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Garden Music Studio’s

Date: 30/10/2023

Author: Kingsley Hyden Jones




Bespoke garden music rooms

We build bespoke garden music rooms all over the United Kingdom

Bespoke soundproof garden music rooms and garden sound studios. Made to specification, insulated for temperature and sound.
So, most garden rooms are designed just to stop heat escaping, through adding various types of insulation into the walls. However, a garden music room, well this needs to be built differently, if you want to stop a lot of noise escaping and annoying your neighbours!


Garden Music Rooms & Soundproof Studios


We can build soundproofed garden studios

For many, making music is an essential part of life, whether as a career or a much-loved hobby. However, finding a space to practice or play can be a challenge – especially if you live in a crowded neighbourhood. Fortunately, garden music rooms provide the perfect solution. These fully insulated and sound-proofed garden studios offer a peaceful haven where you can make all the noise you want without disturbing your neighbours. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, an acoustically treated garden music room is the perfect place to let your creativity flow.

So, here in the wonderful island we call Great Britain, a lot of us, have relatively small gardens. Yet, we may well be a music producer, or lets say someone who likes to play the piano each evening after work. So whats needed is a sound insulated garden room, yet, it must also be insulated, otherwise, well its going be mighty freezing in that room otherwise.


Sound is an amazing thing. It can be soft and soothing, or loud and jarring. And it can travel through the air, transferring vibrations to the objects it comes into contact with – including walls, floors and ceilings. Therefore, dedicated garden music rooms and sound studios are a popular solution as they contain the sound and minimise these vibrations from travelling.
So how do we minimise sound from escaping?

Well, there are a large number of companies that provide sound proofing materials. The cost of these vary a lot, depending on quality, yet, there are some top quality makes out there, that simply do an amazing job of helping to prevent sound from escaping, yet also, don’t take up much roof, when added to the walls.

Soundproof Garden Studios


We can sound proof your garden studio

At Modern Garden Rooms, we are experts at soundproofing garden buildings. We use high-quality materials and modern construction techniques to ensure that your garden music studio is fully soundproofed, so you can be confident that the sound will stay within your garden walls.

So, screws, nails, so all fixings, if you use this to place the plasterboard in place, then you nail this to the structural timbers, the structural timbers then are adjoined to the outside cladding. So, if the garden room is not built in a way that is designed to keep noise in, then basically the room just becomes a giant drum.

So far from preventing noise from escaping, the walls, can send sound waves flowing through your garden, your neighbours garden, and your neighbours, neighbours garden. And sure you may well be enjoying listening to that latest drum and base track you have just finished recording using Cubase, but your neighbours, well they may well be less enthusiastic about listening to it!

So the the solution is not just in adding sound proofing, but also designing the whole buildings to minimise sound escaping, so the walls will need more insulation, built in a different way, and we would recommend paying a bit more for, triple glazed doors and windows.


Needs to be well built

What’s for sure is there’s no point in ordering a top of the range sound insulation board, then for the carpenters to leave large gaps, around the windows and doors, allowing sound to escape, so the whole building needs to be well built.
Noise tests
So, the only way of knowing how good the building is, is to carry out a noise test, of playing music, and using a decibel reader outside the building, to record how loud the noise is. Its perfectly possible, that during construction, more sound proofing is required, to bring the noise down to an acceptable level. Therefore, the building does need to be carefully designed, yet, more sound proofing may be needed, if the decibel readings are still too high.


Ways we create Soundproof Garden Studios

• We can install triple glazed windows and doors
• We can offer you a range of different sound proofing options
• Thicker wall insulation can be used

Do you require a music studio to be built within your garden?

Our team travel all over the U.K every single week, up and down the M5 building garden offices, rooms and music studios for our customers. So, whether you are a rising star, that’s a well known rapper, or alternatively you may simply be a classical opera singer, and need a garden music studio built why not call us?


Built super-fast?

So, you might well be absolutely itching to get your garden music studio built, so you can get in there, and start recording a brand-new track, ready to release next year. The great news is, our company can often built a recording studio / music room in your garden in less than one month, once we start the work.


For a free quote, why not ring us?


