How much extra will it cost to add a quality kitchen and bathroom to our garden office?


Date: 29th of September 2023

Let’s say you would like a garden office built in Bath, South West England. You might be working within your garden office for the vast majority of the week- lets say, in excess of 50+ week for some people. Therefore, for a lot of owners of garden offices, it’s sometimes inconvenient, to keep popping back to the house to make a refreshing cup of tea or to use the toilet.



Therefore, when you want a quick toilet break, often you don’t want to be opening the bi-folding doors, and running through the garden to access the toilet in your house.

Therefore, a lot of people want a quality kitchen and a quality bathroom installed within their garden office. So, we thought we would write a rather handy guide, explaining how we can add a bathroom, as well as a kitchen, and how this improves your garden office.


Small bathroom

So, you might have a relatively small garden because you may live within central Bath, let’s say in a large Victorian house, yet your garden might be quite small? So, you might be restricted in terms of how large the garden building can be. You might even think it’s not feasible to add a bathroom into your garden office?

However, a lot of the time, we are able to put a small bathroom within most garden offices that we construct. For example, our highly experienced plumbers are often able to install a small compact toilet, with a small wash hand basin within most garden offices we build.

There are some garden room companies, which don’t install the plumbing all the electrics.

However here at Kingsley Build, we can take care of all of this for you.

So, if you would like a small bathroom, that is just a toilet and a wash hand basin, then we can install this for you within a small bathroom for you.


We can also install a large bathroom- with a shower, toilet and wash hand basin

A lot of our customers in Bath, within England, don’t just use their garden building as a place to work say 9 to 5 every weekday. Sometimes part of the room also has a lot of gym equipment in, so during the week, the owners might spend a huge amount of time either working and perhaps exercising within their garden building in the evenings.

Therefore, you might want a large bathroom installed, with a large shower, that is a large shower tray and enclosure and a powerful power shower?

You might also want a wash hand basin, a toilet, an electric hand dryer and a large enough space for you to store an ample amount of towels and also cosmetics and skincare items within the bathroom.

You might therefore want a large bathroom, so what we would often suggest is having a large garden office or garden building constructed. And also think about whether you would like the building to be an L shape, as this might allow you to have more internal room to fit that large bathroom into.


You must also consider mould, mildew and condensation

Garden buildings, are mostly constructed of wood, as well as plasterboard, and these two building materials are great and perfectly suited for use when constructing a garden building.

However, you do have to think about ventilation as well, so if you’re going to have a kitchen installed or you are going to have a bathroom installed, or possibly you would like both installed within your garden room? You do make sure that the garden room doesn’t become damp, due to poor ventilation.

It won’t take long for black spores, mould and mildew to build up on the plasterboard, if the garden room company hasn’t installed an ample amount of electric extractor fans.

Our electricians will carefully install extractor fans into the walls, into the kitchen and into the bathroom to make sure that moisture is taken away from these two rooms.


We can dig all the trenches

Now, the reason why it costs more for us to install a bathroom or a kitchen into a garden building is because we need to bring into the garden a JCB mini excavator, we need to dig the trench for the waste pipes, and when we’ve dug the trenches, we will then need to take away the excess soil and we need to lay the water pipes as well.

This is quite a lot of work and this is why it costs more for us to install a kitchen or a bathroom.



We can install a good quality kitchen
When you’re taking a break from work, whether your going to want a refreshing cup of coffee, perhaps a cup of tea or perhaps a nice herbal tea?

You may want a nice kitchen installed, perhaps some nice high-gloss white kitchen cabinets, a good quality fridge freezer made by Samsung and perhaps you even want a dishwasher and an area where you could put your microwave or perhaps your air fryer?

And we can build a luxurious kitchen for you within your garden building.


So, would you like a garden building that has a kitchen and a bathroom installed?

The great thing about picking our company is we have already built so many garden buildings within Somerset, for example within Bath that already have a kitchen and they already have a bathroom installed.

Our builders therefore have a huge amount of experience, building garden buildings that have a kitchen and also have a bathroom within the building.

Plus, we can often build these buildings in less than one month, so we can build them quickly yet they will always be built to a very high standard.

So whether you live in a grand Victorian house in the middle of Bath, or perhaps you live on the outskirts of Bath, England in the countryside in a large farmhouse? We can build a luxurious garden building for you.

Monday through to Saturday, we offer free quotations throughout Bath Somerset, so if you would like a garden building that has a kitchen, and also has a bathroom within the building then why not call us?



Garden offices Bath, with a kitchen and a bathroom

Our company specialises in building luxury garden rooms in the city of Bath, we can also install a kitchen and also a bathroom.

Here are some helpful tips for when you are designing your summerhouse in the U.K


So, when we think of a summerhouse, we may purchase the building during the summer months, and our gardens are in full bloom and the bumble-bees are darting between the flowers collecting nectar.

Yet, because our seasons are so different, ranging from our boiling hot days in say July, to our freezing cold winter nights in the middle of December we have to make sure our British summerhouses can withstand this change in our weather. So, we do have to think about how we are going to heat and also cool our summerhouses, to ensure that they are comfortable for use throughout the year.

