Would you like a corner garden room built?




For some homeowners, they might have a relatively small garden. For some other homeowners, they may not want the garden room, to be the centre of attention. They may have a large lawn, and grow a lot of flowers, and they may like the garden the way it is, and don’t want a garden room to become the focal point.

Yet, the homeowner would like a garden room, to offer a place where they can go and work during the day, so a brilliant solution, to having a garden room built, yet for is not to be the focal point of the garden, is to consider having a corner garden room, which can be fitted snugly in the corner of a garden.

We also build, something called garden pods, these are simply garden rooms which are compact, and just large enough to fit a average size desk within the building.


Would you like a corner garden room constructed?

Currently, the corner of your garden, might not currently be used, for example there might be a huge amount of brambles?

Alternatively, there might be a compost bin which you might no longer use, it could be a dilapidated old garden shed.

What we can do is, clear the space, by adding all of the waste into a skip for you. Once the area has been cleared, for example the old garden shed, has been thrown into the skip, then our team can start work on building your new garden room.

We have built countless garden offices, garden rooms and garden pods within the Cotswolds England, we are known as a very high quality manufacturer of garden buildings. Many homeowners, living in exclusive and desirable areas such as North Somerset, ask us to build a high quality, bespoke, well-made garden building within their garden.

We can build a corner garden room, we can build an L-shaped room, we can build a hexagonal we can build a circular room we can build a rectangular garden room. Prices vary depending on size, prices start from just £18,000, and we can offer luxurious options which increase in price up two £70,000.


The Cotswolds

we can come out and offer a no obligation quote to build a garden building, anywhere within the Cotswolds, within England.


Can you install all of the electrics?

Yes we can, once we have built your corner garden room, our electricians can install all of the electrics for you.


We want an eco-friendly garden room, complete with solar panels, can you build this for us?

Yes we can, we can add solar panels to the roof, our builders can build a side room, where a huge battery can be stored, then all of the electric that’s been generated, through the solar panels on the roof of the garden room, can be stored in the large batteries to the side of your garden room.

Then, this electric can be used to power the lights, and also items such as your laptop within your garden room.

We can also add, sheep’s wool, into the walls, into the floor into the roof, and because sheep’s wool is 100% natural, you will be obtaining high quality insulation, that also eco-friendly because it’s a natural product.


How long will it take you to build a corner garden room?

Most garden rooms, that we construct, can be fully built, and ready for use, in less than two weeks. More complicated garden rooms, will take us longer to construct, when we have met with you, and we fully understand the type of garden room, that you want constructed, then we can offer you an estimate for how long it will take us to build.

Most garden rooms, which we build in the Cotswolds, can be built in less than two weeks.


Can you create, 3-D plans of how the garden room will look, prior to it being built?

Yes we can, our sales team, can arrange for 3-D drawings to be created, it will show you exactly what your garden room will look like, prior to it being built. Our sales team, we need to understand, what cladding you would like, what shape garden room you would like, with you want decking, what type of doors and windows you would like, then we can arrange for a set of 3-D drawings to be created.


Garden pods, garden offices, garden buildings Cotswolds England

we have a huge amount of experience, in building garden rooms, we can build a garden building anywhere within the Cotswolds. We have a full-time salesperson, who will aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours of meeting you.


Do you offer a long guarantee on your garden pods?

Yes we do, we offer a long guarantee on every single summerhouse that we build within the Cotswolds. This is one of the reasons, why so many people hire us to build their garden room, because we offer a long guarantee on our buildings.


Is it just, corner garden rooms that you build?

No, we can build any shape garden room that you would like, for example, we can build a hexagon shape garden room, we can build a circular garden room, we can build a triangular garden room.

What’s great about choosing our company, is that all of our garden rooms that we build are bespoke, so they can be built the best suit the shape of your garden.

For example, you might have a very wide garden, so why not have a large, rectangular garden room?


Would you like a free quote?

We can offer you a free quote, so why not give us a ring today?

Why are such a popular garden room company in Bath England?





We have now built so many garden rooms in Bath and also in Somerset, we have built L-shaped garden room, hexagon, rectangular, square and even circular garden rooms. We have built so many buildings in Bath, because we have a very strong reputation for building quality every single time.

Often, we build one garden building on a street, and it may have outdoor lighting so it is illuminated at night, as soon as the neighbours see the quality of our garden buildings, how good they look, and when they have a chat to their neighbour, they see how affordable our prices are, we may build more that three garden rooms on one street in Bath, England. That’s because have a lot of work which comes from recommendations, our customers are over the moon with our garden rooms, so they often recommend us to family and to friends.


Many positive business reviews on Google My Business

Because we have built so many garden rooms in Bath, in England, we have accumulated many positive business reviews. Our customers are so happy with their garden rooms, that they often leave good reviews about our business on Facebook, on Google My Business. We have gained so many positive reviews, simply because we build top quality garden rooms, and if any aspect of the building is not top quality, then we fix it straight away, we also give our garden rooms a very good clean before we hand them over to the customer, any scratches, or any details with the summerhouse that are not up to scratch, we redo the work.


How much does a garden room cost to build in Bath?

We offer fantastic prices, for example we can build a luxury summerhouse, with prices starting from just 18k- our garden rooms are therefore very affordable and well built. Many people hire us to build their summerhouse, simply because we also offer guarantees on our buildings.


Do you build garden offices in Bath, England?

