The South West

We build luxurious and bespoke garden rooms right across the entire South West, this includes the city of Bristol as well as also in Bath, England.

Somerset Garden Rooms

We serve the whole of The Cotswolds areas and also The South West of England.

We therefore build summerhouses and luxury garden rooms in Somerset, South Gloucestershire and also within Worcester.

Luxury Garden Rooms

Many homeowners right across The Cotswolds and The South-West ask us to build bespoke garden rooms that are made to order.

Luxurious summerhouses and garden rooms Somerset

Here at Kingsley, we are all about building quality, whether it’s a large wooden summerhouse, to use as a place to enjoy a glass of wine in a summers evening.

Alternatively you might want a space to work in, we also build garden offices in Somerset England and in other areas, such as in Bristol and Bath.

When homeowners in Somerset, England hire us to build a summerhouse or garden room, they will receive a quality garden building, that’s made using quality building materials, and constructed by a highly-experienced team.

Our highly experienced team includes, roofers, electricians and carpenters, our garden rooms, are built to a very high standard.

Our company serves a very wide geographic area, for example we cover the city of Bristol as well as Bath and also all the surrounding areas such as Gloucestershire and of course Somerset as well.

For example, we build a wide range of Somerset garden rooms, ranging from L-shaped garden buildings, through to building triangular garden rooms.

Our customers demand quality, and that’s exactly what we deliver as a business.

We take an uncompromising approach to building garden rooms and offices right across the Cotswolds and also the South-West.

When you hire Kingsley to build your garden building, you can be rest assured that we will only use top-quality building materials.

We can also project manage the whole build, that’s to say a project manager will oversee the complete construction of your garden room, from laying foundations, right through to adding the rubber roof, if this is has been selected.


Somerset, Bath and Bristol Summerhouses, Garden Offices and Rooms  

If you would like a garden office, or a wooden garden room constructed anywhere within The South-West of England, then we are the business to call.

We have highly experienced carpenters, plus we only use quality building materials, this includes only using really high-quality wood.

Our expert team therefore travels the whole of the South West including Somerset, constructing very high-quality garden rooms, garden offices, and also wooden summerhouses.

Somerset & The South West of England, Garden Rooms

Our garden rooms are used for many different purposes, for example a lot of homeowners want to own a home gym, they may purchase a garden room so that it becomes a home cinema, or it might be used as a place to work.

A very popular reason why so many homeowners in Somerset, England hire us to build a garden building, is to build a garden office.

This might become an office to run a small business from, or let’s say an art studio where somebody can paint in a quiet peaceful place, using their canvasses.

Alternatively your employer may now want you to work from home? So you are now looking for companies in The South West, or in The Cotswolds that build garden offices, and that’s where our team, here at Kingsley, can help.

Therefore as you can see, our garden rooms are used for a huge range of different reasons.

  • We also cover The Cotswolds

    We therefore build quality garden rooms in areas such as Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire as well as Somerset

  • Quality wood

    We use top quality timber when constructing our garden rooms and garden offices

  • Carpenters

    We employ highly skilled carpenters

  • Building materials

    We only use top-quality building materials


Garden Office or Garden Room

You may want to use your garden room as a cinema room, for example you may want to have a projector so that you can have a place to go and watch your favourite films?

Alternatively, you may now be working from home, therefore you may wish to create a space to work from in your garden?

We can therefore build a quality garden office, which has large bi-folding doors, so you can work, while overlooking your garden.

Many homeowners right across the city of Bath and all of the surrounding areas, such as Somerset, want a high-quality, and bespoke garden room built. This is where we can help.

We simply build luxury summerhouses, and garden offices.

Quality Tailor-Made Garden Offices and Garden Rooms

Throughout Somerset and also the entire South West of England, this includes cities like Bristol and Bath, we can build garden offices and garden rooms.

We can build any shape garden room, for example you may want an L-shaped garden room?

Whether you want to create a timber building that can be used as a home gym, or you wish to have a very large garden room built, so that it becomes a place to relax after work, perhaps as a home cinema room, or a place to watch the rugby or the football, then we can help.

Many people within Somerset, and also within the city of Bath, as well as Bristol, therefore ask us to build luxury wooden summerhouses, garden offices and rooms.

You may want a garden office built, so that you can run a small business from it, or just a place where they can work quietly.

Whether you want a very large wooden garden office built, or a smaller garden room, we can build such a wooden building for you.

We therefore specialise in building tailor-made, high-quality summerhouses and garden rooms.

What are you going to use your garden room or summerhouse for?

More and more people do not want to move house within Somerset, they may however instead wish to create additional living space.

A great way of creating extra space, is to purchase a garden room, that is made by Kingsley.

Whether you wish to use the space to work from, or simply as a place to relax and unwind with a good book and a bottle of wine? A garden room can help you to create more space within your home.

Many homeowners often comment that at the end of their garden, that space was not used that much before, that’s to say, our customers often state that an old green-house might have resided there, or even just overgrown shrubbery.

Our team can remove that shrubbery, and we can in its place start to build a wooden garden room, to the design that you would like.

This can then be used as a place where you can work from, or as a place where you might want guests over, in order to socialise, for example it might become a home bar?

Therefore during the summer months, you can relax within your new garden room, and you might even have a draft beer pump inside, so it becomes a great place for you to relax.