Garden music studio

We mostly build out garden music studios in and around The Cotswolds, yet we also travel all over the United Kingdom.
If you would a free quote, Kingsley Hyden Jones can come and visit you 6 days a week, we offer advice and a free quote.


Why not call today?


What features would you say are essential when purchasing a garden office?


You may have made the decision that you would like a brand-new garden office built, yet when you start to shop around the various companies that offer to build these freestanding buildings, you notice that the prices often vary considerably.

For instance, the quotes that you start to receive within your inbox, they might vary between £10,000 and perhaps up to £40,000.

This might have you rather confused initially as to how the prices of such a building can vary by so much.
However, the construction of the garden room can often vary between which company you choose. One company might us just ground screws when building a garden office, another company may just use just concrete slab.

Therefore, we thought it would be a really good idea to write a very helpful article, explaining some of the features that your garden building should include.




When the rain and sleet and hail are lashing down on your house, often a house will be well equipped to cope with this amount of harsh weather conditions. For example, there might be a concrete render on the building, really good quality Victorian bricks helping to keep that rainwater out.

However, when we start to visualise the construction of a garden office, the majority of the building is made from timber, so it’s important that here in United Kingdom you think about how that building is able to cope with out wet, cold and some might argue rather long British winters.

First things first, what we would recommend is that you have a high-quality, long lasting rubber roof fitted, this should come also with a long guarantee period.

Secondly, we would recommend picking a type of cladding, that’s a low or offers close to zero maintenance required.
If you were to ask to recommend two types of cladding, we would recommend steel sheet and composite cladding, both are low maintenance.



We would recommend making sure the roof is guaranteed to last

This is something that some homeowners might overlook when they are purchasing a garden room, because the roof is sometimes something that the buyers don’t think too much about. Yet the quality of the roof is so crucial, to ensuring the longevity of the garden office.

If you are going be working in the garden room in the summer, we would recommend air conditioning is fitted
So your brand ne garden building might be built during the autumn or the winter period- where you are more concentrating on how you will keep the room warm.

However, it is equally important to think about how comfortable you will be in building during the summer months as well.
This is because the roof is often made of a flat roof, a rubber material which can attract the sunlight and because the front elevation of a summerhouse is often made mostly of glass, the building can heat up quite substantially during the summer period.

So what we would recommend an air conditioning system fitted, now this might sound rather expensive at first but we offer you a range of different air conditioning systems made by different manufacturers.



How are you going heat the room during the winter?

Sometimes, some companies will actually install the electrics and also a really good quality electric heater.
Yet what you have to think about is will the electric heater be sufficient for heating the whole garden building, or might the small heater not be enough to heat the room,

What we will do when we come out and visit you is have a chat about the different types of insulation that we can offer.
We can offer sheep’s wool insulation, hemp insulation and also panel insulation as well.

Then we will recommend how many electric heaters that you need, if it’s a large garden room you might need three for example.


Is the glass used for the windows and doors energy-efficient?

This is another important factor to consider when buying a garden office, will all the windows be good-quality and double glazed, as otherwise a lot of heat might simply escape through poorly constructed doors and windows.



What a guarantee on the bi folding doors?

In our view there are bi-folding doors, then there are bi folding doors, what do we mean by that statement?
Well quite simply put, there are some bi folding doors which are simply great at keeping the heat within a garden building, and with relatively little effort the doors should open and close easily as well.

Also they should have good security features, such as excellent quality locks.

What’s the guarantee on the whole building?

It’s important to ask your garden room company how long do they offer a guarantee on the whole building for?



What maintenance will the cladding on your garden room require?

This is another really important point to consider when buying a garden office, is to have a conversation with your garden room company about the different pros and cons of the cladding options that the company offers.

They may want to offer you a cheap type of cladding made of softwood, but after a short period of time, let’s say after just one year, the garden room might start to look a bit tatty if the wood becomes water stained, and need the all cladding taken off if the cladding suffers from wood worm as well.

So we would recommend choosing composite cladding, sure it’s not be the cheapest cladding option to choose from, but when you think over the long term, composite requires hardly any maintenance at all, so we think its definitely worth the extra expense.


