Do you run your business- could you benefit from purchasing a garden office from us?




You might run a freelance business, for example, you might be a web designer? You might be looking at renting an office? Yet, then thought, well, what about getting a garden office built?

Such a building is simply great for remote working or just having a place to run your business and meet your clients.

Being comfortable

For some of us, we spend most of our waking hours in work. So, this is why its crucial, that your comfortable. That you have a room that you enjoy spending your time, it may have artwork on the wall, a large window to let in all that fresh air and natural light.

What’s great about purchasing a garden office from us, is you can design it to your exact requirements.

So, floor to ceiling windows, no problem, large bathroom and kitchen- you got it, we can build the whole building the way you like. If you have an active lifestyle, why not have a separate room, and place some gym equipment in there, that offer a great place to have a quick run after work.


Any shape or size you like

Our British gardens, well they come in all sizes, from back gardens not large enough to swing a cat- through to gardens so large, well, you could get lost in the amount of woodland you may have.

So, what’s great about hiring our team to help design and build your garden office, is every part of the building is bespoke. Its 100% designed the way you like, so if you have enough room, and you gain planning permission, why not have a truly large garden office? It could also be used for multiple purposes, such as a gym / office?


We can build internal walls to create meeting room / office

So, let’s say you’re a freelance web designer for example, you might want one room to use as your room to complete work.
Yet another separate room where you meet your clients, with a large meeting table, perhaps a white board, so you can note down some ideas?


Why rent expensive office space?

Even an office, that’s the dimensions of the internal space of a broom cupboard, in some cities can cost an arm and a


Toilet and kitchen area


If your going be working in your garden office, then you might want us to install a bathroom.

Some customers have a complete bathroom suite, including shower, toilet and wash hand basin.

Yet, if you haven’t got that much room to spare, there are some really innovative spaces saving solutions. For example, there are toilets, which have fitted into the top, a wash hand basin, helping you to save so much space.

Alternatively, a lot of our garden rooms, are often used for more than one purpose. For example, someone running their own business, might be using the majority of the building as an air-conditioned garden office.

Yet, some of the room, might be used as a gym, therefore, you might after a workout want a nice refreshing shower, and we can install a shower for you.

We hope article has helped explain some of the benefits of owning one of our garden offices.


Quality for less

We build superb quality, long lasting, durable garden offices, yet our customers are always pleasantly surprised with our prices. We can build a garden office for just 18k, so if you would like, to get a quality building built by us, why not call us?


Bath and beyond

We are a well-known garden room company in Bath, yet, our team, which consists now of over 10 installers, travel up and down the country building everything from luxury gin bars, through to yoga rooms.

Garden rooms are now massively popular in the U.K, and we have a very strong reputation, for building quality garden rooms, at competitive prices. Why not get on the phone today and give us a ring?



Have your garden office built the way you like


Here at Kingsley Build, we have now been designing and building garden offices for over 10 years. As these buildings are places where our customers spend a huge amount of time, its so important that the buildings are carefully designed, so that they are comfortable, well designed and built rooms.




For some people, they may spend easily 50+ busy working in their garden office. So, means one thing, the room needs to be comfortable, but more than that, it’s an opportunity to design and build a building around you, you have quality speakers embed the ceiling, so when you want to blast 10 minutes of classical music, why not?

Why not have a space dedicated for massaging chair, so when work gets tiring, a little wearing, you could jump in the massaging chair and just have 10 minutes of the back being massaged by the chair.

Or, why not just have a nice kitchen area, with an area you can make nice refreshing espresso?

The building can therefore be designed around you.





Switch off when the doors are closed

The lines are somewhat now blurred- with home working? And what do we mean by that?

Well, it’s all too easy to keep working longer, and longer, and longer hours. To keep walking back and answering e-mails at 8pm, just because the laptop is there, and when you walk past on the kitchen table, you see instantly that your boss, or client has e-mailed you.

So, then you think, I will quickly e-mail back- then that message turns into 7 more messages that evening- sound familiar?

Yes, so its important to divide work from your personal life.


And how do you do this?

Well, that’s simple, with a well-designed garden office.

