Would you like a garden bar  built within the Cotswolds?




Garden bars can make brilliant place to have your friends or family over and to enjoy a drink together within your very own garden bar. You might never want to go to the pub again because you will own your own bar, where you can make all your favourite drinks- what’s your favourite real ales, cider or a whiskey on the rocks?

For example, perhaps you and your friends enjoy drinking cider, so why not get quality ciders on tap, that’s installed on a wooden bar, so it actually looks like you are in real pub.

Our joiners can build a wooden bar for you, plus you can use the room to enjoy watching sporting events such as the rugby for example.

Or if your garden bar is quite large, you could simply move the furniture around and it can be used for other purposes such as when guests stay  over and using it as a spare bedroom room for example.

We can build a garden bar anywhere within the Cotswolds areas.


What is a garden bar?

A garden bar is quite simply a garden room, yet it is made with the intention of using it as a bar, for example, you might decorate the room, so that when you walk in it feels like you are walking into a real British pub.

For example, you might really like drinking gins, as you might create your own gin bar, on the shelves you may be a huge selection of different various flavoured gins.

You might also want our joiners to build you a long wooden bar, so that you can step behind it and prepare drinks for your friends and family.

So what will your bar be? A real ale bar? Vodka bar? Or do you enjoy quality wines instead?

Why it’s important to purchase an insulated garden bar if you want to use the room all year around

It’s important to purchase an insulated garden bar, that’s because a lot of people when they purchase a garden room want to use it right throughout the entire seasons, come rain or shine. However sometimes a homeowner might purchase a really cheap wooden summerhouse online, the problem with that is, sometimes the walls can be wafer thin, so there no more thicker than the wood used to construct a cheap garden shed, which means that when the really cold  weather does come, you might not be able to use the garden room,  simply because it was way too cold.

You may therefore want an insulated garden bar built by us, so even in the winter and you can just walk inside the garden room and switch the heating on and you can start enjoying a drink with your friends even if its really cold outside.

We can build a garden bar to any dimensions that you want

Sometimes when you’re looking for a garden room company here within the UK, sometimes the websites only sell garden rooms which are flat pack. Therefore the dimensions are already set and  you may be limited from choosing from just a few options. This may mean that for some customers, they don’t get the garden room built to the exact dimensions that they want.

However, this is why so many people hire Kingsley to build their Cotswolds garden room, simply because we can build a garden room in your garden, to any dimensions that you would like.


We can build the windows to any size that you want

There might be one side of the garden building which has a lot of sun beaming down on it throughout the daytime? So you might want that natural light to flood into your garden room on that side of the building, so we can build a really large window so that side of the building, so it feels light and airy inside

Why it’s important that a quality rubber roof is added

It’s important that whichever garden room that you purchase, this you have a really high quality roof added, that’s because you want the garden room to offer you good value for money. The problem with some cheap low quality summerhouses is that the roof might not last that long, that’s before you start to develop leaks, this is why it’s worth paying more for quality with a rubber roof which has being properly installed by our roofers.


We can also build decking

When you are using your garden room for socialising with your friends, some of your friends may want to step outside into have a chat and eat and drink on the decking, this is why we can build a large wooden or composite deck in front of you garden room.


How much is a garden bar cost?

We build garden rooms all over the Cotswolds with prices starting from just £17,000.


Which areas do build garden bars in?



We can build a Worcestershire garden room  for you, we offer very competitive prices, for example our summerhouses start from just £17,000.

If you would like a garden bar built within Worcestershire, England then why not give us a ring?


You might live in Wiltshire, in England? If you are looking for a company to build a garden office, garden room a garden bar then why not give our business a ring?



You might live in the city of Bath, and you might be currently looking for a garden room company to build a garden bar so you can  enjoy wine with your friends within the room during the weekends.

Why not give us a ring, because we build quality garden bars in Bath England.



We can build a garden bar anywhere within Somerset, England.



We can offer you a free quote to build a garden room anywhere Gloucestershire.

We build quality garden bars

We build high-quality garden rooms, if you want to no obligation quote then why not give us a ring?

Does your company build insulated summerhouses?




During the summer time here in Britain, we often make good use out of are gardens, that’s the say a lot of us use the space to dine outdoors, to unwind in a swinging hammock, and also to simply read a good book on the composite decking for example.

Yet, when the weather turns bad, and everything is covered in thick ice, often a lot of us here in Britain don’t step out into our gardens until the spring returns once again.

However, this means that a large part of our properties are not used for a great deal of time, for example not using the garden for the whole of winter we think is not making best use out of the room that you have available to you within your property.

That’s because you can have a high quality insulated summerhouse built say at the end of your garden, where you can use that room while throughout the entire year, that’s even if it absolutely freezing outside.


Not all summerhouses are built the same

It’s worth stating that not all wooden summerhouses are built the same, some which are offered at incredibly low prices may sometimes have side walls which are no thicker than a garden fence made from say feather edge.

Which means that when Jack Frost does cover everything with a blanket of ice, the room might be totally unusable, because it is simply way to cold to sit in, due to the lack of wall insulation.

Therefore, some summerhouses are just garden sheds, just with larger windows and doors, so they are totally unusable in our British winters, because they will be very difficult to heat due to the lack of insulation.

What’s therefore needed is a building that is very well insulated, thats if you want to use it in our British winters.


Insulated summerhouses

Our summerhouses are insulated, for example we can put panel installation into the walls, panel installation has two reflective sides, and the inside there is a sandwiched layer of insulating foam between the reflective outer layers, which can help to keep the heat retained in the summerhouse for longer.

With some really cheap summerhouses you might actually have warping in the outer wooden panels, which means that sometimes strong drafts can actually flow through the summerhouse making it incredibly cold in the winter to be within.