For example, when we are building a summerhouse we can offer:


  • Air conditioning (we can supply brands such as Samsung Air Conditioning systems)
  • A fully insulated building (we would recommend panel insulation)
  • Electric heaters

As our company has now designed and built hundreds of different wooden summerhouses in Bath, we are in a good position to advise you as to some of the things that you might want to think about when designing and building your brand-new summerhouse.

Insulation is so important


What you don’t want to happen, is to have a building, that’s taking up a large proportion of your garden, and you can’t use it during the winter months, because it’s too cold to use.

In matter-of-fact, if the building is poorly designed and built, you might not even be able to use it during the summer as well, that’s because it could be too warm inside to use and be hot and stuffy inside, and that’s because the correct insulation has not been added to the building.


So, why is that?

Well, picture this scenario if you would, let’s say that it’s a warm summers day in the middle of July and it’s rather roasting hot outside.
You have to pop into your garden shed, to retrieve the garden strimmer, as you want to cut down a few of those annoying weeds around the pathway. Yet when you walk into the garden shed, you notice how hot it is- so hot inside your wooden garden shed, you actually feel that you might faint from the heat.

That’s simply because the sun has been beaming down on the wooden summerhouse, it’s been beaming down on the tar felt roof, and the heat is now trapped within the garden shed causing it to be extremely hot inside that wooden building. This means it makes it hot and stuffy in that room and most definitely not a place that you want to spend much time within the garden shed.

Well, this is exactly how a poorly designed summerhouse can feel, it can feel when you walk in to a poorly designed and built summerhouse, that it’s hot and stuffy inside, then during the winter months, it could be the polar opposite, it could be incredibly difficult to keep warm if it’s poorly insulated.

So, what’s the solution to this problem that some summerhouses incur

The solution is to have the same type of insulation that used in most when constructing most modern housing. That’s the say when a large construction company is building multiple houses, let’s say 100 brand-new homes, often you will see during the construction that they are adding panel insulation to the walls.

Panel insulation, is fantastic quality that’s why we use it in the vast majority of our summerhouses.

You most likely have already seen this type of insulation, it shiny, it’s reflective, it has a foil backing, and then it has a thick centre, and that centre is full of insulating foam.

So, panel insulation helps to keep the warm air within the building for longer during the winter months. During those hot summer days, it can help to reflect the heat and keep it outside, and you also have an air conditioning system running, it can help keep their cool air within the building by reflecting it back into the building and reflecting the warm air out.

So, our number one thing that we would urge you to consider when you’re purchasing a wooden summerhouse, is what type of insulation will the company be supplying?

And we would recommend opting to have very thick panel insulation. Thick panel insulation isn’t cheap, in matter-of-fact you might be surprised by how much it costs per square metre, this is why we would say to you, make sure that your garden room company are installing panel insulation into the walls, and that it’s very thick.

The reason why this is so important is because, its place behind the plasterboard, so you might not actually get to see it. But if that panel insulation is not there, then during the winter is going to be very cold within that building.
Now it’s time to consider the roof for your summerhouse

Some companies supply a roofing felt which is as thin as paper, this is no good, the tar can be easily pierced by say a cat running across the roof.

For example, a cat with particularly sharp claws might scratch the roof or by then just simply walking across it, this could potentially pierce the tar felt to pierce, causing water leaks to occur within the summerhouse.

So, what would we recommend? Rather than using low quality tar felt?

We would recommend having a rubber roof fitted by us.

Underfloor heating

When you think of underfloor heating, you normally think of this type of flooring installed in a luxurious house, for example installed within a luxurious bathroom.

But what you have to consider is that some people will be working within their garden office for 30, 40 potentially 50 hours plus per week.

And when you’re busy working within your garden office, your going to want your feet to be nice and warm, and as the floor heats up can actually start to radiate heat up into the building as well, helping the whole room to be nice and warm.

So do make sure that you obtain a quote for these optional extras, as they can help the room to feel much more comfortable.


Sometimes your summerhouse will be positioned within your garden in such a position where the sunlight will be beaming down on the summerhouse windows and doors, causing the inside of the room to be brightly lit within the building.

What can actually happen is that you might be working away on your Apple computer, you might be working or let’s say a Excel spreadsheet, but you might be squinting your eyes, trying to concentrate on the numbers on the Excel spreadsheet, because the light coming into the summerhouse midday might well’s be so bright it actually is blinding.

So do think about getting blinds installed, and what we would recommend is getting blinds installed within the double glazing unit, this means that it’s much neater, and also you can simply just twist the plastic poll and the blinds can move into any angle that you would like.

Bath garden buildings

We are the experts at building garden buildings within the city of Bath, we have built many garden offices, many garden gyms and many yoga studios as well as garden bars right throughout the Roman city of Bath in South-West England.

No matter if you have a terraced house that doesn’t have any rear access to the garden, or perhaps you own a large Victorian mansion on the outskirts of Bath and you would like a massive garden building constructed.

If you would like a free quotes for a garden room, perhaps you just like some advice on how planning permission works or how long our buildings last for, just pick up the phone and we can offer you some friendly advice.



We build summerhouses in Bath South-West England

Are you looking to get a wooden summerhouse or garden building constructed in Bath, the Roman city within South-West England? Then why not call us?

What type of garden rooms does your company build?



Across Great Britain, us homeowners, use garden rooms for many different uses. We might simply use the building as a place to play a few games of snooker, and to have a chat with good friends. Alternatively, you might be an entrepreneur, starting a brand-new business, and you’re going to be working night and day, in your garden office to make your business a roaring success.

