may opt for red cedar wood, which is a very popular option. If you want a cladding option that gives a much more modern appearance, then you might opt for a grey composite cladding option.

A lot of our customers spend a lot of time deciding on which cladding option they would like.

To help you we thought we would write a helpful guide, to help you to decide which cladding you may want for your garden room.

We are going to explain which of our cladding options are the most popular.

#1 red cedar cladding

By far the most popular cladding option is red cedar wood, its not the cheapest option that’s for sure, as it’s an expensive type of wood, yet its very popular due to its distinctive colour.

it also gives any garden room a luxury appearance, yet the quality of this wood can vary quite a lot, so make sure whichever garden room company you hire, that they use quality hardwood.


Do you offer composite cladding?

Yes, a really popular garden room cladding option, is to opt for composite cladding. We only use top brands of cladding, so the composite cladding is very durable, plus it comes in a range of colours, and also it can be made to look like real wood.

A lot of our customers, in Bristol, opt for composite cladding simply because its very low maintenance.

Other cladding options, such as opting for red cedar wood will require some maintenance however, composite cladding will not.

Composite cladding can vary massively in quality however, so whichever garden room company you do hire, you need to make sure that there supplying quality composite cladding.

One of the main benefits of opting for composite cladding is that it comes in a huge range of different colours for you to pick from.

For example, a popular colour is light grey.

We can also build composite decking, our customers therefore often ask us to build a bristol garden room, then, to the front of the building, we can then start to build composite decking, which is the same colour as the cladding.

Is composite cladding an expensive option?

Its not the most expensive cladding option we offer, yet the composite cladding we use is high quality, so its still more expensive than opting for thermowood for example.

A lot of our customers choose this cladding option, because composite cladding is manufactured product, making it different from wood, so the benefits are that it won’t rot.

Do you offer different colours?

Yes, composite cladding comes in a range of colour options, so for example, you could have grey, green or blue colours.


Do you offer metal cladding?

Yes we build a lot of garden rooms in Bristol, where the sides and the back have metal cladding. The reason we use metal cladding, is it’s a low cost option for our customers, yet its very low maintenance.

So often, in a lot of gardens in Bristol, the garden room will span the width of the garden, so, the sides and the back of the building often wont be seen by the homeowner, so they may decide there’s no point in paying for hardwood cladding on these sides of the room, simply because metal cladding is much lower cost.

What our customers then sometimes do, is opt for quality cladding on the front, lets say red cedar wood, which is much more expensive than metal cladding, yet, because the front of the garden room is the side that’s seen the most, while in the garden, and from the customers house, they often want a quality cladding, which is made from a hardwood on the front.

Can you build a garden room, which is clad completely in metal cladding?

Yes,  our customers sometimes want the whole building clad with metal cladding, this means, that it makes the garden room cheaper for us to build.

But also, it’s a type of garden room cladding that is very durable, so our customers often choose this option, because it lasts a long time.

Also, sometimes our customers will want a very large garden room built in Bristol, yet for it to clad it completely in say red cedar wood, would be too expensive.

So sometimes our customers will want metal cladding used, to bring the cost down.



Garden rooms Bath


We build garden rooms in South West England

Many of the garden rooms we build are in Bath, we are frequently building luxury summerhouses which are often used as gyms, bars or as an office.

So perhaps you would like a Bath garden room built, so you have a place to watch the rugby and enjoy a pint of beer on the weekend?

Alternatively you may now be working from home a lot more, and now require a garden office to built, so it offers a quiet place, for you to write your work emails.

We also build a lot of bath garden buildings, which are used by the owners as a place to exercise in, whether that’s to row, do yoga or perhaps, cycle?

Our garden buildings are therefore used for a wide variety of uses, from places to work, to exercise, or simply to enjoy a glass of whiskey with friends?

Quality garden rooms

Our customers hire Kingsley to build their garden room, because quite simply they know the building will be built to a high standard.

We employ many carpenters which build our garden rooms, they make sure that every part of  the construction of your summerhouse is completed to a high standard.

That’s from cutting the wooden cladding that’s used on the outside of the building, through to laying the flooring as well as making sure that the structural wood, is correctly fitted.

We simply built robust garden rooms, and because we have carpenters that work for us, we can offer so many different options.

For example theres different wood that you can use on the cladding, from pine, to oak through to beech.

If you do not want wood, we can offer composite cladding.

Do you offer free quotes?

Yes we do, we can travel anywhere within bath and offer you a free quote.


We build garden offices in Bath

We build garden offices all across south west England, we would say that around 75% of all the buildings we build, are used as an office.

We build garden buildings in all of the surrounding areas, as well, such as in Radstock.

