We answer commonly asked questions regarding our garden offices



Purchasing a new garden office is a large purchase. Therefore, our customers will often have many questions when designing a garden room that’s right for their needs. To help you create your perfect garden room, we thought we’d write a helpful and valuable article.

In this article, we will answer commonly asked questions regarding our garden rooms and offices. Of course, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us via email or call us. Here at Kingsley we employ friendly and highly knowledgeable sales staff who can advise you on everything from differing cladding options to the different brands of air-conditioning systems that we can install for you.


How long in total does it take you to construct a garden office from start to completion?

Generally, most garden offices can be built from start to completion in less than three weeks. However, we often build intricate garden rooms; for example, the owner might even want to be able to sit on the roof with a table and chairs. This will require a lot more construction work to strengthen the roof, building such a building will sometimes take substantially longer to build.

However, when we have met with you in your garden, we can often be able to estimate how long it will take to construct the building. Yet, with that said, we can often build our buildings faster than many other companies due to the large workforce we now employ. For example, for a huge garden room, we might appoint seven staff to start building the room, so as you can imagine, the construction work can happen very quickly once you hire us.


Are you able to install all of the electrics and the fuse box?

Yes, when you commit to purchasing a garden room on from some of our competitor, they will often exclude the cost of installing the electrics. However, we know that our customers want to start using their garden rooms as soon as we have finished constructing them; they don’t want to wait, for example, another three weeks after the build has been completed, for an electrician to turn up and start installing the electrics.

Therefore, we employ our own electricians, who can install the lighting, the fuse box and the wires to put the electricity into the garden room. This means that as soon as we finish constructing the building, it’s ready for our customers to use.
Are the buildings that you construct fully guaranteed?

Yes, the buildings that we construct are fully guaranteed; we offer a comprehensive guarantee.

If you’d like to know more about the guarantee period that we offer on our garden rooms, then why not call or email us today?


How can we make the garden building more environmentally friendly?

There are now many ways to make your garden room more environmentally friendly; for example, your garden office might be in a place in your garden where you can harvest a lot of sunlight.

Therefore, this would make an absolutely brilliant location to place multiple solar panels on the roof of the garden office, to start turning that sunlight into energy.

We also fully insulated all walls within our garden buildings, making them much more energy-efficient.


We want separate rooms within the garden office, are you able to offer this?

Yes, most certainly, a husband and a wife may be working together to run a business and they may use the garden office as their place to work, they may, therefore, want a partition wall built within the building so they both have separate office space. We can, therefore, use plasterboard and timber to create a partition within the garden office.


How can we heat our garden office?

There are many ways that you can heat your garden office; for example, you might want underfloor heating installed in the floor throughout the whole building?

Instead, you might want multiple oil-filled electric radiators placed on the wall in every room; we can therefore offer different options to heat your garden office.


How can we cool our garden office?

We can offer you many different types of air-conditioning systems; we can offer you top-quality air-conditioning systems.


Do you offer double-glazing?

Yes, we can even offer you triple glazing if you would prefer?

You might opt for triple glazing if the garden room is near a busy road, as this can help the building be quieter inside.


We want a kitchen area. Are you able to offer this?

Yes, we can build a kitchen area within your garden office; this makes it a piece of cake for you to make your teas and coffees throughout the day.


How long have you been building garden rooms?

We have been building quality garden offices for over seven years, so we have a highly experienced staff capable of making any garden room.


How do you insulate the garden offices that you build?

We can insulate your garden office; you might want to opt for fibreglass or panel insulation?


How secure are the garden rooms that you build?

We can put locks on the doors and all the windows, and for the additional charge, we can also set a security lights on the front or any wall of your garden room as well.


Would you like a free quote?

If you would like a free quote, then why not call us today?

Can you build us a garden room that also has a bar/kitchen area?


Can you build a garden room that has a bar/kitchen?


Many people are noticing on social media, for example on Instagram that more and more people are purchasing luxurious, well-made garden rooms that also have a kitchen area.

Now you might be thinking, well, our climate here in Great Britain is mighty cold for a lot of the year, so will we be able to use the room say during the winter?

The great thing is we can add super thick, quality insulation within the walls, combined with very high-quality bi-folding doors and shut flush, creating a room that’s easy to heat.