Garden rooms can therefore be used for a wide range of different purposes, within this article, we are going to explain some of the common uses, for why so many people across the United Kingdom contact us to have a garden building built by Kingsley.

In no particular order, here are some of the popular uses for our garden rooms.


A garden bar


For a lot of us, when we’ve had a long and busy week at work, we might like to pop down to the local pub, to have a catch up with friends, to watch the football and to enjoy a nice glass of ale perhaps a glass of gin is more your cup of tea?

So, you could have multiple comfortable sofas, a nice bar area where you can prepare drinks, and perhaps a large screen television, to watch live sporting events on?

Garden bars are therefore becoming very popular, because they make a great room to simply have your friends or family over, and have a catch up, to have a chat.


As a place to work

A lot of people now work from home, where for years and years, they may have worked in the same office block in the middle of town, a lot of employers are now encouraging that their staff work from home or perhaps adopt hybrid working, which simply means working from home for a few days a week.

So therefore you might want a garden office built, so that you can have a place where you can go and work.

We would say, the most common reason why people contact us, in the areas of Gloucestershire as well as other surrounding areas such as Bath and also Somerset, is because they want a well-built garden office constructed. Maybe we will have already built a garden office for that persons friends or family, so we might have come recommended, because that person knows that we can build very high quality garden offices.

We can soundproof the room as well, so when you step inside, close the doors, close the windows you will have a nice quiet room, where you can concentrate on your work.

We can also make the room nice and light, we can add huge bi-folding doors, which stretch the entire width of the garden office. We can add a roof lantern, which allows a lot of lights to come into the room, we can also build Windows as large as you would like. So for example, they might be a position in the garden office, where you can sit and look out over amazing views which might surround your property. You might have a property, that has sea views, so why not on that side of the garden office have a huge window, so large that you could place your desk in front of it, and enjoy looking out of the window at the sea, whilst you work.


A place to meditate or to enjoy yoga

A lot of people now enjoy practising yoga and also meditating, therefore you could have a garden room built, that offers a nice quiet place, to enjoy yoga meditating while listening to music.

Do you enjoy playing a musical instrument?

You might enjoy, for example playing a brass instrument, such as the saxophone?

You might therefore need a place where you can practice playing the saxophone, we can therefore build a garden room, that can be used as your place to play your musical instrument.

We can also soundproof the building for you.


You like a garden gym built?

For some people, they spend a lot of time at the gym, however travelling back and for the gym, that takes up quite a bit of time.

And when you go to the gym, that might be at a time that a lot of other people want to go to the gym at the same time as well. Let’s say that you visit the gym just after 530, you might find that a lot of the treadmills are taken, a lot of the cycle bikes are occupied, and you can’t find a free rowing machine to use.

This might mean that your left waiting around, for a piece of gym equipment to become available.

However, driving home from work, and instead of driving to the gym, instead you can just go home, and then you can just go to the garden gym whenever you like. All of the equipment will be available, because you own it, so you will be saving time, not just by not having to drive to the gym, but also because you won’t have to wait for gym equipment to become available, because you will own all of the gym equipment, the dumbbells, the cycle machine or the treadmill.

A lot of people are therefore looking to improve their health and fitness, by having a garden gym built. Our company, is able to build very large, air-conditioned garden rooms, which can be filled with a lot of gym equipment.

So, if you live in the areas of Somerset England, or perhaps in Gloucestershire or the Roman city of Bath, perhaps you are looking to improve your fitness? If you are looking to get a garden gym constructed, then we are most definitely the company to call. Our salesperson, can show you previous garden gyms which we have already built for customers.

And because every single one of our garden buildings, comes with a long guarantee, you have the total peace of mind that you are buying a quality garden building.





Would you like a garden music studio built?

Our company builds quality garden music studios right throughout the United Kingdom.

So, whether you like occasionally playing the saxophone, or perhaps your are a full-time artist, and you need a place where you can record your music, why not have a garden music studio built by us?

Perhaps your a singer the likes to sing classical music, well you can sing to your hearts content, in one of our soundproofed garden buildings.

We can add soundproofing, as well as triple glazing, which can help to really reduce the amount of noise that’s heard outside of the building.

In this article, we are going to explain why so many musicians, come to us to have their music studios constructed. We shall also explain the many benefits of hiring Kingsley, to build this building for you.


Why does your company asked to build so many music studios?

We are asked, to build so many music studios, simply because we have experience builders, that scan build a high-quality building, that’s soundproofed. We can also install triple glazing, whether that be into the bi folding doors, the French doors, and into the Windows. We can also add extra thick panel insulation, because the panel insulation, and the centre was made from foam, this can also help to improve the soundproofing of the building.


Can you install all of the electrics into our music studio?

Yes, we have qualified electricians that work for us, our electricians, can install the lighting, that both indoor and outdoor lighting. Our electricians also of the power sockets, the electricians can also install the ventilation if you were to have a kitchen, or a bathroom installed.

You might also want solar panels fitted to the roof? And our electricians can install these for you.


Can you also install a kitchen area?

Perhaps you are a DJ, or Sunday that simply likes practising playing a musical instrument, for long periods of time. Therefore you might want a kitchen installed, so that you can make a refreshing cup of tea. We can install the kitchen, and we can also supply and install the appliances which are needed, such as fridge freezer, dishwasher.


