Which features can make a garden room feel luxurious?



The word luxurious, well it has to be one of the most overused words in marketing, surely? After all, if used to describe everything from teabags through to high-value cars.

And if you were to grab a nice cup of tea, and you were to start having a look at various garden room company websites, well if you were to count up the amount of times that they use the word in “luxury” on their website, it can be a term that’s heavily used that’s the sure.

We all know what luxury means when it comes to high performance car, perhaps we you want it to be fast, have sporty styling, and perhaps an interior which is somewhere where you like spending time?

But what about a garden room?


Surely these are just four walls and made out of wood?

Well, what we would say is that garden rooms can be extremely luxurious, this article we hope to give you some food thought, that is some ideas that you might want to incorporate into the design of your garden room.

So, if you want a luxurious garden building, you’ve most definitely come to the right place.


Huge triple glazed windows

Here in Great Britain, we are lucky enough to have some spectacular scenery to look out onto, perhaps it’s Rolling Meadows within the countryside?

Perhaps alternatively you might be lucky enough to be able to look out of your window at the Atlantic Ocean, and have a view as far as the eyes can see, and you might see the occasional large vessel, passing through the waves?

So what we would recommend these having a garden building built, which has a large panoramic glass windows, perhaps you would like them to be triple glazed, which allows you to enjoy and take in the views that surrounds your property.

What’s around your property?

Do you look out over Woodlands?

Do you look out over the sea?

Do you look out over our splendid British countryside?

Why not create your garden building, so that it has huge windows and doors, so that you can simply sit down on a nice comfortable sofa, or perhaps a reclining chair, and you can take in the views which around your property.
What would make this space feel even more luxurious, is to have aluminium framed windows which stretch from the floor to the ceiling.

We would also recommend having top-quality, bi folding doors fitted, which open and close very easily.
What we would also recommend that they are triple glazed windows and doors, so that when the doors are shut, the room is nice and quiet, so much so that you can hear a pin drop.


Quality audio

We could install within ceiling, top quality speakers. For example, there are some fantastic manufacturers of audio equipment, for example we really like the brand Pure, it’s a fantastic company. They produce really high-quality audio equipment.
And imagine walking into your garden building, switching on your audio equipment, and really enjoying listening to the music as loud as you would like, what do you like listening to, jazz, classical or perhaps rock ‘n’ roll is more your cup of tea?


Underfloor heating

Picture the scene, it’s really cold outside, in matter of fact, you can see your breath as you breathe, and your fingertips are feeling rather freezing when you’re outside for any period of time.
Yet then imagine walking into your garden building, and when you take off your shoes, you instantly feel how nice and warm the floor is.

It’s really nice, it’s really warm, and that’s because you’ve invested in a high quality underfloor heating system, which we have installed right throughout the garden building.

So whether you’re on a call for work, or perhaps you’re just simply enjoying painting an oil painting, your feet can be nice and warm when they’re touching the floor, despite the fact that the temperature outside the garden building might well be freezing.


Air conditioning systems

There are many companies which produce very powerful air conditioning systems, that in a matter of minutes the temperature within the garden room can start to plummet.

So, imagine, it’s a really hot summer’s day, and as soon as you put ice cubes within your drink they start to melt, that’s when your outside in your garden on say a hot day in July.

And you know that you have some work tasks that you would like to complete in your garden office, and you would like the room to be nice and cool, you don’t want to feel overly hot, so imagine just with a few clicks of a remote control, and you can hear your air conditioning systems switching on, and then within a matter of minutes, the room is nice and cool, so much so that you feel the cool breeze blowing on your face.

We can therefore install a high-quality air conditioning system.

If you were to ask is which brand we would recommend a make of air conditioning systems, we would highly recommend Samsung air-conditioning systems, they offer some fantastic quality air conditioning systems.


A really high-quality bathroom

When you walk into a five-star hotel bathroom, they often have impressive bathrooms, really large spacious bathrooms and they are well equipped, for example with a Dyson electric hand dryer, a really powerful shower, made by say Mira, which make quality showers, as well as heated towel rails.

All of this can be incorporated within the bathroom of your garden building, you could even have a large bath or perhaps a shower installed, where you can simply have a nice refreshing wash within your garden building.


Are you sold on the idea of having a garden building built?

We build luxury, and we now have over seven years’ experience of building luxury garden rooms in Great Britain.

We travel rights up and down the M4 motorway, working for many homeowners who want a well-built garden building constructed.

What we guarantee is that we will build quality for you, and this will be offered a very competitive price.

So why not, give us a quick call, so we can arrange a convenient time for you, so that we can come out and meet you.
Over a nice cup of tea, we can discuss how you would like your garden room built, and we can then offer you a quote in a short period of time.

Are you thinking about having a garden bar built?


A garden bar, can make a brilliant place to socialise with your friends, to enjoy a nice pint of beer, and news never got to worry about, the bar not stocking what you like, because you own the bar!

We have built countless garden bars right across the United Kingdom, the becoming more and more popular, as people want a space where they can unwind, enjoy spending time with their friends, have a place where they can enjoy a drink right throughout the entire year.


So, what is a garden room bar?

We can design a building, that’s detached, the has its own bathroom, that insulated so it can be used right throughout the entire year.

Some garden buildings, are not suitable for use in winter. However, our buildings are, we talk to our customers, about what insulation they would like installed, for example the cheapest option is fibreglass, however we would recommend opting for panel insulation. Some customers, one of the most environmentally friendly option, so they opt for sheep’s wool, and we can place this into the walls for you as well.

As part of our team, we have experience joiners, the can build a bar for you, they can build the bar out of softwood or they can build the bar out of hardwood for you.

Then when you walk into your garden building, you might think you’ve actually walked into a real bar, it could be a wooden bar which stretches the entire length of the building. There could be a huge television screen hung on the wall, to watch live sporting events, then why not get really comfortable sofas, so you can have your friends over, have a chat and you will feel like you are in a real bar.



We travel up and down the United Kingdom, we build garden bars right throughout the country.
One of the reasons we are selected, to build a garden bar is because every building we build is bespoke. So you might have drawings that have been created by an architect, because you know exactly the way you want the building to look. Alternatively, over a nice cup of tea, we can discuss which options you want, we can then create a set of 3-D designs, once they have been approved, our hard-working builders can start work on building the garden bar for you.


Long guarantee

Some garden room companies, don’t guarantee their buildings for a very long period of time. Often because they know, for example the tar felt roof what last that long, alternatively, the cladding that the company uses, might not last a prolonged period of time.

However, the buildings that we build, all come with a long guarantee.


Why not have a garden bar and pool built?

We can build an extra-large building, which can house a full-size pool table, therefore you could have a large bar, stocked with all your favourite drinks, ranging from whiskeys through to gins, then, you could add a full-size pool table added within the room.

So, after a long day at work, you might want to go down to your garden bar, have a few games of pool, perhaps placing darts, or have a card game your friends. All while enjoying an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage.



We can take care of everything

With some garden room companies, they offer super low prices on their websites. Yet, you might quickly find that you need to hire your own electrician, you own plumber or your own painter and decorator to finish off the garden room.

One of the reasons why waste so popular, is we have all of these tradesmen in-house, so we can offer you a quote to install the electrics and plumbing and to complete the painting and decorating. Some customers, might want to hire their own tradesmen, such as their own electrician, so we can offer you a prize not to install the electrics.



Why go to the pub?

You might have a pub right on your doorstep, so it might be an absolute piece of cake, to get back and for the local pub and to see your friends.

However, in area such as Bath, a lot of people, within the West Country, might live in rural locations, so it’s harder to get to the local pub. Therefore, why not have a bar, builds within your garden, and have all of your friends come over to visit you. You might even want to have a jukebox, so that you and your friends can select their favourite music to play.


Will we need to obtain planning permission, from Bath County Council?

A lot of the garden buildings, we build, are built under permitted development, which simply means that sometimes, our builders can get straight to work in constructing your garden building.

However sometimes, planning permission is required, we will need to seek planning permission from the local council. When one of our sales team, comes out and meet you, that either Kingsley, Seb or perhaps Josh, they will be able to advise you whether we will need to seek planning permission or not.

We would say, that the vast majority, of the summerhouses, garden bars and buildings that we built, do not need planning permission. However, as every single building we build in is different, we will need to have a chat with you, about how large you want the building to be, and then we can advise you whether we think you need to seek planning permission or not.

If you do need to seek planning permission, then sometimes it can take many months to obtain planning permission for your garden building.

This does need to be kept in mind, because you might want the garden building built in a short space of time, however if planning permission is required, then it can take a long time, sometimes it can take a long period of time the planning permission to be granted, but once granted, often our builders can start work very quickly.



Have you constructed, many garden buildings within Bath?

Yes, we most definitely have, we build a large number of garden gyms, garden offices and garden bars. We are well known for building very high quality, well built, garden buildings which are offered at very competitive prices.

How much does a garden gym cost? And what are benefits of owning one?


The right throughout the entire year, we have enquiries from customers, who would like a quality garden gym constructed. A lot of people, now want to improve their health and fitness, whether that’s to shed a few pounds, or perhaps you have a marathon coming up?

We think, that a garden gym, makes it convenient and super easy to start your workouts whenever you like.

You haven’t got to jump in the car, wait in traffic, and then have to then wait even longer, to use the piece of gym equipment you want, when you get there, because the gym might be full of people.

And then when you finally do find a treadmill that is free, it might be rather dirty, covered in sweat and dust, and this might deter you from visiting the gym as much as you want, because the gym equipment might not be ready clean at your gym?

However, all of these disadvantages of using a local gym, can disappear, once you only your own garden gym built by us. It can be a luxury building, with air conditioning, top of the range gym equipment, a really good quality sound system, and also heaters, which can heat the room even on the coldest of winter days.


So how much does a garden gym cost to construct in the city of Bath?

Well, a lot less than you might think, we have built many garden gyms, for just £18,000, the average price is around £30,000, yet we can build a garden building anyway you like, so we can build a very luxurious garden for you.

It could even have a huge bathroom, with a heated floor, it could have a heated towel rail, and a huge walk-in shower, meaning that once the workout is finished, and just walking enjoy a nice refreshing within your garden building. We can design the bathroom so that it is ventilated and also so that it is heated.

So, we can build a garden gym for you anywhere within the United Kingdom, we are regularly travelling up and down the M4 motorway building so many garden gyms, and we don’t just build them in the summer we also build them right throughout the winter months as well.

You could have a luxury garden gym built for just £18,000, and when you consider that this room could help you to lose weight, it could help you to really improve your fitness, because you would have your own gym, at the end of the garden, that whenever you want to start your work out, you can just walk down there and start exercising whenever you like, that could be it’s 7 AM in the morning or it could be at 1 AM you can work out whenever you want to when you only garden gym.



How long does a garden gym take to build in Bath?

This very much depends on access to your garden, if you have a rear lane, when you have side access to your house, then often we can build most garden gyms, within the city of Bath, in less than three weeks.

However, some Victorian properties, don’t have a rear lane, and also the house might be terraced, so there is no way of taking the building materials, such as the plasterboard, the wood for the windows down the side of the building through a garden gate, because you might not have a garden gate.

However, we can take the building materials through your house, it might take us longer to build a garden building, but we can still build one for you anywhere within Bath. So, if you live in a terraced house, we can still build a garden building in your garden.



Super clean

When you visit a local gym, sometimes the gym equipment is not as clean as you would like. Of course, there are some gyms, which keep their gym equipment nice and clean, but there are some which don’t, and for example the treadmill could be sweaty, covered in dust and it could be dirty, with all then feet running on it.