Therefore, you can use your garden building in the middle of winter months, even though it might be extremely nippy and cold outside.

Equally the bi-folding doors can be folded back, when its nice and warm, allowing the fresh air to flood into the room during the spring and summer months.

We can, therefore, fully insulate the structure; we can also add electric heaters as well as a high-quality air-conditioning system.

We can add a quality, well-made kitchen as well for you, for example you may even want a hardwood kitchen; we can also add an area where you can prepare cocktails. Our joiners can therefore build a bar for you.


Will we require planning permission?


When we meet you, we can discuss exactly how you would like the garden building to be constructed in terms of height of the building, the width and length.

We can then discuss your desired features, such as installing a large kitchen or a bar area.

Then, we can advise you whether planning permission will be needed or not.

Our tradesmen can take care of everything for you

We build luxurious, handmade garden rooms, carefully assembled by our expert carpenters. We also employ tilers, electricians and plumbers.

We can also install all of the plumbing and all of the electrics for you, this means that we can undertake the ground works as well, such as installing the armoured cable using a mini-digger.

We can also connect the building to the mains water supply as well.

The cost depends on how large the building is to be, what type of wooden kitchen you want added, and if you would like us to build a bar for you as well.


Alfresco dining


For a lot of us, when we have a busy week at work, it’s essential to make the most of our British summer and spring months, to enjoy the natural sunlight and the warm air and simply to unwind within our gardens.

Therefore, a garden room, complete with a kitchen, can offer an excellent place to sit outside and have some alfresco dining, perhaps a lovely bottle of wine?

We can also build a patio for you. This could be made from natural stone, man made stone, or perhaps you would prefer composite decking?

This offers a great place to sit out and enjoy a nice bottle of wine and food, perhaps a cheeseboard with the family during a nice warm summers day.


We build Luxury


We are well known in Bath, South West England for building luxurious, handmade, bespoke garden rooms made using good quality timber.

Therefore, our garden buildings differ from those rolled off a mass production line, that are stapled together within a factory. Instead, we consult with the customer to understand exactly how they would like the building to be constructed.

We can then create a set of 3-D designs so the customer can look at the building and say whether or not they like the appearance of the cladding, the doors, the roof and perhaps the decking.

At the design stage, a customer might want a arrange phone call with us, so that we have a quick chat on the mobile phone, for example the customer might want to more about the various cladding options we offer.

The customer might have originally picked composite cladding, but they might not like how dark the cladding is; once they have looked at how the 3D drawings look. So we can then recommend some different options the customer may want instead.

Therefore, we work collaboratively with our customers to ensure they get a kitchen garden room built precisely how they want it to be constructed.


Multiple different purposes


When you think of a garden room complete with kitchen or a bar area you will often think of the building is used just to socialise within your friends and family perhaps on a weekend.

So therefore you might think that the building might just be used on weekends, yet you could also use the building for multiple different purposes, and use the building right throughout the week.



Partitioned walls


Why not have a separate room that can be used as your space you can use to use as a room to complete your work tasks?

You can complete your work in a nice quiet area within your garden; then you could use the other room for socialising, perhaps watching football with your friends?



The Cotswolds and beyond


Here at Kingsley Build, we are a well-known garden room company here in the United Kingdom
We have been working hard to make high-quality, bespoke, and well-made buildings for over ten years.

We have excellent, highly experienced sales staff, who are very friendly, who can travel out and meet you and offer you a free and no obligation quotation.

Over a nice cup of tea and perhaps some biscuits, we can offer you advice on how you would like your garden room to be built.




One of the reasons we are often chosen here at Kingsley Build to build everything from log cabins and holiday accommodations, through to garden offices is that we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all of our buildings.

We go to great lengths to make sure we use quality building materials, such as the timber, the aluminium and plastics, to ensure that we supply the customer with a very high-quality product that they will enjoy for years to come.

We have build many garden rooms which are dotted all across Bath, a Roman town in south-west England, we have built numerous garden offices, log cabins, summerhouses and garden rooms. These are made to an excellent standard, with prices starting at a low cost, just £18,000, an offer that is a fabulous value for money.



We build garden buildings within the Roman city of Bath.


Our company specialises in building luxurious, bespoke, tailor-made garden rooms within the city of Bath, in England. We offer free quotations.