This is why you need a well insulated summerhouse, these typically cost a lot more than uninsulated garden rooms, but if you want to use the building right throughout the entire year and it’s important that it is well insulated.


Underfloor heating

As an optional extra, our electricians can install underfloor heating for you within the wooden summerhouse, which can keep your feet nice and warm even on the coldest of autumn days.


Electric heaters

Our electricians can add as many electric heaters as you want within your garden room.


How much to your insulated summerhouses cost to build in the Cotswolds?

We do offer free quotations in the following areas:

-Worcestershire garden rooms

-Wiltshire summerhouses

– Bath garden offices and rooms

– Somerset garden rooms

– Radstock garden buildings

– Gloucestershire garden offices and rooms

–  Bristol garden buildings


We would need to travel to meet you to understand exactly how you want your summerhouse built so that we can offer you an exact quote.

However prices do start from £17,000 for us to build a garden room within the Cotswolds, prices then do increase depending on which options you choose.


We want a summerhouse which blends into our garden, can you offer this?

Yes, some homeowners don’t want their summerhouse to be the focal point of the garden, they wish instead for the summerhouse for it to blend in more to the surroundings and the garden. In this case we would recommend opting for composite cladding in a green colour to the matches a similar colour to the lawn.

If you want the roof to blend into the surroundings as well, then we would recommend opting for a roof where natural grass can be grown.

Also you could add wildflowers onto the roof as well.


How about the windows, are these energy-efficient as well?

Yes, we can offer aluminium double glazed windows, which will help to improve the energy efficiency of the summerhouse.

Some really cheap summerhouses sometimes have a single pane of glass, and this is not energy-efficient and it is will make the heat escape from the summerhouse more quickly.

We would therefore recommend that you opt for double glazing either in UPVC frames or aluminium frames.


What door options do you offer when building a insulated summerhouse?

We can offer you aluminium bi folding doors, these are double glazed to help improve the energy efficiency of the  garden room.

To save money there is the option of opting for UPVC double glazed bi folding doors, these are a cheaper option when compared to aluminium.

The cheapest option we offer which is still energy-efficient, is to have French doors made from UPVC frames and these are double glazed as well.


How long will it take you to build a garden room within the Cotswolds?

We can build a garden room in anywhere in the Cotswolds, we can build our summerhouses in a short amount of time.

Typically an insulated summerhouse takes us anywhere between three and seven weeks to build depending on the options that you choose, for example if it’s a really large insulated summerhouse and this can take is longer to build.

Would you like a garden room built so that you have a dedicated room do yoga in or to meditate?


We think that a garden room offers a fantastic place to go do yoga, or to simply to use as a room to meditate within, because you can have a lot of natural light entering the building, so if you were to opt for example for large bi-folding doors, you can have a light and airy room.

 As you look out of the windows also, you can also look out over your garden all of the surrounding scenery, which might be countryside example. This can help you to unwind after a busy day at work while you do yoga.

Yoga room

Yoga is now very popular here in Britain, that’s because a lot of people like the fact that they can unwind after a long day at working doing this type of exercise. But you can also improve their strength and fitness at the same time, well you’re also unwinding.

However, with that said, after a busy day at work, you might not want to commute all the way to the local gym for say your weekly yoga session.

And commuting in dense traffic at peak teams after work, well that might take up a lot of time for some people. So, you may have made the decision that you want to do yoga at home, and on a much more frequent basis. This means that you don’t have to abide by a schedule at the gym, for example meeting at a weekly yoga session at 7 pm, instead you can do yoga whenever you want.

Yoga studio

Instead, you might want your own garden room, that you can do yoga whenever you feel like. You could for example if you wanted use the room to meditate in, or enjoy doing yoga whenever you like, such as before you go to work.

Why do we think a garden room is a good place to do yoga?

During the warmer weather, you may want to fold back the aluminium bi folding doors completely, so that the whole front of your garden room is then letting the fresh air blow into the room. As you meditate or do yoga, and you can look out over your garden while you mediate, and this can offer a great place to unwind.

Do you live near a road?

When you are meditating or doing yoga, you most likely won’t want to hear cars passing by you in the background, that’s on a road that might back onto your garden?

We can therefore add soundproofing into the walls, which can help to eliminate some of the noise you can hear within the garden room. This will make it more peaceful place to do your yoga in.

How can I warm my yoga room during the winter?

When you want to do yoga, you will want to do yoga in the room which is warm and comfortable, this is why we can add quality insulation into the walls for you, in order to improve the energy efficiency or the room.

We also have electric heater options whereby you can very simply switch on the electric heaters within your garden room, via an easy to use app on your smartphone, which allows you to switch the heating on remotely say from your house.

So, by the time you are ready to do your yoga session, the room will be nice and warm for you because you will have switched it on remotely via the app, which is on your smart phone.

Garden rooms Cotswolds

We can build a garden room which can be used to exercise in, as a yoga room, or as a place to meditate, we can build a garden room for you anywhere within the Cotswolds. We offer very competitive prices, with garden room prices starting from just 17k.

We can come and meet you, and obtain an understanding of how large you would like the garden room to be, which shape you would like, for example when you want the room  to be rectangular, triangular or square, and also we can understand which options that you would like as well.

Would you like extra large windows, to let more light in, when you doing yoga?

For example, if you’re going to use the room as a yoga room, you may want extra large windows to let as much natural light into the room as possible.

Also, when you switch on the electric heaters the room can be nice and warm.

With the extra large windows you can let a lot of natural light into the room.

Why not also add quality speakers to your garden room?

Your garden room could have hardwood flooring, and also plastered walls, you can add quality speakers into each corner of the garden room, which could offer you really good sound, for example you might want to listen to unwinding music, such as waterfalls as you meditate.

