A common reason why we are asked to build luxury garden rooms, is so that the wooden building can be used as a cinema room, home bar, or perhaps alternatively as a games room?

Football and Rugby

Sometimes the homeowner wants a place that is dedicated to watching football, or the rugby, this means large screen televisions and comfortable sofas can be fitted within your new garden room.


Whether you want to use your new garden room as a place to enjoy the rugby, or as a place that dedicated to playing video games, we can build a wooden garden room the way you want it built.

A place to go and relax…

After a busy day at work, or on the weekends you might want a dedicated place you can go and simply relax.

Perhaps it becomes a place where you can call friends over, and enjoy a football match?

Alternatively, you might have a hobby, such as drawing, or writing and you want a dedicated space to go and relax and to enjoy your pastime?

We can build a bespoke luxury garden room that is built to the exact design that you would like built.


Our carpenters are well-versed in building bespoke garden rooms, we can therefore include aspects into the design that you would like built, such as bookcases, bars, and storage areas as well.

For example, you might want large bar area, with very large televisions hung on the walls?

Alternatively, you might want a side space allocated to the one side of your new garden room, where you can place a hot tub?

Alternatively, you what might want a place where you can read a book, or simply you enjoy painting on canvasses? This can make a great place to go and enjoy your hobbies.

  • Games Room

    We can build garden rooms which have very large televisions, that are ideal for use as a games room.

  • Snooker table

    Snooker tables can take up a lot of space within the home, therefore we are often asked to build garden rooms that can accommodate large snooker tables.

  • A place to read

    If you enjoy reading a good book, then a garden room can be a perfect place to go and unwind while reading your favourite novel.

  • Home Bar

    You might want to put a large wine chiller, or draft beer pumps in your garden room?

Hot Tub/ Jacuzzi Summerhouse  

A lot of people during the summer, like to unwind within a hot-tub, we can therefore build a garden room which incorporates to the side of the building a Jacuzzi.

Our carpenters can build a wooden surround for the Jacuzzi, so that this offers you privacy to enjoy the hot tub in your garden.

It is therefore becoming very popular to have a garden room built, which has a side enclosure to place a hot tub.

A place to socialise

We are often asked to build garden rooms within the city of Bristol, and also throughout Cotswolds areas, because the homeowner wants a place where they can invite friends over to socialise.

Therefore, comfortable sofas, large screen televisions, wine chillers, draft beer pumps and Jacuzzi’s can all be fitted inside your garden room, so it makes it a brilliant space to relax and unwind with friends.

Built to the exact design that you like

A lot of customers approach us with garden rooms that they have already seen on Instagram that they like, they may have also seen the summerhouse that they like from an interior design magazine

If you have therefore have seen a summerhouse and you like the design of the summerhouse, then why not show this to our estimator, so that we can offer you a quote? We build summerhouses anywhere within Bristol in The South-West of England or the whole of the Cotswolds areas, we also build our luxury summerhouses.