Garden Rooms Worcestershire

Here at Kingsley, we build luxury garden rooms right throughout Worcestershire England.

Our business covers the whole of The Cotswold as well as also The South-West of England


We simply build quality wooden buildings, this includes luxury garden rooms, summerhouses as well as garden offices.


Each one of our luxury garden rooms will be hand-built by our carpenters to the design that you want.

Our garden rooms and garden offices of therefore made-to-order. We never build “flat-pack” summerhouses.

Luxurious and high-quality Garden Rooms Worcestershire England

Kingsley Garden Rooms is now name that is synonymous with building quality garden buildings in Worcestershire.

Our highly skilled team of summerhouse as well as garden room installers, travel the whole of The Cotswolds areas.

We also cover the whole of The South-West of England as well.

This means if you’re looking for a garden room company, which builds quality wooden buildings, anywhere in Somerset, Bath or indeed Bristol, then our company travels a truly vast area.

We are called by homeowners and businesses that want a hand built and high-quality timber building constructed.

Because every single one of our wooden garden rooms is made from scratch, we can incorporate into the design features that you would like.

When we build your luxury Worcestershire summerhouses, we can offer you so many different options.

For example, you might want large Velux skylights fitted in the roof of the summerhouse, you might want a large amount of LED lighting outside to illuminate the garden, you might want composite decking to surround the whole of the garden room, and steps leading up to it?

You might even want a bar be made by our carpenters and installed within your garden room?

However, you want your new garden room to be built, we can build it for you.

Our carpenters and our management team will make sure that we build a high-quality summerhouse, garden office or garden room.

We have an estimator which can travel anywhere in Worcestershire in England, to offer you a no-obligation quote, we can also cover the whole of The South West of England as well.

Here at Kingsley, we quite simply build quality, if you want a luxurious garden office will garden room built why not call us today?

We build wooden summerhouses, garden offices and rooms within Worcestershire in England

If you have a design in mind of how you would like your garden office or room built, then often we can offer you a quote quickly.

Our estimators travel all over Worcestershire, we can build large summerhouses and garden rooms.

If you do not know what design you would like, however you know that you want a quality bespoke summerhouse or garden room, our estimator can explain all the different options that you can opt for.

For example, the different options that you can select are different wooden cladding options, different roofing options, different windows and doors, different decking, and different lighting as well as different flooring options.

As you can see, we can tailor make your garden room to your exact specifications.

Therefore, for example if you want to use the space for socialising, you might want us to build you a bar area? You might want us to build into the garden room a large television, to watch sporting events such as football or rugby?

Alternatively, you might be using the garden room as a home gym? So you might therefore want us to build a large garden room, so that you can house your treadmills, rowing machines and perhaps also your cycle machine as well?

We can tailor make your garden room to the design that you would like.

  • Worcestershire Summerhouses

    All of our garden rooms are hand built by our carpenters.

  • Worcestershire

    We build wooden summerhouses, log cabins as well as garden rooms and offices in Worcestershire

  • The Cotswolds

    Our business can travel anywhere within The Cotswolds, we build very high-quality garden rooms

  • Project Managed

    The construction of your new garden room will be completely project managed by us.

High-Quality Bespoke Garden Rooms

We know that a lot of homeowners do not want a flat-pack garden rooms, that have already be made in a factory.

What our customers want is quality hand-built garden rooms, that are made-to-order, and to the exact design that you want.

For example, the homeowner might be working from home, they therefore want a garden office, they may want large bi-folding doors, they may know exactly where they want the windows to be placed, to the side of the garden room, they may know which wooden cladding they want, such as red cedar, they may know the hardwood flooring they want, and they may also even know the paint colour that they wish to have the interior painted with.

Therefore, we build very high-quality bespoke garden rooms, that are made to order.

Our estimator in Worcestershire will listen carefully to how you want your new garden room or summerhouse to be built, for example where you want the LED lighting to be placed, which roof option you want, and also all of the different design options, we can then quickly offer you a quote.

For example, you might know exactly which wooden cladding option you want, for example, you may want red cedar wood?

You may also have a really clear idea of where you want the aluminium windows to be, and which door options you want, such as for example French doors, or aluminium bi-folding doors?

You might even know what colour you want the fascia board on the roofing to be?

We can therefore listen carefully to what our customers want, and then be can build that garden room for you in Worcestershire.

Worcestershire and The Cotswolds

Our business has a highly skilled team which works right across The Cotswolds areas, including Worcestershire, we are therefore called upon by homeowners that want luxury summerhouses and garden rooms built.

Our estimator can meet with you in your garden, in Worcestershire, or anywhere else within The Cotswolds, this includes South Gloucestershire and also Somerset, and we can talk to you about what our business can offer, and we can gain a good understanding of the garden room that you would like built.

Luxury Summerhouses

Whether you want a summerhouse built so that you can use it as a home bar, for example you might want our carpenters to build a wooden bar area for you?

You may want to use the summerhouse as a place of relaxation, with a comfortable sofa and a large television?

We can listen to how you want your garden room to be designed, and then we can build this for you.