Are you a yoga instructor?

You might run yoga classes, and you have made the decision that you want to have an extra large garden room built, so that you can teach yoga in your garden.

We are a garden room company which can build garden rooms anywhere within the Cotswolds and because we have such a large team of staff, we can build a large garden room for you in a short period of time.

How much do your garden rooms cost to build in the Cotswolds?

We build our garden room right across the Cotswolds, we offer very competitive prices, for example if you would like a yoga studio built, we can offer prices which start from just £17,000.

Prices do increase depending on which options you would like, for example the cost would increase if you want decking built out the front of the garden room for example.

Would you like a quote?

We offer free quotes throughout the Cotswolds, so if you are looking for a garden room company why look any further than Kingsley?

A garden room can be your place to simply unwind




When you visit a lot of various garden room company websites, the companies often split the garden rooms into what they can be used for, such as an “office”, “home gym” or a “music room” where you can play your musical instrument within.

However, to help the owner to enjoy using the room more, we think  the room should be well designed, and a garden room company in the Cotswolds should be hired that offer you a lot of different options, that’s exactly what we can offer.

We think that the room should have all the features you need, such as large sky-light, to allow more natural light to flood into the room, so it becomes your place to simply unwind.

After you finished a busy shift at work, you might simply want a place where you can go to read a good book, enjoy a nice bottle of white wine simply to enjoy a hobby such as painting- to help you obtain a garden room you enjoy using everyday, we are on hand, to explain all of the various options, to help you design your garden room, and then once you have approved the final design, we can build the room to a very high standard for you.

This article will therefore concentrate on how we can build you garden room, in areas such as Somerset, where you can use it to simply unwind.


We build garden rooms in the following areas:




– Radstock

– North Gloucestershire


– Bristol

We can build a garden room anywhere in the Cotswolds

We will explain how we can build your garden room so that it becomes your very own sanctuary, a place that you enjoy going to, and we can now describe how we can enhance your garden room, with the different options we can offer, when we are building your garden room, so you get a building you are completely happy with, and becomes your place to unwind.


Large windows

Many properties within the Cotswolds have amazing views over the countryside, whether that be a large ancient forest, a meandering river, or perhaps your home overlooks a field where horses are busy grazing.

When you sit within your new garden room, you will be able to look out over the surrounding countryside which may surround your home? So why not opt for a large double glazed aluminium framed windows, which can be built as large as you want.

Some garden room companies already partially assemble the garden room, then they sell it to their customers, via their website. Then sometimes the garden room will need to be assembled by the homeowner, or the company will build it themselves for an additional cost.

However the problem with a summerhouse that’s already made in a factory, is sometimes this means that the size of the windows are already chosen you, and don’t have much control over the design of the building.

You may not be able to choose the doors you want neither.

Our buildings are very different, because they are built exactly the way you want, and how large you want the windows to be is stipulated by our customers, so if you want truly large windows, one side of the garden room, then we can do this, so that you can make the most the views that surround your home.


Why not have skylight fitted?

You might enjoy a bottle of wine, whiskey your champagne after you have finished work, so why not make your garden place to go unwind with your favourite alcohol.

Or perhaps you simply like to read a good book, while looking out of the skylight at the clear night sky you may well be able to see the stars twinkling and shiny, and if you look hard you might even see shooting star.

Perhaps your way to unwind to play guitar, and what we think can enhance the space is by adding a skylight so that you can see the night sky, or simply to allow more natural light flood into the room during the day.


Be warm

Here in Britain we have quite long winters, which can get rather cold and icy, this is why whichever garden room company to hire will need quality heaters added.

If you hire our company and our electricians can wire all the electric heaters you will need.



Perhaps you are planning on using the garden room, as a space where friends can stay over, if so why not have a bathroom fitted so that it is more convenient for your guests to use the bathroom in the summerhouse, rather than having to enter your house in the evening.



Perhaps your way of unwinding is to do yoga, or to listen to classical music or simply you might enjoy oil painting each evening?

You might enjoy these activities more if your room is peaceful and quiet, and one way that you can achieve this is by us adding quality soundproofing into the walls for you.

Although soundproofing will not fully eliminate all the unwanted noise from outside entering the room, such as from passing cars, yet soundproofing can often reduce it for you.

So, for example when you are enjoying doing your yoga and listening to calming music that’s coming from your speakers, you can block out more of the outside noise by opting for us to add soundproofing into the walls.


Underfloor heating

You might simply want to use your garden room as a place to go and to read a good book, so what can make the space more comfortable for you is if you have underfloor heating installed which can warm the room and your toes.


Comfortable sofas

Whether you are planning on using your garden room as a place to socialise with friends, a place to play your guitar, or simply somewhere you might want to go and watch a good film, you might want a number of comfortable reclining sofas within the room?

We would therefore recommend that you opt for a large garden room, so that you can put all the furniture that you want within the building.

Sometimes some people opt for what is called an L-shaped garden room, which can help you to achieve more internal space.


Alfresco dining

We can build a large wooden or composite deck out the front of your garden room, so that you can use the space as a place to enjoy an evening meal outdoors with your family.

What’s great about a garden room is that you can simply fold back the bi folding doors, and you could have some of the food on the table within the garden room, or you can have some food outside on the table that’s on the decking as well.

Therefore, a garden is fantastic for alfresco dining, because some people can dine indoors or if they want to they can walk out onto the composite decking and eat their also.


Cotswolds garden room

Wherever you live within the Cotswolds, we can build a luxurious garden room for you at a competitive price, so if you would like a quote, why not give us a ring?

We know the design we want for our garden room, are you able to build it?



Throughout the Cotswolds, homeowners will know how they want their garden room to look, they don’t therefore want a mass produced building, which is simply made on a factory production line.