Yes, we do, we would say around 33% of our garden rooms we build are used as offices. We can offer to install air conditioning, under floor heating, and add extra thick quality wall insulation, to make the building even more comfortable, so during the freezing cold winters in bath, you can simply walk into a nice and warm garden office built by us. Because we put so much insulation into the building, it is an energy efficient garden room, and because our garden rooms are so well insulated, they is another reason why so many people in bath, England, hire us to build the summerhouse. Because they can used 365 days of year, whether its snowing outsides, or a very hot summers day, the insulation can help keep the garden room warm in winter, and also help keep cold air during the summer. For example, we can also install air conditioning as well.

Do you build garden bars in Bath?

It can be great after a long week at work, to have your friend over, open up the garden bar, and enjoy a nice gin or perhaps you have a row of beer pumps in your garden bar, and you might have local ales on draft. So, you could have your friends over, and it’s a bit like owning your own pub, but the best part is, you haven’t got to get a taxi to get back home, you can just walk to your house.

We can build a large garden bar for you, we can even build the bar as well, we have carpenters, which can build the bar. Our builders can also install a bathroom for you, and we can also install air conditioning, so even if it gets hot outside, you can simply close the bi-folding doors, switch on the air conditioning, and in a few minutes, you will feel cooler, and you get back to enjoying drinking your lager.

Our electricians can install all of the electrics for you, our builders can help put TV on the wall, and then when the football is on, you can ask all your friends over, and you can all have a drink in your garden bar.


Do you build garden gyms in Bath and Somerset in England

A lot of people who like to work out and the gym don’t like to have to drive every day to the gym. For example, let’s say at 5:30 in the evening, most roads in Britain are very busy, and there’s lot of traffic, so it might take some people a long time to get to the gym, and this is time that could be spent improving your fitness, running on treadmill, using the dumb bells, or skipping, with a skipping rope.

So, when you have a garden gym, built by us in Bath, you haven’t got to drive to the gym, that’s because you can have a garden gym built by us. We can build a garden gym, with prices starting from just 18k, we also offer free quotes anywhere in Somerset, from North Somertset through to Bath, England we offer free quotes, so if you want a garden gym in your garden, then why not call us. We can add air conditioning, we can install heating, so whatever the weather is like outside, you can heat or cool the garden gym to any temperature you like.


How much do garden rooms cost to build in Bath, England?

The cost for us to build a garden room in Bath, depends on the following

–        What foundations would you like?

–        Which cladding would you like?

–        How large will the garden room be?

–        Do you want air conditioning?

–        Do you want heaters installed?

–        Do you want electrics installed?

–        Which roof do you want?

–        Which doors do you want?

–        Which windows would like?

–        Do you want us to install CCTV?

–        Do you want us to build a canopy to the side of your garden room?

–        Do you want us to build decking to the front of your garden room?

–        Do you want us to paint and decorate your garden room?

–        Do you want solar panels added to the roof?

–        Do you want a bathroom installed?

–        Do you want underfloor heating installed?

–        Do you want electric heaters installed?

–        Do you want LED lights fitted to the outside of your garden room?

–        Do you want composite cladding?

–        Do you want metal cladding?

–        Do you want wooden cladding?



How long will it take you to build a garden room in Bath?

Often, we can build a garden room in Bath, in England in less than 3 weeks, this is another reason why so many people in Bath hire us, is because we build our garden rooms very quickly. For example, you could be finishing your current employment, and starting a new job, the new job requires hybrid working, or you working from home full time, so you need a builder, who can build a garden room in less than one month. We build the vast majority of our garden rooms in less than 1 month.

For some garden rooms, that’s our garden rooms that cost between 18k and 25k, we can sometimes build these in less than 2 weeks, so we can build them very quickly, that’s because we can use ground screws, which allows us to build the foundations very quickly. Plus, our garden room company, has over 10 garden room builders working us, on a full-time basis, so we have a large team, who can build your garden office or garden room in Bath in England very quickly.



We are a U.K Garden Room Company


Kingsley is a UK Garden Room Company


We are garden room company based here in Britain, we are very proud of the fact that our buildings are made to order, which means that every building is hand crafted by craftsmen and women, and are therefore bespoke.

Some companies make garden rooms a bit like cars are made on a production line, yet this makes it sometimes hard for the customer have much say over the how the building is built.

Our buildings are different, we will come and meet you, and over nice of cup of tea, we will discuss which windows you would like, what you like the exterior to look, for example, which cladding you would like, whether you want lights outside the garden room, and whether you would like decking built as well.

Then we order the building materials we need, we often get these delivered to your garden, prior to us starting work. Then our craftsmen and women will work to build a quality handmade garden room, that’s not made in a factory, but instead made in your garden. And the finished product always looks fantastic, often with your neighbours wanting a quote from us, and a lot our work now comes from recommendations.

You may have even seen one of our many Ford Transit vans on the motorway, that’s because we go up and down the country, with our teams staying in hotels, for to build luxury garden rooms all over Britain.


We are a U.K garden room company

We are based in the U.K and our garden rooms are not made abroad and then shipped to us, no instead we buy the timber, the concrete the doors, all from our suppliers and the whole building is built in your garden. This means that our customers can state exactly how they want the building built, for example, even in terms of the foundations, you can have ground screws or a concrete base.

We use FSC approved wood, which simply means the wood comes from forests which are sustainably managed, and we buy premium quality doors and windows. This is why from Wales, through to Scotland we receive orders from customers 365 days of the year, we are a U.K garden room company that travels throughout the U.K building luxury garden rooms.

