Garden Rooms Bath

We can build a garden room to the exact design that you want, we can offer a wide choice of door, roof and cladding options to choose from.

Luxury Summerhouses

We also build luxury wooden summerhouses.

We build our summerhouses right throughout Bath, England.   

Garden Offices Bath

A lot of residents within Bath, England want a bespoke and high-quality garden office built, this is why many homeowners appoint Kingsley to build their garden office.

Bath Garden Offices and Garden Rooms

Many residents right throughout Bath hire us as their garden room company because we build high-quality garden rooms.

Whether you want a garden room built so that it becomes a place to relax, for example you might have a comfortable sofa so that the space become a place to read a book.

Alternatively the garden room in Bath may become a place to socialise, perhaps with a large screen TV, wine chiller and draft beer on tap?

Alternatively, you might want a wooden garden office built?

You might want to work from home, yet you may want to have a wooden building constructed so it that becomes your place to work.

We can therefore build a large garden office, so that you can have a place to put your desk and to have an area to work from.

As you can see, our garden rooms and wooden summerhouses are used for a wide range of different purposes across Bath.

Our garden rooms can be used as a place to work, or as a space to relax and maybe take in the great views over Bath?

We have a dedicated estimator which can offer a no obligation quote right throughout the whole of The South West of England.

Our estimators in The South West, can help you to design your perfect garden room.

We also have a management team, who will make sure that the summerhouse or indeed the garden room is built to a very high-standard here within Bath.

Bath Summerhouses

If you would like a garden office or a garden room constructed within Bath in England then why not contact us today?

We offer free and no-obligation quotes on summerhouses, garden offices and garden rooms throughout The South West.

We have a highly experienced team, this includes experienced carpenters, and also project managers, as well as estimators, who can take care of the whole construction process for you.

  • Quality

    We only use top-quality building materials, for example we only use quality roofing, quality timber and quality doors.

  • Bath, England

    We use top-quality timber when constructing our garden rooms and garden offices

  • The whole of The South-West

    We build quality wooden summerhouses and garden rooms right throughout The South-West

  • Design & Build

    Every single one of our summerhouses and timber buildings are bespoke, this means that you can design the building the way you want.


We never compromise on the quality of the building materials that we use, whether it be the skylights that you have opted for, the outside LED lighting, or perhaps even the roof itself, we will only use top-quality building materials.

This is why so many homeowners right throughout Bath, contact us to get their garden room built by Kingsley.

They know we will only use top-quality building materials, these are then assembled by our carpenters.

Every single one of our garden rooms, and also garden offices are built from scratch, this means that you can design the timber building the way you want.

We do not therefore build “flatpack summerhouses”, instead every single one of our garden rooms is made to order.

Our estimators will listen to the design that you want, and if you would like, we can also offer design suggestions, in terms of different windows, doors and cladding options, and then we can put together a quote in a short amount of time.

Garden offices in Bath

One of the most frequent reasons why we are contacted to build a new garden room, is because the homeowner wants to work from home, they therefore want a high-quality garden office built.

However, many residents within Bath, in The South-West of England, do not want a cheap timber building, that may start to encounter structural and construction defects, for example some really cheap summerhouses can sometimes be made from poor quality timber, which is not meant for use outdoors, so the timber might actually start to incur “wood rot” and decay, and this can sometimes happen relatively quickly because our our damp British climate.

This is why many homeowners within Bath, instead contact Kingsley, because they know that their summerhouse or their new garden room will be built to a very high-standard, and that the company will only ever you quality building materials.

For example, we will only ever use quality roofing, we will also only ever use quality windows and doors, and will only ever use quality wooden cladding and lighting.

The South-West of England Garden Rooms

Our company covers the whole of The South-West of England.

Our business therefore builds summerhouses within Bath, we also travel the rest of The South-West, including Somerset and also Bristol to build high-quality timber buildings.

Many homeowners choose us because they know we can build a summerhouse or garden room to the exact design that they would like.

This means for example, that they might want to build a home gym, complete with a treadmill, rowing machines and a cycle machine inside.

This might mean that they know exactly the size of the garden room that they need, for example you may require an L-shaped garden room built?

Alternatively, the homeowner might want to create a space to go and relax, for example the garden room might become a cinema room or it might become a place to go and enjoy a draft beer or a glass of wine that is taken from the wine chiller?

Therefore the homeowner often knows exactly how they would like their new garden room to look like, and we can build this for you.

For example, you might know the exact colour that you want the cladding to be, where you want the outside L.E.D lights to be and also you might want raised decking around the entire garden room?

We therefore build totally bespoke garden rooms, that are built to a very high standard, therefore if you are looking for a company that can build garden rooms in Bath or perhaps you need a garden office or summerhouse constructed within Bristol, then we are the business to call.