There are companies that mass-produce summerhouses, then flat packed them and send them out to the customer. Our garden rooms are completely different, because we spend time with the customer, to understand exactly how they would like the building to be built.

Therefore, you might have a very clear idea in your mind of how you want the garden room to look, you might have taken a page out of a interior design magazine, you might have seen a summerhouse that you like on social media, or you may have seen a neighbours garden room and you like the design is just you want a few changes to its to make it exactly the way you want your summerhouse built.

This article therefore aims to give you some food for thought in terms of how you may want your garden room built.

We are going to provide you with some ideas, which you may like and you may like to incorporate them into your own garden room.

Before we start offering some ideas, it’s worth knowing that we offer free quotes right throughout the whole of the Cotswolds area so if you would like a quote why not call us?


A roof where you can grow plants

we can build a garden room which has a roof where you can grow grass on it clients or flowers. We think this is a very good use of the roof, because the amount of footprint that the building is taking up in your garden, you can have roof which is obviously the same footprint used to grow wildflowers during the summer.

We think that this is brilliant for the insects and the wildlife, you might see birds land on it to eat the insects so it’s a more environmentally friendly type of roof.

When you combine this with guttering and drainage, which drains into a water but, you can then even use the harvested water to water the rest of your garden.


Cladding that uses recycled plastics

There is now a massive push for businesses to use more recycled products, and we think this is great, because it helps the environment. But it doesn’t just help the environment recycled plastics can be used to make innovative products.

For example, there is now some cladding which uses recycled plastics, but this doesn’t just help the environment it also produces a high quality product that can be long-lasting and also low maintenance.

So, if you are looking to have a garden room built in the Cotswolds which uses composite cladding, we can recommend different brands, and these different makes of composite cladding will use different amounts of recycled plastics.

We think therefore that the garden room, where the roof can be used to grow plants, combined with composite cladding which is made using recycled plastics is a good example of an environmentally friendly garden room.


Why not have a bathroom added?

Whether you are going to use the building as a home office, perhaps to run a business from, or you simply want to use it as a spare bedroom, so when you have family over they can have their own bedroom, why not also have a bathroom added to the garden room?

This means that when you’re working say from the garden room, you don’t have to keep popping back to the house to use the toilet. As because you can have a bathroom within your garden room.

We can put just a toilet and a sink into your garden room, you might want to complete bathroom suite, complete with a towel rail.


Huge windows

Many homes throughout the Cotswolds look out the countryside, long flowing rivers and sometimes even ancient woodlands. Therefore, you might want really large windows fitted into the building, so that you can look out over onto the view.

Therefore, for example you might want a Somerset garden room built, and you might want to the front very large bi folding doors so that you can look over the countryside.

Alternatively, you may live in Worcester, and you may have a large river flowing near your house that you can see, you might like to have by folding doors, so that you can look out over the river.

You might live in Wiltshire, and you might be able to see rolling hills in the background, you might want a large aluminium window fitted so that when you are unwinding and drinking a bottle of wine you can look out at the hills.


Cotswolds garden offices

Most of the garden rooms that we construct are used as garden offices, and because we have electricians that work for our garden room company, we can install electric heaters for you.

This means that you can use your garden office all year round, even on the coldest of winter days, all you have to do is switch the heating on and you can still use your garden room to work in.

We can also install air conditioning for you.

Multiuse garden rooms

A lot of garden rooms are used for multiple uses, for example a person might work in the garden room during the week.

Yet one half of the building might be used as a bar, for example with craft beer on pump, so that room might be used on the weekends to have friends over enjoy a pint and also watch the football as well.

So as you can see the garden room can be used for work and it can also be used to have your friends over and watch the football and enjoy a pint of beer.


Built quickly

Here at Kingsley, we have a large team that build our summerhouses, garden offices and garden rooms. Because we have such a large workforce, this allows us to build garden rooms in The Cotswolds quickly.

Some garden rooms will take us longer to build, if for example it is a large building, that has a bathroom, the requires decking out the front and might even need solar panels adding to the roof.

This type of construction would take us longer to build, but because we have a lot of staff, such as roofers, electricians and carpenters at work for us we can build our garden rooms quickly.


We cover a large area

Here at Kingsley we cover a truly large area, we cover the whole of the Cotswolds, and we have sales staff that can come out and meet and discuss all of the different options that we offer.

Our friendly staff will take the time to discuss all the different cladding options, the different window options the different door options the different roof options different flooring options the different installation options.

In matter of fact there are so many different options when you choose us to build your summerhouse, that is why so many people in the Cotswolds hire us to build a garden room, because they can have the whole building constructed exactly the way that they want.

This is quite different from some other garden room companies, which may already manufacture the whole building in a factory and then just ship it to the customer.


Our buildings are different because they are bespoke.

When you buy a garden room it’s important that you make sure that it is well insulated, because otherwise it could be difficult to heat come the winter.

For example, some buildings are not insulated, so as soon as that electric heater is switched off room can start to get very cold almost straightaway.

It’s also uneconomical to heat a garden room that’s not insulated properly, especially with the way electric prices are at the moment, it’s really important that whichever company builds your summerhouse, this well insulated.

For example, our builders will put panel installation into the walls, panel installation is made by an insulating foam which has a reflective coating both sides, it does a brilliant job of keeping the warm air into a building.

So, we can use panel installation the walls and we can also use it in the ceiling for you as well this makes it easier to heat your garden room.

Also if your going to work in your garden office, you’re going to want it to be to be nice and warm and comfortable, you’re going to want the heat to stay in the building for as long as possible. If you buy a really cheap summerhouse then it can sometimes be draughty and it can be difficult to keep it warm.

