Have your garden office built the way you like


Here at Kingsley Build, we have now been designing and building garden offices for over 10 years. As these buildings are places where our customers spend a huge amount of time, its so important that the buildings are carefully designed, so that they are comfortable, well designed and built rooms.




For some people, they may spend easily 50+ busy working in their garden office. So, means one thing, the room needs to be comfortable, but more than that, it’s an opportunity to design and build a building around you, you have quality speakers embed the ceiling, so when you want to blast 10 minutes of classical music, why not?

Why not have a space dedicated for massaging chair, so when work gets tiring, a little wearing, you could jump in the massaging chair and just have 10 minutes of the back being massaged by the chair.

Or, why not just have a nice kitchen area, with an area you can make nice refreshing espresso?

The building can therefore be designed around you.





Switch off when the doors are closed

The lines are somewhat now blurred- with home working? And what do we mean by that?

Well, it’s all too easy to keep working longer, and longer, and longer hours. To keep walking back and answering e-mails at 8pm, just because the laptop is there, and when you walk past on the kitchen table, you see instantly that your boss, or client has e-mailed you.

So, then you think, I will quickly e-mail back- then that message turns into 7 more messages that evening- sound familiar?

Yes, so its important to divide work from your personal life.


And how do you do this?

Well, that’s simple, with a well-designed garden office.

You can have a huge garden office, with a pathway leading to it, and when the working day is done and dusted, you just have to lock the room up and walk back to the house.

The garden office will be locked up for the evening, lights switched off, and the room closed until 9 am the next day.
So, this helps you to divide your work life, from your personal life.



Thinking of moving home in the next few years?

So, what might be thinking is, we need a garden office built, but we plan on staying at the house for only 3 years or less, so you, think, do we really want to pay say 30k on having a garden office built?

And this is true, yet, you also have to think, well, you are enhancing your house as well, when someone views your house to buy it, they may want to buy it, because they like the garden room as well.

We always say this, say there’s 3 very similar properties for sale on the street, they very similar houses. Yet your house, its different because you’ve hired Kingsley Build to build a garden office for you.

If that person or couple, who are buying your house, also work from home, they may well be more inclined to buy your house, rather than the other houses on the street, because yours, has a well-built, garden office.



A room with a view

Who’s worked in a large office block, stuck under artificial light, with stuffy, stale air?
It’s not nice.

So, a garden room, can be made so its completely different, an oasis in your garden, a place to work, yes, but you could fresh air flowing in, a huge window that you open to let breeze blow across your face.

Fresh air, and the smell of freshly cut lawn in the summer, flowing through the bi-folding doors.
The walls, painted a nice colour green, or even having some art work, to further enhance the space.

Then some really high-quality speakers, which sound fantastic, like Bose speakers, so when you want to blast some music, and have a break, with a cup of earl grey tea, why not?



Wall art- make it your space

Why not put up some painting, or your favourite movie actors- it could be the fantastic, Alan Ford who played Brick Top in Snatch- he played that role fantastically we think.


Or maybe you Brad Pitt?

Or maybe AC/DC is your favourite ban of all time, make the room yours, add a lot of wall art, and personalise the space.

Renting meeting space can be expensive

If you have a meeting with a client, then renting meeting space can be rather expensive.

So why not have a room, within the garden office, that’s used for meetings?

A room, with small table, a water fountain, and a white board.

This way you haven’t got to drive to a place to have a meeting, with your clients, they can come to you, and you have the meeting within your garden office.


Do you build large garden offices?



Sometimes, a customer, will be running a business, perhaps with their partner, or an employee. They don’t want to rent expensive office space in the middle of Bath city centre, so instead they may hire us, to build an extra-large office for them, complete with bathroom.
What’s great about hiring Kingsley Build, is we can build a garden office to the dimensions, and the shape that you like. So, for example, you may want a very large wooden building, split in two, so that two people can comfortably work, each room might have its own toilet, and there’s a shared kitchen area to the side.

We can build a garden office, to any size you like.


Would you like a free quote

Kingsley or Seb, can meet you anytime that’s convenient for you, they can come and meet you, and we can sometimes offer you a quote on the day we meet. Sometimes if the garden office, is larger, and need a kitchen, a bathroom, decking, sometimes, we need to go back to the office, and calculate some costs, and often we can get back to you with a quote, to build a garden office in Bath, and often we can provide a quote, in less than 48 hours from meeting you.




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