How much is a UK Garden Room?



If your here because you’re after a slice of paradise right in your own back garden, then we can most definitely help, hundreds of homeowners within Bath and Bristol already hired us to build luxury garden room? Picture this: a cosy, fully-insulated haven for all your hobbies, a chill spot for gatherings, or maybe even a tranquil workspace away from the hustle and bustle of your home. Enter Kingsley, we have now been building quality garden rooms for over five years.

Here at Kingsley, were all about transparency. No hidden costs, some companies do entice you to contact them because they offer on their website prices starting from let’s say £10,000. However what we concentrate on is building quality, but we offer this at an affordable price.

We offer high-quality, comfortable garden rooms that feel as welcoming as your favourite spot on the sofa. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden, well making some more room, that you can use is your place to enjoy a glass of gin, paint an oil painting or simply play a game of chess, then we can build a garden building for you.


About Our Garden Buildings – built for good old British whether

UK weather, unpredictable as ever, eh? Too hot, too cold, one moment it’s time for the deckchair, then the next it’s time for an umbrella.

We’ve been building our garden rooms for our chilly British winters and we also design them so that they are cool during sizzling summers, all while remaining dry and comfortable. What you most definitely want to cheap, summerhouses, which develop leaks, and the wood is so low quality can actually rot fairly quickly.

This is why so many people, that live in the city of Bath and also our customers which live in the city of Bristol, they contact us because they want quality, they want a garden room built at an affordable price, and that’s exactly what we can offer with prices starting from £18,000. Plus we have built many garden rooms in Bath, in less than two weeks, this is why many companies and homeowners hire us because we simply build quality at an affordable price.

We live our buildings with ultra thick insulation, incorporated breathable membrane is to regulate air and moisture, and made sure the heat knows where it should be – outside during summers and inside during winters. And of course, our electricians can also install multiple oil-filled radiators because, let’s face it, British summers sometimes feel like winters.

Will we needs to obtain Planning Permission from Bath Council?

Our garden rooms usually don’t require planning permission, however, what we offer is a free service where we can come out and meet you within your garden, and in less than five minutes we can advise you whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not.

What types of garden buildings can you build?


Fancy a home gym?

If you really want to improve your fitness, then we can build a home gym for £18,000.


Art studio?

Perhaps you enjoy painting oil paintings, while us have an art studio built in your garden?


Home office?

Do you run a small business, many people do within Bristol and Bath, these cities are actually full of entrepreneurs, and some of these entrepreneurs do not want to rent an office, they prefer to buy a garden room out writing use it as their place to work.

Alternatively, you might work for a company, and they may have asked you to work from home, why not have a garden office built so that you can work from home?


Place to unwind?

You might have a very stressful job, let’s say that you are a leading solicitor in Bath or a barrister for example, when you might want a garden room built, not for work but to be used as a place to destress and unwind. Perhaps you would like to use it as a place to watch the football, perhaps a film, or simply have a jukebox fitted and listen to your favourite music, perhaps a bit of Elvis? Why not?


Or perhaps a cinema room?

Cinema rooms are incredibly popular in Bristol, for example you might have somebody who is a Star Wars fan, that might dedicate the whole room to Star Wars memorabilia. That person might invest in a really high quality sound system, for example a sound system made by Bose, so that they can watch all of their Star Wars films and Science Fiction films within their cinema room.

Our builders, can also add sound insulation into the walls, so you can listen to your favourite films as loud as you like



There you have it! Your journey to create a bespoke, insulated garden room that the Kingsley build group can offer.

Get more use out of your garden all year round




Your humble garden – it ain’t just a patch of greenery. It’s a blank canvas, where you could build a garden building, that could be used as your place to unwind after work. Perhaps you want to use it as a place to play a game of pool, that you like playing all arcade games like Pac man, perhaps you wanted to be used as a place where you can paint in oil painting?,


Ideas for an Exhilarating Game Room

From board game buffs, to those who enjoy a casual game of snooker, we’ve got just the ticket to make your garden the hub of entertainment. We have built hundreds of garden buildings in the city of Bath, many people within Bath ask us to build garden offices, garden rooms and rooms that can be used as a games room.