Have you seen a garden room on social media that you would like built your garden

Often our customers, before they place an order with us, for us to build a garden bar, a garden gym, a garden office, they will often spend a lot time on Instagram, finding a garden room design that they like. If you show us the picture of the garden room you like, then we can build it for you.


UK Garden Room Ideas

What will you use your garden room for?

  • As a garden bar?
  • As a garden office?
  • As a garden gym?


We can build a garden room for you, at a low cost, for example we offer prices staring from 18k.



Do you have garden room showroom in the U.K

Currently we don’t have a showroom. We can however build the garden room any way you would like, so for example, we can build garden room to any dimensions, we can build a circular garden room, a triangular garden room, a hexagon garden room.

We also offer extras, such as heat pumps, solar panels to make the garden room more eco-friendly.



Designed and built in the UK

We can come out and meet you, over nice cup of tea, we can have a chat, about how you want the garden room built. For example, you might be worried about road noise, and we can offer many different brands of sound proofing, to help make it quieter in the garden room. You might be concerned about it being too hot in the summerhouse in the summer, and you want to do some work in the summerhouse, so you don’t want to be too hot all day working, so we can offer you various air conditioning systems. You might be worried about security, as you want to put expensive mountain bikes in the garden room, we can install CCTV cameras for you.



Do you build insulated garden rooms?

Yes, we do, really cheap summerhouses, let’s say a summerhouse being sold for 3k, it might not have any insulation, the construction of the building might be like a garden shed. And in the winter, when jack frost comes, and we all have thick jumpers on, and also our thermals, this won’t be enough to keep you warm in some summerhouses. So, what you need is U.K garden room company, that can build an insulated garden room, that’s high quality, that’s as soon as you switch on the heating, the room warms up, and when we build a garden room, because the walls, the roof and the floor have insulation, the room retains it heat for longer.

This is one of the reasons why we are asked to build garden rooms, and garden offices all across the country, because our buildings are very well insulated. With the rising energy prices, people now want a well-insulated garden room, with panel insulation or with sheep’s wool insulation, or possibly fibreglass insulation, so that they can use the garden room throughout the winter.

We build garden rooms, that are very well insulated, so in the winter you can still use the buildings, by just switching on the electric heaters.



Built for the British climate

Its all well and good buying a garden room online that seems very cheap, or going to a showroom and seeing garden rooms for sale, yet if they cant withstand heavy rain, snow, sleet, our cold weather, well, that’s garden room is going look tatty in no time.

Within one year the exterior wood might starting to rot, inside the garden room there might be damp, damp patches on the roof, a bucket in the corner of the room collecting a drip of water, and you might think, what a waste of money.



Made to withstand our British weather

Therefore, this is why our company always has such a high number of orders every week, because we build garden rooms, able to withstand heavy rain, sleet and snow. Our garden rooms are very durable and tough, and made to last, there like the Jason Statham of the garden room world, they are very strong.

So, if you would like a well-built, a tough and durable summerhouse built anywhere in the U.K, then why not call us?

Can you build an eco-friendly garden building for us?




If you live in The Cotswolds, then you live in an area, that has a lot of countryside, fresh air, trees and is simply a great place to live. A lot of people who live in The Cotswolds, want a garden building built, but want it to have a minimal impact on the environment. Living in an area, with countryside makes us a lot of homeowners appreciate nature more, and our planet and therefore want to preserve it.

Because garden rooms use a lot of wood, a lot of building materials, such as rubber for the roof, a lot of plastics, its important that those building materials are sustainably sourced, or made from recycled plastics, or wood, and we will now explain why so many people are hiring us to build their garden buildings, because we simply can go the extra mile, to make sure your garden building is built so it’s an eco-friendly building.


Sheep’s wool insulation

We can add sheep’s wool insulation into the walls, into the floor and into the ceiling, sheep’s wool is brilliant at insulating a room, but its also a 100% natural product, so we would recommend it when building an eco-friendly garden room. Sheep’s wool is also quite low cost, so a large amount of it can be used, to insulate your garden building. We have already built many garden rooms in Gloucestershire, England, using sheep’s wool, and its simply brilliant at helping to keep the room warmer in the winter, plus a lot of homeowners like it, because it’s a natural product.


Solar panels on the roof

For a lot of homeowners, there energy bills have increased recently, with electric and gas which is now costing a lot more than what it done say not that long back. So, when people are having a garden room built, they often want solar panels added to the roof, and sometimes some homeowners then sell the electric generated to the grid to make an income. Yet, different brand solar panels, generate different amount of electric, if you are going to have solar panels fitted to your garden room, then we would recommend making sure they are very high quality and guaranteed to last.


Green roof

We can build a green roof onto your garden building, this most definitely helps the building to be much more eco-friendly, the reason for this is, you could grow a lot of flowers on the roof, and therefore the garden room is great for helping the bees and also insects as well. Its important to know, that if you want a green roof added to your garden room, this will significantly increase the weight of the roof, because so much soil will be added to the roof, so a lot more structural timbers, and steels will be used, so the cost for us to build a garden room, with a green roof will be more. However, we think you can’t put a price on helping the bees!