So, one of the advantages of owning your home gym equipment, is that it’s only you, for the people that use your garden gym, that will be using it, so it’s much easier to keep that gym equipment clean.



Would you like a garden gym constructed?

We have a huge amount of experience, building garden buildings.

We have now been building garden rooms for over five years, we have built many summerhouses within the city of Bath. We also build garden rooms right throughout the West Country, one of the reasons why our company is so popular, in the West Country, is because we offer long guarantees on every single building that we construct.

We also employ, very experienced tradesmen, for example, some of our joiners, they have over 10 years’ experience, building structures such as gazebos, summerhouses as well as also decking.

We have built many buildings, within Bath, and that’s because we often come highly recommended by our previous customers, who recommend us to their friends and family.




Once your neighbours see the quality of our garden rooms, often they will want one built as well, therefore often our company builds many garden buildings, on the same street, for example we might build easily five garden buildings on one street in Bath, and that’s because, we often come highly recommended.

With prices starting from just £18,000, our buildings are also affordable, if you would like a free quote then why not call us?

Would you like a garden room constructed with a hot tub?

Hot tubs are popular right throughout Bath and the Cotswolds, with many homeowners only one. Often, they are used during the summer, as a great way to cool down and perhaps enjoy a nice glass of bubbly champagne.

However, here in Great Britain, the weather is quite unpredictable, one day can be boiling hot, so much so we are smothering ourselves in waterproof sun cream. The next day, the weather can change, almost in an instant, with fine drizzling rain.

However, you might still fancy a quick dunk in your hot tub, you might want to sit in your hot tub even if it’s raining, therefore a lot of people have a quality gazebo, or sometimes a garden building, which has a large extension known as a canopy, which can offer a roof and side walls to the hot tub.

Therefore, a lot of people get on the dog and bone, that’s phone, to give us a quick call and ask us to build a luxurious garden room, with a canopy to the side. Sometimes, some of our customers have truly massive Jacuzzis built, sometimes these Jacuzzis are so large they can comfortably sit seven people, who are all enjoying the bubbly warm water. What a great way to have a nice plastic glass, and to enjoy some champagne or perhaps good quality wine?


Hot tub garden rooms

Often, our customers ask us to build a garden building, which has a huge decked area, the decking area can be made of composite. Then we can build a large canopy, the canopy can be very large, so that it completely offers a roof over the Jacuzzi. Fitted then into the roof of the Jacuzzi, can be really good quality outdoor speakers, for example you might want speakers made by Bang and Olsen, or perhaps you would like the speakers made by Bose, or perhaps made by Sony.

We build luxurious hot garden rooms, and often our customers know exactly how they want the building built, where they want the outdoor lights, what colour they want decking to be, they may even know what cladding they would like clad on the outside of the garden room, and we can build that for you.


Quality decking

When you step out of your hot tub, you’re going to want to step onto quality decking, in order to dry yourself off with a towel. You’re going to want the decking to be very low maintenance, you’re going to want it to last a long period of time and also be extra strong at so that you get good value for money. What we would recommend opting for composite, good brand of composite and have also composite steps built up to your Jacuzzi.

The composite steps, will allow you to easily get in and out of the Jacuzzi.
Outdoor lighting

On a summers evening, you might want to go and have a quick dip in your Jacuzzi, yet it might be pitch dark outside.
Even if it is pitch dark outside, you can have quality LED lights, which can switch on all around your garden room, or perhaps you would like them to just switch on to illuminate your Jacuzzi.

Then your Jacuzzi will be eliminated, and you can enjoy having a dip hot tub.



Once you’ve had a soak in your Jacuzzi, you might want to wash off and go to the bathroom to have a nice refreshing shower. You might want a power shower , so that you can have a wash, therefore we can install a complete bathroom within your garden building for you.
Just like going to the gym.

You could have a massive garden building, that’s air conditioned, which also has multiple electric radiators, and you can fill it with top quality, some of the best quality gym equipment. You could also have a complete bathroom as well, so when you’ve finished working out, say lifting all of those heavy dumbbells, you can simply jump into your power shower and have wash.

Just like in most luxurious health clubs, and spas, often is a large Jacuzzi with powerful water jets, which can help you to unwind, you could also have one of these fitted to the side of your garden building.

Therefore, after work out, let’s say 30 minutes of fast running on your treadmill, you might want a quick wash off in your shower, which is within your garden building, then you might wish to spend the rest of the evening soaking in your hot tub.


Bath and beyond

We really like the Victorian city of Bath, we think it’s a fantastic place with great architecture and some fantastic homes, some of which date back before the Victorian era, and some are more modern.
Whether you have a modern house, or perhaps you have a housemaid it Bath stone, which dates back to the Victorian era, we can build a garden room for you. You might live right within the main part of the city, she might have a small garden, if so, we can build a small garden room for you.

Alternatively, you might own a country mansion, on the outskirts of Bath, and you might have acres of land? We can build therefore a garden room as big as you would like, because you have so much space where we can build it to.
Would you like garden room built? Why not call us?

10 steps to designing your perfect garden room


A garden room or a garden office is a building that you might choose to use on a daily basis. Therefore it’s important, that the room is well designed so that you are comfortable throughout the different seasons.

Whatever the weather can chuck that your garden room, it needs to be ready to withstand our British weather, so from heavy rain, sleet or hail, the building needs to withstand our, well wet climate.

Equally your garden room needs to be comfortable, it needs to be insulated, and just as you like to switch on the air-conditioning within your car on a rather hot summers day, well this is going to be the same for your garden building.

So, we thought it would be a superb idea, to give you 10 points to consider when you’re thinking about having a garden building built in Bath, England.


Number 1) Which roof are you going to opt for?

We believe a garden room is only as good as the roof that you add to it, and you might be rather confused by that statement.

You might be thinking, well shortly a roof, is just a roof? How can this define how well built the garden building is?

Well there are some roofs which don’t last that long before they need patching up or fully replacing. Then there are some really high performance roofs, that are guaranteed to last, even if it’s absolutely raining cats and dogs non-stop, your garden room can be able to stand all of that heavy rain.

So what would we recommend opting for?

Well would most definitely recommend opting for a company that guarantees the roof for say 10 years. We would also recommend a rubber roof, we would actually recommend a rubber roof which has insulation underneath, so for example a thick piece of panel insulation, because as we all know, heat rises, so its important that all that heat doesn’t just escape through the roof. A thick piece of panel insulation, can help to retain that heat for that bit longer.


Number 2) Think about the cladding

It’s a bit like when you cut wood with a hand saw or you chop some logs within your garden, you might get that nice waft of freshly cut timber entering your nostrils.

And this is the same for your garden room, you might get that nice pine smell, when the buildings built, and you walk inside, and on the outside the wood might look brilliant.

However soft wood, especially pine, if it’s not correctly sealed, and by that we mean if the timber is not varnished or a specialist wood oil applied, then what can happen is that the wood starts to become water stained, that’s as the water runs off the roof and its absorbed by the timber walls.

As it absorbs the rain water, and continues to hold that water, the wood may start to rot and it may start to change colour to a grey or even to a black colour.

This can make your garden room look all and tatty, even though you might have only had the building built let’s say three years ago.
So, what would we recommend?

Well, composite or metal cladding is often more expensive than softwood, but we think it’s definitely worth forking out for what is called composite cladding or steel sheets, as they simply last longer.

This type of cladding is simply brilliant, is comes in a range of colours and it never needs painting.


Number 3) Consider your garden rooms security

It’s really important, especially if you’re going to keep valuable items such as your Apple Computer, printers and lets say a camera within your garden room, then the building has good security.

What would we recommend?

We would recommend CCTV which switches on when motion is detected your garden, we would recommend having aluminium framed windows and doors and that each window or door has quality locks installed.

We would recommend a floodlight which is triggered when motion is detected within your garden as well.

So, when we are installing a garden building within the city of Bath, we would recommend top of the range CCTV is installed, and you may want to get alerts to your smartphone, if the is motion detected in your garden.


Number four) Decking

When the weather is really nice outside, when it’s nice and warm, and there is a warm summers breeze in the air, your likely to want to sit out on your decking, enjoy say a nice espresso? and what better place than on your decking?
So why not have composite or wooden decking built in front of your garden room?

What would we recommend?

We would highly recommend choosing composite decking, which our carpenters can build.
And why do we recommend opting for say Millboard composite decking, well that’s because it won’t ever suffer ever in a million years suffer from woodworm-because its not made from 100% wood, so this simply meaning it lasts much longer than timber decking.


Number 5) toilet and wash hand basin

You may want to have a toilet and a wash hand basin installed within your garden room? That’s especially if you’re spending a huge amount of time within the room, and if your going to be drinking a lot of coffee or beer in there!

Number 6) Storage space

Sometimes, a garage may need to be demolished, or a wooden shed, that’s to make way for a new garden room to be built. However, this does pose a slight problem, that is where exactly you will keep lawnmower?

This is why we would highly recommend incorporating into the design of your garden building, that you have a side storage room. A room with a separate door, which opens up into a small room, ideal for storing say those fold-up aluminium ladders.
Within the room and store items such as yours strimmer as well.


Number 7) Triple glazing

We would highly recommend opting for triple glazing for the bi-folding doors, and the windows as well, this can help to improve the energy efficiency of the whole building, as well as helping to make much quieter inside.


Number 8) Hire an experienced garden room company (we have over 10 years experience building garden rooms in South West England)

When you search on Google.co.uk, for “garden room companies” well there are hundreds of builders in Bath, within England that build summerhouses.

However when you start so whittle down the list of highly experienced garden companies, you will find there are much fewer companies that have been building summerhouses as long as us.

We have literally built a countless number of garden buildings, we have been building these for over 10 years, so we are highly experienced in building garden rooms.

We believe this is important because we can make our garden buildings extra strong, plus because they are so well built, we can offer you a super long guarantee on every single building which we construct.


Number 9) Built fast

You might have just been offered a new job? Yet that role involves you now working from home much more often, so now it might be a bit of the scramble to find a garden room company which can build your building quickly for you.
Thankfully we have a large team of staff, so when a customer needs a garden room built ultra quickly, we are the company to call.


Number 10) Electric installation

Sometimes, some companies when building garden buildings, they ask the customer, to find an electrician who can install all of the power sockets, the lighting and also the LED lights outside.
However, when you hire Kingsley to build the summerhouse, we have electricians as part of our team, so included within the quote, will be the price to install the electrics.

How long does it take your company to build a garden room?


Here in Great Britain, how long it takes various garden room companies, to build a garden room, varies massively depending upon which company you choose to hire. Some companies like ours, need to bring in JCB excavators, and we need to bring in that a lot of tradesmen to build our buildings.

However, some of the company’s, just south flatpack summerhouses, which the customers asked to build themselves.

From the structural wood, which is kiln dried, and FSC approved, through to installing roof windows made by velux windows, every single aspect of the building will be very high quality.

For example, Quinn insulation panels can be added to the walls, we can also use fibreglass made by rock wool if you would prefer?
We can also add or your filled radiators made by dimplex radiators as well.

You might even want us to purchase a Sony television and to mount this on the wall, and to fix the brackets to the wall, so that even the television is installed for you.

So, it very much depend on the of building that you purchase, for example be flatpack will it be bespoke.

For example, some buildings can be advertised, as “do-it-yourself, summerhouse”, and sometimes have written within the product description, will be estimated time to build the buildings. However often it does depend on whether your DIY expert, or whether you are not very good at DIY. For example, often next to a screwdriver icon, will be how long it will take to construct the building. For example, the company might say it can be built in say three days. However, if you not very good at do-it-yourself might take substantially longer.

