Hot Tub

We have built many luxury garden rooms which have designated area where a hot tub can be placed.


Many homeowners ask us to build a wooden enclosure to the side of their luxury garden room, so that the hot tub can be enclosed, offering more privacy.


Many people have a garden room built so that it becomes a place to go and relax, this can be enhanced if a hot tub is placed onto the side of the garden room.

Hot Tub and Jacuzzi Garden Rooms

A lot of our customers use their garden rooms as a place to go and relax all throughout the year.

They may therefore use the space as a cinema room, alternatively during a hot summer’s evening it might become a place to sit within, with the bi folds stretch back and enjoy a nice glass of chilled wine.

Alternatively, a lot of people use their garden rooms a place to do yoga or simply to enjoy a good book.

As you can see therefore, the garden room that we build are often constructed so that they become a place to relax and to unwind.

What can enhance this is if a hot tub is placed on the side of the building, so that it has its own enclosure, so that you have more privacy and so that you can relax in your own Jacuzzi.

Luxury Summerhouses incorporating a hot tub

Often the homeowner will want a large wooden summerhouse built, yet because every single one of the summerhouses to we build are bespoke, we can build it around your requirements.

This means for example you might want a bar area, where our carpenters can build a bar where you can have a place to relax and to socialise.

Alternatively, you might want to use the space to watch football, for let’s say a rugby match? We can therefore hang large televisions within your garden room.

Another reason why we are asked to build summerhouses, is so that they can be used as a home gym or a place to do yoga.

Yet you can also use this space, to put the Jacuzzi to the side of your garden room, so that during the hot summer months, you will have a place to cool off and relax.

  • Design

    As every single one of the garden rooms that we build are bespoke, you can design the garden room the way you want.

  • Quality

    We make sure that every single summerhouse to is focused on quality

  • Hot Tub

    We build garden rooms which can incorporate a hot tub to the side

  • Composite Decking

    We can surround your summerhouse with composite decking, and build steps to your hot tub.

Quality Summerhouses

We build bespoke summerhouses, this means that we can build a summerhouse to any dimension that you would like.

We can also include extras, for example you might want LED lighting on the area which you are going to use as a Jacuzzi.

You might also want hit and miss style wooden slats to surround to the Jacuzzi? You might want composite decking and you might also want a roof to cover the area which will be used to enclose the hot tub so that you can use it even when it is raining.

Not sure of the design that you want?

If you are unsure as to the design summerhouse that you would like, for instance you might not know which cladding you want, what doors you want, or alternatively you might not know what roof you want, we can help you.

Our estimator can meet with you, anywhere within The South-West of England this includes areas such as Bath, Somerset and also in Bristol.

Our estimator also cover the whole of the Cotswolds areas, so we can offer you a free no obligation quote in these areas as well.

Our estimator can tell you about all the various design options we offer, we can talk to about the many summerhouses that we have built, so that we can start to design the summerhouse the way you want.

Never flatpack

Every single summerhouse that we build is bespoke, is tailor-made to the way you wanted to be built, therefore we never build flatpack summerhouses.