Get more use out of your garden all year round




Your humble garden – it ain’t just a patch of greenery. It’s a blank canvas, where you could build a garden building, that could be used as your place to unwind after work. Perhaps you want to use it as a place to play a game of pool, that you like playing all arcade games like Pac man, perhaps you wanted to be used as a place where you can paint in oil painting?,


Ideas for an Exhilarating Game Room

From board game buffs, to those who enjoy a casual game of snooker, we’ve got just the ticket to make your garden the hub of entertainment. We have built hundreds of garden buildings in the city of Bath, many people within Bath ask us to build garden offices, garden rooms and rooms that can be used as a games room.

For example, the building could be used as a place to go and watch films, play a game of snooker, or to simply play a game of darts with your friends while enjoying a nice pint of beer, for example you might want a nice pint of the Bath ale, while playing against snooker with your friends in your garden building. With prices starting from just £18,000 it’s clear to see why our company is building so many garden buildings right throughout England


·        The Pool Table

·        The Arcade Machine

·        The Board Games Corner

·        The Dart Board

·        Creating Your Ideal Game Room

·        Sound System, Bar, and Gaming Chairs

·        Implementing Your Game Room Ideas


Unveiling the Snooker-Extraordinaire


First on our list, the pool table – every household’s. Would like a pool table surely? queuing at your local, and unleash your inner snooker champ, right in your garden. Instead of waiting at the local pub, your turn to play game of snooker, you could have a full-size table within your garden room, you could have your friends over to enjoy a nice pint of beer, and we can build a garden building for you in Bath, as little as £18,000 stop


Fun Fact: Here’s some good news! Most of the Garden rooms we build in England, often don’t need planning permission. What we can do is we can come out and meet you on the weekend, evenings or during the day, and is we can have a quick chat about the garden building that you would like constructed, and often within a few minutes, we can tell you whether planning permission is needed. We have built many garden rooms in Bath.


The Arcade Flashback


Why not have a garden bar built, and have multiple arcade games such as Pac man, so that you can enjoy playing Pac man while having a pint?

Imagine having Space Invaders or Pacman at your fingertips, best of all you haven’t got to keep putting in pound coins, because you will own Pac man all the space invaders game.



The Delightful Dart Board


Darts – a game of precision, skill, and a tad bit of luck. Why not have a dart board, a snooker table and gambling machines within your garden bar? You might even feel like you’re in a real pub and not your garden bar.



Sound System


    Don’t forget the sound system, letting you immerse in a good film such as Spiderman. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the heart of the action. So why not have a huge garden building, and fill it with cinema chairs, as a huge projector screen, and even a popcorn machine, and you will feel like you’re in the cinemas. A lot of homeowners within Bath, therefore hire us to build cinema rooms, we can build a garden building, with prices starting from £18,000, and we can build a garden building often in less than three weeks.

So are you planning to have a garden building, garden office, or a log cabin built in Bath? Well why not call us, we offer very competitive prices, often we are cheaper than a lot of other businesses, yet we build very high quality garden buildings. They come with long guarantees, they come with a high quality, long-lasting roof, and we can add bi folding doors, we can build decking, we can even add a bathroom for you.





In-Depth FAQ on Your Gaming Garden Room


Can I really build a gaming room without planning permission?


Often we can, yes! You won’t usually need planning permission for a garden room. Yet, we would need to come out and have a chat with you about the garden room you want built, and way you want it built in your garden, then we will be able to instantly tell you whether planning permission is needed in Bath or not, But rules can vary, and it’s always best to check with your local council.



How can I design the gaming room to suit my taste?


Customisation is the name of the game here! Add a lick of paint in your favourite colour, plaster the walls with your favourite posters, or even install a bar, full of ales, lagers and ciders that are made in south-west England, we think this would make a brilliant place to enjoy a nice pint of beer in the summer winter autumn. All of the garden rooms we build in Bath, are insulated, we can also add air conditioning, we can also add electric heaters.

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