So, when you hire us to build a garden room, we can discuss with you the different options that we can offer to insulate the building.

We can also use a rock wool, in the walls, this is simply made from fibreglass, it does a really good job of insulating the walls.

You might also want to for underfloor heating, this is something else that we can offer, and it can make the building a lot more comfortable for you. For example, you might be using the room as an office, and therefore the floor can be nice and warm for you when you are working.


Large garden rooms

You may want a very large garden room constructed, you might have a large garden, and you therefore want a large building constructed.

You might want to use the garden room as a place to have your friends over and to socialise.

You might want us to build a bar, where you can serve drinks to your friends, this therefore would make a brilliant place to go and to enjoy time with your friends.

You might also want to have a projector within the room, so that you can have your friends over you can watch the rugby on the large screen, and you can also enjoy a pint of beer with your friends in the garden room as well.

A garden room therefore is a brilliant place to spend time your friends, whether you want to play darts with them enjoy a pint of real ale or maybe you just want what’s the latest football match on your projector, a garden room offers a brilliant place to spend time with your friends.

A place to play a musical instrument

Perhaps you played the trombone, the piano or the drums, you might want a place where you can go practice that separate from the house.

For example, when somebody is watching the television downstairs they might not want to hear you practising playing the drums, so why not have a garden room built, that’s separate from your house.

 You could have the walls soundproof so you can play you musical instruments for as long as you want and you will have a place where you can go and practice playing your musical instrument whenever you like.


How much does it cost to have a garden room built in the Cotswolds?

We can build a Cotswolds garden room with prices starting from just 17,000, prices then rise up depending on the options you want, and prices could increase up to 70,000.

The price is mostly dependent on the size of the garden room that we are building.

For example, in the Cotswolds a homeowner might want a very large garden extends the entire width of their garden this would cost a lot more.

You might just want a more compact garden room built, and prices that these start from 17,000.

Luxury Cotswolds garden rooms

You might live in Somerset, and have decided that now you want a luxury garden room built, you wanted to have all the bells and whistles. You want large decking out the front so that you care in eat alfresco during the summer, you want the very best red cedar cladding, new want a complete bathroom inside we can build this for you at a competitive price.

We can also create 3-D designs

You might want to see what your garden room will look like prior to having it actually built. Therefore, we can offer to create for you 3-D designs so that you can see what the garden room will look like, and then once you have seen it you might want to make some alterations.

For example, you might want a garden room built in the Cotswolds England, and you might opt for red cedar cladding.

However, when you see the 3-D designs you might want to change the cladding to say grade composite cladding instead.

So therefore 3-D designs offer the customer to see what the garden room will look like before it is built.

Somerset Garden Rooms

We can build a luxury garden room anywhere in Somerset, with prices starting from just 17 K, our garden rooms are a lot more affordable than you might have thought.

Our friendly estimator can come out and meet you, we can then have a chat in your garden, about the different types of cladding, the different types of roof and also the difference types of door that we offer.

Sometimes if the construction is relatively simple then we can offer you a quote there and then.

However, if it’s a much larger garden room, let’s say a building that really long and you want a Jacuzzi built to the side, you are air-conditioning and you also want a large set by folding doors, then often we will need to go back to the office and to work out the costs. We will then send over an email with a breakdown of the quote.

We want to improve our whole garden can you help

We most certainly can sometimes a customer will want a company that can manage all of the landscaping works that they want completed.

For example, the customer may be having a 70 K garden room built therefore they want to improve the rest of the garden as well.

They might want brand-new composite fencing, they might want a new patio the might want decking in some parts of their garden and we can complete all of that work for you.

So, we can completely transform your garden for you, so if you are looking for a business in the Cotswolds that can really improve your garden by building a brand-new summerhouse, offering landscaping work and building fencing then why not give us a ring?

Get more use out of your garden this winter

Here in Britain we use our gardens a lot but only during the summer months when the weather is nice and warm.

During the winter when the weather is cold and the garden is full of leaves and its muddy and everything is covered in ice as well you might not want to spend much time there at all.

Yet if you get a well insulated garden room built then you can use that’s room the whole year around even if is really cold outside.

Because you can simply walk into your garden room and can switch on the electric heaters and you could use the room as a space to enjoy a bottle of wine, read a book or simply play a musical instrument.

You might not want to during the winter to walk down to the local pub, so why not create your own part in new garden and have a garden room built?

You could have a long bar built by our joiners, you can have multiple beer pumps, where you could enjoy a nice pint of ale with your friends in your garden room.

Therefore, you haven’t even got a walk to the pub because you can create your own pub in your garden.


Worcestershire garden rooms


Do you live in Worcestershire?

If you want a garden room built in Worcestershire in England then why not give us a call?

We can build a high quality, insulated garden room anywhere within Worcestershire. Prices start from just 17,000, so if you’re thinking about getting a Worcestershire garden room constructed then why not give us a ring here at Kingsley. We will aim to meet you as soon as we can, to offer you a free quote. Plus, because we have a large team of roofers, carpenters and electricians we can build your summerhouse very quickly for you.

So, if you want to work in the garden room, and you want to start working in that garden room as soon as possible then why not bring us because our company can build summerhouses quickly.


Wiltshire garden offices and rooms

Do you live in Wiltshire?

If you live in Wiltshire in England and you are looking for garden room companies then why not call us? We can build summerhouses, garden offices and garden rooms at prices are very competitive. For example our cheapest garden rooms start from just £17,000, they are therefore very affordable for a lot of homeowners.


Bath garden rooms

Bath a great Roman city, and it hasn’t brilliant architecture. A lot of people in Bath want a quality garden room built in at exactly what we can offer you. We can build summerhouses garden offices and garden rooms in the city of Bath in England.

