You can be rest assured that whether we are building a garden room or a garden office for you, you will receive a high-quality timber building.

We use very high-quality building materials.


We only employ experienced carpenters, we therefore make sure that every timber building that we construct is built to a very high standard indeed.

We build luxury Gloucestershire summerhouses and garden rooms.

South Gloucestershire

We can build garden rooms as well as wooden summerhouses.

We also build garden offices within South Gloucestershire and all of the surrounding areas as well.

Garden Rooms and Garden Offices South Gloucestershire

Whether you want to have a garden room built, so that it becomes a place to go and relax after you’ve finished work, or alternatively you may want a place to work from within your garden, we can help.

We build bespoke garden rooms, and garden offices right across Gloucestershire and also The South West of England.

When you hire us, we can offer you so many different design options to choose from, such as:

·        Different options for wood cladding

·        Composite cladding

·        Different roofing options

·        Outdoor lights

·        Decking

·        Many more options, such as building a bar inside for example

Our project managers, as well as our carpenters build luxurious and bespoke garden rooms within Gloucestershire.

We are called upon by homeowners right across South Gloucestershire, that want a luxurious and high-quality quality garden room or garden office built.

We can project manage the whole process of building the summerhouse for you, that’s to say, we can help to create a design that you like, we can then start to build your garden room for you.  

So, whether you want a garden room to use as a home cinema, a place to work from, a place to relax after work, or even as a home gym our business can help.

We can also offer you many design suggestions if you are unsure how you want your garden room to be built?

We can offer you many different design options, such as different wood to use for the cladding, different options in terms of roofing and also different door options for example.

We can offer you different flooring, different lighting, different shape garden rooms in Gloucestershire, for example perhaps you would like an L-shaped wooden garden office built?

Many residents within South Gloucestershire therefore hire us to build their new luxury summerhouse or a garden room, that’s simply because they want quality.

We ensure quality by completely managing the whole process, and also our making sure our suppliers deliver quality items, such as quality bi-folding doors, quality roofs, quality wood.

For example, we handpick our timber direct from the timber merchants, such as the red cedar wood, which the customer may opt for.

We carefully select our timber merchants, and we only use a few suppliers that we know will supply to us quality timber.

For example, we work with our suppliers to ensure that we get very high-quality aluminium bi-folding doors, that come in a range of different colour options.

We also work with other suppliers to ensure that we get very high-quality roofs installed.

We therefore are focused on building quality, and bespoke garden rooms.

So, whether you want to create a place to go after a long day at work, and enjoy a bottle of wine on the sofa, that’s while you look out onto your garden, alternatively you may wish to create a garden office, where you can place your desk and work from, we can help you.

Gloucestershire Garden Offices & Garden Rooms

Our wooden garden rooms are used for a wide range of different reasons in Gloucestershire, for example you might be creating a cinema room, or you might be creating a place to work from within your garden?

More and more people in Gloucestershire are now working from home, therefore a lot of residents are looking to have a garden office built.

However, they do not want a low-quality garden room, instead often what is needed is a very high-quality wooden building, and that’s why many home owners in Gloucestershire choose Kingsley.

We therefore focus on building very high-quality garden rooms and offices.

  • Gloucestershire

    Our business covers the whole of Gloucestershire, we build summerhouses, log-cabins, garden offices and garden rooms in Gloucestershire.

  • Carpenters

    We never build “flatpack summerhouses”, instead every single summerhouse and garden room is made-to-order by our carpenters.

  • Quality

    We make sure that we build quality wooden buildings in Gloucestershire. Our project managers can completely manage the whole build.

  • Quality Wood

    We go to great lengths to make sure that we supply high-quality timber whenever we are building our summerhouses and garden rooms.

Gloucestershire Summerhouses

Many people hire Kingsley to build a well-built wooden summerhouse, that’s to say they want a timber building built, so that they can make better use out of their garden and so that it is constructed to a high-standard.

The summerhouses that we build are used for many different reasons, for example, it could be a place to relax and read a good book, alternatively it could be a place to work from home, or be a place to have a large television or a projector to make into a cinema room or even to use the space as a bar?

Many people are therefore using their summerhouses for many different uses, even though there are many contractors which build wooden summerhouses, we are different from so many other companies because we are focused on quality.

Every single aspect of the build is focused on quality, whether it be the base, the rubber roof or the timber cladding, every single part of the construction process is completed to a very high standard.

Garden offices

Right across Gloucestershire, more people than ever are now working from home, whether you run a small business, or you are simply an office worker, that wants to work from home, say for a few days a week, you might want a garden office built?

You might therefore be looking for a company within Gloucestershire that is capable of building a very high-quality garden office?

Therefore, if you are looking for a company near Gloucestershire, that can build a garden office or a garden room, then why not give Kingsley a call today?

We offer no obligation quotations, and our business covers the whole of South Gloucestershire, and also The South-West of England as well.

Garden room companies South Gloucestershire

It’s fair to say that there are many summerhouse companies online that sell what are often referred to as “flatpack summerhouses”, the homeowner often then assembles the summerhouse themselves.

However, our business does not offer flatpack summerhouses, instead we are focused on building really high-quality tailor made garden rooms.

This means that we will meet with you within your garden, and talk to you about the design that you would like, and then we will calculate a quote, that’s based on exactly how you want your garden room to be built within Gloucestershire.

For example, you might want wooden decking, you might want a rubber roof, you might want very large aluminium grey bi-folding doors?

You may also want a certain type of hardwood flooring, we can supply all of this, and offer you a quote.

Therefore, every single garden room that we build in Gloucestershire, is built to your exact specification.