How much would it cost for your company to build a garden office/garden office pod?




Garden offices are now hugely popular right across the United Kingdom, and its clear to see why, they  offer a quiet place, to complete your work away without having the distractions of working at home.

For example, for a lot of people when they are working from home, they often have a lot of calls, or video calls, so you may therefore want a place where you can take your calls, without any distractions.

For example, if your on a video call with your boss, your not going to want someone shouting through the door, what do you fancy for dinner tonight? So, sometimes its nice to keep work separate from your home.

A garden office is often cheaper than say a property extension

When you do sit down to compare the quotes, for example to add a property extension onto your home, let’s say a dormer loft conversion, often the quotes for this construction work will be higher than what it would cost us to build a garden room for you.

Therefore we believe a well made garden room, built by us, offers good value for money.

Less inconvenience during the construction

Then there is less inconvenience as well to the homeowners who purchase a garden room from us, as all of the noise and dust of cutting wood and banging of hammers, well that will take place at the end of a garden.

This is when compared to the construction work that takes place when building a loft conversion, the dust, the noise, vibration are all incurred directly in the house. So a garden room can offer less inconvenience to the homeowner.

So many advantages to purchasing a garden room from us

Therefore a garden room offers many advantages, yet you may already be set on the idea that you want a garden office for a garden office pod constructed, the only thing you may need to know now is the cost, and this article will explain how much it would cost to build the garden office.

Of course costs to build a garden office can differ greatly depending on which company you contact the quote, however we are now going to look at what we can offer as a business.

And because we specialise in building garden rooms, we can build a garden room for you in the Cotswolds, that’s high quality, built fast, plus, our quotes are very competitive.



What is a garden office pod?

A garden office pod is a description that’s often given to a garden office that is smaller in size than an average garden room. The room might only be large enough for one person to work in, and have a small desk. The building might be a similar size to say a garden shed, yet if it is well constructed, and well insulate,  it can simply offer a brilliant place to go and work.


A garden office pod can be built for £18k by our company

You can have the benefits of a garden office, with a garden office pod, such as the place to go and work that is separated from your house, the room might also be quiet as it could for example be built in a quiet location within your garden. Plus, our garden offices can be used right throughout the entire year, because they are insulated.

By simply switching on the electric heater, a garden office pod, can heat up very quickly, that’s because the room is quite small, so heating it is very easy, especially because we will add either fibreglass or panel insulation into the walls, which helps to retain the heat within the building for longer.

Yet the obvious advantage of choosing a garden office pod, is the cost, for example for us to build a garden office pod, prices start from just £18,000. These buildings are affordable to a lot of homeowners.



Can you help us to connect the electricity to a garden office?

Yes, we certainly can, as you might’ve seen on some garden room websites, some companies leave the plumbing, electrics and also the painting and decorating up to the customer to find different companies to complete this work. Yet, we can offer to complete this work for you, and this means it can save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to get quotes from different contractors, instead, we can complete all of this work for you.


We can complete all of the work for you, from start to finish

We can take care of the whole building from start to finish, therefore, you don’t have to worry about finding a plumber, a electrician what a painter and decorator, because we have the team, that can complete all of the work.

Of course, if you want to complete, say the painting and decorating work yourself, then we can just plaster the garden room, and then sometimes our customers paint the interior themselves.


We would also like other areas of our garden improved, are you also able to offer landscaping services as well?

Sometimes customers want their whole garden transformed, they may have just bought a brand-new property for example, let’s say in Gloucestershire, the garden might be rather bland at the moment example they might just be a lawn and not much else.

So, here’s some ways we could improve your garden:


Garden room incorporating a canopy

We can build a garden room, and to the side, we can build a large canopy, the canopy can have lights fitted into the roof, so you can use your hot tub day or night.

Our electricians can install all of the electrics needed to power your hot tub.



Would you like a gazebo built? We can build quality gazebo, perhaps you would like the building made using English Oak?


Garden decking

You may wish to have decking built to the front of the summerhouse, or completely all the way around the garden room.


Can you build garden offices within the Cotswolds, in England?

Yes, most certainly, our sales staff can travel and meet you anywhere within The Cotswolds, to offer you a free quotation.