We offer free quotes in Bath, England. If you are therefore thinking about getting a summerhouse built then why not give Kingsley a call? We have a huge amount of experience building garden rooms, our buildings are therefore built to a very high standard of workmanship. We have joiners the which will build a quality garden room for you.


Why are garden offices now so popular?



You might have popped over your friends house just to have a catch up, and you noticed out in their garden that they have had a brand-new garden office built. Once you recognise this you start to see that they are in so many gardens right across the hall of the Cotswolds, but why have garden offices now become so popular?

After all of the garden then normally just used to be a rickety old garden shed, a greenhouse that might have been missing a few glass panels let’s say and all compost bin, however these garden buildings now become so popular and what are the benefits of owning one?

Well, we think that garden offices offer a brilliant space the homeowner to go out and get their work done in a quiet room. After all, if you were on the telephone for work, the last thing you want is somebody chatting loudly in the background distracting you from your work or with your boss!

What you what this is a quiet place where you can go to work, get all those emails done, and when the working day is finished, you can simply fold back the by folding doors and lock-up the door and walk back to the house.

The best part is you don’t need to jump in the car, and drive say 10 miles home, no you can simply lock the door a new garden office, walk back to your house.

Just think of all the petrol or diesel you will be saving by not having to commute back and forth to your place of work, you can instead just walk down the garden open the door and start working whenever you want.

We think is a garden room company in the Cotswolds that garden offices have become very popular because simply put more people are now working from home, and that’s mostly due to the covid virus where a lot of employers said to their staff work from home more often.

However, people who used to work in a city centre, quickly learned that they might not want to work on the kitchen table because this simply too many distractions with other members of the family wanting to chat and you might not be able to concentrate on getting your work done.

This is why garden room companies like ours have become so busy building garden offices because people want a place where they can go to to get their work done which is quiet and when the working day is finished they can lock the door and walk back to the house


What is a Garden Office?

So, you might be thinking well what is a garden office, I know what a summerhouse is but what is a garden office?

While a garden office is simply a garden building which is being built with the design that the homeowner is going to work in it throughout the year.

So, what we mean by that is because our seasons change so much, in this we can go from having really hot weather through to having cold weather where Jack Frost is covering absolutely everything with a blanket of frost.

So, what is needed is a well made garden room that you can easily seat during the winter, and that’s because it has quality installation.

Also, it needs to have electric heaters so that you can easily switch these on and start to rise the temperature of the room to that it is nice and warm in their you to work.

You might also want underfloor heating to keep your feet nice and warm.

Then during the summer when the sun is beaming down on your garden room you going to want to have air-conditioning so that you can call the room very quickly.

So a garden office is simply a garden room but it should be designed so that the homeowner can use it right throughout the entire year.

Now with that said there will be companies which sell garden offices which are not insulated at all.

Companies will also sell garden offices without heaters and therefore it is up to the homeowner to contact an electrician to install all of the electrics and to get the electric heaters installed as well.

So some garden rooms won’t even sometimes have insulation in the walls, so as a homeowner when you are choosing a garden room company, you have to pick a business which will build a high quality garden building, that also well insulated.

Benefits of a garden office vs a home office:

for some of us, we won’t have a spare room within our house that we can dedicate to use as an office.

And you may not want to move house, because of the expense, upheaval and you might like way you live-so simply put is what you want is another room that adding one to your current house might just be too expensive.

Or you might have already extended your house as much as you possibly can, through a loft conversion and also a side extension to the house.

Sue might now be thinking while how can I obtain an extra room, I want to use it as an office, I need a quiet place and get more work done.

And then you might suddenly think right I’m buying a garden office, and there are many advantages to this option.

The most obvious benefit of owning a garden office is there it can offer a quiet place for you to go and get your work done. So, whether that’s painting or oil painting on canvas, or its simply creating Excel spreadsheets for work, or it might be that you work for a company in sales over the phone and you therefore need a room that is quiet so that you can call other businesses and sell products or services.

What you need is a quiet place to work and that’s exactly what a garden office can offer.

Plus, also our builders can add soundproofing into the walls, so this can make it even quieter inside.

The next benefit is you don’t have to drive to work is much, and this is a huge benefit, because think of all the time you been stuck in traffic you have to find the car parking place and after a long day at work who wants to drive home and waste in our driving through heavy traffic.

So, what you can do instead is work from home, working a garden office and therefore you don’t need to use your car is much, so you are therefore potentially helping to protect the environment as well by burning less fossil fuels such as diesel and petrol.

Also receiving time because let’s say over the course of one week driving to work on driving back from work that takes a huge amount of time for some people.

It might take you over an hour each way so over a working week you could say 10 hours where you’re not driving to and from work.

Instead, you could cut yourself a piece of cake in the kitchen put it on a plate and simply walk out your garden office which is just a few steps away.

We can also install a complete bathroom into your garden room, so when you need a toilet break you don’t even need to sit the building you can simply use the bathroom and then get back to work without ever having to leave the garden room.

The next benefit of owning a garden room is you could make better use of your garden.

For example, when you look at the end if you garden right now, at this moment in time you might be looking out onto an old garage that you don’t use too much, in my just our old paintings and it.

Or you might have a wooden shed where the roof is broken and its leaking water inside so this completely useless and redundant.

Or you might just have a huge amount of brambles overtaking the end of your garden which make it completely unusable.

So, you may have decided that now is the time to improve your garden, to get more use from a garden and one of the ways you can do that is to purchase a garden room from us.

Because let’s be fair during the winter months when is called in this wet outside, not many of us here in Britain make much use of our gardens at all, so for half the year we might not even wonder out to the garden.

So therefore, some gardens in the Cotswolds might not even be used that much at all during the winter, so why not build a building the you can use during the winter.