Very thick insulation

We can add very thick insulation into the side walls and ceiling, we can use panel insulation, which does a brilliant job at helping a building to keep heat inside. However, if you do opt for thick insulation, then this can eat into internal space, so do keep this in mind, however, if you use extra thick wall insulation, and in the ceiling, then combine this with very good quality double glazing, then the room can be very well insulated, and it might only take a small electric heater, to heat the room, and keep it warm. Extra thick insulation does cost more, but is most definitely worth the extra expense, when you consider how expensive electric is at the moment.


Position the garden room where it obtains the most sunlight

Having a lot of sunlight coming into the garden room, can reduce the need for the lights to be on so much, which is good for the environment. But also, if the room is well insulated, with extra thick insulation, then that sunlight coming through the windows and doors can help to warm the garden room as well. We would recommend adding blinds into the doors and windows, so if it gets too bright in the room the blinds can be adjusted.


Long life building materials

To get the best value for money from your garden room, its important that only good quality building materials are used. For example, if a low-quality roof is added, leaks may occur. So, it’s important that good quality building materials are used, that the whole garden building is made to last, we make sure that our buildings are made to last, by only fitting quality cladding, windows and roofs.

We are so confident that our garden buildings will last, that we offer long guarantee on every building that we build. The reason why we can offer a long guarantee is because we buy quality windows and doors, and the roofs are also high quality. Also, we employ carpenters which build our summerhouses, our carpenters make sure that our garden buildings are well built. We also have electricians that work for us, that can install of the electrics for you as well. Our garden buildings come with a long guarantee.


Composite decking

What’s great about composite decking and also composite cladding, is that composite cladding and decking can be made from recycled plastics. Plus, good quality composite lasts a long period of time.

Because the composite can be made using recycled plastics, composite cladding and decking is very good for environment.


FSC wood

We can build your garden building using fsc wood, which means the wood is sourced sustainably.


The Cotswolds

If you would like garden office or a garden room, built within the Cotswolds in England, then why not give us a ring?

What the benefits of choosing an L-shaped garden room?




When we are thinking of buying a garden room, often a lot of people look on Facebook and also Instagram to see the many garden offices and rooms which are being built by garden room companies all across the United Kingdom. And this provides food for thought, that is, before looking on Instagram you may not have known that it was possible to have a green roof added to a garden building, and to have a lot of wild flowers growing on the roof, completely different types of grass and plants.

So, having a look on Instagram can show you hundreds of different garden rooms, so you can start to pick the design garden room that you like. For example, you may spot Canadian red cedar cladding added to one building, and you really like the colour the wood, and you want this for your garden office. On another you may notice, that someone has many solar panels on the roof, and you like idea, on another garden room you might see and air-conditioning unit, and you may also want air conditioning.

However most garden rooms built in Britain normally are rectangular, and therefore you might think that this is the only shape garden room that you can buy. However, we think there many benefits to buying an L shaped garden room, because it allows more space, so you add say a toilet and wash hand basin, so for example, if you’re going to use the room as a garden office, you haven’t got to walk back to house to use the toilet, you can use the toilet within your garden office.

Here are the main benefits of having an L-shaped garden room built.


L-shaped garden room with side storage room

Sometimes, we are asked by our customers to demolish an old shed and then in the same place where the old shed stood, we are asked to build a garden room.

However, where do the mountain bikes, the collapsible ladders, and the inflatable swimming pool go, if the shed has been demolished?

Well, the answer is we can build a garden room which also has storage as well.

And this why we would recommend an L-shaped garden building, because you can use part of the L-shaped garden building, to use as storage, so all the items you had in your old garage you might be able to fit into the storage room on the side of your garden room. We can build two doors, one to enter the main room, and another to enter the side storage room, so if you are demolishing and wooden garden shed, or a garage to make way for a new garden room, then why not opt for a L-shaped garden room with side storage.


Add a toilet and a wash hand basin or even a complete bathroom

If you are having a garden office built, its likely that you will spend a lot of time in the garden office working, therefore when you need the toilet, you may want to walk back the main house, you may want a toilet, and a wash hand basin fitted inside the garden room.

With a rectangular garden office, if you add an internal wall, and add a toilet and a wash hand basin, or bathroom, then this can eat into the main room, and the main room may feel too small, so why not have l-shaped garden room, this way you have more space, and you have more space to add a toilet and wash hand basin, or if the garden room very big, perhaps you would like a complete bathroom added.


Great for storing all your gym equipment

A lot of people in the Cotswolds ask us to build a garden gym, and the garden gym can be full of a lot of fitness equipment, such as dumbbells, yoga mats, and also kettle bells, when you combine this with the other equipment such as the treadmill, the cycle bike, the rowing machine, there will be a lot of equipment and the room might feel a bit cluttered.

So, you need is a room to store the gym equipment, such as the dumbbells, and we can build a garden gym for you in the Cotswold’s, England is an L-shaped building. And this can have a separate room, for you to put all your gym equipment in that room, so you can take out the gym equipment you need, and put it back when you’re finished. For example, in the morning you might like to do yoga, and like the room to be empty of other gym equipment, so all the gym equipment can be put into the storage room.

Then the afternoon you might like to workout and use kettlebells, so you can just take the kettlebells you want and start your workout.


Would you like an L-shaped garden room built?

What’s great about a l-shaped garden room is, you can use part of the building for storing items you need to use in your garden. For example, you put your electric lawn mower, the football goals, or simply the clay flower pots, so you don’t need a garden shed anymore, we build an l-shape garden building, and the side room can be used to store items.

We have many builders that work for us, so we can demolish your old garden shed, and put into a skip for you.

Which area’s do you build L-shaped garden rooms in?