We also travel all over somerset building our summerhouses, we can also build the buildings fast, that’s because as part of the team, we have electricians, roofers and carpenters.

We have a large team of carpenters, which means that we can build a garden room in a short period of time.

Plus, if you need any landscaping work completed, then we can also complete this for you.

For example, your garden may need to have soil removed, if so, we have mini excavators, which can dig the ground, and then we hire lorries to remove this for you.

Garden offices make a great place to work, that’s because we can offer to add sound proofing to the walls so that outside noise is reduced. This is great if you live near a busy road.

We can build large garden offices, which can have a toilet added to them as well.

Plus, what a lot of our customers do is have multiple rooms, so one half can be used as an office, yet the other room, that could be a gym.

Therefore, when you’ve finished work, instead of having to drive to a gym, you can just start exercising within your garden.

This can help you to save time, especially if you go to a gym in Bath, when the roads are normally busy.

So just think of all the time you would save, by not having to drive to an office, or the gym?

And instead have a garden building where you can exercise and work in as well.

We can add quality electric heaters, these can quickly heat the room.

We can also add underfloor heating as well, to make the room more comfortable.

We can also add air conditioning as well.

Large windows overlooking south west England

Many of our customers own homes that look out over views of fields, rivers or woodland in south west England.

Within some homes, the homeowners will be able to look out over miles of fields, therefore often the customer will ask us to add very large windows to the garden room.

So, whether your exercising, working or simply enjoying a nice glass of whiskey, you can be in your garden room and take in the views.

So, if your home looks out over countryside, woodlands, or a river, why not have large bi-folding doors, so you can enjoy a glass of gin, and take in the scenery.


We build garden gyms in Bath

Many of the garden buildings that we build are used as gyms, with our customers adding free weights, rowing machines and cycle bikes for example.

Our customers in south west England also often add large televisions, so when they are working out they can watch the football for example.

Also, our customers often add high quality speakers, so that they can play their music while exercising in the garden room.

Our electricians can add all the power sockets you need.

How much does a garden room built by you cost in Somerset / Bristol


Are you thinking about purchasing a garden in Somerset? If so, we have been building summerhouses for a long time, and have some highly experienced carpenters which work for us.

So at the moment you may be wondering how much it will cost to build a summerhouse in say Bristol?

Our garden rooms can range in price, the cost depends on a number of factors, including size of the room, the options you choose, such as which cladding you want, and also whether the base in concrete or not.


How much does a typical garden room built by you cost?

A typical garden room is usually costs between 17k and 57k, this is very broad estimate, however, because our garden rooms are bespoke, we would need to understand the size of the room we are building, the options you want, as well as which foundations you would like.

Of course, if you want a larger or more luxurious garden room, say with red cedar cladding, air conditioning, and composite decking our prices would start above 35k.

Adding features like air conditioning and sound proofing will also add to the cost.

Ultimately, the cost of your garden room in Somerset will depend on your specific needs, such as whether you would like a bathroom added to the summerhouse?

So how much does a garden office cost to build in Somerset?

We build garden rooms in the following locations

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Somerset
  • Radstock
  • Gloucestershire
  • Wiltshire

The cost of our garden rooms vary in price, and the cost of the build is mostly down to the  size of the building.

For example, a large garden room clad with hardwood, will cost a lot more, that’s because this type of cladding is expensive.

However, we can build large garden rooms at lesser cost, if they are clad with say metal cladding.

The cost of the summerhouse is therefore dependent on the size but also, which cladding, roof and foundations you choose.

For example, one of the most expensive types of garden rooms we build, would be to have red cedar cladding, a rubber roof and a concrete foundation.

However we can offer cheaper options as well.



So, when planning to build a garden room in Somerset, it is important to consider the following factors:



– The size of the garden room you want built, and to leave adequate space to the side and the back of the summerhouse, so that you can maintain fencing, bushes or say a drains that might be behind the structure.



– The purpose of the garden room, for example if its to be used as an office, then you might want us to install air conditioning, so on those hot summer days, you can work in comfort.


– The features you would like to include, for example do you want upvc, wooden or aluminium doors?


– The type of construction, for example for the base, do you want ground screws used?


– The level of finish (e.g. simple or luxurious), if you want luxury options, you may want hardwood cladding, composite decking, and aluminium doors?



So the cost for us to build a garden room in Somerset, can vary depending on the size, features, and materials used. Generally, garden rooms range in price from £17,000+  


Are there any other costs that we should consider when purchasing a garden room from Kingsley Build?



Yes, in addition to the cost of the garden room itself, there are a number of other things to consider as well.

These include:



Electrical Connection

If you want your garden room to have electrical connection, then our electricians can complete this work for you.

