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Garden Room Ideas

  Written on 16th of January 2024 Garden Room Inspiration     Garden rooms are undoubtedly a large purchase for any homeowner to make. Much deliberation therefore needs to go into the design to make sure it suits your exact requirements. Perhaps mulling over a nice cup of tea, and walking around your garden so […]

Have your garden office built the way you like

  Here at Kingsley Build, we have now been designing and building garden offices for over 10 years. As these buildings are places where our customers spend a huge amount of time, its so important that the buildings are carefully designed, so that they are comfortable, well designed and built rooms.       For […]

Are garden offices worth the expense?

    Introduction You might be an entrepreneur or an employee that’s now working 40+ hours a week from home. And you’re mulling over a question you have been thinking about for some time-that is a garden office worth the expense? Now, we have to be honest, we are rather biased here, as the majority […]

Do you build composite garden buildings?

  So, when you’re shopping on Google to buy a new log cabin or perhaps a summerhouse, you will often see many companies, which focus on building these buildings out of composite rather than wood.   And this might you thinking, well what are the benefits of composite? Well, we think composite has so many […]

Garden Music Studio

  Garden Music Studio’s Date: 30/10/2023 Author: Kingsley Hyden Jones 30/10/2023     Bespoke garden music rooms We build bespoke garden music rooms all over the United Kingdom Bespoke soundproof garden music rooms and garden sound studios. Made to specification, insulated for temperature and sound. So, most garden rooms are designed just to stop heat […]

What type of garden rooms does your company build?

    Across Great Britain, us homeowners, use garden rooms for many different uses. We might simply use the building as a place to play a few games of snooker, and to have a chat with good friends. Alternatively, you might be an entrepreneur, starting a brand-new business, and you’re going to be working night […]

Would you like a garden music studio built?

  Our company builds quality garden music studios right throughout the United Kingdom. So, whether you like occasionally playing the saxophone, or perhaps your are a full-time artist, and you need a place where you can record your music, why not have a garden music studio built by us? Perhaps your a singer the likes […]

We now also build garden office pods

  11th of September 2023   Garden office pods By a country mile the most popular type of garden building that our company builds, are garden offices. As more people than ever, are now working from their home, whether it be on a part-time basis or full-time often they a need a garden office as […]