Would you like a free quote for us to build a garden building for you

All over the city of Bath in South West England, you might have seen our numerous Mercedes sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter vans with our signage on the side, that’s because all over the city busy every single week our teams are busy building high-quality garden rooms.

That’s because right across the city of Bath, many people contact us, from entrepreneurs that are starting a new beauty business and need a beauty saloon built in their gardens, through to freelance solicitors that needs a nice garden office built by us.
We have now built so many garden buildings in Bath England that we have on a regular basis phone calls from our previous customers who have gone on to recommend us to family and friends because they really like us to build a summerhouse for them too.

We detail some of the important features that your garden room should include

We have built a large number of garden offices throughout the Bath area of England, we detail important features that your garden room should include.

How your company built many garden offices/garden rooms within Somerset?



Somerset is a location within the UK full of entrepreneurs, as well as many homeowners who now work from home. Some may work from home on a “hybrid” basis, some other employees may work from their house on a full-time basis. This means over that the last three years; our garden room business, has seen a huge increase in demand for our company to build garden offices.

With prices starting from as little as £18,000, it’s clear to see why we are so popular right across South-West England.



Why choose our company?

Yet, when you start to shop around, you may notice that there are literally hundreds of businesses offering to build these buildings. So, from a customer’s perspective, it can sometimes be rather confusing, as to which company you should choose.

Some garden room companies may advertise on a noticeboard within a local shop, some may well be landscaping businesses which build the occasional garden office. Then There’s us, where you may have seen our many Mercedes sprinter vans, and our online marketing campaigns or alternatively you might have even seen as working in your street?


We have already built, many garden offices across Somerset. Here’s some of the reasons why:


• We offer a long guarantee period
• We use top quality timber
• We employ highly experienced electricians
• We build bespoke garden buildings
• We have been building garden buildings in Somerset for a long period of time
• We have a company director who can come out and see you, six days a week and answer any questions that you might have
• We use quality windows and doors
• We aim to build our buildings as fast as possible
• We aim to create a minimal disruption for our customers by working fast and also very neatly when we are busy working in your garden
• We build high-quality garden buildings which are made to last



Built fast

We understand, that some of our customers, will be making the switch to working for a new company. Perhaps for example you started working for a large plc business, yet they now want you to work from home three days a week. Where before you might have worked in a large city, such as Bristol, yet now you’re working from home more often, you may want us to build a garden office as fast as we can for you.

Therefore, the homeowner, will want a garden office built by us as quick as possible. The great news is, that we are often able to build a garden building, in less than three weeks. This is incredibly fast, when you consider that we need to often use a JCB mini digger to level the ground. We need to build the foundations, we need to complete all of the structural work, then we need to add the cladding, plaster the building inside and also at the electrics.

You haven’t got to hire a electrician, because we can do this work for you

Even if your garden building, is right at the far end of your garden, we can still install all of the electrics for you. Our fully qualified and highly experienced electricians, can install the power sockets, the outdoor and indoor lights, as well as also the fuse box for you. This means, you haven’t got to call around various electricians, to obtain a quote, because within our quote we can take care of installing all of the electrics for you.



Do you build garden buildings all across Bath and Somerset?

We have been building garden offices right across the whole of Bath and Somerset for a long period of time. Our company director, has been building wooden buildings now for over 8 consecutive years. We can therefore offer a wide range of different garden buildings, for example we can build eco-friendly buildings with a sedum roof, which cladding made from recycled plastics.

We can also build very large garden gyms, complete with a canopy, to offer a roof over a hot tub. We can also build a large room, that air conditioned there can be used as the gym area, we can also build a large bathroom so when you are finished exercising, say on the rowing machine, you might want to have a quick shower within your garden gym?



How much does a garden office cost to build?

Our prices, for our garden buildings, start from just £18,000. The average prices between 25,000 and £30,000.


Guaranteed to last

We believe that one of the main reasons why so many residents within Somerset call us to build their building, is because we offer such a long guarantee period on all our wooden buildings. Therefore our customers have total peace of mind, that they have purchased a very high quality building, made to last, and because it’s so well built, we can offer you a long guarantee.

When you purchase a wooden building online, from a difference company it might come with a short guarantee period.