Quality does take time to build

All of our garden buildings are 100% bespoke, simply meaning that every single one we build, is built differently and to different dimensions. So one week we could be building a truly massive garden room, which is going to be used as guest accommodation with ensuite bathrooms.
The next week we can be working right in the fantastic city of Bath, in England building a garden office pod which is just large enough to have place a d perhaps a few shelves as well. No two buildings we build are ever the same, so they are not therefore mass produced in say a light industrial unit.

Instead, our estimator will company building materials then we will get those delivered to your garden, so that our builders can start work as soon as you would like.

We always use quality FSC wood, a lot of hourglass that we use is Pilkington quality glass, plus also if you hire us to install air conditioning, we can install a quality air conditioning unit, for example you might want to have a Samsung air conditioning unit installed and we can supply this and install it for you.

Built the way you like

Instead, the whole building is constructed, to the design that you would like. So for example you might want oak cladding, a sedum roof and you might even know the exact colour you want the inside of the garden room painted, with a nice quality Farrow and Ball paint. We really do like Fallow and Ball paint it’s really good quality paint.

We can paint the inside of your garden room for you, we can use crown paint, we can use dulex paint, we can also use Farrow and Ball paint.


This means that every piece of wood needs to be cut by hand in your garden, we use quality Dewalt hand tools to construct our garden rooms.

And it does take us on average three weeks to build the entire building. We sometimes also use a micro digger, made by JCB, to help clear away any shrubbery, to level the soil and to also help unload our skips.


The problem with flatpack garden rooms

The problem with pack garden rooms, that are assembled by the customer, is that sometimes you don’t have much of a choice in terms how large the building is.

So, for example, you might end up with a summerhouse which doesn’t fit the contours of garden.

Let’s say that you have a cottage, and a blend of your garden ends at a sharp point it might be hard to find a summerhouse to garden, if you’re planning on buying a flatpack building is.

However, our builders can construct a garden room to fit the contours of your garden, meaning that there is less wasted space in the garden room will fit perfectly into the dimensions of your garden.


As any good builder will tell you, any building is is only strong as the foundations which supports it, if the foundations are weak, doesn’t matter if it’s a summerhouse, a house or a block of flats, if the foundations are not built solid than the building could break apart and sometimes relatively quickly.

For example, a thin foundation, made of concrete, might start to form cracks, and break apart.
We’ve seen some summerhouses which have been built off concrete blocks, that is breeze blocks, laid in the garden, or patio slabs and then this summerhouse built upon it. This is no good at all, cutting corners like this is a total false economy, that’s because the actual building could sag, break apart that need demolishing becomes structurally unsafe.

We can use ground screws, to dramatically speed up the construction process

If you were to watch our builders, construct the summerhouse, using time lapse video, perhaps you’d want to set up let’s say a Go pro camera. You will see that we can install the foundations, using ground screws very quickly.

We use a Dewalt drill, to drive the ground screws deep into the ground, provide solid foundation to build the summerhouse upon.
What makes our garden building such high quality, is that we can use Pilkington Glass, we can use aluminium framed windows and doors, so the last very long period of time. We can also use composite decking made by mill board which is a very high-quality brand, we can also use Farrow and Ball paint on the inside if you would like this used.

We can also install a quality air conditioning system, perhaps like a Siemens air-conditioning system?

So, installing ground screws doesn’t take much longer but it will provide a much stronger foundation. Plus, if ground screws are not suitable for your garden, perhaps the ground is to boggy, and to wet during most of the year, or we could actually do is build a large concrete slab raised the whole building off the ground.

What’s important is that a solid foundation is built is suitable for your garden.


Bespoke bathrooms

Just as you hire a plumber to install a nice bathroom suite, for example you might want nice quality bathroom made by Tavistock? You might also want a shower installed made by Mira, Mira make fantastic quality electric showers.

We can then install quality bathroom tiles, toilets, wash hand basin as well as a shower. This means you can have a complete bathroom suite installed within your garden room.


On average how long does it take you to build a garden building?

The vast majority of our buildings, our built in less than three weeks, this includes everything from building the base, that is the concrete foundations all the ground screws right up to finishing off the garden room by giving it a lick of paint.

However, we are often asked to build some very high value garden rooms, sometimes which are used as guest bedrooms, so they have a large bedroom area, and often also have an ensuite. For these garden rooms, which can range of to £70,000, sometimes it takes us longer to build these buildings.

However the customer is often happy to wait for us to build our garden rooms, , because they know that they are receiving a very high quality building that is made to last, and often the construction process can’t be rushed. And often for example when we’re installing a large bathroom, there are a lot of tradesmen which are needed, such as tilers, plumbers and electricians, so we need to stage the work so that each tradesman can do the job.


Do you build garden buildings made of brick and blocks?

Yes, we do, we employ bricklayers and block layers, which can build a garden building, we also construct garages as well.
For us to build a garden building made using bricks and blocks, this does take us longer to build, because we need to mix all of that cement, and building a brick wall, does take us longer than building the building using timber.

However, the garden room made using bricks and breeze blocks and cement, will last longer than a wooden summerhouse.
So, we would highly recommend, having a quote from us, to build a timber summerhouse as well as us offering a quote to build the building you breeze blocks and bricks.

How long does it take you to build a garden room complete with a bathroom?

To build a garden room that has a bathroom, does take us longer, because we need to bring into your garden a mini excavator to date all of the trenches. To do this work by hand would take as too long, so often we use a micro digger, by JCB, we use the JCB excavator to dig the trench, then we can lay the soil pipe and also the pipes needed to connect a water supply to garden room.

The mini excavator then often needs to dig a long trench, and we need lay the trench and is also any excess soil needs to be added to a waste skip.

There are ground workers need to lay a plastic pipe, aka the waste pipe, we also need to connect the water supply up to the garden building as well.

This does take us longer because of all that extra work digging the trench, laying the pipe and connecting the water supply as well as connecting this to the toilet and wash hand basin and the shower.

We need a garden office built quickly; how quickly can you build it?

Sometimes we are asked to construct a simple garden room, these are sometimes called garden office parks, that is a garden room that is relatively small.

Often our builders are able to build these in a short period of time, so for example you might have started a brand-new job, let’s say you’re now working from home in Bath, which now means that’s you now need a garden office built.

You might therefore be eager to get a garden room constructed, so that you can start using the room is your place of work during the week.

And sometimes can build the whole building in less than two weeks

Have a nice solid foundation to start building the summerhouse upon.

Why pay more?

There’s a good reason why we build hundreds of summerhouses throughout the South West of England every single year, that’s because we offer fantastic prices.

What different types of garden offices does your company build?

Garden Buildings South West England



A garden office is a place were sometimes the owner will be spending in excess of 40 hours busy working within the room per week.

The room must therefore be super comfortable, be a place that’s also warm, that’s cool within summer, that has plenty of light coming through the windows and doors, so the room is light and airy during the day.

It should be a place where you enjoy working.

Why choose Kingsley Build to build your garden office?


Our garden offices are built to last, constructed in your garden and not in a factory, we use quality building materials such as rubber roofing, which simply means, the room is built to last. We build our buildings to last, and we are so confident that that they will last, that every building, no matter if it costs 17k or 70k to build, will come with a long guarantee.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some food for thought, to provide you with some ideas on how we could build your garden office and to explain some of the different options that our company can offer.

A garden office that’s complete with bathroom


When you have a garden office built, it can make a become a great place to work, a space that quiet, that’s light and airy, somewhere you enjoy working. We this is especially during the summer, the summer breeze can flow through the room, and when you’re looking out over your lawn and the birds are singing in the background- you might just think, well why didn’t we buy one of these before now.

But sooner or later, after drinking all those espressos you’re going to need to go to the bathroom, and this can mean a fast sprint across the lawn, to use the lavatory within the house. So why not have a complete bathroom suite built in your garden office? Or if you would prefer just a toilet and a wash hand basin?

Rectangular, square or triangular?


Your garden office if its built by us, hasn’t just got to be a standard rectangular shape, that’s because all of the buildings we build are bespoke, every building we build is different. We can build it to any shape that you would like.

For example, you might only garden which ends at a point, you might therefore want a triangle shape garden room.

Or let’s say that you own a new built detached house, the garden might not be very long at all might be very wide. You might therefore want the thin rectangular garden room, a garden room which spans the entire garden?

Alternatively you might want a circular garden room, and we can build this for you.

Sometimes, our clients will have contacted a local architect to design their garden building, then we can offer you a quote from the architect’s drawings, for how much it cost us to build your garden building.

We have built many garden offices

What’s great about hiring our company is we have built many garden offices across the South West of England, from Exeter down to Bristol. This means that we are highly experienced in building garden rooms.



Multiple rooms

We can build multiple separate rooms within your garden building.

For example, the main use of the building, might be to use the building as an office, so you might want a large main room where you can complete your work.

You might also want to have a separate room within the building, so there’s a partition wall, and is within that room it could be used as say your yoga studio, as a place for you to work out, you could simply be somewhere that has a reclining chair seat, and watch the football after work?

Therefore we can build multiple rooms within your garden building, the building can therefore be used for multiple different purposes.




Sometimes our garden rooms are built at the far end of the customers garden, and all that separates the property from the main road could be a garden fence.

Therefore, during the day, and night, at the end of your garden, you may be listening to cars, trucks and buses whizzing past your garden.
Therefore for some people this might be distracting, listening to all that road noise as they are trying to complete their work.

We can therefore install soundproofing out into the walls, the floor and ceiling, this won’t totally eliminate all of that noise, but what it will do is reduce the noise you hear within the garden building, if you combine this with triple glazing, then you will have a quieter room to work within.



Cost’s less than you might think

When you go on social media, let’s say on Instragram, and you start to look at various garden offices this have been constructed throughout the United Kingdom, then you might think that these garden buildings cost an absolute arm and a leg, right?



You might think well a garden office is totally out of our budget?

However, we build garden offices at very competitive prices, with prices start from just £18,000, offering fabulous value for money so you might so have seen a garden building which we have built on Facebook, or on Instagram, and you think, that’s totally out of price range.

But often when we tell people the price, they are pleasantly surprised with how affordable our garden offices are.

The other advantage of choosing our company is we can build a garden room extremely quickly, sometimes in less than 3 weeks.

So let’s say that you’re starting a brand-new job, and your new job wants you to work more from home say 3 days a week, so you may need a garden office constructed in the South-West of England and we can do this for you.

We have a team of builders that travels all over the South West, and often, the vast majority of the garden offices that we construct, are fully complete, and ready to move your furniture in in less than three weeks.

The benefits of having a sedum roof added to your garden building


When we think of the design of most garden rooms, we typically think of a square or a rectangular building, and the building is almost typically built using wood.

Often the customer then opts for a flat roof, that’s often made using either fibreglass or perhaps using rubber roofing.
And both of these types of roof are brilliant, if they are installed correctly, and if the company offers a long guarantee on the roof to offer the owner the peace of mind that the roof will last.


Green roofs

However, a lot of people prefer to have a green roof, which is sometimes also referred to as a “sedum roof”.
In a nutshell, this type of roof basically allows you to grow plants, grass or perhaps even vegetables on the roof.

We are going to explain the advantages and also some of the disadvantages of choosing a sedum roof.

What are the main benefits of opting to have a sedum roof added to your garden room?


Grow more plants

Some people don’t want their garden building to be the focal point of the garden, the centre of attention within their garden.

Therefore, some people opt to have a sedum roof installed by us, so that they can grow plants on the roof, they may also opt for composite cladding added to the outside, in a light or dark colour of green so that the building blends much better into the background of your garden.

