Can your garden rooms be used during the coldest of winter days?



When you purchase a garden building, it’s a substantial purchase for most homeowners. It’s not a building you’ll just want to use on the odd warm summer day- you may want to use the building right throughout the winter as well.

And a lot of our customer will want to use, say, their garden office, even if it’s absolutely freezing outside.
Therefore, this raises the question, can the building be used throughout the winter?


Our buildings can be used 365 days a year

There are some garden buildings, built by some companies you might not want to venture into during the winter unless you wear a thick ski jacket and perhaps good quality thermals underneath.

And that is because you might have purchased a building that looks fabulous during the summer, perhaps you went to see it in a local summerhouse show room, yet come the winter, you might be frozen within the garden room due to the lack of insulation.

Therefore, you need to hire a construction company like ours, which will spend the time discussing all the various insulation options we can offer. Sometimes, customers will want multiple layers of insulation to ensure the room can be used right throughout the year.


We can offer the following types of insulation:

– Sheeps wool
– Panel insulation
– Rockwool insulation


We also construct garden rooms during the winter months

Some landscaping companies do most of their work during the summer months, so they might not build many garden rooms during the winter.

However, we have a full-time team installing garden offices and rooms during the winter as well in autumn, spring and summer months.


How can we heat the garden room?

Heating the garden room is very simple to do; you can simply just switch on oil-filled radiators, and the room will be nice and warm very quickly.


Will drafts be coming through the walls?

You can see sometimes shards of light coming through the external walls in some cheap, low-quality log cabins. In winter, huge drafts will therefore be flowing into the building, and it will be tough to keep warm as well as very expensive, in terms of running costs, due to amount of electric that will be needed to heat the room.

Our buildings are different; they have a breathable membrane fitted on every wall, outer wooden cladding that helps keep the rain out, internal insulation then keeps the cool or warm air in, and plasterboard, which helps keep the room nice and warm.



Are your buildings guaranteed to last?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive guarantee on all of our garden buildings.

We also want to work within the building during the summer, so how would you keep the building cool on those warmer days?

It’s essential to think about how you will heat the garden building, but also, equally, how you will cool the room come the summer months.

We could add a high-quality air conditioning unit for you, so cooling the room is an absolute piece of cake.


What about security?

We can add locks to the windows and doors for you, plus they will be double-glazed, making the building more secure.
For an additional cost, we could install security lights, which switch on automatically when somebody walks past the building.


What about muddy boots in the winter?

We can build a pathway leading to the garden building for an additional cost. Therefore, you could be walking on stone or concrete, making it less likely that you walk muddy boots into the log cabin.


Do you offer summerhouse finance?

Currently, we do not offer finance, yet we offer some of the most affordable prices to build a garden room.
Our house located in Bath, England, hasn’t got rear access to the garden.


Are you still able to build a garden room for us?

Yes, because our garden buildings are 100% bespoke, the building materials are not constructed using flat pack construction methods.
Instead, individual pieces of wood can be carried through the house or a side access leading to your garden.

We can, therefore, build a garden room in most gardens within the city of Bath.

We understand that within the city of Bath, in South West England, there is many Victorian houses, and therefore, sometimes there isn’t rear access available to the garden for us to carry building materials into the garden, because it might be long row of terraced housing, and therefore there might not be side access neither.

Therefore, what we can do instead is walk the building materials through the house and then start work straight away on building a garden room for you


A range of different insulation options for you to select

Some companies may only offer you one type of insulation- for example fibreglass insulation.
That’s because some garden buildings might get mass-produced within say a warehouse, therefore they may only come with one type of insulation.

Our garden buildings are different from flat-pack summerhouses- our buildings are instead bespoke, so the customer can specify which insulation options that they want.

If you’d like a more eco-friendlier option, then why not select sheep wool? If you would like a different kind of insulation that is really good at keeping heat within the building, then why not opt for thick panel insulation? This can do a fantastic job of retaining heat.


Underfloor heating
Many people like underfloor heating in their homes, for example, they may want this within the bathroom or within the kitchen. This makes walking on the floor, during the winter much more comfortable during a freezing cold morning.
But you might be spending considerable time working within your garden office during the winter months; therefore, you might also want the garden room floor to have underfloor heating. Thus, the floor could radiate heat throughout the building while you’re working.

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