We build garden buildings all across The Cotswolds, we have a full-time sales person, who can come out and offer you a free quote. If the building is simple construction, then sometimes we can offer you a quote there and then, sometimes, if you for example, air conditioning, a bathroom added and composite decking, then we would need to go back to the office to work out a quote. We always aim to get you a quote within 3 working days.

We have sales staff, that come out and meet you in the evening, if you don’t get home until say 6pm this is no problem because we can come out and meet you and offer you a free quote.

How much does an L-shape garden room cost to build?

We can build an L-shape garden room with prices starting from just 25k.

we can build a rectangular garden room, with prices for rectangular garden room starting from 18k.


what foundations do you use when building a garden building?

We can offer two different types of foundations, the quicker and the cheaper option is opt for the foundations are to opt for ground screws. You might not have heard of ground screws, they are giant screws, and we use a tool to drive them into the ground, we use many ground screws to hold up one garden room, from that we lay down the wooden joists which hold up the floor. The alternative option is opt for, a concrete base, concrete foundations are more expensive, because we have to wait for the concrete to set, but also the concrete needs to be either pumped by a lorry into garden, or if the concrete pump cant reach the garden, then we will have to either wheel barrow the concrete, so we will need a huge amount of labourers, or will need to mix it the garden, either way there much more work that’s needs to build a concrete base, than using ground screws.


Have you built many garden offices in the Cotswolds England

We have built a large number of garden offices and garden rooms right throughout the Cotswolds.

In the Cotswolds, which is in England, United Kingdom, there are many business owners who need a garden office built, so they can run their business from the garden office.

Yet there are many homeowners who are surrounded by countryside, and rivers and forests, and they want a large luxury summerhouse built, so they can go down to the summerhouse, and enjoy nice bottle wine in the Cotswolds, while unwinding in their summerhouse, well sitting on comfortable sofa, well looking out over the countryside.

How much do your garden offices / pods cost?




Garden offices can offer a great place to work, a quiet room, that’s situated away from your main house. And when the working day is over with, no need to get in your car, and say get stuck in traffic for close to an hour sometimes, for some people- no you can just walk back to your house a few steps away.

However, what might be putting some people off buying a garden office is cost, yet what if we told you that we can build a garden office for just 18k- that’s right, you can have a quality, insulated, well built garden office, built in less that 3 weeks in your garden, for just 18k- we are sure you will agree this offers amazing value for money.


How long does it take you to build a garden office pod?

On average it takes us 3 weeks to build a garden office from start to finish.


Do you offer a guarantee on each garden office you build?

Yes we do, we offer guarantee on every garden room we build.


We want a bathroom within the garden office, do you offer this?

Yes, we can add a complete bathroom, or just a toilet and wash hand basin.


Can you install the air conditioning for us?

Yes, we can offer you many different brands of air conditioning units to pick from.


Can you install all of the electrics for us?

Yes we can, we can install all of the electrics because we have electricians working for us


We want composite decking built can you build this?

Yes we can build wooden, or composite decking for you.


If we want the garden room moved at a later date, can the garden room be moved?

No, our garden rooms cannot be moved once built.


What’s the lowest cost that you can build a garden office for?

We can build a garden room for 18k.


Are all your garden offices the same prices?

 No, we offer garden offices, which start from just 18k, yet, we can build larger garden offices, plus we can offer a large range of optional extras, such as adding air-conditioning, which will increase the cost. Prices therefore vary between 18k and 70k depending on how large you want the building to be, and which extras you select.


I will start working from home soon, how long will it take you to build the garden office?

We can build a garden office, from start to finish in less than 3 weeks, sometimes it can take us even less than this.

We can therefore build a garden office very quickly, plus unlike some other companies, we don’t have a long waiting list, that’s because, we have a huge team, which means, we can build more garden rooms than some other companies. Some companies may have say just 3 staff, yet we have a large team of builders, which means that we can build a lot of garden offices every year. And our garden room company builds our garden rooms right throughout the whole year.


Are the garden offices you build insulated?

Yes, they are, we can offer you many different types of insulation, we can offer you panel insulation, we can offer you sheep’s wool insulation, we can offer fibreglass insulation, we will make sure we build garden room for you, that has insulation in the walls, ceiling and floor. And this is important, because if you want to work in the room, during autumn and winter, then there needs to be insulation added to the walls, floor and ceiling. Plus, our electricians can install electric heaters for you.


Concrete slab or ground screws?

We offer two different types of foundations for your garden room to be built on, that is a concrete base and ground screws. The cheaper option is ground screws, and the more expensive option is to have a concrete base, the concrete base is more expensive, because we have to wait for the concrete to set, before our builders can start to build the garden room on top of it. We use ground screws for the vast majority of garden buildings we build, when we come out to offer you a quote, we can state whether the ground in your garden is suitable for ground screws.


Which type of exterior cladding would you like?

Here at Kingsley, we offer a range of different cladding options. The most expensive cladding option that we offer is hardwood, yet we also offer composite and metal sheet cladding. If you want our lowest cost option, then we can fit metal sheet cladding, which comes in a range of different colours, is very easy to clean, and because the metal sheets are powder coated, they will last a very long period of time. We can clad the back and the sides of the garden room with metal sheets, and use a hardwood cladding on the front. Many of our customers opt to have metal cladding on the back and sides, because often these are the sides of the garden room that often not visible from the garden.