There the garden building can blend more into say a holly bush behind the building, or into the trees.

The great thing about a sedum roof is that you can grow many plants, flowers even vegetables on the roof, which means that it’s great for the insects, it’s great for the birds, but visually your garden building also we think will look brilliant, and blend much better into the background of your garden.

Good for the wildlife

Wherever you can grow more plants, this normally means that more insects will quickly follow, which is good for the environment. What you could do is grow a lot of wildflowers on the roof of your garden building this would be great for the bees.

Just looks better

Let’s say that you’re looking out of the top upstairs window within your house, would you rather look down at a rubber roof, or perhaps you would look down and you see a green roof, that is covered in wildflowers, perhaps poppies growing during the summer?



You might even want a huge amount of lavender growing on the sedum roof? And as you look out of your bedroom window you will see perhaps hundreds of honeybees or busy collecting there nectar from the lavender.

So, what are the disadvantages of opting for a sedum roof?

Well, the main disadvantages is the weight, if you’re going to add a lot of soil onto the roof, this can place a huge amount of strain onto the roof, due to all that extra weight, therefore the building needs to be constructed so that it can support all this weight.

Therefore, the garden building roof needs to be much stronger than how a normal garden room is constructed, it needs to be able to withstand all of that weight of the soil pushing down on the roof, and also you have to imagine the extra weight when the soil becomes completely saturated with water during heavy rain.

Thankfully we have the builders which are capable of building an extra strong garden room capable of withstanding all of that extra weight that the sedum roof will add to the garden room.


The disadvantages of a sedum roof

The cost

The cost to build a garden room, complete with a sedum roof, will cost a lot more to build than a normal garden room, that doesn’t have a sedum roof, the extra cost to build the roof could therefore be seen as a disadvantage to purchasing a sedum roof.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on staying at your property for perhaps a long period of time, you do have to consider the benefits of having a sedum roof, in that how it can visually improve the appearance of your whole garden.

For example, imagine your garden is a mass of lavender, wildflowers and other plants which are growing, and you have these growing all around your garden as well as on the roof of your garden room, this will simply look absolutely brilliant and it will create a place that you will want to spend time.

For example, sure you might be working in your garden office during the day so you can’t see the sedum roof from the inside, but just imagine on a summers evening, your sitting in a deck chair in your garden looking out at your garden room and the sedum roof, and you’re watching the birds land on the roof, the bees collecting their nectar, and you can see the lavender plants gently swaying in the wind on the roof, this will make a great place to spend your summer evenings.


Which areas do build garden buildings?

The vast majority of the garden buildings that we build, are mostly built in the fabulous Victorian city of Bath, which is a brilliant city in South-West England.

We are regularly building garden buildings in Bath, and we don’t just build garden buildings for residential customers, sometimes we are hired by companies to build wooden buildings, that are then used for commercial use, such as owning a small cafe, coffee shops or simply a place where people do yoga as you might run a company running Yoga classes in Bath.

Therefore, if you would like a garden building, built then why not give us a ring today? Prices start from 18k, so we offer great prices too.

We also build garden games rooms



How do you like to unwind after long day at work?

Do you enjoy playing snooker or watching the football on large screen television?

Or perhaps you like to simply sit in a comfortable chair, and enjoy a really nice glass of whiskey on the rocks?

We can build a games room for you, and in this article, we are going to explain why we are one of the best companies here in the U.K to contact when you want a garden games room constructed.

So, what exactly is a garden games room?


A lot of people like to play a game of snooker, or perhaps play retro arcade games, or simply like to collect and put together large jigsaw puzzles? Having a garden building built, that’s used as a games room, is now becoming very popular here in the U.K.

However, sometimes, the homeowner won’t have the space within their home, to dedicate a whole room to playing snooker for example, after a snooker table takes up a huge amount of space.

However, you might have quite a large garden, so why use part of your garden, to be used as a games room? With a starting price of £18k its clear see why our phones are very busy, booking in customers who want a garden building built by Kingsley Build.

So, a games room is simply a garden building, that’s often totally detached from your main house, that’s used as your place to simply go and unwind and enjoy a beer, watch or rugby, or simply a play of cards.

Are games rooms popular?


Most definitely, we have not built a huge number of garden buildings, which are used as a game room.
One of the reasons why we think games rooms are becoming more and more popular, is because if you walk into any top London pub, you will often see that for a very long period of time these great British pubs up within London often filled the pub with board games, like Jenga, often there will manysnooker tables retro arcade games, and possibly even Twister, so you can enjoy good quality beer and enjoy time with your friends.

A lot of people now want to replicate this great atmosphere created in many London pubs within their own home, they want a building that is freestanding from the house, that’s fully air-conditioned as well as heated through multiple radiators, so it can be used any time of the year, and to use that space as a place where the occupants can unwind perhaps enjoy playing a few games of snooker while drinking ale?

How much does a games room cost?


This does depend on design the building, for example, if you were to have hardwood cladding, perhaps want mahogany cladding on the outside, which is very expensive, this can increase the cost of the building, quite substantially. However on the other hand, if you were to opt for say Thermo wood, well, this type of cladding much cheaper for us to purchase, we can build a larger garden room at a lower cost.

Therefore, which cladding you choose, whether it be hardwood, composite or softwood, can have a huge bearing on how much the garden room costs.

Would you like a music room built?


Your music room could be used as a place to simply sit and listen to music, alternatively it could also be used as a place where you can practice playing a musical instrument, perhaps you play the electric guitar?

Just imagine for a second, that within the room you have a nice comfortable chair, perhaps a nice leather Chesterfield chair, and also fitted within the garden building is top of the range, simply brilliant quality speakers. Therefore you can listen to your favourite music within your garden room.

So, whether enjoy listening to jazz, or perhaps you enjoy listening rock ‘n’ roll, or perhaps you enjoy classical music, just imagine having a room which has really high-quality speakers installed, so you can sit nice and comfortably while sipping on a nice cocktail perhaps? This has to be a great way to unwind after a long and busy day at work, are we right?
So, why is our garden room company so popular?

This is an excellent question, because there are quite literally thousands of different businesses to choose from, which can build your games room.

However, there is a reason why we Keep getting chosen as the construction company to install a garden room, even though we are often not the cheapest company by a country mile.

The reason we are often hired, is because our buildings are built so they are exquisite quality, hand built on your garden by our master craftsmen. Our garden rooms are built to be durable, long-lasting therefore even though our company might often more expensive than what some other garden rooms might offer, they offer fantastic value for money because they are so long-lasting.

Arcade games


Perhaps you like to play old arcade games, everybody likes to play Pac man, right? Or alternatively Perhaps you like more modern games such as call of duty? Well you could dedicate the whole garden room to being used as a place to play arcade games or perhaps more modern games such as super Mario Bros’s?

Do you Fancy a game of snooker?


Often when you walk into a local pub, the snooker table will already be occupied, and might be occupied the whole night by a group of friends which continue to use it until the bell rings for last orders!

However, when you own a garden bar, what’s great about owning the garden bar is you could have a full-size snooker table inside, therefore there’s no waiting around the snooker table become available, because quite simply put you own the snooker table, plus you own the whole building. So there’s no waiting for the snooker table to become available, and there’s no queueing at the bar, because you owned the bar.

Perhaps you just enjoy doing word searches putting together puzzles?


You might be in your retirement, and you might live in the absolutely fantastic city of Bath, a city which we really like’s fantastic architecture.

Also the city of Bath, is a city where we build a huge number of garden buildings every single year, for the great residence of bath England.

Now you might be in retirement, and you simply want a room where you can go and unwind during day, perhaps to watch a bit of television, perhaps to complete a word search, or perhaps put together a puzzle?

And what’s great about having a garden building, constructed by us is, you could have a good quality building constructed, that is insulated, and we never used cheap low quality insulation that it’s used by some companies, no instead we use top quality insulation, which is very thick and our insulation does an excellent job at retaining the heat within your garden room.

So, with the flick of a switch, the radiators could be switched on, and after a short period of time the room the whole building will be nice and warm, and that warmth will be kept in the building for longer, thanks to that extra thick, top quality panel insulation which we have put into your summerhouse for you.

So, whether you want to wander down to your garden building in December, when it’s cold outside, or perhaps during July when it’s very warm outside, you can have a top-quality garden building built within your garden, that’s fully insulated, so even if it’s completely freezing outside, you could be warm garden building.


How long will it take you to construct a games room?


This is very difficult to say, because not one of our garden rooms are ever the same, there always a different size and also, they are often are built to have very different designs, for example some have metal cladding on the outside, and some have hardwood cladding, such as oak, which is more expensive and takes longer to add to the building.

Yet for most of our games rooms that we build, often are fully built in less than three weeks.

Offering free quotations throughout the city of Bath, South West England


Do you live in Bath?


Bath is simply a fabulous city to live in, and we’ve already built many garden buildings within this great city. Therefore, if you would like a quote because you’re interested in having a games room built, or a garden office or perhaps a garden gym built, then why not call us today?

Our buildings are top quality, and they can be built at an affordable price, so why not give us a ring or e-mail us.

What features are absolutely essential when buying a garden building in the U.K?


We build Bath Garden Buildings





If you are currently shopping around to purchase a new garden room, then you might think, well they all look rather similar- they’re all the same, right?

You might think, the mostly made of timber, most have bi-folding doors, most even have similar cladding on the outside, such as Canadian red cedar- so they’re all pretty much a standard design, right?

Well not really, sure, a lot of companies which build quality buildings, build them similar to how other companies build them. However, this doesn’t mean that everything you will need, such as top-quality insulation, will always be added to the garden room.





Why it’s important, to hold your horses, and shop around when buying a garden room

The quality of a garden building can vary hugely between which companies you choose, so we thought it would be a good idea to write an in-depth article explaining what we think is essential when buying a garden room.

So, this is going to be quite a long article, so we would recommend sticking the kettle on, and making yourself a nice cup of tea- while you’re at it, why not treat yourself to a few biscuits?



Long life cladding (we always recommend composite)


The problem with using some types of soft woods, such as pine, is that some types of softwood can rot if they’re not properly maintained.

For example, let’s take pine as an example, when it’s freshly cut, it looks brilliant, it has a nice colour, and even smells brilliant when it’s cut.

However, if the wood is not properly sealed, and by that we mean if it’s not properly varnished or painted, then it can start to absorb a large amount of water. Which means two things, damp can start the occur within the building, but also, the wood can actually start to become water stained, so can actually start to turn black.

So we would most definitely, recommend instead opting for composite cladding, it is often more expensive, then softwood, however it’s often guaranteed to last.

Plus, the great thing about composite, is that once it’s been added to the side of your garden room, you can pretty much not have to maintain it at all.

If you were to choose a softwood option, then you might have to paint it every single year, or varnish it, otherwise it might start to turn water stained.



Durable roof (we always recommend rubber roofing)

It rains a lot during the winter here in Britain, but also it rains a lot in the summer months as well. Which means that, we would most definitely recommend, purchasing a roof, which is guaranteed to last say a minimum of 10 years.

So, what you need is a long-lasting, but really durable roof, that is able to withstand our wet British climate.

For example, when we got hailstones, bearing down on a roof, if the roof is not really high quality, and water can start ingress into the roof, and eventually cause a leak within the summerhouse. Nobody, wants to be spending say 20,000 on a garden room, and then after a relatively short period of time, have water leaks from the roof, and having to put plastic buckets to collect the drips of water!
So, we would recommend a rubber roof, that has a long guarantee.



It’s important to think about muddy shoes for a second, because within your garden office or your room, you might have a nice hardwood flooring on the floor.