Can your garden rooms be used during the coldest of winter days?



When you purchase a garden building, it’s a substantial purchase for most homeowners. It’s not a building you’ll just want to use on the odd warm summer day- you may want to use the building right throughout the winter as well.

And a lot of our customer will want to use, say, their garden office, even if it’s absolutely freezing outside.
Therefore, this raises the question, can the building be used throughout the winter?


Our buildings can be used 365 days a year

There are some garden buildings, built by some companies you might not want to venture into during the winter unless you wear a thick ski jacket and perhaps good quality thermals underneath.

And that is because you might have purchased a building that looks fabulous during the summer, perhaps you went to see it in a local summerhouse show room, yet come the winter, you might be frozen within the garden room due to the lack of insulation.

Therefore, you need to hire a construction company like ours, which will spend the time discussing all the various insulation options we can offer. Sometimes, customers will want multiple layers of insulation to ensure the room can be used right throughout the year.


We can offer the following types of insulation:

– Sheeps wool
– Panel insulation
– Rockwool insulation


We also construct garden rooms during the winter months

Some landscaping companies do most of their work during the summer months, so they might not build many garden rooms during the winter.

However, we have a full-time team installing garden offices and rooms during the winter as well in autumn, spring and summer months.


How can we heat the garden room?

Heating the garden room is very simple to do; you can simply just switch on oil-filled radiators, and the room will be nice and warm very quickly.


Will drafts be coming through the walls?

You can see sometimes shards of light coming through the external walls in some cheap, low-quality log cabins. In winter, huge drafts will therefore be flowing into the building, and it will be tough to keep warm as well as very expensive, in terms of running costs, due to amount of electric that will be needed to heat the room.

Our buildings are different; they have a breathable membrane fitted on every wall, outer wooden cladding that helps keep the rain out, internal insulation then keeps the cool or warm air in, and plasterboard, which helps keep the room nice and warm.



Are your buildings guaranteed to last?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all of our garden buildings.

We also want to work within the building during the summer, so how would you keep the building cool on those warmer days?

It’s essential to think about how you will heat the garden building, but also, equally, how you will cool the room come the summer months.

We could add a high-quality air conditioning unit for you, so cooling the room is an absolute piece of cake.


What about security?

We can add locks to the windows and doors for you, plus they will be double-glazed, making the building more secure.
For an additional cost, we could install security lights, which switch on automatically when somebody walks past the building.


What about muddy boots in the winter?

We can build a pathway leading to the garden building for an additional cost. Therefore, you could be walking on stone or concrete, making it less likely that you walk muddy boots into the log cabin.


Do you offer summerhouse finance?

Currently, we do not offer finance, yet we offer some of the most affordable prices to build a garden room.
Our house located in Bath, England, hasn’t got rear access to the garden.


Are you still able to build a garden room for us?

Yes, because our garden buildings are 100% bespoke, the building materials are not constructed using flat pack construction methods.
Instead, individual pieces of wood can be carried through the house or a side access leading to your garden.

We can, therefore, build a garden room in most gardens within the city of Bath.

We understand that within the city of Bath, in South West England, there is many Victorian houses, and therefore, sometimes there isn’t rear access available to the garden for us to carry building materials into the garden, because it might be long row of terraced housing, and therefore there might not be side access neither.

Therefore, what we can do instead is walk the building materials through the house and then start work straight away on building a garden room for you


A range of different insulation options for you to select

Some companies may only offer you one type of insulation- for example fibreglass insulation.
That’s because some garden buildings might get mass-produced within say a warehouse, therefore they may only come with one type of insulation.

Our garden buildings are different from flat-pack summerhouses- our buildings are instead bespoke, so the customer can specify which insulation options that they want.

If you’d like a more eco-friendlier option, then why not select sheep wool? If you would like a different kind of insulation that is really good at keeping heat within the building, then why not opt for thick panel insulation? This can do a fantastic job of retaining heat.


Underfloor heating
Many people like underfloor heating in their homes, for example, they may want this within the bathroom or within the kitchen. This makes walking on the floor, during the winter much more comfortable during a freezing cold morning.
But you might be spending considerable time working within your garden office during the winter months; therefore, you might also want the garden room floor to have underfloor heating. Thus, the floor could radiate heat throughout the building while you’re working.