The room can be so well built as insulation in the ceiling in the walls and in the floor so during the winter is very easy to heat our garden rooms that’s because they are so well insulated.

By simply flicking the switch on your electric heater you can instantly start to warm the room, therefore even on the coldest of winter days when it absolutely freezing outside, you can still use your garden room, because all you have to do is switch the heater on.

What are some of the benefits of owning a garden gym?


Once the working day is finished, a lot of people like to work on improving their fitness, whether that’s running for a bit, to get the heart rate up, or perhaps you like lifting weights? Or perhaps you like yoga?

So, you might finish work, get in the car, and then drive to the gym- but wait- wouldn’t it be more convenient if you worked out from home?

Where you haven’t got to wait for any of the gym equipment to become available, because you own all of the equipment?

Well, when you own a garden gym, you can workout whenever you want, there’s no opening hours, no waiting for equipment to become available, and because you own all of the equipment, you will know its clean, as its not shared with many other people.


Why are garden gyms so popular?

Garden gyms are very popular simply because a lot of people like the convenience of simply walking to the end of their garden, and starting to workout. This as opposed to some people having to drive some distance to get to a gym, and then because they want to go straight after work, they may as well be stuck in traffic, not to mention road works!


Workout whenever you want

What’s great about owning your own garden gym, is that whatever time it is, whether its 1am in the morning, or just after work, you can start your workout whatever time is best for you.

With some gyms, the gym may close at a certain time, let’s say earlier on a Sunday, yet when you own your own garden gym, its never closed, its open day and night, for you to use whenever you.

Sometimes, with some gyms there may be one piece of equipment that you want to use, the problem with that is, during peak times at the gym, let’s say at 5pm, well there may sometimes be a que to use this equipment.

And this means that you may get home from the gym later than you wanted, simply because, you had to wait quite a while for the gym equipment that you wanted to become available.

However, when you own your own equipment, when all of the free weights, the rowing machine, the cycle bike is yours, and its in your garden gym, this means that you don’t ever have to wait for it to become free, because you own in.

So, there’s no more waiting around to use the gym equipment


You won’t have to drive back home

After you’ve finished a long day at work, and then you’ve been to the gym, sometimes you won’t want to have to drive back home, as sometimes for some people there might be some distance from where the gym is to where they live.

And that’s what’s great about owning your own garden gym, there’s no long drive home, after you’ve finished your workout. Instead, you can just lock the door, and walk a few steps back to your house, so you can save time, and instead start preparing a healthy meal, rather than having to drive back from the gym, every time you have finished your workout.


Why not have a large window installed so you can take in the views

All over the Cotswolds, there are homes which have spectacular views, overlooking fields as far as the eye can see.

If you live in a farm house in Gloucestershire for example, you may have a spot in your garden that looks out at large hills, and you have decided that you want a garden room built, with large bi-folding doors, so as you workout on your cycle bike, you can take in the views.

Perhaps alternatively you like in Worcestershire, and your own a home that’s surround by old woodland, you may want to have a garden room built, to face the trees, so as you do yoga, you can enjoy the fresh air.

Alternatively, you may live in Wiltshire, and have a few of a fast flowing river, you may like to watch the river as you row on your rowing machine.

Here in the Cotswolds, there are many homes that have great views over the countryside, so why not have a garden building built, where you can exercise, do yoga, do free weights, or simply cycle on your bike, and look out over the scenery that surrounds your house?


As cool or as warm as you like

Sometimes when you go to some gyms, in the winter they may not heat the gym, and you may well feel rather cold?

You may find this uncomfortable, so when you own your own garden gym in the Cotswolds, you can warm the room, by switching on the electric heaters, and you can therefore have a nice warm room where you can work out, and do yoga, or lift some weights, or perhaps cycle on your bike?


The gym equipment will be nice and clean

Sometimes, when you visit some gyms, then the machinery may not feel that clean?

The cycle bike might have a display that looks like its covered in splashes of sweat, this may not feel that hygienic, and may even make you feel like you don’t want to visit the gym that often?

So, when you own your own equipment, you can keep it nice and clean, and you will know that its just you, or your family and friends that are using the equipment.


You may want to work out much more regularly

Let’s say you’ve had a busy day at work, and your tired, you want to go to the gym, as you may have a fitness goal that you’re trying to reach.

For example, you might be trying to lose a certain about of weight before your wedding?

Or you may want to cycle a distance in 30 minutes, and your close to reaching your fitness goals, so you don’t want to miss a workout.

But your tired and you simply don’t want to drive to the gym, then make dinner afterwards.

So, by owning your own gym, it makes it easier for you to workout when you want, you don’t have to drive to the gym, then drive all the way home.

You can come straight home from work, and then start your workout when you want, because the gym equipment is only a few steps away from your house.

So, this may make you want to workout much more often, simply because its so easy to start working out when all of the gym equipment is in your garden gym.


Our garden gyms are not as expensive as you might think

We do build luxury garden rooms, yet with that said, they might not be as expensive as you might think.

With prices starting from 17k, our garden rooms are competitive priced.

Prices range between 17k and also up to 70k+, it does depend on the options you choose.

For example, we do offer a huge choice of cladding options, these range from the lower cost options, such as metal sheet cladding, through to the more expensive hardwood options.

We can offer different air conditioning systems that also range in price.

We can also offer different door options, for example our lowest cost option would be to opt for upvc, then we offer wooden doors, and we also offer aluminium bi folds, which are the more expensive option.


We build garden gyms in Gloucestershire

We can build a luxury garden room anywhere in Gloucestershire. So if your thinking of having a garden building built, to use as a gym, office, or as a place to play a musical instrument, then why not call us.


Why hire us to build your Gloucestershire garden room?