But also, often you have to walk through your garden, and even if you have a pathway leading to your garden room, you are still going to get mud on your shoes, which will eventually can end up within the garden room.

Therefore, you don’t want the inside of your garden building, to look like Glastonbury music festival! In that there might be mud everywhere.


Alarm system and quality locks

Within your garden building, you might have many valuable items, such as an Apple laptop for example.

We would therefore recommend that the windows and doors, have high quality locks fitted.

We would also recommend a quality alarm system is fitted, which provides you alerts to your smart phone.


Toilet and wash hand basin

If you’re using your garden building, as a place to work, so you might be working within your garden office say 30 hours plus per week, then we would recommend having a lavatory and a wash hand basin fitted.
If you got a long garden, you’re not going to want to be running down your garden to the house every time you need the toilet.
Therefore, we would recommend having a toilet and wash hand basin fitted.


Rock-solid foundations

We’ve heard of garden rooms, being built and patio slabs used as the foundations, this will not work.
The problem with this is, the weight of your garden room is going to bear down on those pavement slabs, potentially causing them to break or sink into the soil. Then, what can happen is, the whole garden building moves, causing large structural damage.
So, a word to the wise, purchase a garden room that comes with rock-solid foundations, either have ground screws installed, which we would recommend our installed by a specialist ground screw company, which guarantees how much weight they can carry.
Or alternatively, have a thick concrete foundation installed.





Many oil filled radiators

A lot of our customers, use their garden building, as a place where they work full time. So, it’s important that the room can be easily heated, and that it doesn’t take forever and the day for the garden office to warm up.

The solution we believe, is to pack the walls with really good quality insulation (panel insulation or sheep’s wool insulation) .Yet also, to have more than one oil filled radiator fitted. Plus, we would recommend opting for oil filled radiators, which can be switched on remotely, using an app on your smartphone.

The reason for this is let’s say that your starting work it’s 9 AM, at 8:30 PM, while you’re having breakfast within your house, you could simply switch on your smartphone, and switch on your oil filled radiators, so before you step foot within the garden room, it’s nice and warm for you to start work.

Do you run a business from home? Here’s how a garden building could help you


We are most certaintly a country of entrepreneurs, innovators and business great minds- we are a country after all that the great Brunel came from, one of the many great innovators, who made this country the great place it is. 

Yet, a lot of businesses, and innovators, can’t sometimes get their business off the ground these days because of very high running costs, that’s to say the costs of commercial rent, business rates, utilities, are just too much for some businesses to pay, especially when their just setting up.

So, we think we have the solution.

A well-built garden room, built by us, it doesn’t cost the earth, its built quickly, its long lasting.

So, that means no rent, and when you consider how much it costs to rent a small shop today, well, lets put it this way, it costs a lot of money.


  • So, do you run a beauty business, such as installing hair extensions?
  • Are you a self-employed web designer?
  • Do you sell items online, and need somewhere to store your stock?

Well, why not call us, we build garden buildings starting from 18k, you will own the building, so no paying rent.


A quiet place to get your work done

So, whether you’re sending off some invoices, working on improving your company website, or simply writing an e-mail, often a lot of people like somewhere quiet, somewhere where you can concentrate on getting your work done.

In your house, you might be distracted, by say someone running the hoover around, or someone knocking on the front door, trying to sell you double glazing.

So, a garden building, allows a nice quiet place, where you can get your work completed.


Do you want to meet your clients at home

So, do you run say a beauty business?

You might sell hair extensions, so, instead of renting a place on the Highstreet, which might cost an absolute arm and leg to rent, you could have a large, luxury garden room built, complete with a kitchen to make clients a tea or coffee, and a bathroom.

You the have the best of both worlds in our view, you’re not paying high rental costs, to rent a shop on the Highstreet- also, when works done, in between seeing clients, your house is less than 30 seconds walk from the garden building-just think of the petrol you will save!

Barbers, nail saloon, freelance web designers- why not buy a garden room from us?
Calling all you great entrepreneurs, often in less than 3 weeks, we can build a garden building, and prices start from an unbelievably low 18k.

So, why not give us a ring? And we can tell you more about our garden rooms.


Costs less than you might think

When you see a garden room on say Instagram, and it has large bi-folding doors, good quality cladding, and it well built, well, you might be thinking, that’s going cost an arm and leg- but what if we told you, that we offer to build quality garden buildings, which are bespoke, for 18k.

We offer great prices, so whether you’re a barber, perhaps you’re an accountant that works from home, or perhaps you’re a interior designer, and you need a place that you can run your business from, we have the perfect solution, a well-built, long lasting garden room built by us.


Do you build large garden buildings?

We do yes, all over the U.K we build large garden rooms, for example, you might want a garden building which spans over 10 metres wide. However large you want the building to be built, we can build a garden building to any width and length that you would like.
Our buildings can be so large, sometimes, customers have 3 members of staff comfortably working inside. Within the building can be a bathroom, so why rent? When you own the building outright, when you have a garden building by us.

Less commuting time

So, let’s say you’ve seen your last customer of the day, and you’re a mortgage advisor, well, rather than having to hop in the car and be stuck in traffic, burning diesel or petrol, well, instead, you can just lock up the building, and walk back to the house.
Just think of all that fuel that you save!


Get better value with us

So, there’s garden rooms, then there’s garden rooms-and what we mean by that?

Well, a garden room can either last a very long time, and be brilliant quality, and offer the owner excellent value for money.

On the other hand, some companies construct garden rooms, which quite simply just start falling apart. The roof may even start leaking within years, so for example, let’s say on the roof it has an OSB board, which is just a wooden board, and to make it waterproof the builder might have used tar felt roofing.

However, if the tar felt roofing is low quality, then it might start to rip, it might come away from the wooden board, then leaks can occur.


Solar panels

We can also offer to install very high quality, solar panels, which can be fitted directly onto your garden room roof. Because most garden rooms, have a flat roof, it makes a brilliant space, the place solar panels. And, there might well be a spot in your garden, which receives a lot of sunlight right throughout the whole day-therefore it makes good sense, to be turning the light into an electric.


Don’t pay high rental costs

We mentioned this point earlier, but it’s most definitely worth mentioning again. Let’s say that you run a business, you have a few quiet weeks, well often, the rent will stay the same, as a fixed cost. This is what forces many businesses in Britain into bankruptcy, because, the operating costs, how much it cost to rent a business premises is a lot of money.

However, if we build a garden building for you, at an affordable price, then you will own the building outright.

Therefore, you won’t be paying rent, you will own the building, which means that you haven’t got to worry about finding the rent every single month.

Easier for you, less traveling

travelling back and fore work, depending on how far your house is from the work of course, can be an expensive business. For example, there’s the costs of diesel, petrol but also entering clean air zones, and all these costs can add up quite a considerable monthly expense.

However, by owning a garden building, you will have the convenience of working from home, therefore you won’t be commuting as much, so your travel expenses will be less.
We have now built so many garden buildings used as garden offices or a place of business


All year around use

So sure, most garden room companies, picture the garden building, on a nice hot summer’s day.

And on a nice hot summer’s day, when all the flowers are in full bloom, grasses nice and someone is pictured enjoying a nice glass of wine, on the decking, well the summerhouse will look absolutely brilliant.
But what about winter, when all the flowers are dead, is called outside, and you might not fancy to drink your bottle of Chardonnay on the decking when the weather is subzero.

Well thankfully, all of our garden buildings are insulated, with top quality insulation. So, they are a piece of cake to warm up inside, because all you have to do is switch on the electric oil filled radiators. In a short amount of time, you will be nice and warm inside a garden building that’s been built by us.


How much do your garden buildings cost?

We offer some of the best prices to build bespoke buildings, prices start from £18,000. We can also create 3-D drawings, so you will know exactly what the building will look like, prior to it being constructed. For example, you might want to change the rubber roof, to a sedum roof.

We can change the drawings and send them to you, to see if you approve.


Can you add a bathroom within our garden building?

Yes, we can add a complete bathroom suite, we can even add a large claw footed Bath, if you would like when installed within your bathroom? Why not push the boat out, and have a freestanding bath made from copper? These looks brilliant in any bathroom.
We can completely tile the bathroom for you, as well as installing an electric towel rail, also we can put an extractor fan within the bathroom as well.


Sold on the idea, then why not call us?

Are you already sold on the idea of us building a garden building for you?

We build garden buildings ranging between 18,000 and 70,000. If you would like a free, and no obligation quote then why not give our sales team a ring today.

Here’s why so many people are buying their garden offices from us



Throughout the city of Bath, many homeowners are choosing Kingsley Build to construct their garden office and rooms. And the reason is, we offer super long guarantees, much longer than what some other companies are offering, and the reason we can do that, is because we build quality, and we only ever use top quality building materials.

Whether its roof lanterns, top quality bi-folding doors, or composite cladding, we only buy quality. And this means, you be obtaining a long lasting, durable, energy efficient garden office.

Within this article we are going to explain, through seven different reasons, why so many people hire us to build their garden office.

Made to last

The main reason, why hundreds of people have choosing Kingsley build, is quite simply because, each of our buildings is bespoke, and extremely well made. Our buildings therefore last the test of time, and we are so confident that they are well built, to a very high standard, then we offer a long guarantee on every single building which we construct.

Therefore, the reason why, we’ve built so many garden offices in Bath, in England, is because our customers have the peace of mind that they have bought quality garden building, which is guaranteed to last. Where some companies purely focus the whole business around profit, our company is completely different we focus on quality, this means that we then get recommend it by our previous customers to their friends and family.

Therefore, we have built quality garden offices on a street, and the buildings have been shown to neighbours, who then gone on to ask us to build a garden office for them as well.

And what’s great about our buildings is, they look fantastic once they are built, but you can return back to them in three years’ time, and they still look brilliant.

Now this is not the same for some garden rooms, sometimes garden offices built by other companies, sometimes develop leaking roofs, and another common problem is that the cladding is low quality so it becomes stained with the rain. So, where it might have been a nice freshly cut wood, the look brilliant when the garden building was installed, because it’s a softwood hasn’t been properly varnished, sometimes the rainwater can make the softwood to black and even start to rot and decay.

So, our company is different we are about building quality garden buildings, which are made to last

Reason number 1) Insulated, so you are nice and warm in winter

We use panel insulation, panel insulation has a thick centre, that’s normally made from white or yellow coloured foam. On the outside is a reflective backing, and this comes in various thickness, it does an absolutely amazing job, at keeping the warm air in your garden office for longer. When you combine with quality oil filled electric heaters, and the insulation is placed not just in the side walls, but it the ceiling and the floor, when the heating switched on, you will be nice and warm while working in your garden office.


Reason number 2) long lasting roof

Some garden room companies, save money buy fitting a cheap roof, the roof might only last then 3 years before leaks occur, and either the roof need redoing, or sometimes, the whole garden room needs replacing.

This is why on all of our garden rooms, we fit a rubber roof, there more expensive to buy but when fitted right, by highly experienced flat roofers, a rubber roof can last a very long period of time. The reason is, a rubber roof, is made by one single piece of rubber quite often, and this means with a rubber roof, there’s less to go wrong, plus rubber is highly durable, so it lasts a long period of time.
And our opinion because here in Great Britain, it rains a lot, the best roofing option for any garden office, is to have a rubber roof fitted.


Reason number 3) quality bi-folding doors

So, all bi-folding doors are all same, quality, right?
Well, not really-let us explain, some bi-folding doors open easily, help to improve the energy efficiency of the building, and look great.

