Air conditioned

We build luxury garden offices and rooms which can be air-conditioned. Our summerhouses can also come with heaters to help regulate the temperature.

Garden Offices

A lot of our customers want to use their garden room right throughout the year, they may therefore require it to be air-conditioned.


We can insulate your garden room or garden office, so that you can better regulate the temperature within it.

Air-conditioned Garden Rooms | The South West of England & The Cotswolds

A lot of our customers will use their garden offices right throughout the entire year, for example they might be an architect, which works from home or let’s say a small business owner.

Therefore, during the summer months, when it can be very hot here in the United Kingdom, sometimes it is not sufficient just to open the French doors, or to fold back the bi-folding aluminium doors.

Sometimes what is needed is a good quality air conditioning system, which can be fitted within the garden office to better regulate the temperature and allow more ambient temperature for the owner to work within.

Heaters and Air Conditioning

We can supply good quality air conditioning systems, as well as heating systems.

Our team of builders will also make sure that we insulate the walls, so that this helps to better regulates the temperature during the hot weather.

Equally during the winter months, you might want a good quality hardwood flooring, insulated walls and also you might want a heater which can be used to heat the space, so that the room can be used right throughout the seasons.

  • Good Quality Air Conditioning Systems

    We use well-known makes of air-conditioning systems

  • Heaters

    We can fit a heater within your garden room, so that you can better regulate the temperature during the winter months.

  • Good quality Insulation

    We use good quality windows, doors and insulation in the walls

  • Bi-folding doors

    We only use good quality bi-folding doors

Air-Conditioned Garden Offices & Garden Rooms

Whether you are going to use your garden room as a place to watch the football, or you intend to use it as your main place to do work, you are going to want it to be cool in the summer and warm in the winters.

Therefore, you are going to need a good quality air conditioning system, combined with good heating system, and that is what our company can supply.

For example a lot of our customers like to use the garden room as a space to relax within, to perhaps place a large wine chiller and enjoy a bottle of wine or draft beer.

Therefore, you are going to want the space to be at a temperature that you can set, you don’t want to be sweltering really hot during the summer and too cold in the winters, so you are going to need a good-quality heating and air conditioning system, this is what we can offer.

We can this therefore supply top-quality a conditioning and also heating systems for your summerhouse.


Within some cheaper summerhouses, sometimes the insulation is not added in terms of applying it to the walls or even thinking about how to retain heat or cold temperature within a garden room.

Therefore, sometimes the summerhouse will not have any insulation at all, and can therefore sometimes be too hot to use during the summer.

However, we can supply good-quality insulation.

Heating systems

For the vast majority of the year here in Bristol, and also right throughout The Cotswolds, we have many cold and even frosty months.

Therefore, unless the garden room is well built, it might be unusable during the really cold winters.

Therefore, we can build very high-quality garden rooms, which can be used right throughout the year because we can supply heating devices