Would you like a garden room constructed with a hot tub?

Hot tubs are popular right throughout Bath and the Cotswolds, with many homeowners only one. Often, they are used during the summer, as a great way to cool down and perhaps enjoy a nice glass of bubbly champagne.

However, here in Great Britain, the weather is quite unpredictable, one day can be boiling hot, so much so we are smothering ourselves in waterproof sun cream. The next day, the weather can change, almost in an instant, with fine drizzling rain.

However, you might still fancy a quick dunk in your hot tub, you might want to sit in your hot tub even if it’s raining, therefore a lot of people have a quality gazebo, or sometimes a garden building, which has a large extension known as a canopy, which can offer a roof and side walls to the hot tub.

Therefore, a lot of people get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, to give us a quick call and ask us to build a luxurious garden room, with a canopy to the side. Sometimes, some of our customers have truly massive Jacuzzis built, sometimes these Jacuzzis are so large they can comfortably sit seven people, who are all enjoying the bubbly warm water. What a great way to have a nice plastic glass, and to enjoy some champagne or perhaps good quality wine?


Hot tub garden rooms

Often, our customers ask us to build a garden building, which has a huge decked area, the decking area can be made of composite. Then we can build a large canopy, the canopy can be very large, so that it completely offers a roof over the Jacuzzi. Fitted then into the roof of the Jacuzzi, can be really good quality outdoor speakers, for example you might want speakers made by Bang and Olsen, or perhaps you would like the speakers made by Bose, or perhaps made by Sony.

We build luxurious hot garden rooms, and often our customers know exactly how they want the building built, where they want the outdoor lights, what colour they want decking to be, they may even know what cladding they would like clad on the outside of the garden room, and we can build that for you.


Quality decking

When you step out of your hot tub, you’re going to want to step onto quality decking, in order to dry yourself off with a towel. You’re going to want the decking to be very low maintenance, you’re going to want it to last a long period of time and also be extra strong at so that you get good value for money. What we would recommend opting for composite, good brand of composite and have also composite steps built up to your Jacuzzi.

The composite steps, will allow you to easily get in and out of the Jacuzzi.
Outdoor lighting

On a summers evening, you might want to go and have a quick dip in your Jacuzzi, yet it might be pitch dark outside.
Even if it is pitch dark outside, you can have quality LED lights, which can switch on all around your garden room, or perhaps you would like them to just switch on to illuminate your Jacuzzi.

Then your Jacuzzi will be eliminated, and you can enjoy having a dip hot tub.



Once you’ve had a soak in your Jacuzzi, you might want to wash off and go to the bathroom to have a nice refreshing shower. You might want a power shower , so that you can have a wash, therefore we can install a complete bathroom within your garden building for you.
Just like going to the gym.

You could have a massive garden building, that’s air conditioned, which also has multiple electric radiators, and you can fill it with top quality, some of the best quality gym equipment. You could also have a complete bathroom as well, so when you’ve finished working out, say lifting all of those heavy dumbbells, you can simply jump into your power shower and have wash.

Just like in most luxurious health clubs, and spas, often is a large Jacuzzi with powerful water jets, which can help you to unwind, you could also have one of these fitted to the side of your garden building.

Therefore, after work out, let’s say 30 minutes of fast running on your treadmill, you might want a quick wash off in your shower, which is within your garden building, then you might wish to spend the rest of the evening soaking in your hot tub.


Bath and beyond

We really like the Victorian city of Bath, we think it’s a fantastic place with great architecture and some fantastic homes, some of which date back before the Victorian era, and some are more modern.
Whether you have a modern house, or perhaps you have a housemaid it Bath stone, which dates back to the Victorian era, we can build a garden room for you. You might live right within the main part of the city, she might have a small garden, if so, we can build a small garden room for you.

Alternatively, you might own a country mansion, on the outskirts of Bath, and you might have acres of land? We can build therefore a garden room as big as you would like, because you have so much space where we can build it to.
Would you like garden room built? Why not call us?

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