We have many staff which work for us, which means that we can build a Gloucestershire garden office or room quickly. Our company is also committed to build very high quality garden rooms, this is why the timber, the doors, the roof, everything is of the highest quality.

We can also create 3d designs for you, so before our builders have started to build your Gloucestershire summerhouse, we can show you 3d designs of what the building can look like. You may see the 3d designs which  we have created, and you may decide to make design alterations, for example to choose different doors.


We build our garden gyms in the city of Bath

Do you live in the city of Bath?

We can build a garden room, summerhouse or garden office anywhere in the city of Bath. Perhaps you want a large garden office built, because you run your own business, and now want to work from home more often, and need a large garden room where you can work?

Perhaps you want to improve your fitness, and want a garden gym built?

Perhaps you want a quiet place where you can work on producing art work, and show your art work on the walls, to customers?


Then why not hire us to build a garden room for you?

We can build a Bath garden office, garden room or summerhouse, and with prices starting from 17k, then our garden buildings are very competitively priced.


We build garden gyms in Worcestershire

We also build Worcestershire garden rooms, perhaps you want a large building to use as your room to do yoga, perhaps you want a garden room to use a place to play the piano, or perhaps you want to use the room to watch the rugby?

We can build a quality garden room for you, with prices starting from just 17k, plus, we offer free quotes, so as soon as you call us, we can arrange a convenient time for us to come and meet you and offer you a quote.

Would you like a free and no obligation quote?

How much does a garden room cost? And, also what’s included in the price?


If you need some extra room, perhaps to enjoy playing a musical instrument, to gain some space to workout, or to obtain a place to work, a garden building can be a great way to obtain more room.

Yet, as with any considered purchase, you do need to know what you are getting for your investment. And because there’s so many garden rooms companies out there, it’s important to stop, and deliberate which company is offering you the best value for money.

Below we have answered some questions our sales staff often get asked when a customer wants to purchase a garden room.

We will also talk about how much our garden rooms cost to build.

So why not make a hot chocolate, sit back, and have a read of this article, which will tell you everything regarding how much our garden buildings cost.



How much is a garden room?

Our gardens rooms start at £17,000, prices then increase depending on which options you select, and also the size of the garden building.

For example, if you were to opt for air conditioning the price would increase.

We want a small garden room built, what’s the starting price for these?


Prices start from 17k and then increase depending on which options you select; prices range up to 70k+.

What will be included in the price?


Included in the price of a garden room built by Kingsley:

–        We have built many garden rooms, so you can be confident you will receive a high quality garden room

–        Built quickly as we have a large team of roofers, plasterers, plumbers, electricians, builders, carpenters, joiners, painters and decorators.

–        We can offer either a concrete base or ground screws, concrete slabs is the more expensive option

–        We can offer French doors

–        We can offer aluminium bi folding doors

–        We can offer upvc doors

–        Our windows are all double glazed

–        Many different cladding options, for the lower cost options, such as choosing metal cladding, through to our most expensive options, which would be hardwood cladding.

–        We can add electric heaters to the wall

–        We can install the power sockets in the wall

–        (please note, that prices are dependent on the size of the garden room, and which options you choose, as every single garden room we build is bespoke, we will need to offer you a quote)

All of our quotes are offered for free.


We offer free quotes in:


–        We build garden rooms in:

–        North Somerset

–        Bristol

–        Whole of Gloucestershire

–        Wiltshire

–        Worcestershire


Our garden room company builds garden rooms all across The entire Cotswolds, so if you are thinking of having a garden room built, why not call us?


Would you also like to select upgrades?

Our garden buildings are not assembled in a light industrial unit, say in Bristol, no, our buildings are built in your garden by our craftsman.

Every building is built the way the customer wants, so our customers specify the size, also which options they would like.

We can offer many upgrades to choose from, here are just some of the upgrades we can offer:

–        Air conditioning

–        Low maintenance composite cladding or hardwood cladding

–        Different colour bi-folding doors

–        Rubber roof

–        Outdoor lighting

–        Toilet

–        Sound proofing


 Would you like a bathroom added?

Some of our customers will opt to have our plumbers install a bathroom, this could be the entire suite.

Or we can just fit a toilet and sink.

We can also install a towel rail as well.

Our garden room company has plumbers that work for the business, so we can install a bathroom for you.


Would you like a kitchen added?

If you are going to use your garden room as an office, then its likely you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the building. Therefore, you may not want to keep walking to your house to say heat up your pasta for your dinner, so we can install a kitchen for you, so you can just pop your dinner in the microwave and heat it up.


Can you install the electrics for us?

Our garden building company can install all of the electrics for you, we have electricians that can complete this work for you.

They can add the wiring for:

–        Outdoor lights

–        Underfloor heating

–        The indoor lights

–        The power sockets

–        The dimmer switch

–        The electric heaters

–        The extractor fan


Do you require any landscaping work?

Sometimes, before we build say a Gloucestershire garden room, the end of the garden may well be covered in brambles.

Once the brambles are cleared, it may be apparent that the ground is uneven, there’s too much soil, and because the customer wants a concrete base, more soil will need to be removed.

This may sometimes mean a mini digger, a driver for that machine, a ground worker, and also someone to operate a dumper may well be required.  The soil will then need to taken to either a skip where it can collected by a waste disposal company, or sometimes, we may hire a grab hire company.

The soil will then be removed from the garden, and the mini diggers can continue to level the ground.

This is so when we start to build the garden room in Gloucester, that the ground is level, so we can lay the concrete base.

We can therefore offer you a quote, to complete this landscaping work.

We can complete landscaping work in:





We work with grab hire companies, which can grab the soil, and remove it for us. We also have excavator hire companies, that will hire us mini diggers.