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Here at Kingsley our company specialises in building quality bespoke garden rooms. This simply means that each and every one of our garden rooms is tailor-made to our clients tastes and preferences.

This means that our customers are presented with a huge range of options once they appoint us to build their luxurious wooden garden room or garden office.

We mostly build garden rooms throughout The South West of England and also in The Cotswolds.

Our team therefore travels across The South West and also The Cotswolds in order to build luxury bespoke garden rooms. We can therefore build luxury summerhouses and garden rooms within Somerset, South Gloucestershire as well as Oxfordshire.

You may currently have a very clear idea of how you would like your new garden room to look?

For example, you may know exactly which wooden cladding you would like to be applied to the garden room, which wooden flooring option you would like, as well as which roof covering you would like?

However, we know that some customers will not know how they want the garden room or garden office to look, if so, we are able to come up with many design suggestions for you.

This means even if you do not know how you want your garden room to look, we can offer you so many different options. Our estimator can talk you through all of the various options, so that we can help you to create your perfect garden office or room.

Which areas do you cover?

Our business predominantly serves customers across The South West of England, this includes Bristol and also Bath, England.

Our team also travels to all of the surrounding areas as well.

For example, we build luxury garden rooms throughout The Cotswold areas, this therefore includes Gloucestershire, Worcester and also Oxfordshire for example. We also cover all of the surrounding areas.

Why do so many homeowners in The Cotswolds and The South West in Bristol and Bath hire Kingsley to build there garden room?

We are often asked to build garden rooms because of the many recommendations we receive.

Whether we are building a garden room or a very large wooden garden office, you can be always rest assured that you will receive a top-quality garden room, when we are hired to build your new garden room or garden office.

The whole project can also be managed by one of our very experienced project managers, therefore you can also be assured that the whole construction will be well-managed.

If you are therefore currently looking for a garden room company that can build a quality wooden building, anywhere within the South West or The Cotswolds, including Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and Worcester then why not give our business a call today?

Meet the Team

We also specialise in building garden offices:

More and more residents throughout The Cotswold’s are now working from home, as a business we therefore have therefore seen an increase in demand for us building high-quality wooden garden offices right throughout Somerset, Bath.

We also build our garden rooms and offices right throughout the other areas such as Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Cheltenham.

You can therefore see that as a business we cover a vast area, yet what unites all of our customers across all of these areas from Bath, right through to Warwickshire, is that they demand a luxury garden room which is built to the highest of standards, and that’s exactly what Kingsley can deliver.




Kingsley is the director of the company.

Kingsley oversees the construction of our garden rooms throughout the entire of The South-West of England and also the surrounding areas.

Kingsley manages each of our teams to ensure that we deliver a quality product to every single one of our customers.




Seb works hands-on within the company and manages our team of carpenters and tradesmen.

Seb has the role of planning the construction and also helping to ensure that’s workmanship is kept to a high-standard.




Josh is one of our carpenters which helps to ensure that all of the carpentry is kept to a very high standard.

Josh will help to construct the structural aspects of many of our garden rooms and also offices, as well as making sure that the finishing touches are taken care of, such as applying the hardwood cladding to the exterior of your brand-new garden room.

Josh is a very capable and experienced carpenter.

Maverick Hyden

Maverick Hyden

Quality Control

Maverick is Kingsley’s son. Maverick currently holds the job title of “quality control inspector”- will the job get the thumbs up or the thumbs down is the all-important question?

Seb and Josh often look on anxiously as the decision is made whether the work is completed to high standard.