For example, the building could be used as a place to go and watch films, play a game of snooker, or to simply play a game of darts with your friends while enjoying a nice pint of beer, for example you might want a nice pint of the Bath ale, while playing against snooker with your friends in your garden building. With prices starting from just £18,000 it’s clear to see why our company is building so many garden buildings right throughout England


·        The Pool Table

·        The Arcade Machine

·        The Board Games Corner

·        The Dart Board

·        Creating Your Ideal Game Room

·        Sound System, Bar, and Gaming Chairs

·        Implementing Your Game Room Ideas


Unveiling the Snooker-Extraordinaire


First on our list, the pool table – every household’s. Would like a pool table surely? queuing at your local, and unleash your inner snooker champ, right in your garden. Instead of waiting at the local pub, your turn to play game of snooker, you could have a full-size table within your garden room, you could have your friends over to enjoy a nice pint of beer, and we can build a garden building for you in Bath, as little as £18,000 stop


Fun Fact: Here’s some good news! Most of the Garden rooms we build in England, often don’t need planning permission. What we can do is we can come out and meet you on the weekend, evenings or during the day, and is we can have a quick chat about the garden building that you would like constructed, and often within a few minutes, we can tell you whether planning permission is needed. We have built many garden rooms in Bath.


The Arcade Flashback


Why not have a garden bar built, and have multiple arcade games such as Pac man, so that you can enjoy playing Pac man while having a pint?

Imagine having Space Invaders or Pacman at your fingertips, best of all you haven’t got to keep putting in pound coins, because you will own Pac man all the space invaders game.



The Delightful Dart Board


Darts – a game of precision, skill, and a tad bit of luck. Why not have a dart board, a snooker table and gambling machines within your garden bar? You might even feel like you’re in a real pub and not your garden bar.



Sound System


    Don’t forget the sound system, letting you immerse in a good film such as Spiderman. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the heart of the action. So why not have a huge garden building, and fill it with cinema chairs, as a huge projector screen, and even a popcorn machine, and you will feel like you’re in the cinemas. A lot of homeowners within Bath, therefore hire us to build cinema rooms, we can build a garden building, with prices starting from £18,000, and we can build a garden building often in less than three weeks.

So are you planning to have a garden building, garden office, or a log cabin built in Bath? Well why not call us, we offer very competitive prices, often we are cheaper than a lot of other businesses, yet we build very high quality garden buildings. They come with long guarantees, they come with a high quality, long-lasting roof, and we can add bi folding doors, we can build decking, we can even add a bathroom for you.





In-Depth FAQ on Your Gaming Garden Room


Can I really build a gaming room without planning permission?


Often we can, yes! You won’t usually need planning permission for a garden room. Yet, we would need to come out and have a chat with you about the garden room you want built, and way you want it built in your garden, then we will be able to instantly tell you whether planning permission is needed in Bath or not, But rules can vary, and it’s always best to check with your local council.



How can I design the gaming room to suit my taste?


Customisation is the name of the game here! Add a lick of paint in your favourite colour, plaster the walls with your favourite posters, or even install a bar, full of ales, lagers and ciders that are made in south-west England, we think this would make a brilliant place to enjoy a nice pint of beer in the summer winter autumn. All of the garden rooms we build in Bath, are insulated, we can also add air conditioning, we can also add electric heaters.

We build garden offices in Bath, England




Garden offices have become very popular, for example to build an extension on to your home, can sometimes easily cost upwards of £50,000.

We’ve built luxury summerhouses, as well as garden offices, for many homeowners within the city of Bath. Our company are specialists, are building luxury garden buildings.

