Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to improve your fitness? If so, why not have a garden gym built by us?


Here in the United Kingdom, many people visit a local gym on a regular basis, whether this is to improve your strength, lose weight or just to do 30 minutes of cardio per day to improve your fitness, visiting the gym is great for improving our health and fitness.


However, for some people, they can lose the motivation to go to the gym a regular basis, perhaps for example, on a cold January evening when they have just finished work, it’s all too easy just to drive home straight after work, rather than driving to the gym and start working out.

But what if there was an easier way to go to the gym, a way that could actually save you time?

Well thankfully there is, because you could have a garden gym built, that way, you don’t have to drive to the gym, because the gym will be within your garden.


Here are seven benefits of having a garden gym built by us

Less time commuting

For some people, which live in a busy city, they may have to drive over 30 minutes in heavy traffic, to get the gym. The gym might not be that far away from where you work, yet because of congestion on the roads when you finish work, this could mean that you lose say half an hour having to drive to the gym every week day.

However, if you were to have a garden gym built, there’s then no need to drive to your local gym, instead you could simply drive straight home after work, because all of the gym equipment would be within your own gym, within your garden.


Workout whenever you want, day or night

You may find that when you own your own gym equipment, you might be more inclined to work out much more often? That’s because, instead of having to drive to the gym, you can simply walk to it because it in your garden.

For example, when you have a gym membership, at the local gym, you may have never have visited it on weekends, instead you may have had the weekends off, and only visited the gym, say after work during work days?

However, because it’s simply so convenient, to walk the end of your garden, open the door and started work out if you own your own gym, you might be inclined to work out much more often, perhaps even seven days a week?


Regulate the temperature

When you visit your local gym, there might be in excess of over 50 people working out at the gym at any one time, therefore let’s say during the winter, the heating might be on as well, and you might find it way to warm within the gym, and also the a might not be that fresh air within the gym.

If the gym is therefore to warm, or simply to cold, you might not want to spend much time at the gym.

However, when you own your own gym equipment, you can simply regulate the temperature within the garden gym, to what temperature you find comfortable.

Plus, you can also let fresh air flow into the room because you could have large windows and doors, so you can control how much fresh air comes into the building.

Because you can regulate the temperature, plus let fresh air in, you might find that you prefer working out in your garden gym, rather than visiting a local gym.


Purchase the gym equipment that you want

In some gyms, there might be hundreds of pieces of different gym equipment, ranging from dumbbells, which can be of all various weights, there is also likely to be a lot of different machines, which can help you to strengthen your biceps, back and your legs.

There is also likely to be many different machines to help you improve your cardio, yet when you visit your gym you might find that you use the same gym equipment every single day? So, do you really need to pay for that expensive gym membership, when you could own your own garden gym, and fill it with the equipment that you want to use.


Large screen television

In some gyms they might not even play any music at all, because it’s hard to find a type of music that every single person at the gym will want to listen to.

Therefore, often a lot of people when they visit the gym, they often need to use their headphones, to play music, or to watch the television.

However, you might not like wearing headphones when you are working out, and running on the treadmill, instead you might want to play music quite loud, and you can do this when you own your own garden gym, because you can play what music you like.

You might even want to have a really high quality sound system installed within your garden gym, so whether you like listening to jazz, or  perhaps rock music, you can play the tracks you like within your garden gym.


We can build a garden gym anywhere within the Cotswolds, England.

Perhaps you live in Gloucester, or you may live in Bath, or perhaps you live in Worcestershire?

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to improve your fitness, then why not think about getting a garden gym constructed by our company.

Our team can build the whole building for you in a very short period of time.

Therefore, in a matter of just a few weeks you could have a garden gym built by our company, then you will simply have a great place to go and work out, at whatever time you would like.