We build garden offices in:

–        Gloucestershire, England

–        Bath

–        Worcestershire

Would you like a free quote?

Our sales staff can meet you during the day, in an evening or even on weekends, and answer any questions that you might have. We can also create a set of 3D drawings, so you can see what the garden room will look like, before its built.



We want quality doors fitted to our garden office, are the bi-folding doors that supply guaranteed?

Some garden room companies sometimes fit really low quote build doors, which might for example be difficult to open and close. This means, that for example, drafts may come through the frames, and sometimes the rollers, that are used to slide the bi-folding doors can stick, and be difficult to push back. This can mean, that even getting in and out of the garden room, can need some effort. This is why here at Kingsley, we don’t compromise on quality, all the doors that we buy, are top quality.



Would you like a garden building constructed so that you can better enjoy your hobbies?



For a lot of us, we may have very stressful jobs, therefore what a lot of us look forward to is to simply play a musical instrument or, perhaps do some oil painting, or even craft a clay pot on the weekends.

Therefore for a lot of people, they want a garden room constructed, so that it becomes their place to enjoy their hobby.

So whether you want a room to play the drums in, to paint an oil painting, or somewhere just to open a bottle of wine and sit back and unwind, why not call us to get a luxury summerhouse built?

Would you like a garden room built, so that you can use it for your hobby?

 Often what is needed is a dedicated place to go and simply enjoy our hobby, to unwind, we think what better place than to have a luxurious well-made, garden building that’s put together by our expert craftsmen.

The beautiful Cotswolds

Within the Cotswolds whether you live in fantastic Gloucestershire countryside, or perhaps you live in an area like Bath in a large Victorian house?

You might have some outdoor space that you are not using that much at all? For example you might have small garden that currently consists of just a small patio area, and perhaps out your garden you have a shed that is falling apart that is not used any more. So, why not get much more use from your garden, why not have a luxury, well built garden room built?


Which area’s do you build your garden rooms in?

–        Glocestershire

–        Bath

–        Bristol

–        Wiltshire

–        Worcestershire

–        Exeter


A room to enjoy your hobbies, or simply spending time with friends

What’s great about having  a garden room built is, you could use it for a hobby such as playing the guitar in during the week, on weekends you could have your friends over to watch the football, and you could also, say play arcade games, or pool, or table tennis as well.

So it becomes quite simply a great place to spend time with your family and friends


Cotwolds garden room companies

So we have been building garden rooms now for a long time, here’s why so many homeowners hire Kingsley to build their summerhouses:


  • Well built
  • Competitively prices
  • Can be built to any dimensions


We have a team, that travel the whole of The Cotswolds, plus The South West of England, building our garden buildings. With prices starting as low as 18k its clear why Kingsley we well known company for building garden rooms.



A music room

Perhaps you like to listen to rock ‘n’ roll, perhaps you enjoy listening to Elvis? Or perhaps that’s not your cup of tea at all, and perhaps you like to play the piano, and therefore you need a well-constructed insulated and soundproofed garden room, where you can play your musical instrument in?

Here’s why should hire Kingsley to build your music room:

–        We can add sound insulation into the walls

–        We can fully insulate the garden room for all year around use

–        We can add a long lasting, high durable rubber roof

–        We have electricians that can install a power supply for you


We make sure that every garden building we build, is constructed so that is well built, and offers excellent value for money


It’s important to know the not all wooden summerhouses are built the same in terms of quality.

Therefore it’s not simply a matter of selecting a size garden room you want, say off a garden room companies website, as some can be super high quality, and some are simply not. Some can simply have ultra thin exterior walls, so come winter, the whole building, could be quite literally freezing instead.


Where you live within the Cotswolds?

Whenever you live within the Cotswolds, our friendly and extremely helpful estimators can drive and  meet you in an evening, on the weekends or during the day and offer you a free quotation.

What type of wooden buildings do you build?

We build:

–        Log cabins

–        Summerhouses

–        Garden rooms


A garden bar

For a lot of us, to unwind after a busy day at work, you might  enjoy sipping a nice glass of cold wine, so what better way than in a well insulated garden room built, with huge windows, so you look out onto the surrounding countryside that surrounds your property in the Cotswolds?


Perhaps you enjoy writing?