Are you able to install triple glazing?

Yes, if you are having a music studio built, then we would recommend soundproofing is added to the ceiling, to the floor and also to the walls, but we would also recommend having triple glazing as well, this will further help to keep the sound within the building.

Crowded neighbourhoods

Perhaps you live on a residential housing estate, where the houses are closely built together? Or perhaps even just have one neighbour next to your house, because you live in the countryside, but because your house is in close proximity to theirs, you still need a soundproofed garden room constructed so that you can really play your drums loudly.

You might also find that practising your musical instruments, let’s say the piano, even though you enjoy playing the piano very much, the other family members live with within your house, well, they might not want to listen to you practice for long periods of time, they might even find this rather annoying you practising on your violin for long periods of time.



Therefore what is needed is an insulated room, that you can use anytime you like, that’s completely soundproofed and then you can practice playing your musical instrument whenever you like, whether your recording a new beat, or perhaps singing into the microphone, and because this is all completed within a soundproofed garden room, it can be soundproofed and it shouldn’t then your neighbours, because the room will be soundproofed. Many people come to us because they know will add very high quality soundproofing, which is very effective at reducing the noise heard outside the building.


How much does a soundproofed garden music studio cost?

We travel up and down the country, building quality music studios, one week we could be building a garden studio for an artist in the West Country, the following week we could be driving up to London to build a music studio for a different customer.

We can build a soundproofed music studio, with prices starting from just £25,000, the price then increases depending on how large would like the garden building to be, and whether you would like for example a bathroom to be installed as well?


How good is the soundproofing?

We can put quality soundproofing into the floor, into the walls, into the ceiling, and this can drastically increase the amount of noise which is heard outside of the garden building. What we can also do is install high-quality triple glazing, which does an amazing job of helping to keep the noise within the building.

Therefore, when you put a decibel reader outside of the building, and we the musician is inside, practising playing the piano, we are sure that you will be impressed by how much the noise has been reduced outside of the building, and also how much noise is contained within the building.


Temperature controlled garden rooms

It’s important to regulate the temperature within your music studio, for two reasons, one when you’re practising say playing the piano, will want the room to be at a nice comfortable temperature while you’re practising playing the piano.

At the same time, if you have music equipment, such as a grand piano you’re going to want to keep the room at a regular temperature to ensure that that music equipment is kept in a room which is at the right temperature.

Therefore what we can do is install air conditioning, made by Samsung or another good quality manufacturer of air conditioning units. We can also install underfloor heating, and also oil filled radiators, these can be installed so that there is a thermostat within the room, so that when the temperature falls below a certain temperature, the radiators can automatically switch on and start to warm the room.

When you combine this with really thick, really high quality panel insulation, this can help to keep the warm air in, during the winter months, and during the summer, where you want the room to be cooler, the same insulation can help to keep the warm air out of the building during the summer.




Let’s say that you are a musician, you may know exactly how you want your music studio to be built. You know how many rooms you need, the exact dimensions of the building, as well as also way you want the Windows and doors to be.

You might also want a kitchen area, you might want a bathroom, and you might want a very large area to place all of your music equipment. Therefore, we are the company to call, simply because our garden rooms are bespoke, so we can build them exactly the way you would like them to be built.


Guaranteed to last

Garden rooms, whether they are used as a place to enjoy an alcoholic beverage after a long and tiring day at work, or perhaps they are used as a music studio, where you enjoy playing the drums, often these buildings will cost in excess of £20,000.
You therefore want them to last as long as possible, and this is another reason why our company is often chosen to build garden rooms, simply because we guarantee the whole of the building to last for a long period of time.


Would you like the music studio built?

We travel right across the United Kingdom, building high-quality music studios, we can therefore offer you a free and also no obligation quotation to build a music studio for you.

We can also offer to design 3-D drawings, which will show you exactly what your music studio could look like once built.

If you are therefore looking for a garden room company, based in the UK, which builds music studios, then why not call our company today?

We now also build garden office pods


11th of September 2023


Garden office pods

By a country mile the most popular type of garden building that our company builds, are garden offices.
As more people than ever, are now working from their home, whether it be on a part-time basis or full-time often they a need a garden office as a place to work.


Why choose our company?

What’s great about our company, is that you can have a building constructed, that is bespoke, that’s also built to the exact size that you would like.

So, we can build a building, which is compact, that is not much bigger than a small greenhouse, or we can build an entirely different type of garden building, which spans the entire width of your garden and has multiple rooms.


Do you have a small garden?

A lot of homeowners here in the United Kingdom, might have a small garden, this is especially so if the property is a new build, because often they will have much smaller gardens when compared to some much older Victorian properties, which sometimes have very long gardens.

And you might be currently thinking, that a garden building, won’t be suited to your garden, because your garden is simply too small to accommodate a garden room?

However, this is where you can benefit from purchasing a garden office pod from us.

These buildings are small, and therefore often fit into the corner of a garden, and are just large enough, for the homeowner to fit a small desk within the room, as well as a bookshelf and an office chair.

However, despite these buildings being relatively small, you have to think of the benefit that they offer you.

