Garden Offices

Here at Kingsley, we build garden offices right throughout The Cotswolds and also The South West.

Our company has therefore built many wooden garden offices throughout areas such as Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and also in Bath England.

Luxury Garden Rooms

Our company is focused on building very high-quality timber buildings.

We have an experienced team, this includes skilled carpenters which can build a quality garden room for you.

We offer our services right throughout areas such as South Gloucestershire and in The South-West. We have built many timber garden offices.


Whether it be the roof covering, the hardwood timber that goes into making a garden room or simply the aluminium windows, we ensure that every single product that goes into making your garden office, is of a very high standard.

We build luxurious wooden garden rooms and quality garden offices.

Tailor made Garden Offices, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Bath, England

Garden Offices The Cotswolds and The South-West

Every single one of our timber garden rooms or our garden offices will be made to order, and built exactly to the design that the customer has selected.

This means that that we carefully calculate what building materials are needed, and the whole construction of the wooden garden office takes place within your garden.

Every garden office, that we build in areas such as Gloucestershire and in other areas of The Cotswolds such as Oxfordshire, are therefore made to a design that the customer has selected, and every building is made to order and never “flat-pack”.

This is as opposed to other companies which make summerhouses or indeed garden offices in a flat pack form, then sometimes a separate company or the homeowner then assembles the building themselves out of wooden panels.

Instead our garden rooms are different, every timber building is made from scratch, every panel, every bit of concrete, every piece of decking is put together not in a factory, but by our carpenters in your garden.

This allows us to build the whole construction, to the exact dimensions that you specify, plus we can also offer you many different design options, for example there are many different cladding options.

Therefore, homeowners choose us because we can simply offer you a massive range of choice in terms of how you want your luxurious summerhouse or your garden office built.

Focused on quality  

We have built a solid reputation for building really high quality garden rooms, which are built to the highest of standards.

We can also project manage the whole construction, so right from helping you to choose the right design, through to giving you the keys to the bi-folding doors, we can take care of the whole construction process.

We are absolutely focused on building quality garden rooms throughout the Cotswolds, therefore we have built garden rooms in areas such as South Gloucestershire, and as far as Oxfordshire as well.

We are therefore called by homeowners the want top quality garden rooms, which are really built to a high standard.

  • The Cotswolds

    We build garden offices as well as garden rooms throughout The Cotswolds

  • The South-West

    Our team covers the whole of The South West, this includes Bath, England, and also the city of Bristol.

  • Quality Garden Rooms

    We specialise in building bespoke garden rooms

  • Garden Offices

    Our team builds very high-quality, handbuilt garden offices for residents within The Cotswolds and the South West of England.

Built to the design that you specify

Often our customers will have a clear idea of how they would like a summerhouse or perhaps a garden office to look.

For example, often they will know that they want bi-folding doors to be fitted the whole length of the wooden building, then often they know exactly what they want the whole   building to be clad with, for example, oak cladding, red cedar cladding, or composite cladding?

If you have a really clear vision of how you would like to garden office to be built, then our estimators will get a quote back to you as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may not have a good idea of how you would like your wooden building to look, but this is not a problem neither, because our estimator can meet with you in your garden, and we can have a chat about all the various different options that we are able to provide to even.

So for example, you may want grey composite cladding, combined with a rubber roof and you may want very large windows and grey bi-folding doors? You might want steps leading up to decking which then surrounds the whole garden room?

You may decide that you want the decking made from a real high-quality, decking, now of course you may not know this at the moment, yet once our estimator spends time with you, and shows you the various garden offices that we have built, you can pick and choose the different design elements that you would like.

This is why when homeowners are looking for garden room companies in areas such as Gloucestershire, and other areas such as Oxfordshire and also Bath, we are the instant company that springs to mind, because we have a rock solid reputation the building really high-quality timber buildings.

We build garden offices in areas such as Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Bath and also Somerset

Many residents within The South-West of England, and in areas of The Cotswolds, such as in South Gloucestershire, want a garden room company that will install a quality wooden building, so that the homeowner(s) can enjoy the view that the property has.

For example, your property might look out onto rolling countryside?

You might have a view of a river or a stream?

Alternatively you may live closer to a town, and simply want a place in your garden that you can work from, therefore our garden rooms, and offices are used for many different reasons.

Yet what unites homeowners right throughout The Cotswolds areas, in places such as Gloucestershire is the demand for quality.

They do not want a garden room company that will compromise on quality for profit, and this is why Kingsley is hired, because we offer very high-quality timber buildings.

Solid Reputation

There are some companies online that simply want to make summerhouses and timber buildings and to really make the most profit out of these wooden buildings as they can.

Sometimes this can mean, that the timber buildings are not sometimes built to the highest of standards, so in some cases, with some companies, the roof might say develop a leak in a relatively short period of time.

The windows and doors might not fit flush once built, the large doors to the front, might have a gap between that and the panelling, which causes a draft.

Alternatively the summerhouse might not come with any installation at all, so it is simply a glorified wooden shed, and many homeowners do not want such a building, they instead demand quality, they demand that they have a structure built to the highest of standards , this is where Kingsley can help you.

Therefore if you are looking for a company that build wooden summerhouses and garden rooms right throughout The Cotswolds for The South-West of England then why not hire Kingsley?