The front of the garden room, can be clad in hardwood, because often its only the front of the garden room which can be seen from the garden. So, to keep costs down, we clad the rest of the garden room using metal sheet cladding.


Would you like solar panels added?

It will increase the cost for us to build a garden office, if we add solar panels to the roof. However, with that said, you do have to think of how much you will save on electric, so we can add solar panels to the roof for you. Sometimes, some garden offices are built in a part of the garden, which doesn’t receive much sunlight at all, therefore some garden offices wouldn’t benefit from having solar panels added to the roof.


High quality roof

We guarantee our roofs, we a high quality roof onto every garden office we build. This means we add quality rubber roofing, facia boards and guttering, so you will have a high quality roof added to your garden room.


Do you build garden offices in Bristol?

The vast majority the garden offices we build are in Bristol, however our garden room company also builds garden offices across the Cotswolds.


Do you know that also build garden gyms?



Lets face it, after a long day at work, its all too easy to jump car, and drive past the gym and actually go inside. So many people have gym memberships, taking out a direct debit every month, but skip going, and might not visit the gym that often. Yet you have a garden gym built by us, well there’s no excuses, it makes it a piece of cake to get the gym, because the gym is at the end of your garden. So  Achieving optimal health requires consistency and convenience- and having an air conditioned gym at the end of your garden, full of dumbbells, running machine, rowing machine, well it makes so easy to start your work out.


A garden gym can be more than just a space to flex your muscles, a home gym can serve as your sanctuary of self-improvement, to do yoga, to mediation, to spend some time warming up and warming down after workout.

This article delves into the numerous benefits of owning a home gym, and prices starting from 18k you can see why we are building so garden rooms across the United Kingdom. So with our super low prices on our garden rooms, we are dispelling the myth that garden rooms merely a luxury for the affluent.


Owning a garden gym so easy workout whenever you want

In our super lives, juggling commitments, at work, at home, so many of us haven’t got time to  get to the gym, so we might go lets twice week, yet if you own your garden gym, you could go as often as you want, perhaps just for 30 mins blast on the rowing machine.

Owning a garden gym eliminates the commute times, so no more being stuck in traffic trying to get to the gym, because now your gym is at home.  . With 24/7 access to your very own gym well you can set your schedule as per your convenience, perhaps a nice run in the morning and some weight lifting in the evening say at 7pm? According to a study from the Journal of Public Health (2012), people who exercise at home are more likely to stick to their fitness regimen than those who visit commercial gyms.

Yoga, cardio or weight lifting, which one do you like to do?

Whichever you prefer, running, lifting weights, or yoga, why not  have a garden room built, so it becomes your place to improve your fitness.

When you workout in your home gym, you have the ability to tailor your workout routine to your specific needs. Whether it’s yoga, strength training, or cardio, you can focus on what suits you best. Th

e American Council on Exercise affirms that personalising your fitness routine leads to improved results and satisfaction [^3^].

No more expensive gym memberships

A home gym is indeed an investment, one of our garden gyms can cost anywhere between 18k and 70k to build in Gloucestershire, but you wont have to pay gym memberships, and owning your gym equipment makes it so easy to start a workout whenever you want, so you might be more inclined to workout more often, and this may improve your fitness, and you cant put a price on that.

So say goodbye to recurring gym membership fees and the cost of diesel or petrol having to drive all the way to the gym.


Maintaining privacy and comfort

For many people working out in a local gym is not the best, sometimes the gym equipment is not cleaned that well, and for example the treadmill might be covered in sweat, sometimes during busy times, also it can be hard to get the equipment you want,   and self-consciousness people may not like working out in a room full of people. Having a home gym allows for privacy and a personal space to focus solely on your fitness goals, plus the gym is likely to be much cleaner because it not being used by hundreds of other people. A study from the Health Education Journal shows that individuals who are self-conscious about their bodies often feel more comfortable exercising at home.

F.A.Q. Section

Q1: What are the basic pieces of equipment I need for my home gym?


The basics depend on your fitness goals, and we would recommend having a chat to a fitness instructor to recommend equipment for you,  typically include a yoga mat, resistance bands, a set of dumbbells is needed, and a stability ball. Depending on your fitness goals, you might also consider cardio equipment like a stationary bike or a treadmill, these are not expensive, you can buy them at a low cost.


Q2: How much space do I need for a home gym?

This depends on your workout routine, if you use a lot of equipment then you need us to build a very big garden room,   However, if you just like doing yoga, well we could build a summerhouse for you for just 18k.


Why do so many people buy garden buildings from Kingsley?



Why do so many people buy garden buildings from us?

We have built hundreds of garden buildings, the reason why so many people purchase a Kingsley garden room, is because they are top quality. We use high quality building materials. We also offer a guarantee on every garden room we build.


How much do your garden buildings cost?

Prices start from just 17k for our garden rooms, so they are very affordable.

How long will it take you to build a garden building?

This does depend on the size of the building, often we build a garden building from start to finish in less 3 weeks. However with that, sometimes it can take longer, for example, if need to bring a excavator to level the ground, and lay a concrete slab, this will take us longer to build the summerhouse.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we do, all our garden buildings are guaranteed.


Do you also offer landscaping services?

Yes, we do, we can replace your fence, we offer to build decking, we build pizza ovens, we build summerhouses, garden rooms, garden offices, composite decking, wooden decking, property extensions. We can improve your whole garden, we can also lay new grass.

