Garden Bar Ideas | No more waiting at the bar to get served!



Up and down the country homeowners are having garden bars built, whether you call them your “gin bar”, “sports bar”, or perhaps you call it your very own “English boozer”- we think, that a garden bar just simply offers a fantastic place to go and unwind, and if your not an alcohol drinker, no worries, have a mocktail, or use the room as your space to watch live sporting events.


Outdoor entertaining

“Have you booked the table for 7pm- Karen and friends want to meet at the local pub”- booking tables, taxis, queuing at the bar- the bell rings, last orders everyone, its all a bit of a hassle, what if there’s an easier way, a more fun way to have your friends over, enjoy a nice pint of English Ale- well, there is an easier way, a better way, you simply just have to have a short walk through your garden, switch the lights on, and there you have it, the rather majestic sight of your own bar, illuminated, glowing, stocked with your favourite beers, it’s a sight to behold- and we are the garden room company to make that a reality.


Outdoor Entertaining

Our summers here in Great Britain, well there short, too short, and this is why we need to make the most out of every single second we can, basking in the sunshine, and sipping on a nice refreshing pint of cider- and having a garden room built by us, well it can help to spend more time outdoors, okay so technically if your in your garden bar, your still indoors, but why not have decking built?

This way you could have huge, massive, decking built, complete with a parasol, chairs, table, your favourite beer brand printed on the parasol, and then, when the weathers, nice, you can enjoy your cider on the decking, if it starts to drizzle, no worries, a simple push of the bi-folding doors, and your back in the dry in your garden bar.

Then you could watch the rugby, the boxing the football on a huge television with all your friends, and when its nice and dry, during half time, its time to step back outside and enjoy that glorious British weather.


Large Garden Bar

So, when a think of a garden room, we might start to have thoughts of a building not much bigger than a standard sized one car garage, but when you hire our company to build the garden room, you can really push the boat out, really go to town, and have massive garden bar, why not have a lounge area, large l shaped sofas. Why not have a complete bathroom suite, also a long bar, why not have all your favourite beers, on draft, so you can have all your friends around, and enjoy nice refreshing, cold pint of English Ale.


About Garden Bars


So what is a garden bar?

Well, it’s a garden room, where with the help of our joiners, we can build a large bar, we can make the bar out of solid hardwood. It can look a real bar, then we could put mirrors behind the bar, and build a cabinet for all your whiskeys, vodkas and gins.


Are garden bars popular in Gloucestershire?  

Yes, it doesn’t matter if you have a 2 bedroom house, or a country mansion and you own fields as far as the eye can see, most homeowners want a garden bar, somewhere to watch the football on the weekends, or just simply go into a nice reclining chair, and enjoying sipping on Irish whiskey on the rocks.


So how much does a garden room pub cost to build?

Prices start from as low as 18k, and then our prices rise depending on the size of the garden room, and what features you would like added, such as air conditioning, a panoramic glass roof, or perhaps huge decked area, made out of composite decking?


Fully insulated for year-round use

So, you might want to enjoy a pint or two with your friends in the peak of summer, when the weather is nice, the sun’s beaming down, the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air, and a friend might be busy watching over the barbeque, and making sure the burgers don’t burn too much.

And you and the rest of friends, may be at the bar, in your garden bar, watching the football highlights.

So a garden bar, that’s a great place to spend time in, during the summer, but what about the winter, when the weathers not too good.

Well some cheap garden rooms, made by some garden room companies, well they would have you shivering, and icicle’s forming on your friends noses, if you spend too much time in them, in matter of fact, you might need full ski-gear, just to sit and have a pint, and that’s because some garden rooms, well there uninsulated.


Are our garden rooms uninsulated?

Yes, they most definitely are insulated, we always use top quality insulation in the walls, so when you switch on your electric heater(s), the room will be so nice and warm, you will want spend hours in the room.

So, we put quality insulation in the roof, and walls, this makes our garden rooms a piece of cake to heat up, and because they are so well built, once the heating is on, you will be nice and warm. This is why in The Cotswolds, you will see so many of vans driving around areas like North Somerset, because our customers know, when we build a garden room, we make sure that there correctly insulated.

So you might live in lets say Bath, in England, and your home may well be in location, that’s open country side, and the winds get strong, and it gets very cold in winter, but when you hire us, to build your garden room, because its so well insulated, all you have to do, is switch the heating on, in minutes the rooms warm.


And you might be thinking, well surely that’s the same for all garden bars and rooms?

Well, no, some garden rooms, are like garden sheds, there cold, there draftee and they get damp, not somewhere you want enjoy drinking a nice bottle of wine.


Are garden bars warm enough to use in winter?

Yes, most definitely, and where some landscaping companies, they only build garden rooms during the summer, when the weathers nice, but you may have seen our VW  vans driving around the Cotswolds, in England, in say December and that’s because, we build garden rooms, log cabins, summerhouses, throughout the winter as well.