Perhaps you enjoy writing poems, books, or perhaps you are a journalist, so why not have a well-made garden room that becomes your place to enjoy writing?


Do you work from home within the Cotswolds?

There are many people who work from home in the Cotswolds, perhaps you a freelance architect within Gloucestershire? Perhaps your accountant within Bath, or perhaps you are a solicitor works within Wiltshire? And you therefore want a well-made garden office, that is insulated, its large, that has a large bathroom, that you can use all year round to work within,  also you could even invite clients in to the garden office, and offer them a nice espresso.

And with prices starting from £18,000 it’s clear to see why we are such a popular company throughout the Cotswolds, and why you are likely to have seen many of one of our many Kingsley vans driving around the Cotswolds, that’s simply because we have built so many garden rooms in the Cotswolds, and we build our summerhouses all year around.


Does your garden room company build garden rooms in Gloucestershire?




Here within Gloucestershire, garden rooms have become very popular, that’s because homeowners want to use them as a home office, as a bar, or perhaps as a gym? The homeowner might already have extended their house, for example they may already have a loft conversion, so they now want a summerhouse built in the garden, it insulated, so that they can use it all year round, and they therefore will have extra room.

Best of all, our garden rooms, staff in just £18,000, this is why we are such popular garden room company within Gloucestershire.

Plus we have a full-time estimator, who can travel to any area within Gloucestershire in the evenings, in the daytime on the weekends and they can offer you free quotation.



Does your company build flatpack or bespoke garden rooms?

All of the garden rooms that we construct are always bespoke, what this simply means is that you can design the whole summerhouse the way you want it built, then our joiners, can start to build wooden building for you. So for example you choose the dimensions of the building, then you can choose different roof options and different door options.

Then there’s the cladding, there’s a huge amount of choice in terms of which exterior cladding would like, would you like a less expensive option, example metal sheet cladding?


Would you like a much more expensive option such as Canadian red cedar?

We therefore build garden rooms in the city of Gloucestershire, with prices ranging from £18,000 for our cheapest option, right through to in excess of £70,000.

Our garden rooms are very high quality, all of the timber work will be constructed by our carpenters and our joiners, so all of the structural timbers will be built so that they are strong, we shall also build a very high-quality roof, which is often referred to as a rubber roof. Then we purchase our windows and doors from a supplier of very high-quality windows and doors, for example you might wish to opt for aluminium powder coated windows, which will last a very long period of time and will not rust.

So whether in Gloucestershire you want let’s say a garden gym built, or perhaps an area where you can enjoy a gin and tonic in the summer, or perhaps you want somewhere where you can watch the football? We can build this building for you.


Do you build garden rooms within Gloucestershire?

Yes, we can build log cabins, garden buildings as well as summerhouses anywhere within Gloucestershire. Prices range from between 18,000, and in excess of £70,000, for a free quote why not call us, our estimator can come and meet you in an evening, on weekends and during the day, we can offer you a free quote.

Perhaps you have a massive garden, and you would like a large log cabin built, complete with bathroom, perhaps you don’t want to spend that much, and they just want a small room, somewhere where you could go and read a book, and we can also build this as well. We offer prices ranging from 18,000 to 70,000+, so we can cater to most budgets.


There are many garden room companies to pick from, why should we pick you?

It’s true, there are thousands of garden room companies based up and down the United Kingdom, however here at Kingsley, many homeowners choose us, because we have a rock-solid reputation for building quality. Perhaps you seen work on Facebook? Where you will have seen our garden rooms which are exceptionally high quality, there are also built by joiners, so they are well built and they are fully reconstructed in your garden rather than being put together a factory.

Some of the cheaper summerhouses that you can purchase online, for example with prices starting from let’s say £3000, are sometimes assembled in a factory, when a summerhouse is assembled in a factory, sometimes you can’t state which windows you want, which type of doors you want or even which type of roof, therefore you don’t have any control over design the summerhouse.

However, when you pick us, things are totally different you design the summerhouse completely from top to bottom how you want it built, so you specify which roof you specify which doors you want, you specify which cladding you also specify which flooring you want you also specify what colours you want the walls painted.

This is why our company is so popular in Gloucestershire, simply because when we build a wooden summerhouse, we can offer you so many different options to choose from, from which roof you want, through to which flooring you want, as well as different options in terms of insulation.