They offer a quiet place to work, as well as the following benefits:



You might want a garden room built that’s totally detached from your house, and we can build a garden office pod for you, and this building can be completely detached from your house.

This means that, you will have a nice quiet room for you to work within, that’s totally detached from your house.



We can add top quality building, which has soundproofing to the walls, which is really good quality soundproofing and is can help the room to be nice and quiet inside.


Thick insulation

Even though the garden office pod, if a small building, it can still be very well insulated, so that you can use it in any weather.


But what exactly is a garden office pod?

Garden buildings are often referred to under many different names. For many years, they were simply described as “wooden summerhouses”- however as these buildings have become more popular, they are now used as gyms, as a place to work, and also a place to enjoy a refreshing pint of beer perhaps on a warm summers day.

Therefore garden room companies, therefore now describe their buildings, as everything from “garden bars” right through to “garden yoga studios”.

Yet a garden office pod, is simply a garden office that small in size.

In matter-of-fact a garden office pod, if it’s put behind a tree, within your garden, you might not even see it at all.
If you have a small garden, it can be fitted into the corner of most gardens easily. So, even if you have a small garden in Bristol, or in Bath, often we can still help you to design and build a garden office that will fit into your garden.



Always weigh up if you are buying a quality garden building or not

Prices for garden office pods vary massively here in the U.K (they can vary between 10k and 70k) yet just as the price varies, so does the quality of these buildings as well. Some buildings, when their built to a high standard can give you years and year of use, and require very little maintenance.

Some other garden buildings, can be a right headache from the get go- and what we mean by that is, sometimes they can develop leaks, sometimes the gaps between the doors and the actual building can sometimes allow strong drafts to come through.


Build quality

So, build quality is of massive importance, we build buildings that are very high quality. Our company has a very strong reputation for building garden office pods, which are of the highest quality. Once your neighbours have seen the quality of the buildings we build, your family and friends, they are likely to want one too, because they are high quality but also affordable.


Make sure that you can use the building all year round

As we all know, here in Blighty, our winters can get mighty cold?

Now you not likely to be very productive, in work, if you are shivering away in your garden office because your freezing cold.
So, you’re going to need a well-insulated building, which can be heated up at the flick of a switch, and that’s exactly what we can offer.

Our highly experienced builders, can cut what is called “panel insulation” made by Quinn insulation, they can put it in the cavity of the walls, the floor and also the ceiling, which will help to keep the building nice and warm for you.


How long will we have to wait to obtain planning permission?

So, let’s say that you are about to start a brand company, and you want a garden office to work in, in order to help start your business. Or lets say you’ve just landed yourself a new job, and they have asked you to work from home say three days a week. You’re going to want to have a garden office built as quick as possible.


Yet after reading online, you may now be thinking that you may need to obtain planning permission from Bath County Council before we can start to build the garden office for you.

When you call us, our builders can come out and meet you, we can sometimes offer you a quote there and then. At the same time, we can offer you advice as to whether we think that you will need to seek planning permission from Bath County Council, or whether the building can be built under what is called “permitted development” instead.

If the building can be constructed through “permitted development”, then our builders can start work more or less straightaway for you, if however you do need to seek planning permission first from the local council- then an application will need to be made with

Bath County Council, and it’s likely that drawings may need to be created by an architect to show the size of the building that you want built.


You are likely to be pleasantly surprised with our quote

Sometimes, some homeowners delay getting a garden building constructed, because they have heard that it might cost in excess of £50,000 to build!

However, when our quote comes into your inbox, you are likely to be pleasantly surprised with the price.

That’s because we can build luxurious garden buildings, which are guaranteed to last, which are very high quality and we can offer them with starting price of just £18,000.

This is why you may have seen one or several of our Mercedes sprinter vans parked on your street, because our builders may have already built several garden buildings on your street in Bath?

We are therefore a very popular garden room company, because we offer fantastic quality buildings, but they are offered at very affordable prices to British homeowners.


As large as you like

In this article, we have concentrated on describing the benefits of owning a garden office pod, which is normally a small garden building.
Often these are placed in the corner of a garden, and if they are behind say a large holly bush you might not even see them from your house.
With that said, our company is still capable of building massive garden buildings, so much so, we can build a building that has multiple bedrooms, ensuites and even a large living room. So, we can build any sized garden room, prices vary between 18k and 70k.
So, when you hire us, we have the carpenters, the joiners, the electricians, the site managers, the architects, roofers, painters and decorators to build for you a building as large as you would like.

Why not call us for a quote?


Which features can make a garden room feel luxurious?



The word luxurious, well it has to be one of the most overused words in marketing, surely? After all, if used to describe everything from teabags through to high-value cars.

And if you were to grab a nice cup of tea, and you were to start having a look at various garden room company websites, well if you were to count up the amount of times that they use the word in “luxury” on their website, it can be a term that’s heavily used that’s the sure.

We all know what luxury means when it comes to high performance car, perhaps we you want it to be fast, have sporty styling, and perhaps an interior which is somewhere where you like spending time?

But what about a garden room?


Surely these are just four walls and made out of wood?

Well, what we would say is that garden rooms can be extremely luxurious, this article we hope to give you some food thought, that is some ideas that you might want to incorporate into the design of your garden room.

So, if you want a luxurious garden building, you’ve most definitely come to the right place.