However, on the other hand, some bi-folding doors can be clunky to open, have gaps within the frame and where the doors meet the frame, meaning they’re not energy efficient, and then, there some that mist-up and condensation appears in the window frames.
So, our garden offices, always come with quality bi-folding doors, the company we use to manufacturer the bi-folding doors are not the cheapest supplier, but they do build quality, and that’s why time and time again, we return to buy from them. Because they build bi-folding doors, which are made to last, and open and close smoothly. And they also come with quality locks, and locking system, so that’s another reason to hire our garden room company, because we only purchase top quality bi-folding doors.


Reason number 4) plastered and painted

We can fully plaster the inside of your garden office, then we can return when the plaster is dry, and completely paint the inside for you. Will you opt for Dulex, Crown or perhaps Farrow and Ball paint?
Whichever colour you select, we can paint your garden office for you, then its just a matter of bringing in your furniture, and you will be ready to start working in your garden office.

Reason number 5) Super long guarantees

Some companies don’t guarantee their garden offices for that long at all, simply because they know the garden room, may develop leaks. Or the cladding might rot, or simply because they know the building is not insulated, and doesn’t have a breathable membrane, so is likely to be damp.

Our garden rooms are completely different they are made to last, they are high quality, and this is why, we have built hundreds of garden offices, and on every building, we build, our company Kingsley Build offers a long guarantee, whether it’s a garden bar, garden gym, or a garden office, we offer very long guarantees.

Reason number six) 3-D designs

A garden room, will be in your garden for a very long period of time, therefore it needs to look brilliant.
And we can offer you hundreds of different exterior cladding options, we can offer composite decking, with glass balustrades and also a sedum roof.

And we can help you to visualise what your garden office will look like, before we started work on constructing it, we can do that by creating 3-D designs.

Once you see the designs, you might instantly think, yes, that’s exactly what I want built. Then you may call us, give us the go-ahead, and we start constructing your garden office the following week.

Alternatively, you might not like the look of the cladding, you might want to change it to a different colour, for example you might have had grey composite cladding, and now you want a green colour cladding. We can change the drawings, send them to you for approval, and once you approve the designs, we can start the construction work for you.
We can create the 3-D drawings at a very low cost.

Reason seven

Demolition of your existing garage, or shed. At the end of your garden, might be a garage which is seen better days.
The roof might have fallen in, and you therefore no longer use the garage or the shed.

You might want us to demolish your garage or shed, and we work with highly experienced demolition contractors, which can take away your old garage or shed, and then in its place we can build you a garden room.

Are you interested in a quote?

For the past five years, we’ve been building high-quality garden offices and rooms throughout the Cotswolds, Bristol and Bath. We are therefore an established business, we build bespoke, very high-quality garden buildings. Our prices start from just £18,000, so therefore if you would like a garden bar, garden office or perhaps a garden gym constructed, then why not give us a ring?


Why are garden bars so popular?



We’ve built a huge amount of garden bars, ranging from a gin bar, filled with hundreds of various bottles of gin, through to a garden bar which is stocked with local ciders.

Garden bars are popular for a range of reasons, after all, in some bars, a pint of beer is now getting close to 7 pound a pint!
Separate to that, another reason is the garden bar makes a great place to meet your friends and your family. Because the building is insulated, it means that you can use it during the winter or the summer. Therefore, even if it’s snowing outside, you can still go to your garden bar and a nice refreshing pint.


Do your garden bars come in a flatpack form?

No, one of our garden bars, are built in your garden, they are lots therefore flatpack. Instead, our garden bars, are built to the exact dimensions you want, plus you can specify which cladding, which doors you would like, as well as choosing from other options, such as air conditioning.

Is there a long waiting list, before you can start work?

No, sometimes we can start work, on building your garden bar, the very next week. For example, we might come out and meet you, let’s say on a Saturday morning, to offer you a quote, then sometimes, we are able to start construction work on the Monday if the quote is approved.

With that said, during the summer is normally our busiest time, and sometimes there is a waiting list of active it can start work.
Normally, however during the winter we can start work more or less straightaway, on building your garden room.
Will the garden building, be built in an environmentally friendly way?

We can use, reclaimed timbers, to construct the building. You could also choose to have composite cladding, which is very easy to clean, but it is also made using recycled plastics. We can also add multiple solar panels onto your roof for you.

Plus, we could use extra thick, panel insulation, which does a brilliant job at retaining heat during the winter.

If you would like a more environmentally friendly insulation option, we can even offer sheep’s wool, insulation we can add, sheep’s wool into the walls, and this does an amazing job at helping to keep the warm air within your garden building during the winter.
Are your builders highly experienced?

Yes, we employ some highly experienced carpenters, they are able to build the whole building, so that it is really well built. We are so confident, that your garden building, will be built to last, with our company offers a very long guarantee period.

In matter of fact, we guarantee our garden buildings to last much longer than what some of the companies guarantee their buildings for.

So, if you’re looking for a garden room company in Bath, which guarantees their garden rooms for a long period of time then why not contact us.

The reason why guarantee our garden buildings for so long, is because we use rubber roofs, high-quality cladding, and also very good quality bi folding doors, when all of this is constructed by our builders, we know that we have built a durable and long-lasting building, that’s why we are able to offer a long guarantee.

How much do garden bars cost in the UK?

Prices do vary depending on which garden room company you hire; however, our prices start from just £18,000. This is for insulated garden bar, complete with a long-lasting roof, bi folding doors, as well as all of the electrics installed as well.

Have you built many garden bars?

We most certainly have, we’ve built a large number of buildings, which have been used as a bar.

Often, people like to watch the rugby for the football, and to enjoy a pint of draught beer as they watch the game. Therefore, a garden building, makes a perfect place to have your friends over and to watch the latest football match.

So, whether you support Manchester United, or perhaps you’re an Arsenal supporter? Why not have a garden bar built, so that you could have sky TV installed, you could have a large bar, so that you can pull a pint of beer while supporting your football team


Can you add a bathroom to our garden bar?

Yes, we most certainly can, we can add a complete bathroom for you.


What are some of the main benefits of owning a garden bar?

No queueing at the bar, and no taxis
waiting for a taxi, especially in the rain, can be a little bit annoying. So can queueing at the bar, especially when people pushing the bar.

Therefore, when you own a garden bar, you won’t have to queue at the bar, because you’re your own landlord. You can pull yourself a nice refreshing pint whenever you want.

Just think of all that money you will save, in Bath Somerset, not having to pay the taxis, and not having to buy expensive rounds at the bar, after all should a pint of beer becoming close to 7 pound a pint in some pubs?


No last orders

When that bell rings at the local pub, you have to make your last orders, before the landlady or landlord shuts the pub the night.

However, what is great about owning your own garden building, stocked with your favourite ales, beers and spirits, is that there are no last orders, and instead of having to wait for a taxi, at the end of the night, you can simply walk the length of your garden back to your house.

It’s clear therefore why hundreds of homeowners, living throughout Bath, which is a city within England, have already had garden bars built. Especially when you consider locally there are fantastic breweries, for example having tried Bath ales? We would highly recommend having a pint of Bath ale, it’s a great tasting pint.



We can build a massive garden bar, within the building could be a kitchen area. This is great for preparing perhaps a salad, or a tasty pizza with some pasta. Then you could take the food outdoors onto your decking, to eat, or you could eat it within your garden bar.
Complete landscaping plus garden bar

We understand that when a lot of people in Bath, want a garden bar constructed, they also want to improve the whole garden at the same time.

For example, they might want a patio, or perhaps a pizza oven built, what’s great about hiring Kingsley, is that we can build a garden bar for you, but what we can also do is, offer you landscaping services.


For example, we can build a patio, or perhaps you would like decking built?

We can also build a pizza oven, so that you could have authentic woodfired pizzas.


We can also lay new turf, or perhaps you would like artificial grass laid?


How long does it take to build a garden bar?

This does depend on how large the garden bar is, as well as whether you want ground screws used as the foundation, or would you prefer a concrete base?

If you would prefer a concrete base, then this will take us longer to build, because when we build a concrete base we have to wait for the concrete to dry before we can start work on building the rest of your garden bar.


Why our garden offices make such a brilliant place to work




Are you a budding entrepreneur? Or, alternatively, do you work for a business, that’s now asked you to switch to working from home more often, so that your now hybrid working?

In either case, you’re going to need a place where you can work comfortably, after all, for many of us, working full-time, we might easily be working well over 30 hours a week, so the garden building needs to be comfortable.

We’ve now built many garden offices, we have also demolished many old garages, sheds and greenhouses, in a part of a garden, where the homeowner might not have used that area of the garden that much at all before.

We can cut back old hedges, remove an old bush, and demolish your garden shed; it’s place we can then build a garden office.
We can build garden offices which are simply top quality, offering a place where you can comfortably work, that is quiet, that is comfortable, that insulated, and the best part is it’s only a short walk from your house.

So, when you own a garden office, and haven’t got to travel to a workplace on a daily basis, just think of all that diesel, electric and petrol you will save not having to drive back and for the office.

In this article we are going to explain why we think a garden office simply makes a brilliant place to work.



A lot of people like to work in a room which is nice and quiet, so you don’t want to have the distractions of someone shouting up the stairs, what’s for dinner each day?

You also don’t want to hear cars whizzing past outside, so what we would recommend is having soundproofing added to your garden office. Our builders can do this for you at a very competitive price.

We can even offer double glazing or triple glazing, both of which can help to keep sound out.

Therefore, once you walked into your garden office, shut all the windows and doors, you have a nice quiet place where you can concentrate on getting your work completed.


Switch off

If you are running your own business, then it is entirely possible that you will be working very long hours every single day.
However, if your office is within your house, you might want to keep going back to say your Apple laptop, and check your work e-mails to reply to clients even when the working day is over, you might therefore find yourself, replying to work emails at eight p.m.!

However, if you own a garden office, you can shut your computer off, lock the door on your garden office, and leave work within the garden office until the following day.


Fully insulated

Buying a garden office is a bit like buying a winter jacket, there are some jackets which look fashionable and look brilliant, but they don’t do a very good job at keeping you warm in the winter.

And this is the same, for some summerhouses, they may look brilliant, but if they are not insulated, they are not going to keep you warm in the winter.

So, sure we can make your garden room look simply brilliant, but we can also build your garden office so it’s fully insulated as well, so it doesn’t just look brilliant, it also helps to keep you nice and warm in winter.

This does an absolutely fantastic job at keeping the heat within the room.


Light and airy

Have you ever worked in a large office, working under artificial light all day, with no natural light coming through the windows?
This can strain your eyes, and make you feel tired even though you only been at work for a few hours.

What’s great about hiring us to build your garden office, is that we can install very large windows into the walls, we could even add a huge aluminium roof lantern onto the roof as well, so that huge amount of natural light can flood the room, and therefore you have a nice light airy space for you to work.

Let’s say that you are a freelance architect, you may spend over eight hours per day staring at drawings, so you’re going to want a lot of natural light to come in the room, so why not hire us to build a roof lantern onto the roof?


Garden offices built very quickly

So, when you’ve made the decision that you want a garden office built, you’re not going to want to hang about waiting many months for the garden room company to come and build it.

That’s why we have a large team of builders, so that we can quickly get to our customers, quickly start work on building the garden office, and quickly finish building your garden room. We have built many, garden offices, in Bath Somerset, in less than three weeks.


Bath and Somerset

Our company offers to build garden offices, with prices starting from as low as £18,000, so if you would like a free and also a no obligation quotation, why not contact our garden room company today?

What are the benefits of buying an insulated garden office?