Prices start from just £18,000, and we can help you to obtain your dream summerhouse. Whether you would like to use it as a place to unwind with a bottle of champagne, or perhaps you want to work within the garden building seven days a week, we can build a garden building to any size you would like.

We build circular, rectangular and triangular garden rooms. We can offer you so many different options, for example you might want solar panels, to offset the electric you will use. You might want a green roof so that you can grow plants on the roof. Alternatively, you might want air conditioning installed, so that you are as cool as a cucumber, when you are working in your garden office.

With prices starting from just £18,000, it’s clear to see why so many people, living in Bath, in South-West England of hired us to build their summerhouses, garden rooms and garden offices.


Why do so many people, in Bath, by their garden buildings from you?

We’ve now built a large amount of garden buildings in Bath; you may have seen one of our many vans driving around the city of Bath? This is because in Bath we have a very good reputation for building high-quality summerhouses, with prices starting from 18 K, it’s clear why so many people are hiring us to build their summerhouse.

We need finance on our summerhouse, can you offer us finance?

Currently we don’t offer finance on our summerhouses. However, for us to build a garden room, prices start from 18 K, so our summerhouses are more affordably priced, than what some of the companies offer.

We also want decking built can you build decking?

Yes, we can build what is called composite decking, this is long-lasting, very durable and we can build this in front of the summerhouse.

We live in Bath, and we would like a quote, how long will we have to wait to obtain a quote for you to build us a summerhouse?
Sometimes, we are able to offer a quote there and then in their garden, that’s if the summerhouse is relatively simple summerhouse.

However, the customer would like a large garden room, with the green roof, air-conditioning and decking, then this will take is longer to build, we will need to calculate a quote.

So, we will aim to get a quote back to you within 48 hours.

Can your garden offices be used in winter?

Most certainly, our garden offices are insulated, we can also install electric heaters, so they can be used in the winter, plus the windows and the doors have double glazing, to help keep the heat in.

How do you heat a garden office?

We can supply and install electric heaters.

What’s the lowest price that you can build a garden room for?

Prices start from just 18 K; we build our summerhouses all across the United Kingdom with a starting price of 18 K.


What makes you different from other UK garden room companies?

What makes is different is that we don’t overly focus on profit, instead we focus on quality, so we make sure that our summerhouses are well insulated, we use quality roof, we use rubber roofing the majority of the time, plus we also pay more for our doors and windows.
We think buying cheap doors and windows is a false economy, because often there will be problem with the locks or the bi folding doors, so we instead prefer to buy premium quality doors and windows, that we know are more durable, and will therefore offer our customers better value for money.

Instantly when you look at the summerhouse that we built in Bath, in England, you can instantly see that we use top quality doors, top-quality windows and top-quality cladding, and therefore we build quality summerhouses and this is now why we are such a large company, employing so many people, because we focus on quality and not just profit.

Some companies just focus on profit, and this means that you end up with a summerhouse that may have cheap windows and doors and cladding, and say after three years the building might start to show signs of the facts, such as the doors not opening properly, and the roof might even start leaking.

How long have you been building summerhouses?

We’ve been building summerhouses for five years.


Do you offer flatpack summerhouses?

We don’t build flatpack summerhouses, instead every single garden office and garden room is built in your garden.


Why do I see so many of your vans driving around Bath?

We’ve now got a large team of staff, we have many vans on the road, and we don’t just build garden rooms, we also offer to build attic conversions and property extensions. Kingsley build is now a large company, and this is why you may have seen as working in your street, or you may have seen one of our many Volkswagen vans driving around Bath, England?

Do you also build loft conversions and property extensions?

Yes, we now also build loft conversions, and property extensions.

However, we build garden offices, with prices starting from just £18,000, they are well built, guaranteed and built by carpenters. So, you can gain the extra room you need, to use as a Home Office, and often it costs a lot less than what it would cost to have your property is that extended.