You can have a huge garden office, with a pathway leading to it, and when the working day is done and dusted, you just have to lock the room up and walk back to the house.

The garden office will be locked up for the evening, lights switched off, and the room closed until 9 am the next day.
So, this helps you to divide your work life, from your personal life.



Thinking of moving home in the next few years?

So, what might be thinking is, we need a garden office built, but we plan on staying at the house for only 3 years or less, so you, think, do we really want to pay say 30k on having a garden office built?

And this is true, yet, you also have to think, well, you are enhancing your house as well, when someone views your house to buy it, they may want to buy it, because they like the garden room as well.

We always say this, say there’s 3 very similar properties for sale on the street, they very similar houses. Yet your house, its different because you’ve hired Kingsley Build to build a garden office for you.

If that person or couple, who are buying your house, also work from home, they may well be more inclined to buy your house, rather than the other houses on the street, because yours, has a well-built, garden office.



A room with a view

Who’s worked in a large office block, stuck under artificial light, with stuffy, stale air?
It’s not nice.

So, a garden room, can be made so its completely different, an oasis in your garden, a place to work, yes, but you could fresh air flowing in, a huge window that you open to let breeze blow across your face.

Fresh air, and the smell of freshly cut lawn in the summer, flowing through the bi-folding doors.
The walls, painted a nice colour green, or even having some art work, to further enhance the space.

Then some really high-quality speakers, which sound fantastic, like Bose speakers, so when you want to blast some music, and have a break, with a cup of earl grey tea, why not?



Wall art- make it your space

Why not put up some painting, or your favourite movie actors- it could be the fantastic, Alan Ford who played Brick Top in Snatch- he played that role fantastically we think.


Or maybe you Brad Pitt?

Or maybe AC/DC is your favourite ban of all time, make the room yours, add a lot of wall art, and personalise the space.

Renting meeting space can be expensive

If you have a meeting with a client, then renting meeting space can be rather expensive.

So why not have a room, within the garden office, that’s used for meetings?

A room, with small table, a water fountain, and a white board.

This way you haven’t got to drive to a place to have a meeting, with your clients, they can come to you, and you have the meeting within your garden office.


Do you build large garden offices?



Sometimes, a customer, will be running a business, perhaps with their partner, or an employee. They don’t want to rent expensive office space in the middle of Bath city centre, so instead they may hire us, to build an extra-large office for them, complete with bathroom.
What’s great about hiring Kingsley Build, is we can build a garden office to the dimensions, and the shape that you like. So, for example, you may want a very large wooden building, split in two, so that two people can comfortably work, each room might have its own toilet, and there’s a shared kitchen area to the side.

We can build a garden office, to any size you like.


Would you like a free quote

Kingsley or Seb, can meet you anytime that’s convenient for you, they can come and meet you, and we can sometimes offer you a quote on the day we meet. Sometimes if the garden office, is larger, and need a kitchen, a bathroom, decking, sometimes, we need to go back to the office, and calculate some costs, and often we can get back to you with a quote, to build a garden office in Bath, and often we can provide a quote, in less than 48 hours from meeting you.




Are garden offices worth the expense?




You might be an entrepreneur or an employee that’s now working 40+ hours a week from home. And you’re mulling over a question you have been thinking about for some time-that is a garden office worth the expense?

Now, we have to be honest, we are rather biased here, as the majority of the buildings we build, are garden offices.

However, with that said, there are some major benefits from having a garden office built, such as:


Peace and quite

Let’s, say that your boss sends one of those demanding e-mails, for example, “I need that report on costs, sent to me by the end of the week”- and getting work done at short notice, well, that can be majorly stressful.

What can make it even more stressful, is having to work in a noisy house, with people asking you “what’s for dinner” and “what did you think of last nights episode of Strictly Come Dancing”- all while you have a look across your face, which say, leave me alone, I have to get this work done.

So, a garden building offers a place of calm, peace and quiet, where you can walk down, with your espresso in hand, and start work in a building that’s nice and quiet.


Easier to keep to the 9 to 5 hours?

I will just put the washing in the washing machine, I will just clean the kitchen, I will just answer the front door to the double-glazing sales person- well this all takes time.