Huge triple glazed windows

Here in Great Britain, we are lucky enough to have some spectacular scenery to look out onto, perhaps it’s Rolling Meadows within the countryside?

Perhaps alternatively you might be lucky enough to be able to look out of your window at the Atlantic Ocean, and have a view as far as the eyes can see, and you might see the occasional large vessel, passing through the waves?

So what we would recommend these having a garden building built, which has a large panoramic glass windows, perhaps you would like them to be triple glazed, which allows you to enjoy and take in the views that surrounds your property.

What’s around your property?

Do you look out over Woodlands?

Do you look out over the sea?

Do you look out over our splendid British countryside?

Why not create your garden building, so that it has huge windows and doors, so that you can simply sit down on a nice comfortable sofa, or perhaps a reclining chair, and you can take in the views which around your property.
What would make this space feel even more luxurious, is to have aluminium framed windows which stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

We would also recommend having top-quality, bi folding doors fitted, which open and close very easily.
What we would also recommend that they are triple glazed windows and doors, so that when the doors are shut, the room is nice and quiet, so much so that you can hear a pin drop.


Quality audio

We could install within ceiling, top quality speakers. For example, there are some fantastic manufacturers of audio equipment, for example we really like the brand Pure, it’s a fantastic company. They produce really high-quality audio equipment.
And imagine walking into your garden building, switching on your audio equipment, and really enjoying listening to the music as loud as you would like, what do you like listening to, jazz, classical or perhaps rock ‘n’ roll is more your cup of tea?


Underfloor heating

Picture the scene, it’s really cold outside, in matter of fact, you can see your breath as you breathe, and your fingertips are feeling rather freezing when you’re outside for any period of time.
Yet then imagine walking into your garden building, and when you take off your shoes, you instantly feel how nice and warm the floor is.

It’s really nice, it’s really warm, and that’s because you’ve invested in a high quality underfloor heating system, which we have installed right throughout the garden building.

So whether you’re on a call for work, or perhaps you’re just simply enjoying painting an oil painting, your feet can be nice and warm when they’re touching the floor, despite the fact that the temperature outside the garden building might well be freezing.


Air conditioning systems

There are many companies which produce very powerful air conditioning systems, that in a matter of minutes the temperature within the garden room can start to plummet.

So, imagine, it’s a really hot summer’s day, and as soon as you put ice cubes within your drink they start to melt, that’s when your outside in your garden on say a hot day in July.

And you know that you have some work tasks that you would like to complete in your garden office, and you would like the room to be nice and cool, you don’t want to feel overly hot, so imagine just with a few clicks of a remote control, and you can hear your air conditioning systems switching on, and then within a matter of minutes, the room is nice and cool, so much so that you feel the cool breeze blowing on your face.

We can therefore install a high-quality air conditioning system.

If you were to ask is which brand we would recommend a make of air conditioning systems, we would highly recommend Samsung air-conditioning systems, they offer some fantastic quality air conditioning systems.


A really high-quality bathroom

When you walk into a five-star hotel bathroom, they often have impressive bathrooms, really large spacious bathrooms and they are well equipped, for example with a Dyson electric hand dryer, a really powerful shower, made by say Mira, which make quality showers, as well as heated towel rails.

All of this can be incorporated within the bathroom of your garden building, you could even have a large bath or perhaps a shower installed, where you can simply have a nice refreshing wash within your garden building.


Are you sold on the idea of having a garden building built?

We build luxury, and we now have over seven years’ experience of building luxury garden rooms in Great Britain.

We travel rights up and down the M4 motorway, working for many homeowners who want a well-built garden building constructed.

What we guarantee is that we will build quality for you, and this will be offered a very competitive price.

So why not, give us a quick call, so we can arrange a convenient time for you, so that we can come out and meet you.
Over a nice cup of tea, we can discuss how you would like your garden room built, and we can then offer you a quote in a short period of time.

Are you thinking about having a garden bar built?


A garden bar, can make a brilliant place to socialise with your friends, to enjoy a nice pint of beer, and news never got to worry about, the bar not stocking what you like, because you own the bar!

We have built countless garden bars right across the United Kingdom, the becoming more and more popular, as people want a space where they can unwind, enjoy spending time with their friends, have a place where they can enjoy a drink right throughout the entire year.


So, what is a garden room bar?

We can design a building, that’s detached, the has its own bathroom, that insulated so it can be used right throughout the entire year.

Some garden buildings, are not suitable for use in winter. However, our buildings are, we talk to our customers, about what insulation they would like installed, for example the cheapest option is fibreglass, however we would recommend opting for panel insulation. Some customers, one of the most environmentally friendly option, so they opt for sheep’s wool, and we can place this into the walls for you as well.

As part of our team, we have experience joiners, the can build a bar for you, they can build the bar out of softwood or they can build the bar out of hardwood for you.

Then when you walk into your garden building, you might think you’ve actually walked into a real bar, it could be a wooden bar which stretches the entire length of the building. There could be a huge television screen hung on the wall, to watch live sporting events, then why not get really comfortable sofas, so you can have your friends over, have a chat and you will feel like you are in a real bar.



We travel up and down the United Kingdom, we build garden bars right throughout the country.
One of the reasons we are selected, to build a garden bar is because every building we build is bespoke. So you might have drawings that have been created by an architect, because you know exactly the way you want the building to look. Alternatively, over a nice cup of tea, we can discuss which options you want, we can then create a set of 3-D designs, once they have been approved, our hard-working builders can start work on building the garden bar for you.


