How much does a garden gym cost? And what are benefits of owning one?


The right throughout the entire year, we have enquiries from customers, who would like a quality garden gym constructed. A lot of people, now want to improve their health and fitness, whether that’s to shed a few pounds, or perhaps you have a marathon coming up?

We think, that a garden gym, makes it convenient and super easy to start your workouts whenever you like.

You haven’t got to jump in the car, wait in traffic, and then have to then wait even longer, to use the piece of gym equipment you want, when you get there, because the gym might be full of people.

And then when you finally do find a treadmill that is free, it might be rather dirty, covered in sweat and dust, and this might deter you from visiting the gym as much as you want, because the gym equipment might not be ready clean at your gym?

However, all of these disadvantages of using a local gym, can disappear, once you only your own garden gym built by us. It can be a luxury building, with air conditioning, top of the range gym equipment, a really good quality sound system, and also heaters, which can heat the room even on the coldest of winter days.


So how much does a garden gym cost to construct in the city of Bath?

Well, a lot less than you might think, we have built many garden gyms, for just £18,000, the average price is around £30,000, yet we can build a garden building anyway you like, so we can build a very luxurious garden for you.

It could even have a huge bathroom, with a heated floor, it could have a heated towel rail, and a huge walk-in shower, meaning that once the workout is finished, and just walking enjoy a nice refreshing within your garden building. We can design the bathroom so that it is ventilated and also so that it is heated.

So, we can build a garden gym for you anywhere within the United Kingdom, we are regularly travelling up and down the M4 motorway building so many garden gyms, and we don’t just build them in the summer we also build them right throughout the winter months as well.

You could have a luxury garden gym built for just £18,000, and when you consider that this room could help you to lose weight, it could help you to really improve your fitness, because you would have your own gym, at the end of the garden, that whenever you want to start your work out, you can just walk down there and start exercising whenever you like, that could be it’s 7 AM in the morning or it could be at 1 AM you can work out whenever you want to when you only garden gym.



How long does a garden gym take to build in Bath?

This very much depends on access to your garden, if you have a rear lane, when you have side access to your house, then often we can build most garden gyms, within the city of Bath, in less than three weeks.

However, some Victorian properties, don’t have a rear lane, and also the house might be terraced, so there is no way of taking the building materials, such as the plasterboard, the wood for the windows down the side of the building through a garden gate, because you might not have a garden gate.

However, we can take the building materials through your house, it might take us longer to build a garden building, but we can still build one for you anywhere within Bath. So, if you live in a terraced house, we can still build a garden building in your garden.



Super clean

When you visit a local gym, sometimes the gym equipment is not as clean as you would like. Of course, there are some gyms, which keep their gym equipment nice and clean, but there are some which don’t, and for example the treadmill could be sweaty, covered in dust and it could be dirty, with all then feet running on it.

So, one of the advantages of owning your home gym equipment, is that it’s only you, for the people that use your garden gym, that will be using it, so it’s much easier to keep that gym equipment clean.



Would you like a garden gym constructed?

We have a huge amount of experience, building garden buildings.

We have now been building garden rooms for over five years, we have built many summerhouses within the city of Bath. We also build garden rooms right throughout the West Country, one of the reasons why our company is so popular, in the West Country, is because we offer long guarantees on every single building that we construct.

We also employ, very experienced tradesmen, for example, some of our joiners, they have over 10 years’ experience, building structures such as gazebos, summerhouses as well as also decking.

We have built many buildings, within Bath, and that’s because we often come highly recommended by our previous customers, who recommend us to their friends and family.




Once your neighbours see the quality of our garden rooms, often they will want one built as well, therefore often our company builds many garden buildings, on the same street, for example we might build easily five garden buildings on one street in Bath, and that’s because, we often come highly recommended.

With prices starting from just £18,000, our buildings are also affordable, if you would like a free quote then why not call us?

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