Do you ever gaze out at your garden, over the lawn, or the trees and surrounding fields, and imagine what it could be like to have a nice cosy place to unwind in after a long day at work?

There’s no limit to the possibilities when you own a garden room built by us, perhaps its used as place for a glass of whiskey, to read a book, or simply your friends over for a game of cards. Picture a serene sanctuary for meditation, or you could use the room as a workspace, or a cosy corner for family gatherings to enjoy a nice meal with your family.

Welcome to Kingsley, where build quality garden buildings – we build a bespoke summerhouse for you. Garden buildings are becoming increasingly popular all over the United Kingdom, and with good reason as they offer more living room, at a very affordable price.

They offer an attractive, practical solution to enhance any garden, blurring the line between indoors and outdoors- for example you could have decked built, and eat outdoors, on the decking when the weather is nice. Then during the winter, you could dine indoors, and eat nice bowl of pasta.

This comprehensive guide will delve into the numerous benefits of owning a garden building built by us and why they might be the perfect addition to your home.


Multifunctional Spaces- would you like to use the room as yoga room? As place to dine in the evening after work, or possible as your main place to work?

Garden buildings are incredibly versatile, you can them as home gym to improve your fitness, or use them to simply enjoy a bottle of wine and listen to some music, so garden rooms can be used a huge range of different purposes. Whether you need a home office so you can work from home, a gym built so you can improve your fitness, an artist’s studio to make a nice oil painting, or a peaceful retreat, these structures provide the perfect solution. The 2022 Housing Report which was published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that 35% of homeowners in the UK have transformed their garden building into a workspace. Source ever since Covid more people are now working from home, or run a company from home, so need a garden office.

We have build many garden offices and garden rooms, and with prices starting from just 17k they are very affordable.

We can build you an Eco-Friendly garden room for you, built with a green roof, solar panels and composite cladding

Its important whichever garden room company you hire, they offer wood is FSC approved wood, or better still why not buy reclaimed wood. For example in Bristol, there are many yards which sell reclaimed wood, so rather the wood being burnt or turned biomass, it can be reused to build your summerhouse. As reported by the Sustainable Buildings and Construction Programme, they utilise materials that are often recyclable and also renewable, reducing harmful emissions. A garden building not only enhances your space but it can also be built using eco-friendly building materials, such as composite cladding, which can be made from recycled plastics sometimes.. Source


Having a luxury garden building built, could make your home more saleable

Lets say you want to sell your house, if you have a luxury building built in your garden, then of course this only be advantage when it comes to selling your house.. According to Rightmove, properties with a garden building saw an average price increase of 5% in 2022. Not to mention, they are an attractive feature for potential buyers. Source

What are the benefits of owning an insulated garden office?



If you’re thinking of improving your garden, so you can spend more time within your garden, then you’re most likely thinking about purchasing a garden room. However what we would say, it’s so important that you an insulated garden room.

Its important that your summerhouse is equipped with thermal insulation, whether that be rockwool, panel insulation or perhaps sheep’s wool insulation. An insulated garden room can serve multiple purposes- for example you could use one half to work in, and the other half to do yoga or exercise in.

In this blog post, we will talk about why so many people are buying our insulated garden rooms, we will explore the various advantages of owning one of our summerhouses, and how they can effectively improve your property and quality of life.

From providing a unique solution for space-related challenges, for example, you might not have the room in your house, to have your gym. Yet when you have a garden room built by us, you could use it as your own gym. This can make it very easy for you do a workout whenever you like, so you can improve your fitness.

Why buy an insulated garden room from us?

The primary benefit of an insulated garden room is undoubtedly the level of comfort it provides all year round- for example in winter its much easier to keep warm, in summer you can switch on the air conditioning and therefore the cold air will stay in the room for longer because its insulated. Unlike conventional garden rooms, such summerhouses are not insulated can be very expensive to keep warm in winter, because will need the heating on for longer. According to a report by Energy.gov, insulation can reduce the cost of heating and cooling by over 40%. This is why its so important that the summerhouse is insulated, with rockwool, or with insulation panels, or with sheep’s wool. We would likely recommend sheep’s wool, it’s a very affordable type of insulation, and very good at insulating summerhouse.

Increased energy efficiency

Insulated garden rooms are inherently energy-efficient, because they can be kept warm much easier. If the summerhouse has no insulation at all, the heat is just going escape in a matter of seconds. So with good quality panel insulation, it can help to keep the warm air in the room for longer.  Insulation acts as a barrier, preventing heat from escaping in winter and keeping the space cooler in summer. The Environmental and Energy Study Institute suggests that well-insulated homes and summerhouses can save up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. This statistic reinforces the environmental and financial benefits of investing in a well-insulated garden room.

Could garden room increase the value of my house?

Garden rooms, especially insulated ones, are increasingly seen as a valuable addition to any property. Put yourself in the buyers’ shoes for a minute, if you walk out to the garden, and you see a well built garden room as the end of garden, this is likely to make you like the house even more. Because often buyers know that a garden room can cost say for example 25k so, this has already been built, and the buyer is likely to like the garden more. They might think, I can use the summerhouse, for yoga, or playing the drums, or just sitting enjoying nice bottle of wine in the summerhouse, so it might help the buyer to like your house even more.

According to a study by Barclays Mortgages, a garden room can potentially increase a property’s value by 5%.


You can use your garden room for wide range of different uses

An insulated garden room can be used as multifunctional space, for example, as a gym, as an office, or just somewhere to go dine and enjoy good food in the evening. It can serve as a tranquil workspace, somewhere you can for example have video call with your clients.