7 August 2023


A lot more people than ever before, have now made the switch to working from home. Or at least, are now hybrid working, so they are working from home part of the week. As you drive through most large cities, you will see that a lot of the large office blocks are now for rent, and are vacant, as even large employers are now asking their employees to work from home.

This is meant that garden offices, which are well insulated, well built, and now in more demand than ever.

However, with that said, the building has to be suitable to be used all year round. Otherwise, during the cold winter months, you may find that if you buy an uninsulated garden building, that it’s simply way too cold to work within. This simply means that the building needs to be well insulated.


So, what types of insulation would we recommend?

We would recommend:

• Panel insulation
• sheep’s wool insulation
• Fibreglass insulation



Why not also have underfloor heating?

For a low-cost, we can also install underfloor heating. Having underfloor heating installed will make it much more comfortable for you to work within your garden office during the winter months.
We will of course install insulation into the floor, however by having underfloor heating, the floor will be nice and warm, helping to keep your feet warm during the winter.

With rising energy prices, it’s crucial that you pick a company that can build an energy-efficient building
sometimes, the cheapest quote, to build a garden building, might not be the cheapest quote when you consider the cost of owning a garden building.

For example, if the building is poorly insulated, then all of that he to discover simply escape through the ceiling and through the walls.
And when you consider how costly electric is at the moment as well as gas, well you going to want to make your garden building as energy-efficient as possible.

We build very energy-efficient buildings, and we think the best way of doing this is to put very thick panel insulation into the ceiling, is the floor and into the walls.

We can even offer to install solar panels, which can offset the running costs of owning a garden room.



Warm in winter and cool in summer

Here in Great Britain, our seasons are very different, they could be described in terms of polar opposites terms of temperature. That simply because we can go from applying suncream, and wearing sunglasses, through to our winters where we have to wear multiple layers of clothing, and even thermal clothing because our winters can be so cold here in Britain.

However, when you’re busy working away within your garden office, and your writing numerous emails, well it’s not going to be comfortable for most people to spend the whole winter in a cold garden room wearing thermal clothing. Instead, you’re going to want to be nice and warm working in your garden office.

So, the solution is, to purchase a well-insulated garden building, which are sometimes described as fully insulated garden rooms.
However, when you hire us, to build your garden room, the whole building will be insulated, which simply means that it’s easier to keep warm in the winter and cool in summer months.



How do you ensure that your garden offices can be used all year round?

Describing a garden room that’s insulated, the word insulated can be a rather vague description, that’s because some garden room companies put insulation into the walls which is wafer thin, and sometimes the insulation, might only be as thick as a piece of cardboard!

What’s needed instead is for the building to be insulated, that’s the same quality insulation as you would use if you were to construct an extension onto your house. You want insulation that is very thick, that’s going to do good job at helping to keep the building warm within the winter.

So, we can offer you different insulation options, the options that we can offer you, we can offer you panel insulation, we would also highly recommend considering sheep’s wool insulation. We can also place rock wall into the walls for you. What’s crucial is that the building is well insulated.




It’s really important that your garden room and garden office has a breathable design, otherwise inside the garden building moisture can quickly build up. And this can lead to the plasterboard becoming damp, and possibly showing signs of black spores, which can be damaging to your health.

It’s therefore important that your garden building, is built, so that it has a breathable design.



Triple glazing or double glazing

It’s really important, whether you choose wooden framed windows, UPVC windows or perhaps aluminium framed windows, that you choose quality double glazing.

We also can offer to install triple glazing as well, and this can really improve the energy efficiency of the garden room.



A very high-quality roof

Underneath the roof, needs to be high quality roof insulation, otherwise when you have the electric radiators on within the garden building, the heat will just simply escape through the roof. Therefore, it’s important that the roof is well insulated, and also that you pick a quality roof that will last a very long period of time, we would highly recommend picking rubber roof.



Oil filled radiators

We can install, oil filled radiators, if you have a large garden building, instructed by us then we can place many oil filled radiators in every single room.

What’s great about our oil filled radiators, is that they can be switched on remotely from your smartphone, such as your iPhone.
You can therefore switch on your heating within your garden room on your phone, so while you’re having breakfast in your house, you can simply switch on your phone, and you can switch on the heating within your garden office.

Then when you’re ready to start work, in your garden office, all you have to do walk in and start working, the room will then be nice and warm because you will have switched on the heating on say one hour before you start work.



Why rent office space?

Even renting one desk, in a shared office space, in a large city can sometimes be very expensive, for example, even renting a single desk in shared office space, can sometimes cost between £300 and £500 per month depending on location. This is expensive when you consider that all you have is a single desk, within a shared office space.

Plus, if you’re renting shared office space, and sometimes it can be a very noisy environment to work within.
So, what’s great about getting a garden office built by us, is that you never have to pay expensive prices to rent the office.

Our Prices start from a very low starting price of just £18,000, so you will only your own building, therefore you won’t have to pay expensive rent to a company to rent the office space.



Built in less than three weeks

The vast majority, the garden offices that we construct, are fully built in less than three weeks.

With prices starting from just £18,000, it’s clear to see why we are fast-growing garden room company.

If you would like a free, and no obligation quote, then why not contact us today?

Do you build garden bars?




garden bars, are now very popular right throughout the whole of Britain. The reason why garden bars are so popular, is they make a brilliant space, to have your friends and family over to enjoy a drink, or simply just to have a bite to eat.

We can build a garden bar, so that it has a bathroom, it could also have a kitchen area, we can also build a patio at the front or a large decked area, decked with composite decking. We can also build glass balustrades around the decking as well, as well as steps made of composite leading up to the garden room.

Can you build the wooden bar for us?

Yes, as part of our team, we have joiners working for Kingsley build, our joiners can therefore build a bar for you. For example, we can build a bar out of oak for you.

Can you add soundproofing to our garden bar?

Within your garden bar, you might want a jukebox for example, and you might be having parties late into the night, therefore you might want triple glazing, as well as soundproofing, to help keep the noise contained within the garden building.

Our builders, can add soundproofing throughout the building, that in the walls floor and ceiling.

We would also highly recommend opting for triple glazing, for the windows and for the doors.


How much does a garden bar cost to build?

Prices start from just £18,000; we can complete the construction work in less than three weeks on the vast majority of the garden rooms we build.

Make the most of summer and winter

what’s great about our buildings, is that they are fully insulated, so whether it’s winter or its summer, you can use the building right throughout the entire year. Our electricians, can install say three oil filled electric radiators.

Our builders, can add panel insulation, the walls for you, this will help to keep the heat in the building for longer.

Our electricians, can also install air conditioning for you as well, so our buildings, can be used throughout the year. The quality insulation, which is added to the walls, helps to keep the warm air in during the winter.

We want a huge, garden room built, are you able to build massive garden rooms?

We most certainly can, we have a huge team of builders, which means that even if it’s a massive garden room, is going to span a huge garden we can build it for you.

As part of our team, we have many plasters, many electricians, many carpenters, so even if the garden room massive can still build it in a short timescale.

The vast majority, of the garden buildings we construct are built from start to finish in less than three weeks.

Can you build a patio/decking to the front of our garden bar?

When you’re having your friends over, for a nice glass of wine, you might want to be sat or a comfortable sofa within the garden room? But you might also want to be outside on the patio or the decking, if the weather is nice. This is why, for many of our customers, we often build a patio, or decking in front of the garden building.

We can build a patio using reclaimed Welsh slabs, we can build decking using composite decking, we can build high-quality patio for you.

Because we have many builders, which work for us, which can build brick walls and breezeblock walls, we can build walls for you as well as a pizza oven if you would like want built?

Do your garden bars come with a guarantee?

All of our garden buildings come with a very long guarantee, when we are writing out a quote, to build your garden building, we can write in the quote how long guarantee the building for.

Which exterior cladding will you choose for your garden building?



We build a lot of garden rooms within the city of Bath, which is within South West England every single year. And our customers, can choose from a wide range cladding options. For example, our customers can choose from metal cladding, hardwood cladding, softwood cladding and also composite cladding.

We are now going to talk about, some of the more popular exterior cladding options that our customers choose when they are having a garden office or a garden room constructed.

Canadian red cedar

A lot of our customers, when they are having a garden building constructed, choose to have Canadian red cedar timber. This is a very popular, Canadian red cedar is white expensive timber to purchase, but it does look absolutely brilliant on any garden room. Often because this is quite an expensive timber to purchase, our customers may just choose to have the front of the building clad with this timber.

Then what can do is clad the other three sides with steel sheets, this will lower costs for us to build the garden room.
Alternatively, if you would like the whole building clad with Canadian red cedar, then we can clad the whole outside using this timber.


Oak cladding

We can also clad the outside of the garden building with oak, again this is an expensive option, but oak looks absolutely brilliant once it’s added to a garden building.

Composite cladding made with recycled plastics

We can also offer to clad the entire outside of your garden building, with composite cladding, and the composite cladding can be made from recycled plastics.

A lot of different products are now made using recycled plastics, for example, some park benches, decking even waste bins can now be made from composite.

Composite can also need to look like timber, for example the composite cladding need to look like it has a wood grain even though it’s composite, and made from recycled plastic.

If you are looking for a cladding option which is environmentally friendly, then we would recommend composite cladding, which is made with recycled plastics. There are many other benefits, to choosing composite cladding, the main benefit is it doesn’t ever need to be painted.

The other benefit is composite cladding is extremely long-lasting, if you pick a good quality brand, and we can recommend good quality brands to you.

Steel cladding

A lot of buildings, such as buildings that are built on farms and many commercial buildings, are built using steel cladding. The reason why steel cladding is used, is because it’s long-lasting, it’s low maintenance, and also its relatively low-cost. We can therefore clad the outside of your garden building using steel cladding, this type of cladding comes in a range of different colours, for example you might want steel cladding which is green, grey or black?

Softwood cladding

The lowest cost cladding which we offer, is softwood cladding, for example cladding which is made from pine. This type of cladding looks brilliant, yet it is very low-cost, therefore if you are having a large garden building constructed, which requires a lot of cladding, then why not have it clad with pine softwood. Our builders, can also varnish the cladding for you, we can then recommend varnishes which you might want to then use yourself in the future to protect the wood.

Would you like a quote for a garden office or a garden room?

We offer to build garden offices as well as garden rooms, with a starting price of just £18,000. We can offer you many different types of cladding, such as hardwood, softwood, steel cladding as well as composite cladding.

If you would like a free quote, for us to build a garden building then why not us today?

Why choose us build your garden room / office in Bath, South West England?




Why choose Kingsley?

We have built, well hundreds of luxury garden rooms, we have a first class reputation for building high quality buildings, made to stand the test of time. We also cater for most budgets, with prices ranging from 18k upto 70k. We simply build quality, whether its hardwood cladding, air conditioning, or a luxury bathroom, we can build your garden room, so its built the way you like.

Hundreds of homeowners, not just in the city of Bath, but all over the U.K are now enjoying using our luxury garden buildings. We are chosen, because, we simply build some of the best quality garden buildings in Britain, its that simple, we pride ourselves on building quality buildings, made to last, built so that they are eco-friendly. We also employ joiners, which we know take great pride in their work, building wooden garden buildings, which are simply top quality.

Quality building materials

Whether it’s solar panels we are buying, or bi-folding doors we make sure we buy quality.

We have a very strong reputation for building garden buildings of the highest quality. We build garden buildings within in Bath, within this article, we are going to explain why hundreds of homeowners have chosen Kingsley to build their garden room.

Have you built many garden/offices within the city of Bath?

Yes, we have built many garden buildings within Bath. Often our previous customers, go on to recommend us to family friends and work colleagues, this now means that we have built hundreds of garden buildings.