Do you build garden bars?

Yes, we do we build garden bars, for example you might want a garden building constructed so that you can use it as a place to enjoy a nice gin and tonic?

Or perhaps you prefer an English ale, we can build a bar for you, so that you could put multiple draft beer pumps on top of the bar.

Instead, you might enjoy drinking let’s say a nice bottle of champagne? Will why not have a garden bar built, so that in the summer when the weather is really nice, you could have your friends and family over and you could serve refreshing alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

You could simply fallback the bi folding doors, and the whole room could be used as a place to simply enjoy spending time your friends and family.

Also, when the football is on or the rugby, you might want, your friends over to watch the match within your garden?

This is why garden rooms are so popular right throughout Gloucestershire, when many residents within Gloucestershire want a garden building built, so that they can use it as a space to socialise with friends and family.

You may want us to completely landscape your garden is well, for example to build the pizza oven, or perhaps an area where you can have barbecues, you might also want us to build a wooden gazebo?


Underneath the wooden gazebo that we have built, you might want to put your hot tub underneath?

Therefore here at Kingsley, we can help to really improve your garden, whether that’s to having a summerhouse built, or perhaps you would like a pizza oven, new patio or perhaps raised planters built by us?


Can you build us a garden gym?

We also build garden gyms, that is we can build a large garden room, which can be fully air-conditioned, it can also have a bathroom, so that once you’ve finished working out let’s say on the exercise bike, you could simply walk to the bathroom and use the shower.

We therefore build garden gyms, and with prices from £18,000 you can see why we are such a popular garden room company.


Do you offer free quotations within Gloucestershire?

Yes, we offer free quotes within Gloucestershire, so if you’re thinking about having a log cabin built, or perhaps a summerhouse or perhaps a garden room, why not call us? You haven’t got to wait until the summer, for us to start building your new garden building, that’s because he with this company we build our garden buildings right throughout the entire year, whether it’s in winter, spring, summer or autumn, we can build a brand-new summerhouse for you.

We can travel anywhere within Gloucestershire and offer you a free quote, prices for a summerhouse range between 18,000 and 70,000.


Have you been building garden buildings for a long period of time?

Yes, we have been building luxurious summerhouses now for over 10 years, we are therefore established company during this time we have built a rock-solid reputation, for building well-made summerhouses.

We can also offer guarantees on the summerhouses that we build, this is another reason why so many people ask us to build the summerhouse.

The building will be well-made, but it also comes with a long guarantee.


How do you ensure that every summerhouses is very high quality?

We have hugely experienced team, so whether it’s our estimators, which you meet right at the start, to offer you a quote to build the summerhouse, who will be able to offer you a quote quickly. Sometimes our estimators are able to offer you a quote there and then in your garden, however for more complex garden rooms, for example a garden room with decking, air-conditioning and perhaps a roof where you can grow plants, we would need to go back to the office and calculate the costs and then sent them over to you via email at a later date.

However because our estimators are highly experienced, they will aim to get a quote to you as soon as possible.

Then we have our joiners, we employ very highly skilled joiners, our joiners can build everything from adding the cladding to the outside of the summerhouse, through to making you bespoke furniture, for example you might want a bookcase built, you might want a bar built so that you can pull a pint of English ale on your wooden bar, alternatively you might want a hardwood floor, and our joiners can build the floor for you.

Would you like a garden bar built this summer?




Here in Great Britain, our summers are very short, so we need to make the most of them, we need to have friends and family around, whether that be for a barbecue, a catch up and perhaps to enjoy a drink or two on the weekend.

Perhaps you like to drink whiskey, a nice glass of wine, perhaps you like gin?

Whenever you like to drink, why not have a garden room built, so it becomes a place to socialise, have your friends over and enjoy a drink or two?

Bespoke garden bar

The great thing about hiring Kingsley, to build your garden bar, is you can design it anyway you like, and then we can build it for you in a short space of time.

So perhaps you want a really large decking area of the front, of the garden room, then we can build this for you.

Perhaps you want the room to be air conditioned, so during the summer, you can watch the football, and you could switch the air conditioning on, and  the room will be nice and cool.

Perhaps you want bi folding doors, so that when the weather is really warm, you could simply fold back the doors, and let the fresh air come into the room.