So why hire a builder in Bath to build an extension on your home, when you hire us to build a garden room, and it might cost you less.
Why buy a garden office from us?

We’ve been building garden buildings for a long period of time, for over 10 years, we have built many of our garden buildings within Bath.
We have a very strong reputation, the building quality, we are so confident in the quality of our garden buildings that we offer a long guaranty on every single garden office that we build.

Also, we can take care of everything, from installing the electrics, installing the bathroom, installing the drainage, we can even paint and decorate the room once we finished.

Have you built many garden offices within the city of Bath?

Yes, we have now built hundreds of summerhouses right across south-west England.

Can you create 3-D drawings, to show what a garden office will look like prior to it being built?

Yes, we partner with a company which is able to create 3-D drawings, to show you what the garden room will look like prior to it being built. These drawings are created on a MacBook computer, and then we can send them to you via email.

You may spot that for example you don’t like the colour of the cladding, for example you might have opted for grey composite cladding. Because the garden room is in the design stage, you could simply example Canadian red cedar, we could have 3-D drawings altered in centre that you via email your approval.

Are your garden offices insulated?

Yes, our buildings are very well insulated, we can interlink the ceiling, the walls and also the floor.


Are you able to install all of the electrics?

Yes, we employ qualified electricians, which can install the lighting inside and outside the garden room, they can install the electric heaters, and also install all of the electrical sockets that you need.

Are you able to install the drainage?

Yes, we can bring an excavator into your garden, we can dig a trench, we can lay the waste pipe, and then we can connect this to your garden building, as you may want a toilet and a wash hand basin within the garden office.


Can you install bi-folding doors?

Yes, most of our customers in Bath, when they are having a garden office built, want as much light to come into the building as possible during the day, so they select large windows and have by folding doors.

We can also arrange for you to have blinds fitted either within the glass panels, or we can have blinds fitted to the windows at an extra cost.


Do you offer finance?

We don’t offer finance on our summerhouses.

What’s the cheapest price that you build a garden office for?

We can build a garden office with a price starting from £18,000, the majority of our garden offices cost between 25 and 30,000, however the more luxurious garden rooms, which are very large, they can cost up to £70,000 plus.

Have you built many garden offices?

We’ve built a large amount of garden offices, with builds a huge number of garden offices in South West England. Lots of our work now comes by way of recommendation, so we often come highly recommended from our previous customers, and this is meant that our company continues to grow, but we are also building garden buildings over a wider area, for example we travel from Exeter, to Bristol to also Bath to build our buildings.


Can you add a green roof to our garden office?

Yes, we can at a green roof to your garden office, some companies don’t install green roofs, because a green roof can be very heavy and therefore this means that the whole building needs to be able to support the weight of that roof.

However, we have built many garden buildings that have a green roof, so we have a huge amount of experience building garden rooms, that have a green roof.

Can you install a bathroom?

Yes, we can add a complete bathroom, or you might just want a toilet and wash hand basin? Our plumbers can install all of this for you.

Can you install air conditioning?

Yes, we can install air conditioning for you.

What type of garden rooms do you build in Bristol?





Bristol, a fantastic city, a city where so many people want to live, yet this presents a problem, because Bristol is such a desirable city to live, rent and property prices are high in some areas. This means that some homeowners need extra room, but to buy a house with another bedroom, can mean for some people moving out of an area they really like.

We may have the solution?

Why go the expensive of moving, to gain an extra room, when we can build a garden building as large as you like within your garden.

You could use the room as a place to work on improving your fitness?

Perhaps your starting a business? Bristol has so many entreprenuers, and small businesses, so maybe you like a large garden office, air conditioned, so you can grow your business?

Perhaps you just want somewhere to take a cold bottle of wine, and flick through an interior design magazine that you like reading?

Well, one thing is for sure, we are a well known U.K garden room company, we’ve built so many garden rooms right across The Cotswolds, and all over Bristol, and our company continues to grow because, when our customers see the high quality workmanship, they often recommend us, this is why we have built hundreds of garden buildings across South West England.