Add up of this time, and what happens? Well, you might fall behind on your work, and you might work, later and later into evening, eating into your social time, and time where you just might want to unwind while watching Netflix.

So, by keeping your nose to grinding wheel (that’s a figure of speech) you can get your done quicker. And what would allow you to be more productive?

Well, having a garden office, that has a toilet, wash hand basin, a kitchen, so you don’t have to leave that room, you have everything you need, which may help you to focus on getting your done.

Then when work is done, you can return back to house. Yet because you have completed your work in a garden office, away from the distractions of house work, and other distractions, you might find that you have got more work completed when working in your garden office.


We have built so many well made brilliant Bath garden rooms

The fantastic and amazing city of Bath, is an area in U.K where we think garden buildings are in very strong demand. The reason being, people often love their current house, yet they can’t extend it anymore, and they don’t want to move. Yet, they often have ample space in the garden, where a garden building can be built, so it offers a place to work, watch the TV or simply do a puzzle in the afternoon.

So rather calling a local estate agent, and having to go through the hassle of moving house, why not have a huge garden room built, with bathroom, a kitchen a huge area, you could use as living space, rather having to move house in Bath, England.

And often in Bath also, there are many business owners / entrepreneurs in the city of Bath, these people might want to rent expensive office space.

They may want the convenance of just walking to the end of their garden to use their garden office.

Plus, a garden office can be bought, then you don’t have to worry about paying expensive rent to a landlord to rent an office premises.


More comfortable

So, you might currently be working on the kitchen table, using the same seating you use to have your dinner.

Now the kitchen table, might be great eating from, but ideal for sitting for huge length of time, working on say completing that Excel spreadsheet.

Instead, you will want a comfortable office chair, a good quality desk, so a garden office allows you to have a place that more comfortable to work in.


Regulate the temperate how you like

You might like to room to cooler, or warmer, yet changing the temperature the house, might take quite while before it reaches a temperature that you like and that your find nice and comfortable to work in.

Yet with a garden office, its often a smaller room, that can be crammed with insulation, simply meaning that its easier to warm, its easier to cool. However, with that said, this doesn’t apply to all garden rooms, as some are simply absolutely low quality, and have drafts, no insulation at all, and floor might be freezing.

So, you need the room to be insulated, quality heaters installed.

Also, you will need quality air conditioning system.

And don’t forget will need energy saving glass, quality doors, windows, and just a good quality build, to make sure no really strong blasts of air are not coming to the room.


More than one use

Life shouldn’t just be about working, and this means your garden room hasn’t got to just be a place of work.

You could have your desk and shelves in one corner, yet the rest of the room could be full of gym equipment.

So, when the working day is over, and you want to starting working on improving your fitness, well, you haven’t got to get stuck in a lot of traffic, and listening to beeping horns, with people road rage at say 5:30, instead, you could finish work, and just jump on the treadmill and running.

That’s what’s great about having a super large garden room built, you can use it for many different purposes.

You could even have a sperate room built, that’s just got a nice reclining chair, huge TV, a nice chiller cabinet, so you can watch live sports, crack open a refreshing can of beer or perhaps just fizzy pop and watch the football.


A great place to work

A lot of people, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of people, have switched to working from home full time. After covid meant that businesses had to change how their employees work, that couldn’t work in huge offices, because of the spread of covid, more people worked from home.

And now because so many businesses have seen that their employees can work from home, and be productive, many companies now want their staff to work from home either part time or full time.

So, you want a building which can you can work within, that’s well insulated, that’s quiet, that looks brilliant in your garden. Then why not get a garden room built by us?


Do you build composite garden buildings?


So, when you’re shopping on Google to buy a new log cabin or perhaps a summerhouse, you will often see many companies, which focus on building these buildings out of composite rather than wood.


And this might you thinking, well what are the benefits of composite?

Well, we think composite has so many advantages, when compared to wood, there’s environmental reasons, as some composite is made from recycled plastics. There is also the benefit of saving time, because on a nice warm summer’s day, most homeowners, don’t want to spend most of the weekend, rubbing oil into the wood, or painting it, to protect the wood for another year.

