Home Gyms

We are often asked to build a garden room so that it can be used as a home gym or an area to do you yoga in for example. We can therefore build a garden room to any size, so that it can be used as a home gym.

Yoga Space

Yoga has become very popular, yet in order to enjoy yoga, often a quiet space is required, this is why many homeowners ask us to build a yoga room,. We can therefore build a garden room that can be used to do yoga.


Whether you need additional space to put your treadmill, or you wish to have a garden room to put all of your free weights. We can build a home gym for you, within your garden anywhere within The Cotswolds or within Bristol.

Home Gym/ Exercise Space

Many homeowners want a place they can go to in order to workout or to enjoy yoga afterwork.

We build many garden rooms throughout The South-West of England, this includes areas such as Bristol, as well as The Cotswolds.

Often a very large garden room is required, because the building is going to enclose multiple treadmills, free weights and also rowing machines for example, we can build such a garden building for you.

Quality Garden Buildings

Whether you want a garden building constructed, so you can use it as a place to do yoga or simply a place where you can work out while watching a large television during your workout, we can create a bespoke garden room that can be used as a home gym.

For example, many homeowners, want a large L-shaped garden room built, which has treadmills and large televisions mounted on the wall, so the space becomes a place to go and work out after work.

  • Workout Space

    We can build a garden building, to any size, which can be used as a home gym

  • Quality

    Whether you wish us to build a garden office, or a home gym, every garden building will be very high quality.

  • The Cotswolds

    We are often asked to build home gym’s in areas such as Worcestershire, in Bath and also Gloucestershire as well.

  • Insulated

    We can insulate your garden room, to help keep the garden room warmer.

Air Conditioned Home Gym

A lot of our customers like the fact that we can also install an air conditioning unit, into the garden room so that it can be kept cooler during the summer months.

We can also install very high-quality bi-folding aluminium doors, so if you wish to work out, with the doors all the way open, this can also let the summer breeze flow into your garden building.

Alternatively, we can also install heater into the garden building, and also to ensure that the walls are also insulated, so during the autumn and winter months, you can regulate the temperature within your garden building as well.

Therefore, the question that we are often asked by many customers in areas such as Bristol, is can build a garden room where the homeowner is able to cool the space, and are  also able to warm the building, via us installing a heater?

We can supply both an air conditioning unit, and a heater into your garden building, so if you wish to, you can use the space to exercise right throughout the seasons.

If you’re planning on putting a large amount of gym equipment into the garden room, such as multiple free weights, rowing machines and treadmills, then we can also build very large garden buildings, for example you might even want an L shape constructed?