So what type of garden buildings do we build?


We build garden offices

So, we would say,  that one of the most common reasons why garden room companies are asked to build a garden room, is so that the homeowner obtains a room where they can work during the day.

What’s so great about a garden office is, when the working day in done and dusted, you can just switch off the lights, lock-up the bi-folding doors, leave all your items, such as paperwork on the desk, and just walk back to your house. Just think of all that petrol, diesel, or electric you will save not having to drive back home anymore?

We build quality garden offices, from just 18k we travel the whole of the country building garden offices.

With prices starting from just 18k, our garden rooms offer great value for money.


What type of garden buildings do you build?

We can build summerhouses, garden rooms and garden offices. We build our garden buildings all over the United Kingdom.


Do you guarantee your garden rooms?

Yes we offer a long guarantee on every garden building we build.


How much does it cost to have a garden room built?

We offer some of the lowest prices to build a luxury summerhouse, with prices starting from 18k.


How long does it take to build a garden room?

Most of our garden buildings, can be completely built in less than 3 weeks.

Large garden rooms that have air conditioning, a full bathroom, with toilet, shower and wash hand basin, solar panels on the roof, this type of garden room, can take us longer to build.


Do we need planning permission to have a garden room built?

When we come to meet you, to offer you a free quote, we can see whether planning permission is needed or not.

For most of the garden rooms which we construct in Bristol, often these garden buildings do not require planning permission, yet we can offer you advice on whether planning permission is needed or not, when we offer you a quote.


Garden rooms

We build garden rooms, with prices starting from just 18k.


Garden office pods

Perhaps you have a small garden?

We can build a “garden office pod”.

A garden office pod, is simply a small garden room. You may wish to use this room as a place to work.

What’s great about hiring us is, with some companies, they may ask you to select from say 4 different size summerhouses, yet our garden buildings are different, they are bespoke, built to exact dimensions you want.


Garden gyms

Have you set yourself new fitness goals?

Want a 6-pack by Christmas?

Well, why waste time driving back and fore the gym?

By purchasing a garden gym from us, whenever you want to start a workout, you can just walk into your garden gym, and start your work out.

So whether you like lifting dumb-bells, running, or doing yoga, why not call us, we can build a garden gym, with prices starting from 18k.


Garden bars

So what’s your favourite drink?

An ale that’s made in South West England? Bath Ales produce some fantastic quality ales.

Or do you prefer whiskey?

Gin is popular at the moment.

Whatever drink you like to drink, why not have a garden room built, put in some comfortable chairs, add a juke-box, and ask your friends over for a drink, a garden bar can be a great place to unwind and enjoy a drink or two.


Hot tub garden rooms

So, you’ve finished a long day at work, how about a long soak in the jacuzzi?

So, why not let us build a garden room, with a huge canopy to the side, then  you can put a massive hot tub underneath, and just unwind.

Why not push the boat out, and have a set of outdoor speakers installed in the canopy of the roof?

You can unwind in your hot tub, while listening to your favourite music, why not stick on Elvis, have a drink in hand in your hot tub, what a great way to unwind after a long busy day at work.


Cinema rooms

Who likes action movies?

Horror films more your cup of tea?

Or perhaps you like to chuckle away at a comedy?

Why not have a cinema room built by us, you could even add seating like you would find in the cinema, then you have the true cinema experience, all without leaving the house.


Guest accommodation

So lets say that your family are coming to stay, and normally they stopp over in a local hotel for a few nights- but they don’t need to stay in a local hotel, if you have luxury garden room built by us, the room could be air conditioned, have heating, have a huge bathroom, so it’s a bit like staying in a luxury hotel, but the room is in your garden. So why pay £100+ per night to stay in a hotel, when you can have a garden room built, so your friends, and family can stay in your garden room.


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