This is one of the main advantages of composite, is that it doesn’t ever need rubbing oil into the composite or painting it. Where with most wood, because the wood is a natural product, if the wood grain is not sealed, then what can happen is that the wood can start to rot, so what is needed is regular maintenance.

However, with composite its simply brilliant product, because it save you so much time, because you never ever need to paint it.


How much does a composite garden room cost?

Our prices start from £20k for garden office pod, the cost will vary, this depends on the size of the building and also, which optional extras you might like. There so many extras to pick from, from high quality speakers embedded into the roof, through to adding air conditioning.
What are benefits of picking composite summerhouse?

So, its true, for us to build a summerhouse, to 100% clad the outside with thermowood, well this would be a cheap option, than opting for composite exterior cladding.


So, why should a homeowner, fork out extra money, on composite cladding?

Well, we think, paying that little for composite, makes sense for so many reasons, mainly time, because, you will want to be using your summerhouse, as place of work, or let’s say to exercise within the building. You’re not going to want, say spend a lot of time, painting the wood or staining it with various wood care products.


So the main benefit of composite is that it doesn’t need painting.

Yet, some really top quality brands, they make exterior composite cladding, with each piece of cladding actually has a wood grain effect. So the composite cladding can actually look like real timber, yet you have the massive benefit, that the composite wont incur wood worm, and doesn’t rot like timber. Because here in Great Britain we have so much rain, and its cold for a lot of the year, this makes our climate more susceptible for wood rot to start to set into the timber.

Yet with composite, you cant incur wood worm, because the product is not made from timber.


Is composite guaranteed to last?

Yes, there are now many manufacturers of composite garden rooms, but also, different brands of composite.
We would recommend, paying for a top quality brand, because some cheap composite, well we have seen it buckle, that is change shape, when exposed to very strong sun light.

So you want a quality brand, that’s both for the exterior cladding but also for the decking as well.


Why choose composite rather natural wood?

A lot of our customers will still opt for natural wood, exterior cladding, such as red cedar wood, even though this type of exterior cladding does require some maintenance.

Yet, if you want a type of exterior cladding, that you don’t have to maintain, because perhaps for example, you are elderly and don’t want to be painting, or adding oil to the outside of the summerhouse, then we would recommend two options, that is powder coated steel sheets, or to opt for composite cladding. Our garden room company offers both options, and when we meet you, we can tell you about the different colour options we can offer.


Can the room be air-conditioned?

Yes, whether we are building a garden bar, a home gym, or perhaps we are building a garden office, we can a air conditioning unit for you. So even on the warmest, hottest of summer days, you can be nice and cool within the garden building.


How many different colour options can you offer for cladding?

We can offer many different colour options, when you choose composite cladding. Some of the options have been manufactured so that the cladding looks more like natural wood, however, some homeowners, don’t want the cladding to look like timber, they want a modern looking building, so a very popular colour is charcoal, or a light grey, used combination with dark grey aluminium bi-folding doors and windows. This makes a very durable, low maintenance, and a high quality building.


What foundations do you use?

We can offer two main options, to help save you money, we would recommend opting for ground screws. Yet with that said, within some gardens in the city of Bath, the ground might be boggy, and doesn’t drain well, therefore, you might need instead a thick concrete slab.
If you need a concrete slab, this is a more expensive option. So if you can, we would recommend using ground screws, as these are much cheaper, our builders can install them quickly and will help to save money, because they are much cheaper than opting for concrete.


Can you also build composite decking?

Most certainly we can build composite decking. We can build a huge decked area, truly masisve, so you could have party with yoru friends, on the decking.

Also you might be using your composite log cabin as a place to work, so when want a break, and enjoy some of the sunshine, you could sit out on your composite decking, and have an espresso coffee?


Does composite cladding require painting?

The decking and the exterior cladding, if made from composite, doesn’t need painting, staining and you don’t need to apply wood oil to it at all, so it does require any maintenance. However, what we would say, is some composite cladding lasts longer than others, so if you do opt for composite do pick a quality brand, which is guaranteed to last.

What we would recommend considering when purchasing a garden office




Purchasing a garden office, well, it’s most certainly a substantial purchase for most homeowners.