Here is why so many people hire us

  • Super long guarantees
    A starting price of just £18,000
    Built to any dimensions you would like
    We build rectangular, hexagonal as well as circular garden rooms
    We can use reclaimed timber, make your garden room eco-friendly
    We can use composite cladding, to build a very low maintenance garden building that never needs painting.
    We have a huge team of 10 labourers, which means that we can build any sized garden building in Bath in a matter of days
    We build garden gyms
    Garden bars
    Garden offices

Why pay more?

There are some companies, which manufacture garden buildings, with a starting price of £30,000, however our starting prices substantially less, our starting price for our garden rooms start at £18,000, which offers amazing value for money.

Guaranteed to last

We are so confident in our workmanship, in our building materials in the overall quality of our garden rooms that we offer a super long guarantee on every garden room.


We can add a sedum roof, also known as a green roof, we can play solar panels in your garden, we can use composite cladding which is made from recycled plastics, we could even use reclaimed timbers to construct your garden building. Therefore if you’re looking for a company look no further than Kingsley.

A well-known company within Bath

We’ve now built so many garden buildings, we are well known company within the city of Bath. We are well known for building high-quality buildings.



We have over five years’ experience, building bespoke, garden rooms of exquisite quality across South-West England. We only use the finest quality timbers, plus we only appoint top quality manufacturers of roofing, doors and windows to supply us with these products.
Our garden buildings are therefore often miles apart in terms of quality, when compared to some other garden room manufacturers. We are so confident in the quality of our product, that we offer a very long guarantee on our garden rooms.

Built to last, made in Bath

Our garden rooms are not manufactured in a light industrial unit, through being stapled together with a staple gun, and then flat packed to a customer. No, instead every single building, is handmade, within Bath in your garden.

This means that the building is not flatpack, instead, we bring the timber, the nails and the roofing into your garden and construct the hall building within your garden completely from scratch.

Made to last

There are some companies, which manufacture summerhouses, which are all about profit, thinking about ways in which they can build the entire building as cheaply as possible.

However, we turned this idea totally on its head, what with thinking about instead, is how can we build the building so it is superb quality, so that we stand head and shoulders above our direct competitors. How can we engineer quality into everything we do? This is the mindset that we take when we are building a garden building.

Therefore, some companies might simply around a few door suppliers, and opt for the cheapest price, after all the bi folding door, is it bi folding door, surely?

Well, we beg to differ, a bi folding door can actually be an absolute breeze to open, with minimal effort to open and close the door. On the other hand, there’s the cheap UPVC bi folding doors, which don’t open and close easily at all, in matter-of-fact they might need a hard shove to open, and this can mean that it can be difficult to get in and out of your garden room.

However, when you hire Kingsley, you don’t have to worry about the quality of any of our building materials, because everything from the doors, to the flooring to the roof simply top quality, we have gone through great lengths to make sure that we only obtain top quality building materials.

We know our customers in Bath, in England, want top quality garden rooms, and that’s exactly what we deliver, and we partner with door suppliers, roof suppliers and also timber suppliers, that simply supply us with very high-quality doors, flooring and roof.


Guaranteed to last

There are some companies which manufacture log cabins, and they would like you to purchase them online and to assemble yourself as a do-it-yourself project. And yes, hey presto, over the course of the bank holiday weekend you might have built a large log cabin within your garden, it might even cost less than £7000.

Yet if the timber starts to rot, the roof starts to leak, and the building becomes damp and smelly, this is a total waste of time and money. Then you have the expensive demolishing the building, placing it in a skip for it to be taken away.
Our buildings are more expensive, they start from £18,000, however you have total peace of mind that they are guaranteed to last a long period of time.


Don’t pay over the top

There are some companies which charge allots to build a garden building, even though our buildings are very high quality, they start at a very low price, just £18,000. Some other companies in Bath, within South West England, can’t even come close to this price, yet we can offer low price, because we have a large team of installers.

Our installers, install hundreds garden rooms every year, so they can build any size garden room easily and very quickly.
In matter-of-fact, sometimes we are able to build a concrete base, and the entire garden building in less than two weeks. This is absolutely astonishing, when you consider the quality of the buildings we are building.


We buy British where we can

If we can buy British doors, British roofing British plasterboard we simply do, we buy top-quality building materials.

How much is a UK Garden Room?



If your here because you’re after a slice of paradise right in your own back garden, then we can most definitely help, hundreds of homeowners within Bath and Bristol already hired us to build luxury garden room? Picture this: a cosy, fully-insulated haven for all your hobbies, a chill spot for gatherings, or maybe even a tranquil workspace away from the hustle and bustle of your home. Enter Kingsley, we have now been building quality garden rooms for over five years.

Here at Kingsley, were all about transparency. No hidden costs, some companies do entice you to contact them because they offer on their website prices starting from let’s say £10,000. However what we concentrate on is building quality, but we offer this at an affordable price.

We offer high-quality, comfortable garden rooms that feel as welcoming as your favourite spot on the sofa. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your garden, well making some more room, that you can use is your place to enjoy a glass of gin, paint an oil painting or simply play a game of chess, then we can build a garden building for you.


About Our Garden Buildings – built for good old British whether

UK weather, unpredictable as ever, eh? Too hot, too cold, one moment it’s time for the deckchair, then the next it’s time for an umbrella.

We’ve been building our garden rooms for our chilly British winters and we also design them so that they are cool during sizzling summers, all while remaining dry and comfortable. What you most definitely want to cheap, summerhouses, which develop leaks, and the wood is so low quality can actually rot fairly quickly.

This is why so many people, that live in the city of Bath and also our customers which live in the city of Bristol, they contact us because they want quality, they want a garden room built at an affordable price, and that’s exactly what we can offer with prices starting from £18,000. Plus we have built many garden rooms in Bath, in less than two weeks, this is why many companies and homeowners hire us because we simply build quality at an affordable price.

We live our buildings with ultra thick insulation, incorporated breathable membrane is to regulate air and moisture, and made sure the heat knows where it should be – outside during summers and inside during winters. And of course, our electricians can also install multiple oil-filled radiators because, let’s face it, British summers sometimes feel like winters.

Will we needs to obtain Planning Permission from Bath Council?

Our garden rooms usually don’t require planning permission, however, what we offer is a free service where we can come out and meet you within your garden, and in less than five minutes we can advise you whether planning permission is likely to be needed or not.

What types of garden buildings can you build?


Fancy a home gym?

If you really want to improve your fitness, then we can build a home gym for £18,000.


Art studio?

Perhaps you enjoy painting oil paintings, while us have an art studio built in your garden?


Home office?

Do you run a small business, many people do within Bristol and Bath, these cities are actually full of entrepreneurs, and some of these entrepreneurs do not want to rent an office, they prefer to buy a garden room out writing use it as their place to work.

Alternatively, you might work for a company, and they may have asked you to work from home, why not have a garden office built so that you can work from home?


Place to unwind?

You might have a very stressful job, let’s say that you are a leading solicitor in Bath or a barrister for example, when you might want a garden room built, not for work but to be used as a place to destress and unwind. Perhaps you would like to use it as a place to watch the football, perhaps a film, or simply have a jukebox fitted and listen to your favourite music, perhaps a bit of Elvis? Why not?


Or perhaps a cinema room?

Cinema rooms are incredibly popular in Bristol, for example you might have somebody who is a Star Wars fan, that might dedicate the whole room to Star Wars memorabilia. That person might invest in a really high quality sound system, for example a sound system made by Bose, so that they can watch all of their Star Wars films and Science Fiction films within their cinema room.

Our builders, can also add sound insulation into the walls, so you can listen to your favourite films as loud as you like



There you have it! Your journey to create a bespoke, insulated garden room that the Kingsley build group can offer.

Get more use out of your garden all year round




Your humble garden – it ain’t just a patch of greenery. It’s a blank canvas, where you could build a garden building, that could be used as your place to unwind after work. Perhaps you want to use it as a place to play a game of pool, that you like playing all arcade games like Pac man, perhaps you wanted to be used as a place where you can paint in oil painting?,


Ideas for an Exhilarating Game Room

From board game buffs, to those who enjoy a casual game of snooker, we’ve got just the ticket to make your garden the hub of entertainment. We have built hundreds of garden buildings in the city of Bath, many people within Bath ask us to build garden offices, garden rooms and rooms that can be used as a games room.

For example, the building could be used as a place to go and watch films, play a game of snooker, or to simply play a game of darts with your friends while enjoying a nice pint of beer, for example you might want a nice pint of the Bath ale, while playing against snooker with your friends in your garden building. With prices starting from just £18,000 it’s clear to see why our company is building so many garden buildings right throughout England


·        The Pool Table

·        The Arcade Machine

·        The Board Games Corner

·        The Dart Board

·        Creating Your Ideal Game Room

·        Sound System, Bar, and Gaming Chairs

·        Implementing Your Game Room Ideas


Unveiling the Snooker-Extraordinaire


First on our list, the pool table – every household’s. Would like a pool table surely? queuing at your local, and unleash your inner snooker champ, right in your garden. Instead of waiting at the local pub, your turn to play game of snooker, you could have a full-size table within your garden room, you could have your friends over to enjoy a nice pint of beer, and we can build a garden building for you in Bath, as little as £18,000 stop


Fun Fact: Here’s some good news! Most of the Garden rooms we build in England, often don’t need planning permission. What we can do is we can come out and meet you on the weekend, evenings or during the day, and is we can have a quick chat about the garden building that you would like constructed, and often within a few minutes, we can tell you whether planning permission is needed. We have built many garden rooms in Bath.


The Arcade Flashback


Why not have a garden bar built, and have multiple arcade games such as Pac man, so that you can enjoy playing Pac man while having a pint?

Imagine having Space Invaders or Pacman at your fingertips, best of all you haven’t got to keep putting in pound coins, because you will own Pac man all the space invaders game.



The Delightful Dart Board


Darts – a game of precision, skill, and a tad bit of luck. Why not have a dart board, a snooker table and gambling machines within your garden bar? You might even feel like you’re in a real pub and not your garden bar.



Sound System


    Don’t forget the sound system, letting you immerse in a good film such as Spiderman. Trust us, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right into the heart of the action. So why not have a huge garden building, and fill it with cinema chairs, as a huge projector screen, and even a popcorn machine, and you will feel like you’re in the cinemas. A lot of homeowners within Bath, therefore hire us to build cinema rooms, we can build a garden building, with prices starting from £18,000, and we can build a garden building often in less than three weeks.

So are you planning to have a garden building, garden office, or a log cabin built in Bath? Well why not call us, we offer very competitive prices, often we are cheaper than a lot of other businesses, yet we build very high quality garden buildings. They come with long guarantees, they come with a high quality, long-lasting roof, and we can add bi folding doors, we can build decking, we can even add a bathroom for you.





In-Depth FAQ on Your Gaming Garden Room


Can I really build a gaming room without planning permission?


Often we can, yes! You won’t usually need planning permission for a garden room. Yet, we would need to come out and have a chat with you about the garden room you want built, and way you want it built in your garden, then we will be able to instantly tell you whether planning permission is needed in Bath or not, But rules can vary, and it’s always best to check with your local council.



How can I design the gaming room to suit my taste?


Customisation is the name of the game here! Add a lick of paint in your favourite colour, plaster the walls with your favourite posters, or even install a bar, full of ales, lagers and ciders that are made in south-west England, we think this would make a brilliant place to enjoy a nice pint of beer in the summer winter autumn. All of the garden rooms we build in Bath, are insulated, we can also add air conditioning, we can also add electric heaters.