Perhaps you want the room soundproofed, so that you can play music within the room?

We build garden rooms in the Cotswolds

Right throughout the whole of the Cotswolds, garden rooms are very popular, perhaps they used to run a business from, sometimes they use as a room to watch the football, or perhaps you want a garden room built so that you have a place to play a musical instrument?

One thing is for sure, that is when people in the Cotswolds want a really top quality garden room built, the contact Kingsley. With over 10 years experience building luxury summerhouses, we can build your summerhouse quickly, we can build your summerhouse so it’s high quality, and we can offer very competitive prices.

So perhaps you live in Gloucester, or possibly Somerset? Or perhaps you might live in Worcestershire? We can build a garden room for you, it will be top quality, and built using the very best building materials.

Why go to the pub?

You might like to watch the football, boxing or rugby at the local pub, however when you visit your local pub when a large sporting event is on, the pub might be full, it might take a long time to get served at the bar, and you might even struggle to see the large screen TV, so you might have made the decision that you want to have a garden room built, that becomes your place, and a place for your friends to go to watch the football.

Best of all, our joiners can build a bar for you, then you could have draft beer on pump, so instead of having to wait at the bar, in your local pub, to get served, you could just pull this off a pint in you very own garden bar.

Also you could have a huge television, to watch the rugby, boxing and football on. And you could have really top-quality speakers, within your garden room, so that the sound quality is brilliant.


We build garden rooms right throughout Gloucestershire, with prices starting from just £18,000, it’s clear to see why so many people in Gloucestershire call our garden room company, when they want a garden room built.

Bath England

Bath simply has some brilliant architecture, it has some really nice Victorian buildings, and a lot of people in Bath once a luxurious garden room built. They want a company that is capable of building a very high quality bespoke garden room, that’s why they call us. We have a team of joiners, we have a electricians and we have roofers which can build a garden room for you.


Many people within Worcestershire want a luxury summerhouse constructed, and we can build a luxury summerhouse for you.

What is a Garden Room?

What is a Garden Room?



So, to some well, they might well, a garden room, is just a building built in your garden, but here’s the thing, the quality of the buildings can vary massively. Some can be superbly built, a room that’s easy to heat up in winter, and basically a room where you will want to spend a lot of time.

However, on the other end of the scale, there’s the garden rooms, which no matter how much you try to heat them, they are always cold, the roof may be rubbish quality, and the inside of the garden room may become water stained, because of the water that may well be dripping in, and then there’s the fact that the glass may well be single pane, and frames may not fit the building, so cold gusts of air just blow in.

So, as you can see, garden rooms vary massively in terms of quality.

So, let us explain in this blog post, what we think a quality garden room is.

First things first, what are garden rooms also referred to as?


Well, when people call Kingsley, they often refer to the building as a summerhouse, as as garden office, posh shed, garden workshop, log cabins, garden studio, as well as garden gym, garden bar so there are so many ways that you could describe these garden buildings.

However, we would say that often, the vast majority of people call these buildings, “summerhouses” or “garden rooms”.


What is a garden room?

Our garden rooms, can be used all year around, and this is really important to ask any garden room company, can their garden rooms be used all year around?

Because, if the building is not insulated, well, in winter, the room might be quite literally freezing inside, and if the glass is single pane, and there’s no insulation, such as fibreglass, or panel insulation in the walls, and ceiling, you may find the building totally unusable in winter, so do make sure your purchasing an “insulated garden room”.


What is a garden room used for?

Often most of the garden rooms that we build, are mostly used as a room to work in, also our customers often use the room to exercise in, perhaps play a musical instrument in.

Other common uses include, as a place to watch the football on the weekends.


What are garden rooms a great alternative for?



If your thinking of having your loft converted, to use as a home office, why not think about having an insulated garden office built instead?

That’s because with a dormer loft conversion, you often have to go through planning permission, which may take a while, then there’s the cost, and a dormer loft conversion could cost more than a large garden room built by us. Then there’s the dust to consider, no matter how clean and tidy your builders are, if your having your loft converted, this creates a lot of dust.

And with a garden room, because all of the construction work will be in your garden you don’t have to worry about the dust created from building the summerhouse.


How much does a garden room cost?

