Garden Room Ideas


Written on 16th of January 2024

Garden Room Inspiration



Garden rooms are undoubtedly a large purchase for any homeowner to make. Much deliberation therefore needs to go into the design to make sure it suits your exact requirements. Perhaps mulling over a nice cup of tea, and walking around your garden so you pick the perfect spot will help.

We also have an expert team on hand to help you over the phone with any questions you may have. If you would like to meet one of our sales team, they can come out and meet you in your garden. Some garden room companies may be quite pushy as their sales staff might be working on commission. However we are different, we offer friendly and super helpful advice.


What will you use your garden room for?



At the current time of writing, you might be thinking, well I only want a garden room built so that I can use it a few hours per week. For example, you might run your own business, and,just might want to use the room as a place to send out a few invoices to customers each evening.

And you might be thinking, well you can’t justify the outlay on a garden room, if it’s a building that you only indeed on using for a short period of time each day. But what if we were to tell you that the starting price for a Bath garden building, built by us, Kingsley Build starts from just 18k. Therefore our garden buildings offer fantastic value.


Lets provide you with some food for thought.

As you progress through reading this article, we hope to provide you with some food for thought as to other uses of which you might want to use your garden room for.

Here in the fabulous country of Great Britain, we sure do have very long and cold winters. Therefore, garden rooms have become massively popular as a way of getting better use out of the garden right throughout the entire year.

That’s because our buildings are insulated. This slows down the escape of heat, meaning often a simple electric heater is enough to really heat the room up in a relatively short space of time.

So let’s have a look at some of the popular reasons for why people contact us to have a garden building constructed.



Just a place to unwind, from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

Sometimes we think too hard about what we want to use the building for- for example, using the room as say a home gym. We may even say, well I can justify the cost because I will be using the room every day to improve my fitness, which may well be true.

But what if we just wanted to use the space as a place to unwind, forget about work, and use the garden building as a place to go after a long day and let our hair down so to speak enjoy nice bottle of red wine.

Perhaps you may even therefore use the room as place to enjoy a glass of gin, or simply to have a go on a retro arcade game machine that you have installed within the garden building. After all, everybody likes a good game of Pac man, don’t they?

So what we would recommend this if you’re thinking about having a garden building constructed anywhere in England, why not have its built so it’s extra-large- so if you do wish to use the space for something else in the future, such as a home gym, well you have the ample space to do so.



A place to socialise

Right across the South-West of England, there are some amazing properties- ranging from ultra moden homes, through to very old Victorian grand mansions.

We have some really valued customers who live in the city of Bath and the surrounding areas.

However, sometimes, the property, whether it be a thatched cottage or a mansion house, is sometimes set in the rural countryside where it is miles from the local pub or a nice bistro restaurant.

So sometimes therefore you might not want to drive, or wait for a taxi to drive you through the winding country roads taking you to say the local boozer.

Instead what you might want to simply walk end of your garden, and enjoy a nice refreshing pint of English Ale. Therefore why not hire us, to build a garden bar for you.

You might need to seek planning permission for this, however, once this is granted from Bath Council, we can build a garden bar for you.

We could build a very large building for you, you could have a bathroom built to the side, it have a nice lounge area to simply unwind uncomfortably on say a nice reclining sofa. You may wish to add a dartboard, you could even have a large bar area where you can simply pour your favourite drinks and enjoy the company of good friends.



Save time driving back and forth to work, why not purchase a garden office from us?

The vast majority of the garden buildings that we construct, within England, are used as garden offices.

However, this hasn’t got to be the sole use of the building. One half of the building could be used for example as a home gym as well, or simply somewhere to watch live sports, such as football on Sky Sports- what a great way to unwind after a long week at work.


Simply take in the views of Bath. England

Bath is a very desirable place to live, located in South-West England.

There are some absolutely spectacular views, over rolling hills and the countryside, meandering rivers, and large woodland full of grand oak trees. You might therefore want to garden building constructed, with huge glazed windows, allowing panoramic views over the surrounding countryside. We can therefore build a garden building as large as you would like, with huge windows so you can read the newspapers, whilst sipping on a cup of tea and take in the views through the garden room windows.


Blank canvas

Although this article has concentrated, on what you might want to use your garden building for and how you would like to be designed, it’s important to think of the building as a sort of blank canvass.

You could use the garden building as your home office, you could use it as your own personal gym, you can also use it as your cinema room.

What’s great about the garden building is it’s also flexible, you might choose to use it for five years as your home office and then decide to convert the building so that it can be used for something else which is relatively easy to do.

We have built a huge number of garden buildings, often used as places where people can work from home. We can come out and have a cup of tea and a chat with you, to discuss exactly how you’d like the building to be constructed.