Yet, often homeowners want to use a garden office, often they want to use it for a number of years, they don’t want to have to fix any problems such as a leaking roof after say three years of use. This is why many homeowners contact us, because the building comes with a long guarantee. Plus, we install top quality building materials, for example we install rubber roof’s, that we know will last a very long period of time.

Therefore, once you purchase a timber building from us, you will have the peace of mind that you have purchased a quality building that’s made to last. That’s why so many people in Somerset, call Kingsley, because our company has a very strong reputation building garden buildings that are built to last.

Do you build Bespoke garden buildings?

In Somerset, many homeowners, have fantastic views over the surrounding countryside.
For example you might a rural property, that have say large garden, and you might want a garden building constructed, so that you can work well looking out over the surrounding countryside. You might be able to see acre after acre of British countryside, alternatively you might live near Woodland, or let’s say a stream, therefore we can build a garden building, within your garden, so that you can look out over the countryside while working.

Built to any size that you would like, from 3 m x 3 m to 7 m x 7 m plus

Sometimes, in Somerset’s and the surrounding areas such as the Cotswolds, often to people will work within a garden building for let’s say easily 40 hours plus per week. For example, it might be a start-up business, that is run by a husband and wife, and you may want want a comfortable place where they can run their business from. We can therefore build a well insulated, air-conditioned, spacious garden building that would be absolutely brilliant to run your business from.
Are we still able to use your garden buildings during a freezing cold winter?

It’s all well and good browsing through various summerhouses for sale online, some might be well below £10,000 to purchase.

However, these buildings might well be as much to use as a chocolate teapot within the winter months, if they can’t be easily kept warm, and sometimes these buildings can be freezing cold inside, simply due to a lack of insulation.

Sometimes the owners might have multiple electric fan heaters on, trying to heat the room to a comfortable level, yet because there’s no insulation all of this warmth might simply escape through the roof in a matter of seconds. Not only is this bad for the environment, the electric bill is likely to be considerable when trying to heat a summerhouse that has no insulation.

Therefore quality insulation needs to be installed into the roof, walls and floor

So it’s most definitely worth paying more for a well-insulated garden building, and you will see our builders diligently cutting the panel insulation and placing it into every part of the building. This will mean that the building is fully insulated.
Panel insulation therefore simply does an excellent job at helping to keep the building nice and warm within the winter. Still need to have electric heaters, yet they hot air can be retained for longer because they will be panel insulation within the building.

And because our buildings have panel installation crammed into the walls, they can be warmed very easily through electric heaters.


Do you offer finance?

Currently at the time of writing, we do not offer garden room finance, however, our prices are often cheaper than some of our main competitors. For example, prices start from £18,000, so our garden rooms are offered at a brilliant price.


How much will it cost to build a garden building within Bath, North Somerset?


We now have accrued well over seven years of experience building luxurious, tailor made garden buildings. These are most definitely not your run of the mill type of buildings, they are well made, yet offer that’s an affordable price.

From the towering Victorian houses within the city centre of Bath, to impressive mansion set in the countryside of Bath, we have now built a countless number of garden buildings. And, if you are currently pondering whether to purchase such a building, we hope that this informative article, will help you to understand how much our garden buildings cost, as well as some of the fantastic optional extras that we can offer you.


Do you need a garden office built?

If you need a quiet place, to get your work completed, that whether you work for a company and you’ve been asked to work from home, you might be an entrepreneur, and run your own business?

You might need a garden office constructed, and the great news is, that we have built many garden offices, for just £18,000.

Now when you consider that this includes the ground screws, a tough and durable roof, quality double glazing not just in the windows but also in the doors, FSC approved timber used throughout the whole of the construction, you can see that this offers absolutely fabulous value for money.

Therefore, you may have seen one of our Ford transit vehicle parked on your street, and the reason for that is we are now one of the most popular garden room companies in the hall of the city.

We are well known for building garden offices, at a low price, and for building them quickly, yet also offering a long guarantee.


Do you require a garden bar to be built?

Perhaps you’re fed up, of going to the local pub with your friends, and having to wait what feels like an eternity to get served on a Friday evening?

