Luxury Garden Rooms

We have a highly experienced team, that are capable of building garden offices as well as garden rooms to a very high standard.

We therefore build quality; we achieve this by employing experienced carpenters.

The Cotswolds

Many property owners within The Cotswolds in England want to create additional space within their homes to work from, or simply a place within their gardens to relax.

We therefore build quality tailor-made garden rooms in The Cotswolds.

The South-West of England

We cover a wide geographic area, our team of garden room installers, cover the whole of The South West of England.

We therefore serve the city of Bath, as well as Bristol, as well as the rest of the South-West.

We are focused on quality

There are now so many companies that build wooden summerhouses as well as also garden rooms, however what differentiates us from so many others, is we are focused on providing a very high-quality product.

We therefore concentrate on using quality building materials, which are assembled by highly experienced carpenters.

You can therefore be rest assured that every aspect of the build, from laying the concrete slab, right through to installing a high-quality roof, will be done with the utmost care and will be delivered to a very high standard.

We are asked therefore to design and build bespoke garden rooms, and garden offices right throughout the South West of England.

For example, we have built many garden rooms within Bath England and within Bristol. Our team also covers the whole of The Cotswolds, so this includes areas such as South Gloucestershire, as well as Oxfordshire.

We also build our garden rooms in areas such as Wiltshire, as well as Somerset, as well as also Cheltenham.

As you can see, we cover a wide area, and our highly experienced team will build a high-quality luxurious garden room for you.

Do you require a garden room to be built?

You might have a really clear idea of how you would like your new garden room to be built, if so we can often offer you a quote in a short period of time.

Some other customers may not know how they want a garden room built, for example they may not know which windows and doors they want?

Our estimator can therefore visit you in your garden, we can talk to you about all the different various options that we can offer you, the costs associated to each, and can therefore start to design your perfect garden room for you.

  • Luxury

    We only build top-quality garden rooms and also garden offices

  • Bespoke

    We don’t build flatpack summerhouses, we build bespoke handmade garden rooms

  • Quality building materials

    Our business covers all of The Cotswolds, we therefore build our garden rooms in areas such as Somerset, Bath and also Wiltshire.

  • The South-West

    We also travel across the South West building high-quality garden rooms; we therefore serve the whole of Bristol, as well as the surrounding areas.

Do you require a garden office to be built?

More and more people within The Cotswolds areas, as well as across the entire South West of England are now working from home.

This therefore means that additional working space is often required in order to work from home, and sometimes this means a garden office is required.

Our company is capable of building very high-quality garden offices.

We can offer you many different options, for example, you may even want a partition running through the garden office, so that you can have a desk to work from on one side of the room, and the other half of the partition you might want to create a home gym?

Therefore, a lot of people are using their garden offices for dual-purposes, such as a home gym or to use as a place to work from.

Our design team can listen to how you want your garden office to be built, we can offer you a free estimate in a very short period of time.

We build quality garden offices right throughout the whole of the South-West, so this includes Bristol and also The Cotswolds areas.

We build our garden offices in Oxfordshire and also South Gloucestershire.

If you are therefore looking for a company to build a quality garden office, then why not give us a ring?

Why choose Kingsley?

It’s fair to say that there are now a lot of companies within The Cotswolds areas as well as also right across the areas of Bristol, and in Bath which also build quality timber buildings.

However, why many homeowners within the Cotswolds, and also in Bristol, and Bath hire us is because they know they will be receiving a tailor made garden room that is made to order.

So many garden rooms are now instead made in a factory, so that the homeowner only has a few different options to pick from, however, what makes our business completely different from these businesses is that every single garden room and garden office we make is made bespoke to our customers requirements, and therefore is designed just for you.

We do not therefore make “flatpack garden rooms”, instead every single one is hand built to order.