Modern Design

A lot of our customers are opting for contemporary style garden rooms. For example, our customers often opt for grey composite cladding, combined with large bi-folding doors.


A lot of our customers opt to have a large proportion of their garden room glazed with windows, this then allows for increased visibility of the wonderful views that some home owners have over The Cotswolds.


Every single garden room that we build is bespoke, so we can build it the way you want, so it can include a bar area, work area, and even bookcases.

Contemporary Design

A very popular option is to opt for a contemporary design when building a garden office or room.

Often the homeowner will want the garden room to be in keeping with the property, so for example if the house is a modern construction, perhaps with a smooth rendered finish, then sometimes the homeowner will want a contemporary style garden room, that will complement the design of the home.

This means for example, that the homeowner may want large glazed windows, and perhaps grey composite cladding, and the flat rubber roof, all of these can be combined to offer a more contemporary style summerhouse, or indeed garden room.

Many different options

Many residents throughout Bristol, as well as the whole of the Cotswolds, ask us to build their garden room because we can literally offer you a wide range of different options to choose from.

So, for example, you might want a garden office built, and you may want a really modern and sleek design?

Therefore, you may want aluminium windows, which run down one of the corners of the garden room?

This therefore means that in one corner of the garden room, it has the appearance of being glazed.

You might want to opt for what is referred to as composite cladding, you may then want a fascia board which matches the colour of the cladding?

Our estimator can offer you many different design options, so for example on one property we might build a more traditional type of summerhouse, where which has a varnished red cedar wood and French doors. This is a more traditional type of design, on the other hand we might work for another home owner and they want a completely different design, that’s to say they want something more modern, they want for example large windows, large doors and also composite decking for instance?

  • Composite Decking

    We can surround your summerhouse with composite decking.

  • Composite Cladding

    Often homeowners want their garden room to have a shade of colour, they may their opt for composite cladding, which comes in say a grey colour.

  • Large Windows

    We can offer you really large aluminium framed windows

  • Aluminium bi folding doors

    You might want added large bi-folding doors that match the windows

Aluminium Windows and Doors

What can really give the appearance of a more modern summerhouse, is to opt for aluminium windows and doors, which come in a range of different colours, a really popular option is to opt for black or grey bi folds.

This can give a more modern appearance, alternatively you might want a really large window to the side or to the back of your garden office or room, so that you can maximise your visibility of a view.


When you ask us to build a traditional style wooden summerhouse, or something more contemporary, everything we do is centred around quality.

All of the building materials that we use are from quality suppliers, for example we only use quality bi- folds, windows and roofing.

The Cotswolds

We are often asked by customers to quote for building a contemporary garden room. They often ask us to quote to build garden offices or rooms, which have a rubber roof, aluminium doors, composite cladding, composite decking and also to incorporate LED lights and decking and into the garden room itself.