Long guarantee

Some garden room companies, don’t guarantee their buildings for a very long period of time. Often because they know, for example the tar felt roof what last that long, alternatively, the cladding that the company uses, might not last a prolonged period of time.

However, the buildings that we build, all come with a long guarantee.


Why not have a garden bar and pool built?

We can build an extra-large building, which can house a full-size pool table, therefore you could have a large bar, stocked with all your favourite drinks, ranging from whiskeys through to gins, then, you could add a full-size pool table added within the room.

So, after a long day at work, you might want to go down to your garden bar, have a few games of pool, perhaps placing darts, or have a card game your friends. All while enjoying an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.



We can take care of everything

With some garden room companies, they offer super low prices on their websites. Yet, you might quickly find that you need to hire your own electrician, you own plumber or your own painter and decorator to finish off the garden room.

One of the reasons why waste so popular, is we have all of these tradesmen in-house, so we can offer you a quote to install the electrics and plumbing and to complete the painting and decorating. Some customers, might want to hire their own tradesmen, such as their own electrician, so we can offer you a prize not to install the electrics.



Why go to the pub?

You might have a pub right on your doorstep, so it might be an absolute piece of cake, to get back and for the local pub and to see your friends.

However, in area such as Bath, a lot of people, within the West Country, might live in rural locations, so it’s harder to get to the local pub. Therefore, why not have a bar, builds within your garden, and have all of your friends come over to visit you. You might even want to have a jukebox, so that you and your friends can select their favourite music to play.


Will we need to obtain planning permission, from Bath County Council?

A lot of the garden buildings, we build, are built under permitted development, which simply means that sometimes, our builders can get straight to work in constructing your garden building.

However sometimes, planning permission is required, we will need to seek planning permission from the local council. When one of our sales team, comes out and meet you, that either Kingsley, Seb or perhaps Josh, they will be able to advise you whether we will need to seek planning permission or not.

We would say, that the vast majority, of the summerhouses, garden bars and buildings that we built, do not need planning permission. However, as every single building we build in is different, we will need to have a chat with you, about how large you want the building to be, and then we can advise you whether we think you need to seek planning permission or not.

If you do need to seek planning permission, then sometimes it can take many months to obtain planning permission for your garden building.

This does need to be kept in mind, because you might want the garden building built in a short space of time, however if planning permission is required, then it can take a long time, sometimes it can take a long period of time the planning permission to be granted, but once granted, often our builders can start work very quickly.



Have you constructed, many garden buildings within Bath?

Yes, we most definitely have, we build a large number of garden gyms, garden offices and garden bars. We are well known for building very high quality, well built, garden buildings which are offered at very competitive prices.

How much does a garden gym cost? And what are benefits of owning one?


The right throughout the entire year, we have enquiries from customers, who would like a quality garden gym constructed. A lot of people, now want to improve their health and fitness, whether that’s to shed a few pounds, or perhaps you have a marathon coming up?

We think, that a garden gym, makes it convenient and super easy to start your workouts whenever you like.

You haven’t got to jump in the car, wait in traffic, and then have to then wait even longer, to use the piece of gym equipment you want, when you get there, because the gym might be full of people.

And then when you finally do find a treadmill that is free, it might be rather dirty, covered in sweat and dust, and this might deter you from visiting the gym as much as you want, because the gym equipment might not be ready clean at your gym?

However, all of these disadvantages of using a local gym, can disappear, once you only your own garden gym built by us. It can be a luxury building, with air conditioning, top of the range gym equipment, a really good quality sound system, and also heaters, which can heat the room even on the coldest of winter days.


So how much does a garden gym cost to construct in the city of Bath?

Well, a lot less than you might think, we have built many garden gyms, for just £18,000, the average price is around £30,000, yet we can build a garden building anyway you like, so we can build a very luxurious garden for you.

It could even have a huge bathroom, with a heated floor, it could have a heated towel rail, and a huge walk-in shower, meaning that once the workout is finished, and just walking enjoy a nice refreshing within your garden building. We can design the bathroom so that it is ventilated and also so that it is heated.

So, we can build a garden gym for you anywhere within the United Kingdom, we are regularly travelling up and down the M4 motorway building so many garden gyms, and we don’t just build them in the summer we also build them right throughout the winter months as well.

You could have a luxury garden gym built for just £18,000, and when you consider that this room could help you to lose weight, it could help you to really improve your fitness, because you would have your own gym, at the end of the garden, that whenever you want to start your work out, you can just walk down there and start exercising whenever you like, that could be it’s 7 AM in the morning or it could be at 1 AM you can work out whenever you want to when you only garden gym.



How long does a garden gym take to build in Bath?

This very much depends on access to your garden, if you have a rear lane, when you have side access to your house, then often we can build most garden gyms, within the city of Bath, in less than three weeks.

However, some Victorian properties, don’t have a rear lane, and also the house might be terraced, so there is no way of taking the building materials, such as the plasterboard, the wood for the windows down the side of the building through a garden gate, because you might not have a garden gate.

However, we can take the building materials through your house, it might take us longer to build a garden building, but we can still build one for you anywhere within Bath. So, if you live in a terraced house, we can still build a garden building in your garden.