Alternatively, you might just be fed up with the cost of a pint of refreshing beer, in some places it’s now the norm to charge 7 pound a pint!

That’s why many people are picking up the phone in North Somerset, and they are asking us to build then a luxurious garden bar. The good news is that we can build a garden room, that is large enough to house a number of your friends is, and to enjoy a nice pint, and we can build these buildings between 25 and £50,000.


We can build a garden building to any dimensions that you would like?

Do you offer to supply flatpack garden buildings and to deliver them to Bath, England?

There are now many companies, which supply what is called flatpack garden buildings. This is a bit like IKEA furniture in that is delivered in a flatpack form, with a set of instructions, that you can easily follow and build the building yourself.

However, currently at the time of writing, we don’t supply flatpack garden buildings. Instead, we offer a service, where we build spoke garden rooms. You state to the exact centimetre, how large you want the garden room to be in terms of the width and also the length the building

We then order the building materials, this includes which cladding you have selected, for example you might have selected powder coated metal cladding, you might have selected hardwood cladding or you might have selected softwood cladding, such as pine wood.

Then, once the building materials have been delivered to our yard, we will then bring them to your house and start to build your garden building. We can often build most buildings in under three weeks, that’s the way we have some very hard-working staff, some very highly experienced staff, and staff which also take huge amount of pride in delivering quality garden rooms for our customers.


A garden gym a great way to improve your fitness

A lot of people are fed up with expensive gym memberships, that when they go to visit the gym during a peak time, let’s say at 5:30 in the evening, all of the gym equipment might be used, the room might be rather hot and stuffy because there are so many people running, exercising and lifting weights.

Therefore, a lot of people want a garden building, that becomes their place where they work out, where they can improve their fitness, and they never have to wait for a piece of gym equipment to become available, simply because the dumbbells, the rowing machine and the treadmill they own.


So how much will it cost us to build a garden gym in Somerset?

Well, if you would like a building that has a bathroom, that is a shower and a toilet and a wash hand basin and a large enough room to fit some gym equipment prices start from just £35,000.

When you consider that you will have a luxurious building, that you can go out and exercise in day or night, and then have a nice shower within the building after this can really help to improve your fitness levels and at this price, it can be built at an affordable price for a lot of people living in Bath England.


We want a garden building constructed , yet why should we pick your company?

Well, this is a really good question, and that’s because you as the customer are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a garden room company.

There are now so many garden room companies to pick from in Bath. In matter-of-fact, in the South-West of England, there are now hundreds of garden room companies, so why exactly should you pick us over all of these competitors?

One reason is, a lot of our customers often pop along to a garden room which we are currently constructing in Bath. And as soon as they see the quality of our workmanship, the quality of the wood that we use, and sometimes they have a quick chat with our customers, and they say how polite how hard-working and how happy they are with their garden room, then we are often the company that that person chooses because they can see that we have built so many garden buildings right across South-West England.

We have built garden rooms in gardens within Exeter, right through to Bath, and often we are cheaper than a lot of other companies. For example, our starting price start at just £18,000, where some companies can’t offer that price, yet the reason we can, is because we now have a large team of installers.

This means that our large team of garden room builders, can quickly build the whole building. Most bespoke garden rooms that we construct, are built in less than three weeks.

When you consider that often we need to use a mini digger to level the ground, we need to install ground screws then we need to build the main structure, then we had the roof, then we had the windows and doors. The next stage is to add the plasterboard and completely plastered the room. If we are adding a bathroom this also needs to be completed, as you can see this is a huge amount of work.

Although it is a huge amount of work, we are still able to build most of our garden buildings in less than three weeks, because we have very talented plasterers, carpenters and electricians work quickly.


Would you like a quote for a garden building to be built?

We can come out and see you, in the evenings, Monday through to Saturday we can also meet you during the daytime as well.
We employ a full-time salesperson; he is very knowledgeable about garden buildings and can answer any questions that you might have.

Down to whether our timber that we use is FSC approved, right through to talking about the Pilkington Glass that we can supply, which can help to the building more energy-efficient.

Our salesperson is very knowledgeable, and can come and meet you at a time that best suits you.
Prices typically vary between £18,000 and £50,000, so we offer very affordable garden buildings.