Our garden rooms might cost a lot less than you might first think, prices for us to build a garden room start from just 18k, so when you hire us, they offer fantastic value for money.

Plus, we have a very large team, we have experienced roofers, experienced joiners, experienced electricians, and we all work to  build the garden room as quick as we can.


How long will we have to wait for you to start building our garden room?

Often we can start work straightaway, the reason for that is we have a large team, with some companies there can be a 3 month wait in the summer, however, we always aim to start work as soon as we can. Because we have so many labourers working for us, we can often start building the summerhouse shortly after you call us.

Sometimes, in the peak of summer, is our busiest time, there might be a slight wait, however, when we come and see you, and offer you a quote, we can tell you the lead-time, sometimes, we can even start as soon as the following week.

Which exterior cladding option will you choose for your garden room?

It doesn’t matter if you have a small garden, or your garden is over an acre of land, often the garden room will be a focal point of your whole garden, so you will want the building to look amazing. And what can drastically change the appearance of a garden room is the exterior cladding you choose.

For example, powder coated steel sheets on the outside, can give our really modern appearance, yet if you were to opt for something like Canadian red cedar, than the building could look more traditional, and may blend more into a garden and be suited for a garden, where there’s a period property.

If you want your garden room to really stand out, you might wish to opt for composite cladding which comes in a huge range of colours, for example olive green. We are now going to talk you through some of the different exterior cladding options that our business offers to our customers when they are having a luxury summerhouse built by us.

Canadian red cedar

By a country mile, the most popular type of cladding that we offer is called Canadian red cedar, the reason for this is that this type of wood is very popular for garden rooms is simply because it looks quite different from other types of wood such as pine, or lets oak.

For example we are all used to what pine looks like, what a dark wood looks like such as mahogany, looks like as well, but red Canadian cedar has a distinctive bright reddish colour, which makes this type of wood look very different, and stand out  from other types of wood options.

However, there are some disadvantages to picking this type of wood, one is that this type of cladding is very expensive, so if you were to clad the whole garden room with red cedar wood, it can sometimes significantly increase the cost of the build.

The other problem with Canadian red cedar wood is that it does require some maintenance, a specialist wood preservative is needed to help protect the wood, this is the same for all types of wood which are applied to the exterior of a garden room.

However, if you want a much more low maintenance type of garden room, why not opt for powder coated steel sheets? Yet if this looks a bit too industrial, then you might wish to pick composite cladding?


Why we highly recommend composite cladding

Composite cladding is most definitely not cheap, it’s quite expensive to purchase, however there are a huge number of benefits, in that composite cladding never rots, and comes in a range of colours and this also it requires next to no maintenance.



What you might find is that when you first purchase your garden room from us, you may want to diligently look after the exterior wood, so you varnish it on a regular basis, and you protect it with the recommended would preservative that we can recommend. Its worth noting, that different woods, such as red cedar, oak, and pine will need different wood preservative products, so depending on which exterior cladding option you select, we will be able to recommend different quality products.

Yet we all lead busy lives, so you might start off as a busy bee, and want to protect the wood, by coating it with varnish, yet after a while what you might find is that you haven’t got the time to keep preserving the wood, say every summer.

So  if you don’t think the you have time to keep applying lacquers of would preservative say every summer to the exterior of your garden room, then why not go for a composite cladding instead? It requires no maintenance.


Metal sheets

Some people don’t like metal sheets applied to the outside of their garden room, and that’s because it makes them think that the building looks like it’s a steel cabin, that are used on some construction sites.

However some people do like metal sheets on the outside of the garden room, and that’s because they give a very contemporary look, metal sheets are inexpensive compared to the other cladding options as well, plus metal sheets do allow the garden room to be built more quickly, that’s because the sheets are very wide so it doesn’t take long to complete the cladding of the building.

The best thing about metal sheeting they can be easily cleaned easily as well, and they are low maintenance and last for very long time.

Different types of wood

We can clad the exterior of your garden room any wood that you would like.



There are options to clad the outside of the garden room with plastic strips, that overlap and interlock, we can therefore use plastic as your exterior of your garden room.


Do you live in the Cotswolds?

Perhaps you live in Gloucestershire, and you would like a very high-quality garden room constructed then why not call us?