Or the room could be used a serene yoga studio, it could be used as a guest room. A study by Cushman & Wakefield found that 73% of workers want a dedicated home office space post-pandemic, highlighting the growing demand for garden offices.


Noise reduction we can also install sound proofing

Thanks to quality insulation, such as sheep’s wool, and also sound insulation in the walls, the garden room can be used to minimise noise coming from the outside, such as from passing lorries, creating a quiet environment ideal for work, meditation, or just to enjoy nice bottle of wine.


Low Maintenance- we can add composite cladding, and a rubber roof,

Unlike traditional home extensions, our garden rooms require minimal maintenance, especially when well-insulated. A report by Nationwide Building Society revealed that homeowners prefer low-maintenance home improvement projects, favouring convenience and time efficiency. So we can add composite cladding, which never needs painting helping you to save time, plus a rubber roof, which is very long lasting.

Here at Kingsley, we build top quality garden office pods   



The amount of people now working from home has substantially increased, especially in the recent years.

As a result, the need for quiet room work has also increased, and this why we so busy building garden offices right throughout The Cotswolds, which is in England.

Within article we will talk about the benefits of owning a garden office pods,- plus we will talk about some of the eco-friendly building materials that we can use when building your garden office. In this blog post, we will talk about how Kingsley is paving the way in providing high-quality, modern garden offices.


Turn that unused space within your garden, to a place where you work throughout the day

When you step inside a garden office pod, built by Kingsley – the garden building is a fusion of design ingenuity and environmental mindfulness- that’s because we can add a green roof, we add composite cladding, made from recycled materials, we can also add solar panels to the roof also.

Our garden buildings are built to last a long period of time, offering you good value for money, and we will build a building that will look great in any garden. Our garden offices harmoniously blending with the aesthetics of your garden (source). In 2022, the UK home office market was reported to have grown by 20% (source), further cementing the demand for such innovative solutions.

Why choose Kingsley to build your garden office pod?

At Kingsley, we understand that you will need a garden office, which can be heated in winter easily,  this is why we add insulation, and install electric heaters for our customers. Our garden office pods come with fully customisable options, allowing you to have the building built the way you want. A 2018 study revealed that an office design tailored to individual needs can boost productivity by up to 32%.

Crafted with care, and all our garden rooms are built to last

Our garden office pods aren’t just built; they are crafted by hand by our joiners. This why when homeowners in Gloucestershire, homeowners that live Wiltshire, homeowners live in Somertset, they want a quality garden room, they call us. Many people call Kingsley every single week, because we have a very strong reputation for building quality garden buildings, and we offer low prices, for example our garden offices start from just 18k. Therefore it is clear to see why we build so many summerhouses in The Cotswolds.

Every garden room that we construct, is constructed to be the highest quality, we use sustainable materials, such wood which comes from FSC forests. We also top quality windows and doors, to ensure longevity and low maintenance of our garden rooms. A well-built garden office built by us can last a very long period of time, as proven by a 2020 report on the average lifespan of home extensions.

An Eco-Friendly Solution (We add solar panels, we add a green roof, we add composite cladding)

We can build a garden office for you that has solar panels on the roof. Here at Kingsley, we build bespoke garden rooms, this means we can build the garden room the way you want it to be built. Some companies just build summerhouses, like they are built on a production line, this means, you often cant get the exact size summerhouse you want. However, when you hire our business, to build a garden room for you, we can build it to any length and any width that you would like it to be built. The garden office hasn’t got to be rectangular it could be square, it be l-shaped, it could be in hexagon shape.

Our garden office pods are built with eco-friendly materials, such as wood which is sourced from FSC forests.

Built very quickly

We pride ourselves on offering a hassle-free installation process- most of the garden rooms we build are built in summer, and we know that you and your neighbours are going to want to here power tools, such as drills, such as saws, such as nail guns, making a lot of noise. So to minimise disturbance to you when we are building our summerhouses, we can build them quickly, sometimes we can build a new garden office in less than one month.

Our skilled team of builders, carpenters and roofers handles everything from ground preparation, of building the concrete slab to installation of roof. Everything is built fast, and the reason why can build our buildings so fast, is because we have built hundreds of summerhouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the lifespan of a garden office pod?  A garden office pod built by us can last a long period of time, and this is because we fit a high quality rubber roof to the summerhouse.
  2. How eco-friendly are these pods? Our garden rooms are eco friendly because all of the timber is sourced from FSC forests. However, our customers have the option of making their summerhouses even more eco-friendly by opting for a green roof, they have the roof if they want covered with solar panels, and if you an eco friendly garden room, then we would recommend also opting for composite cladding, and composite decking because the composite cladding and composite decking can be made from recycled plastics.


  1. How long does it take to build a garden office in The Cotswolds? Installation times vary, because some garden rooms can be huge, some can be very small garden rooms, and can be built in less than 1 week sometimes. It therefore depends on the pod’s size and complexity, such as are you having solar panels added to the roof? If so it will take us longer to build the summerhouse, because we have to add solar panels to the roof.
  2. Can the interior of the garden office pod be customised? Absolutely! We can even paint and decorate the room for you. Many people who live in Gloucestershire, that want us to build a Gloucestershire garden room, and the rest of our customers in The Cotswolds, often they want us to paint and decorate the entire the room. We build a garden room, so that all you have to do is move your furniture in.



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