Would you like a garden bar built complete with a gazebo made from oak wood?



Here at Kingsley, we build very high quality garden rooms right throughout the Cotswolds within England. Within this article we are going to explain the many benefits of owning a well-built wooden gazebo, complete with a large garden room that could be used as a bar, as well as having the option to also have a Jacuzzi installed as well.

A place to unwind after a busy day at work

Perhaps you really enjoy watching say the football, the boxing or perhaps rugby on the weekend with your friends at the local pub in The Cotswolds, England? Well, why not have a garden bar built in your garden, which offers a fantastic place to have all your friends over, to watch your favourite live sporting events on a large screen within the garden bar.


Would you like a garden bar, garden room or garden office built in the Cotswolds? In England?

Within the Cotswolds within England there are many garden room companies that you could hire to build a garden bar for you. However, with that said many homeowners choose Kingsley to build their garden building, because they know that every single one of our garden buildings is built to a very high standard, and are constructed using excellent quality building materials.


Insulated garden rooms

All of our garden rooms, are built using high quality building materials. So whether it’s the panel insulation that is put into the walls to help improve the energy efficiency of the room, or it simply the very high-quality cladding which we can put on the outside of the room for you, this is why Kingsley is often hired because we build very high quality summerhouses.


Built quickly

Our tradesmen will build your garden quickly, we have a large team of labourers, which means that they can work on constructing your garden building quickly for you.

So, you might be looking for a garden room company within the Cotswolds, that can build a summerhouse for you in a short period of time, and because we have so many carpenters, labourers and electricians which work for us, this means that we can build the building for you in a short period of time.


A place to unwind after a long day at work

Many people want a garden room built, so that becomes a place to simply unwind after a long day at work.

For example, you might want room built, where you have a long wooden bar built inside the room, which can then be stocked with all your favourite alcoholic beverages.

So, when you simply want to unwind, you can walk into your very own bar, and perhaps pull a pint of English ale?

Therefore, there is no need to walk all the way to your local pub, you can simply have your own bar within your own garden. Just think of all the money you will save not having to pay for a taxi.


Wooden gazebo

You may also want a wooden gazebo built as well, that’s built to the side garden bar, which is perhaps made from a quality wood such as oak? We can build this for you.

You may want underneath the gazebo you may want to place your Jacuzzi, so both the garden bar and your Jacuzzi offer a a place for you to unwind after work.


Would you like a garden bar built in the Cotswolds?

Perhaps you live in Bath, in South-West England?

And perhaps you are looking for a way you can use your garden more right throughout the entire year?

You could hire us for example to build a long pathway all the way down to the end of the garden to where a garden room is built.

We could then put LED lights along the garden path to illuminate the pathway and the outside of the garden bar.

So  even if it’s dark winter’s night, you might want to walk down to your garden bar and enjoy a drink.


Interior décor

You might want to decorate the inside if you garden bar so that it looks like a real English pub?

You might want for example two large chesterfield sofas, you might want a long wooden bar complete with quality lagers on draft, you might want a darts board on one wall, you may even want to add a full size snooker table within the room?

Wherever you live within the Cotswolds, whether it be in Bath in England, or perhaps you live in Gloucestershire, we can build a very high quality garden room for you at a very competitive price.

We are now going to explain the many benefits of owning a garden bar that’s built by Kingsley.


A place to watch the football, rugby or the boxing

You might want to have a garden bar built, so you can have all your friends over on the weekend, and you can watch say the football, the rugby or the boxing on a large screen in your garden bar?

You might also want a have wide selection of English ales on draft? With the beer pumps on your wooden bar, so it looks like a real pub, that you can pour a pint for your friends, you might also want to have large leather reclining chairs, so when you are watch the football in absolute comfort.

You might want to us install air conditioning for you, so even if a really hot summers day outside, you can simply close the bi-folding doors and switch on the air conditioning and start to watch the football in comfort, because it will be nice and cool within your garden room.


Which areas you build garden bars in?

Wiltshire garden rooms


Perhaps you would like a garden room built in Wiltshire, England?

Why not give us a call,  we can come out and see you, and offer you a totally free quote to build a garden room or summerhouse for you.

Would you like a garden room built in Worcestershire?


As we are a garden room company that builds our garden rooms and summerhouses right across The Cotswolds in England, we can build a garden bar offer you in Worcestershire.

Would you like a Gloucestershire garden room built?


Perhaps you own a house in Gloucestershire England? and you are looking for a garden room company to build a garden bar for you. Perhaps you also looking for a company that can build your wooden gazebo made from oak as well, and we can build this for you at a very competitive price.