Luxurious Garden Offices and Rooms

Our company specialises in building luxurious timber buildings right throughout Cheltenham in England and also the whole of The Cotswold’s areas.


Our company is focused on building high-quality garden rooms, we only build our garden rooms to the highest of standards and are built using highly experienced carpenters.

The Cotswolds

Our business spans the whole of The Cotswolds, we therefore build garden rooms and offices right throughout the entire Cotswolds areas and also the entire South West of England.

Luxurious Garden Offices and Rooms Cheltenham

Many residents in The Cotwolds, this includes Cheltenham, and also areas such as Bath and Somerset, contact us because they want a hand built quality timber building made.

Whether your property is based in South Gloucestershire, or you live within the centre of Bath, and you want a quality garden room, or garden office built, then we can help you.

We can offer you high-quality timber and other high-quality building materials, such as quality bi-folding doors, rubber roofs, and hardwood cladding, to build premium and luxurious garden rooms.

Every single aspect of your garden room will be built totally from scratch, this simply means that we never as a business purchase “flatpack garden rooms”, instead everything is constructed within your garden by highly experienced carpenters.

You might have a really clear idea of how you would like your wooden building to be constructed?

If you do not, then do not worry, as our estimators can offer you many different design options.

For example our estimators can listen to what you want to use your garden room for, so for example you might want to create a home gym, a yoga room or simply a place that you can work during the week?

We can then show you examples of the many luxury garden rooms, and also garden offices that we have built right throughout South Gloucestershire, also in other areas such as Bath, and also in Somerset and Cheltenham.

You might like the design of some of the garden rooms that we have already built in the past.

You might see aspects that you like, for example you might like to bi-folds on one garden room, then you might like the cladding option on another, then our estimator can begin to get a good understanding of the design that you want, we can offer you a quote in a short period of time.

Quality Summerhouses and Garden Rooms

Here at Kingsley we are focused on quality, we are focused on offering a quality service and also a quality product.

We take great care in making sure that every single building material that we use is quality, we therefore only use quality sky-lights, quality bi-folding doors and quality cladding when ever we are constructing a garden room.

So whether you are having us build a garden room, and you want a really large L-shaped timber building constructed, that will be used as a bar, so that you can have friends over and enjoy draft beer perhaps, then we can create your perfect garden room you.

Every single garden room is constructed so that it is bespoke, and we will listen to exactly how you want your garden room built.

  • The Cotswolds

    Our business serves the whole of The Cotswolds including South Gloucestershire, Bath and also Cheltenham.

  • Quality Wooden Garden Rooms

    Our company specialises in building garden offices and garden rooms

  • Experienced Carpenters

    Every single one of our summerhouses, and timber buildings is constructed by experienced carpenters

  • The South-West

    Our business also serves the whole of The South West, we can therefore offer quotes in Bristol as well as Bath.

Garden Rooms Cheltenham

You may want a garden room constructed in Cheltenham so that it becomes your “go-to” place afterwork, to relax and unwind?

For example, you might have a comfortable sofa placed there, and you might just enjoy a cup of tea while listening to the birds, and overlooking your garden?

Alternatively you may run a business, or work for a company that has asked you to work from home, therefore you want to create a space where you can work from during the day.

Therefore we build garden rooms in Cheltenham for a wide range of different uses.

For example it is becoming more common for homeowners to want to create their own gym, for example, they may want a large wooden summerhouse/garden room constructed so that becomes a home gym, it might have free weights, rowing machines, treadmills or a cycle machine, so that you can exercise from home.

Other uses might be to paint, or to enjoy your hobby within your garden room, for example you might enjoy reading a book, writing or you may even use your garden room to store your collection of bikes?

The uses of a garden room are vast, for example, someone might use the space to work from as a self-employed architect, you might use the space to simply watch the football with your friends while enjoying a beer?

Whatever the reason, that you want a garden room built, you can be rest assured that we build quality, we can completely project manage the whole process for you.

The Cotswolds and The South-West of England

Our business covers a vast area, for example, we travel right throughout The South-West of England, so for example in the city of Bristol, as well as Bath. We will also travel to areas within the Cotswolds, such as South Gloucestershire, where we will build luxurious summerhouses, and garden rooms for our customers.

Our reputation has travelled far and wide, among homeowners that demand that a quality garden room is built, to the design that they specify.

For example, often the homeowner will know exactly how they want their garden room to look, for example they may know that they want a dark hardwood cladding, they might know the bi-folding doors that they want, you might also know whether you want the decking to surround the whole garden office or room?

Our installation team and our carpenters, can then get to work on building your perfect garden room for you.