Super clean

When you visit a local gym, sometimes the gym equipment is not as clean as you would like. Of course, there are some gyms, which keep their gym equipment nice and clean, but there are some which don’t, and for example the treadmill could be sweaty, covered in dust and it could be dirty, with all then feet running on it.

So, one of the advantages of owning your home gym equipment, is that it’s only you, for the people that use your garden gym, that will be using it, so it’s much easier to keep that gym equipment clean.



Would you like a garden gym constructed?

We have a huge amount of experience, building garden buildings.

We have now been building garden rooms for over five years, we have built many summerhouses within the city of Bath. We also build garden rooms right throughout the West Country, one of the reasons why our company is so popular, in the West Country, is because we offer long guarantees on every single building that we construct.

We also employ, very experienced tradesmen, for example, some of our joiners, they have over 10 years’ experience, building structures such as gazebos, summerhouses as well as also decking.

We have built many buildings, within Bath, and that’s because we often come highly recommended by our previous customers, who recommend us to their friends and family.




Once your neighbours see the quality of our garden rooms, often they will want one built as well, therefore often our company builds many garden buildings, on the same street, for example we might build easily five garden buildings on one street in Bath, and that’s because, we often come highly recommended.

With prices starting from just £18,000, our buildings are also affordable, if you would like a free quote then why not call us?

Would you like a garden room constructed with a hot tub?

Hot tubs are popular right throughout Bath and the Cotswolds, with many homeowners only one. Often, they are used during the summer, as a great way to cool down and perhaps enjoy a nice glass of bubbly champagne.

However, here in Great Britain, the weather is quite unpredictable, one day can be boiling hot, so much so we are smothering ourselves in waterproof sun cream. The next day, the weather can change, almost in an instant, with fine drizzling rain.

However, you might still fancy a quick dunk in your hot tub, you might want to sit in your hot tub even if it’s raining, therefore a lot of people have a quality gazebo, or sometimes a garden building, which has a large extension known as a canopy, which can offer a roof and side walls to the hot tub.

Therefore, a lot of people get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, to give us a quick call and ask us to build a luxurious garden room, with a canopy to the side. Sometimes, some of our customers have truly massive Jacuzzis built, sometimes these Jacuzzis are so large they can comfortably sit seven people, who are all enjoying the bubbly warm water. What a great way to have a nice plastic glass, and to enjoy some champagne or perhaps good quality wine?


Hot tub garden rooms

Often, our customers ask us to build a garden building, which has a huge decked area, the decking area can be made of composite. Then we can build a large canopy, the canopy can be very large, so that it completely offers a roof over the Jacuzzi. Fitted then into the roof of the Jacuzzi, can be really good quality outdoor speakers, for example you might want speakers made by Bang and Olsen, or perhaps you would like the speakers made by Bose, or perhaps made by Sony.

We build luxurious hot garden rooms, and often our customers know exactly how they want the building built, where they want the outdoor lights, what colour they want decking to be, they may even know what cladding they would like clad on the outside of the garden room, and we can build that for you.


Quality decking

When you step out of your hot tub, you’re going to want to step onto quality decking, in order to dry yourself off with a towel. You’re going to want the decking to be very low maintenance, you’re going to want it to last a long period of time and also be extra strong at so that you get good value for money. What we would recommend opting for composite, good brand of composite and have also composite steps built up to your Jacuzzi.

The composite steps, will allow you to easily get in and out of the Jacuzzi.
Outdoor lighting

On a summers evening, you might want to go and have a quick dip in your Jacuzzi, yet it might be pitch dark outside.
Even if it is pitch dark outside, you can have quality LED lights, which can switch on all around your garden room, or perhaps you would like them to just switch on to illuminate your Jacuzzi.

Then your Jacuzzi will be eliminated, and you can enjoy having a dip hot tub.



Once you’ve had a soak in your Jacuzzi, you might want to wash off and go to the bathroom to have a nice refreshing shower. You might want a power shower , so that you can have a wash, therefore we can install a complete bathroom within your garden building for you.
Just like going to the gym.

You could have a massive garden building, that’s air conditioned, which also has multiple electric radiators, and you can fill it with top quality, some of the best quality gym equipment. You could also have a complete bathroom as well, so when you’ve finished working out, say lifting all of those heavy dumbbells, you can simply jump into your power shower and have wash.

Just like in most luxurious health clubs, and spas, often is a large Jacuzzi with powerful water jets, which can help you to unwind, you could also have one of these fitted to the side of your garden building.

Therefore, after work out, let’s say 30 minutes of fast running on your treadmill, you might want a quick wash off in your shower, which is within your garden building, then you might wish to spend the rest of the evening soaking in your hot tub.


Bath and beyond

We really like the Victorian city of Bath, we think it’s a fantastic place with great architecture and some fantastic homes, some of which date back before the Victorian era, and some are more modern.
Whether you have a modern house, or perhaps you have a housemaid it Bath stone, which dates back to the Victorian era, we can build a garden room for you. You might live right within the main part of the city, she might have a small garden, if so, we can build a small garden room for you.

Alternatively, you might own a country mansion, on the outskirts of Bath, and you might have acres of land? We can build therefore a garden room as big as you would like, because you have so much space where we can build it to.
Would you like garden room built? Why not call us?