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Purchasing a new garden office is a large purchase. Therefore, our customers will often have many questions when designing a garden room that’s right for their needs. To help you create your perfect garden room, we thought we’d write a helpful and valuable article.

In this article, we will answer commonly asked questions regarding our garden rooms and offices. Of course, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to write to us via email or call us. Here at Kingsley we employ friendly and highly knowledgeable sales staff who can advise you on everything from differing cladding options to the different brands of air-conditioning systems that we can install for you.


How long in total does it take you to construct a garden office from start to completion?

Generally, most garden offices can be built from start to completion in less than three weeks. However, we often build intricate garden rooms; for example, the owner might even want to be able to sit on the roof with a table and chairs. This will require a lot more construction work to strengthen the roof, building such a building will sometimes take substantially longer to build.

However, when we have met with you in your garden, we can often be able to estimate how long it will take to construct the building. Yet, with that said, we can often build our buildings faster than many other companies due to the large workforce we now employ. For example, for a huge garden room, we might appoint seven staff to start building the room, so as you can imagine, the construction work can happen very quickly once you hire us.


Are you able to install all of the electrics and the fuse box?

Yes, when you commit to purchasing a garden room on from some of our competitor, they will often exclude the cost of installing the electrics. However, we know that our customers want to start using their garden rooms as soon as we have finished constructing them; they don’t want to wait, for example, another three weeks after the build has been completed, for an electrician to turn up and start installing the electrics.

Therefore, we employ our own electricians, who can install the lighting, the fuse box and the wires to put the electricity into the garden room. This means that as soon as we finish constructing the building, it’s ready for our customers to use.
Are the buildings that you construct fully guaranteed?

Yes, the buildings that we construct are fully guaranteed; we offer a comprehensive guarantee.

If you’d like to know more about the guarantee period that we offer on our garden rooms, then why not call or email us today?


How can we make the garden building more environmentally friendly?

There are now many ways to make your garden room more environmentally friendly; for example, your garden office might be in a place in your garden where you can harvest a lot of sunlight.

Therefore, this would make an absolutely brilliant location to place multiple solar panels on the roof of the garden office, to start turning that sunlight into energy.

We also fully insulated all walls within our garden buildings, making them much more energy-efficient.


We want separate rooms within the garden office, are you able to offer this?

Yes, most certainly, a husband and a wife may be working together to run a business and they may use the garden office as their place to work, they may, therefore, want a partition wall built within the building so they both have separate office space. We can, therefore, use plasterboard and timber to create a partition within the garden office.


How can we heat our garden office?

There are many ways that you can heat your garden office; for example, you might want underfloor heating installed in the floor throughout the whole building?

Instead, you might want multiple oil-filled electric radiators placed on the wall in every room; we can therefore offer different options to heat your garden office.


How can we cool our garden office?

We can offer you many different types of air-conditioning systems; we can offer you top-quality air-conditioning systems.


Do you offer double-glazing?

Yes, we can even offer you triple glazing if you would prefer?

You might opt for triple glazing if the garden room is near a busy road, as this can help the building be quieter inside.


We want a kitchen area. Are you able to offer this?

Yes, we can build a kitchen area within your garden office; this makes it a piece of cake for you to make your teas and coffees throughout the day.


How long have you been building garden rooms?

We have been building quality garden offices for over seven years, so we have a highly experienced staff capable of making any garden room.


How do you insulate the garden offices that you build?

We can insulate your garden office; you might want to opt for fibreglass or panel insulation?


How secure are the garden rooms that you build?

We can put locks on the doors and all the windows, and for the additional charge, we can also set a security lights on the front or any wall of your garden room as well.


Would you like a free quote?

If you would like a free quote, then why not call us today?

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