How much does it cost to get a garden office built in the city of Bath?




Each year, many residents in Bath, England, call us to to obtain a quotes to build a well-built, insulated garden office built. We have a rock-solid reputation for building quality buildings that are made to last.


Here’s why so many people hire our carpenters to build their garden offices:

  • We only use top quality building materials
  • Our garden offices are built by carpenters
  • Every garden building we build is bespoke, meaning we can build it exactly the way you want it built

Bespoke garden rooms

Our buildings are entirely bespoke, meaning the customer can specify precisely how they want the building to be built.

You might want a particular brand of air conditioning system installed, or you might warn you that a specific bathroom brand installed, or you might want us to install a kitchen for you. Wherever the customer wants, we can incorporate it into their garden office.


What’s the starting price to have a garden office constructed?

Our starting price, to fully build a garden office in Bath, is £18k.

Have you already built many garden buildings in Bath, England?

We most definitely have, we have built many garden buildings across the South West. We’ve already constructed many summerhouses in this area- the reason is we offer low prices, yet our buildings are very high quality.

We specialise in building luxurious buildings. This means we meet the customers and discuss how they want the building to be built, we can then create a set of 3D drawings to show you want the building could look like. This differs from some businesses that sell you a “flatpack”, already made summerhouse.


Highly skilled and experienced joiners / carpenters

Our business is entirely different; we employ skilled carpenters in Bath. Plus, we have a design team, and now have full time architects, we also have managers, and they will all work with you, to know exactly how you want the garden building to look and what you want to use it for.


We have many 5-star reviews on Google My Business

We have a reputation in Bath for building quality, well-made, bespoke garden rooms- plus our starting price for us to build a insulated garden room is very low.

Our starting price is just 18k for us to build an insulated garden office in South West England.

Can you build a garden office with a toilet / complete bathroom

Many of our customers are entrepreneurs or self-employed people. For example, they might be solicitors who work from home part of the week. Therefore, they need a building where they can work for the majority of the week sometimes.

Consequently, they need a bathroom and often they also require a kitchen area to be installed as well.


How much does a garden office cost, that has a toilet installed?

This does depend on how far the garden room is to be built from the main drains, yet sometimes, we can build a garden office, with a toilet, and install running water, connect the building to the drains, and install the toilet / wash hand basin for just 25k.


How much extra would it cost to install a kitchen area within our garden office?

When you fancy a lovely cuppa tea, you don’t want to keep running back to the house to boil the kettle to make yourself a cup.

Therefore, in Bath, when we are building a Bath garden office, many of our customers want a small kitchen area built.

Perhaps the customer wants to have a microwave, with an air fryer and a kettle installed within their garden office, making it nice place to make some food, when you are on your lunch hour.


Therefore, we can install a kitchen area, our electricians can install all of the power sockets, and the ventilation and all the electrics for you within your garden office.

Therefore, when you want to make a nice herbal tea, and take a break from working in your garden office, you will have a nice kitchen area, to simply take a break in.

We want a garden office built, we want to add quality solar panels added to the roof? Can you install the solar panels?

Energy prices have increased in recent years, so many people may be working long hours in a garden office, say 50+ each week.



Therefore, the owner of the garden office, might be concerned about the running costs of such a building- in terms of how much the electric may cost per month.

This is why many people now have solar panels fitted to the roof of their garden office.

We can therefore build a Bath garden room, which has solar panels fitted to the roof, helping to produce green electricity.


Would you like a garden office built here in Bath?

We can send out one of our sales staff to provide you with a free quote.

Our sales staff can can answer any questions you have.

If the building is relatively simple and straightforward to build, sometimes our sales staff often on the spot can offer you a quote.

Sometimes we can offer you a quote over the phone.

Therefore is you want to choose a company that has already built many luxurious, well-made garden offices in Bath, then do call us today.

Therefore, why not call our business today? We can offer you a free quotation.