You’re undoubtedly going to want to use the building for many consecutive years to come, as a place perhaps just to do your yoga routine, or perhaps you will be working in their 6 days a week?

 Therefore, it is absolutely imperative, that the building is well built, in a nutshell it needs to be made to last. So the company will need employ highly experienced staff, and is constructed using building materials which ensures the longevity of the whole building- so for example, good quality bi-folds need to be used.

We have written this article to provide you with some food for thought, as to some of the things that you need to think about when purchasing a garden office in the city of Bath.


Planning permission and conservation areas

There are some areas, for example an area of outstanding natural beauty with in North Somerset, where some properties might have various terms and conditions in terms of whether you can build a garden building within that conservation area or not.

Therefore, planning permission might be needed from Bath County Council, before the builders can even start to pour the concrete for the slab, or sometimes it’s not possible to build a garden room in some areas at all, if it’s a conversation area, that does not allow garden rooms to be built in a certain area.

So, we would recommend firstly contacting your local council, whether that be Bath County Council, or your local council, to see whether there are terms and conditions in terms of gaining planning, to say whether you are allowed to build a garden building within your garden or not.


Most garden rooms we build are built under “Permitted Development” Planning Law’s- however its still important to check

For the vast majority of garden buildings which our team of builders constructs, whether that be a garden bar or perhaps a huge air conditioned garden office, often the building can be constructed under what is called “permitted development”. What this simply means is that sometimes, but not always planning permission is not needed for a lot of our customers. So if you are simply unsure whether you need to gain planning permission or not, talk to one of our friendly and super  helpful sales staff, and they will be able to tell you.



Have a good understanding of the insulation that the construction company will use

It’s entirely possible, for a garden room company to simply specify that the building is indeed “insulated”. But well insulated is the room, is the really important question


There’s insulation then there’s insulation

However, enquiries do need to be made to the construction company, as to how good the quality insulation actually is, if it’s nothing more than just say a cheap layer of thin aluminium foil, which is backed on to say the back of the plasterboard, while this is no good at all at keeping the really cold air out during the winter. In matter of fact, if the insulation is low quality, then your going to have jack-frost nipping at your toes, when your trying to work.

It’s not going to provide enough insulation to keep the room nice and warm during the winter.

You are going to need much thicker, and more insulation if you want to use that building during the winter months.





Make sure that you pick the right type of roof- we would recommend paying that bit more a rubber roof

Some companies might fit a roof which is more suitable to be fitted to a low-cost garden shed, than it would be for a garden building.

This is no good as the building will not last that long at all, water is likely to ingress into roofing board, plus the sidewalls might start to incur water staining on the plasterboarding, within the building within a short period of time.

We would recommend a rubber roof- installed by a roofing company

What you want therefore recommend a better-quality roof is used, and what you really need is a roof that comes with a guarante, this is so that you have total peace of mind the roof is guaranteed to last on the building.




Consider daylight

So what you don’t want is for a garden building to be placed say under the shade of a large tree, and not much natural light to be coming into the building during the day.

So what you should consider is how the daylight will illuminate the building, and if it’s quite a shady area with why not consider also having roof lights fitted as well?


Consider a pathway

Some companies do not build a pathway or some kind of concrete walkway to the building, but for an extra cost we can actually build this for you also.

The reason we say this is because sometimes a customer who has never had a garden roof before quickly discovers that in the winter it incredibly difficult to keep muddy shoes and mud out of the building.

However, with a concrete path or another type example resin or perhaps just made of flagstones, you have walkway straight of the garden building help you to keep floor cleaner for longer within the building.


Think about energy efficiency

There are companies such as ours which will give you a cost not just build a garden building, but also to include a large battery, complete with solar panels, the batteries need the power the garden room, or you could actually feed power into the grid.

We can therefore build a garden building has solar panels fitted to the roof.


Would you like a totally free quotation?

If you are sold on the idea of getting a garden room can built, or you are just simply thinking about whether you would like a summerhouse built sometime in the future, we can come out and offer you a totally free quote.


We have a huge portfolio of summerhouses we have already built, which we can show various garden rooms which we have constructed the price varies between around £20,000 up to £60,000. If you would like a free and also a no obligation quotation, then why not call our company today.