How will it cost you to build an insulated garden office?


Garden Offices


Kingsley is a well-known garden office company. We have therefore built a huge number of timber buildings throughout the country. This is both for the general public, for use as say a home office, as well as for businesses.

For example, sometimes we build multiple garden buildings, which are used as absolutely amazing holiday accommodation. Sometimes the person that asks us to build the building might advertise the building on let’s say or Air B&B.

And therefore they might rent out their garden building to people wanting a vacation in say North Somerset. However, the vast majority of the buildings that construct every year, are garden offices.



We build high quality garden offices

The customer might be a business owner, alternatively they might be somebody that has switched to hybrid working and now work from home say 3 days a week. The homeowner may therefore need a nice insulated, comfortable well-built building, that’s exactly what we can build. With starting prices of our garden buildings from 18k, you can see why we are so busy and always have a full orderbook.


In this article we’re going to look at how much our garden offices cost:

Lowest cost option

Our lowest cost option, is to build what is called a Garden Office Pod. This is quite a small building, and it’s clad either with metal cladding (flat or corrugated iron) or softwood. This helps to reduce the cost of the building if we clad the outside of the building with these cladding options. Prices for this building range from between £18k and £25k.


Midpriced options

Customers that want to spend a bit more on having a garden office built, we can offer options between £25k and £50k. This means that we can add to the to the front elevation, Canadian red Cedar wood. Also the building can be a bit larger than our garden office pods.

Again, this includes double glazing and also bi-folding doors being added to the building.

We also include within this price to completely plasterboard inside and to skim it with plaster for you.

Luxury garden offices

When you pick our company the sky is the limit, that’s because there’s no upper price point because we can build a garden office exactly the way you want. So, if you want a huge garden office built, complete with a large luxury bathroom then we can build it for you.

Garden office / Gym

We can therefore build a luxury garden office complete with a bathroom, and also a gym.

So as soon as you finish your workout, running on a treadmill to see 30 minutes flat out, well you could just jump in the shower and have a nice refreshing shower all within your garden room.


Garden rooms

We have built a large number of garden office.

It might be the case that we built a building just down the road from you.

Because so many of our past customers simply think that our company is great, that’s because we offer high levels of customer service and quality of our buildings is second to none, we can offer to arrange for you to see garden rooms we have already built. There might be a garden office which is already built, and it might only be a short drive away from where you live.

We build many garden offices, generally the prices range between £18k and £50k to build.

For an exact quote why not give us a ring?