Some of our customers, in somerset, hire there own electrcians, however we can offer a quote for also doing this work for you.


Removing soil

If your garden is not level, then we may need to level the ground, using a mini excavator before we start to build the garden room.

This can be done with a digger, and then we often hire lorries in to remove the soil, this will cost extra.

 The cost of levelling the ground, will depend on the size of your garden and how much work is required.

Additional landscaping work

Sometimes when we are building garden rooms in the Somerset, our customers will also want us do some additional work such as:

-building a new fence

-building decking

– building a pizza oven

We would charge extra for any paving, decking, fencing, work that is required.

Why should we purchase a garden room from your company?

There’s no doubt that garden rooms here in Somerset are now becoming very popular, as more people look for ways to add extra space to their homes.

Some homeowners use the additional room as a place to exercise, or to use as an office, or to simply watch the football.

But we know that a lot of people who are thinking of purchasing a garden room, will be considering, well do they offer really good value for money?

And we think its important to remember that some companies that sell, garden rooms, well they might be selling a summerhouse which is constructed in the same way a cheap wooden shed would be assembled, and we think these buildings, made at a low cost, don’t offer such good value for money.

That’s because, if the general construction of the summerhouse is not good quality, by that we mean that sometimes there not insulated, assembled all that well, plus the roof is sometimes very cheaply made, then the building wont last that long at all.

So our advice would be buy quality instead, not a summerhouse which is constructed the same way a garden shed would be.  

This is why in Somerset we are always busy building quality garden rooms for our customers.

Our customers want a summerhouse that’s built by carpenters, that’s exactly what we can offer.

Our garden rooms are also designed to be used all year round, because we can add insulation into the walls.

Our electricians can also add electric heaters on the walls as well.

So, we think for a garden room to offer really good value for money, the garden buildings need to be well insulated and have proper foundations – these type of summerhouses we build are more expensive to build, yet we believe in only building our garden buildings to a high standard.

Garden room costs, when compared to the cost of a property extension

However, when you compare the cost of us building a garden room, to how much some builders may charge for a property extension or even a conservatory of the same size, then you can see why summerhouses are a popular option, for some homeowners,

Plus all of our summerhouses are always built to a very high standard, that’s how we as a garden room company can offer such good value for money.  

Of course, the final cost that we can offer to build a garden room for will depend on the size of the building that you would like  built, and  also the specification of your garden room.

But if you’re looking for a cost-effective way to add extra space to your home, a summerhouse could offer the perfect solution.

Property extension prices in comparison to having a garden room built

Having a garden room built is sometimes a lot cheaper than hiring a builder to build other types of  property extensions, which, if you hire a company which builds quality summerhouses, like Kingsley can make them incredible value for money.

So a lot of our customers have found that by purchasing a garden room, this is a fantastic way to create extra space, without having to undergo what can sometimes be more expense to have a traditional home extension added to the home.

For example, if someone is wanting to have an extra room, to use as an office, then hiring a builder in somerset to construct a loft conversion might be too expensive.

However, having a garden room built can sometimes be much cheaper way to obtain another room, this is why we think, if there built right, this can make a quality summerhouse, built by us, offers our customers incredible value for money.


Home office, place to watch the football, or a room to use to exercise in- you can use a garden room for so many different uses

Our customers in somerset, use there garden rooms for so many different uses.

For example, You could use the room just as extra living space, so you can enjoy watching a movie in your summerhouse.

Home office

A lot of our customers use the garden room as an office, and have our builders add sound proofing into the walls, so the building is quiet, for when you are working.

As a place to watch the football

A lot of our customers have a garden room built, so that they can watch the football with friends.


Why is your quote to build a garden room a lot cheaper than quotes for us to add an extension onto our home?



The main reason why our garden rooms are sometimes cheaper than a property extension is because they can often be built quicker, especially if you opt for using ground screws as the foundations for the building.  






Bespoke garden rooms


The first step in planning your garden room is to decide on what you want to use the room for.

So for example, if you want to use the building as a garden office, then you should think about whether or not you need air conditioning, so on those warm summer days, you can keep cool.

Plus also think about if you want to use the building for multiple uses, so for example, one half as a home gym, the other as an office?

This will help you determine the size garden room you require, the layout, and features that you need.

For example, you might require the room to have internal wall, a bathroom, air conditioning, and bi folding doors.

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your garden room, such as using one half of the building as a gym, the other as a place to watch the football, you’ll need to consider the practicalities. Things like heating, our electricians can install electric heaters on the walls for you.

What lighting you need, for example, will you want led lights outside.

And also whether air condition is needed or not.  



You’ll also need to think about the location of your garden room. It’s important to choose a spot that receives a lot of natural light throughout the day.